Das Buch der Deutschen in America: Pages 413 - 417


In the silent night
Awaken the dreaming hearts of all
From the heavy sleep of day.
With magic might
Enticing and singing its echoing call —
The heaven circles its star-filled way,
In the silent night.

The noise of the bright day overpowers the sound
Of many quiet questions and many sweet songs;
Hearts are divided, no consolation is found
As wheels rumble past and hammers pound,
To the day life's hot battle belongs.

Then night descends to the valley below
With its fragrant air and its pale moonlight,
Long forgotten images come to bestow,
The faces of loved ones buried long ago,
Emanating the peace of the silvery night.

In the silent night, a mystical mist takes hold
Stilling our desires and quelling our fears,
Waves of consciousness magically unfold
Bringing elven dreams from the days of old
Extracting their toll of tears.

In the silent night
Hearts, which are dead, arise
They smile and wave and whisper farewell,
Then take flight
As an echo fades and then dies.
This is the ancient magic spell
Of the silent night.
            C.L. Nicolay

I Will Make You Happy

I will make you happy!
Yet you'd run away
I'm not going to coax you
With gentle advances
I'll roughly grab you
With powerful hands
And although forced to it
You'll stand with me
Be involved with me
Revolve around me —
I will make you happy!

I will make you happy —
How well I know
That to win you
I must be willing to gamble!
Firmly I embrace
Your shimmering form
While cradling you
As though you were fragile
Never paling
Before your radiant regard —
I will make you happy!
     Carrie, Baroness of Veltheim-Hülse

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Text provided by the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library, Buffalo NY
Imaging and translation by Susan Kriegbaum-Hanks