The Life and Experiences of a Layman by Charles Boller

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66. Eighty-fourth Birthday Congratulations


Mr. President and beloved Sunday School:

I was very pleasantly surprised on my birthday because of the many congratulations and letters I received, I would say from almost all parts of the world, but especially from the dear Sunday school scholars, teachers, officers and other friends.

For these I wish to express my sincerest thanks.

I sought and sought in order to find the reason for all this and finally I believe I have found it.

Never before have I been able so fervently to love my Savior and dear Heavenly Father as by the Grace of God I was enabled to do in the 84th year of my life, and my experience teaches me that when a person loves the Lord with all his heart, this love is not like a ball thrown against a wall that simply bounces back.

No, the love streaming out of a God-fearing heart produces love in return, and that is most certainly the reason why I received so many

expressions of your love in the 84th year of my life.

Oh! how uplifting, consoling and inspiring this is to an aged unworthy pilgrin, who has already lifted his hand, to rap at the door of Heaven. I am looking with great expectation to the time when I shall be like Him for I shall see Him as He is.


67. Unexpected Help and Sincere Gratitude


A young Englishman took a walk one day with Professor Duerand in the vicinity of Louisiana.

While walking together, engaged in earnest conversation, they saw a pair of dirty shoes at the wayside, which, as they presumed, belonged to a poor man who was working in the nearby field. Because of the advanced hour he must soon leave his work and go to dinner.

"Professor," said the student, "we will play a trick on the man and hide his shoes." "We will then seclude ourselves back of those bushes and enjoy his embarrassment when he fails to find his shoes."

"My young friend," said Duerand, "one must never seek sport at the expense of the poor." "I will suggest to you another more worthy joke." "Put a dollar into each shoe and then we will hide ourselves."

The Englishman obeyed and they hid themselves. The poor man drew near, put on his waistcoat and slipping one of his feet into one of his shoes felt something hard. Looking into the shoe he found the dollar. He was surprised, and looking at the piece of money first from the one side and then from the other could hardly satisfy his eyes. Looking in all directions and seeing nobody he put the money into his pocket and started to put on the other shoe. How great was his surprise to find a dollar in that shoe also.

Overwhelmed by his emotions he fell upon his knees and looking Heavenward exclaimed: "Oh Lord, my God, Thou knowest that my children have no bread and that my wife lies sick at home." "Thou, my dear Heavenly Father, hast sent me this money." "Oh! that my soul might properly understand how good Thou art and I may not cease to praise Thee to the day of my death."

Tears of sympathy ran down the young Englishman's cheeks.

"And now, my young friend," said Professor Duerand.

"Professor," he said, "I will never forget the good lesson you have taught me today."

Can we learn something from this good lesson which the English student just received from the Professor? Yes, but we must read a little between the lines.

First, that we, His children, in all our troubles, needs and tribulations must go to our dear Heavenly Father. He has thousands of ways and means to deliver us out of misery and danger. The student had not the slightest idea when he calculated on having a little fun at the expense of the good, poor man that he was the agent in the hands of the dear Lord to answer the prayers of a whole starving family for bread. Our God is a great good God. He has helped his children in olden times. Yes, Paul and Silas were in prison and in a awfully painful position. They sent their grievances at midnight up to the upper office as we nowadays do telephoning, and that telephone always is in good order. We never hear the

words "line busy," and the answer came right off.

Second, that we ought to learn to thank the Lord with all our heart and soul when the good Lord answers our prayers, especially for the greatest gift of His Only Begotten Son, our dear, dear Savior Jesus Christ our Lord.


68. An Address


The Sunday school is an institution in which the scholar can learn much good providing he has an earnest desire to learn. The principal text-book in the Sunday school is the Word of God through which we learn to know our Heavenly Father, who so loved us that he sent his only begotten Son, our dearly beloved Savior, into this world to seek and save us who were lost: who also dearly loved the children and blessed them, yes even gave his life for them.

This is the principal doctrine that should be taught in all evangelical societies and Sunday schools. This must be the purpose and aim of every Sunday school teacher. In order

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