The Life and Experiences of a Layman by Charles Boller

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Thus closed the first Sunday school convention in the Evangelical Community, which was richly and opportunely blessed by the Lord, as proven by the edifying and new life-bringing convention.


17. Thoughts in the Night


It was the beginning of October, 1908, at 3AM that I awoke from a sweet dream and couldn't fall back asleep. The powerful sermon, which I had heard on Sunday morning, brought to mind a thought that even old people can do something for the Lord. This powerful stimulation was the result of the gratifying sermon. Repeatedly I wanted to shake off the thought and then it came to mind as I said to myself: You are too old! Your time is over! You should have done more and you could have done more when you were younger. Of course you can pray for the kingdom of God, donate, give testimony and live a god-fearing life. You can also still be a light in the world and tend to your heart. Old men withdraw and die

so that a new man, created in Jesus Christ, can grow and advance. And you can lead a holy life for the Lord and redeem your own soul. Thus you have enough to do no matter how old you are!

In the end this thought did not pacify my heart. I was still attempting to quiet my inner self. Then the thought came to me like lightning in my mind and heart: You have a good automobile and there are many sisters who have not been to church in three or four Sundays because of the unfavorable weather and their fragile conditions and thus have not heard the precious word of God. Oh, what they are missing. You can help them out.

Such a feeling of joy came over me that I had to praise God in a loud voice. I then resolved to carry out this plan next Sunday.

As I was deliberating on this plan I felt somewhat childlike. I was moved to go to my minister in the morning and obtain his opinion on the matter. I told him about it. "Brother Boller, that is a dear thought. The Lord

"will bless you for it," was his answer. I sent word to the mothers of Israel (for in a certain sense of the word they truly were), and the next Sunday morning I was ready at the appointed time. Sunday came. Everyone was ready to be driven to church.

From October 1, 1908 to May 1, 1909 three to four trips were made on Sunday mornings and the mothers were in their places as the church service began. My service found recognition and was esteemed. This did me proud and I felt like a king. I was able to see that in this way even in old age I was able to do something for the Lord.

One good sister said to me, "Brother Boller, if my husband in heaven knew that you so kindly drive me to church he would proclaim it to the Lord in a loud voice." Another ailing sister, a true pillar of our congregation, usually laid everything out on Saturday evening so that on Sunday mornings. When the horn blew she would be ready to get into the auto so that there would be no delay. One Sunday an auto other than mine came three-quarters of an hour earlier and took the sister away. This time they drove in a different direction.

Instead of taking sister Kohmann to church they took her to the heavenly assembly. The knowledge of having served such a noble person was truly a very great reward.

This was the result of some nightly contemplations as I looked for work. Seek and ye shall find, even in this circumstance, is feasible and worthwhile. I am firmly convinced that each Christian, young or old, child or adult, who wishes to do something for the Lord will find something to do. Especially when the Holy Spirit guides us and kindles our hearts with his love, one can do nothing other than work for the Lord.


The Emphasis of Christ's Love
"Thus the Love of Christ compels Us"



A pious lady Sunday school teacher, who had a class of boys, prayed and worked untiringly in order to be a blessing to her class. She traveled four miles to get to the Sunday school. One Sunday morning it was raining so heavily that it was suggested that she stay home. But what would the boys say

when they came to Sunday school and found that their teacher had not come, she thought. Seeing the boys present and saying to one another "When the teacher comes today, we believe she must be serious and we will do what she tells us." The love of Christ compelled the teacher to go. The boys were surprised when they saw their teacher, The result was: two of them converted themselves to the Lord. This episode was related by a Sunday school teacher at a large assembly in Chicago. The minister of the congregation was one of these boys.


The love of Christ is one of the greatest and most wonderful factors in the works for the kingdom of God. It is also the most marvelously proclaimed. It was Christ's love which compelled Him to leave the majesty, which he had with the Father before the world came into being, and to take on the form of sinful flesh. Love was his teaching and his trade; love was his entire life, suffering and death. Christ's love still proves itself in the world and it will do so in the future. The world enlightened, awakened, taught, blessed, explained and santified in eternity.

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