Das Buch der Deutschen in America: Group Portrait of the National German-American Alliance (The Bund) in 1908 from page 778

Caption above Group Portrait reads: Executive Committee of the National German-American Alliance on the occasion of the 225-Year Jubilee of German Immigration.

Caption below Group Portrait reads: The celebration took place on October 6, 1908 in Vernon Park in Germantown, where the cornerstone to the Pastorius Memorial was unveiled and in the evening at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia.

In the picture, upper row from left to right: Prof. W. A. Hausmann, Henry Lierz, Otto Moses, Harry Vilmow, Wilmington, Delaware; Adolph Timm, Dr. V. Leser, Carl P. Berger, E. Siegmann, Albert H. Lachner Sr., Rev. George von Bosse, William A. Sangtinette, Camden.
In the lower row: Gottlob Hammer, Dr. Naman H. Keyser, Germantown; Max Zeitler, Hermann Heyl, J. B. Mayer, Dr. C. J. Hexamer, Henry Schwemmer, Arno Leonhardt, P. A. A. Wildermuth, Hans Wepiger.

Text provided by the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library, Buffalo NY
Imaging and translation by Susan Kriegbaum-Hanks