The Life and Experiences of a Layman by Charles Boller

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a Sunday school convention would be held in our Church, likewise through the "Botschafter," inviting also the ministers in the Canada Conference most heartily to attend, and especially inviting the Editor of our "Botschafter" and the editor of our "Kinderfreund," Rev. R. Dubs and Rev. R. Yaekel to be present, both accepting the invitations.

Welcoming them at the depot, the first question they made was: "Well, what is to be done tomorrow? What kind of a program have you?" We depending upon them, replied: "We have nothing. We have had you Editors come to bring us something." They answered: "We are not prepared." We then said: "Our convention will be a failure. Nobody knows what to do or say." However, in the time of need the Lord helps wonderfully. From the beginning of the convention the Holy Spirit was present, and during the entire sessions of three days a most elevating and heavenly atmosphere prevailed. It was a feast of fat things. The attendance was unusually large. Brethren from the Canada Conference and many of our own Conference, also the two Bishops were present and a host of friends all

saying: "Surely this first convention of the Evangelical Association was a great success and a blessed one."


70. Two Good Friends


As was usual two good neighbors left their pigs in the field one summer. Late in the year they found the herds well scattered. They managed to regather their herds but found that one was either lost, stolen or killed by a hunter. One day as Farmer B visited Neighbor A he saw among the herd a pig quite similar to the one he had lost and he said: "That one belongs to me." "That can't be," replied Neighbor A, "that pig is mine and carries my brand," he added. "Oh, no," Neighbor B cried, "it is mine because he has a white foot and white flecks on its back and I will keep it." "But the pig is mine," said Neighbor A. "It doesn't make any difference," said Neighbor B, "because the pig is mine."

But they did not go to any lawyers to resolve the matter.

Neighbor A said: "You can have it even though in my opinion it's mine. I'd rather have your friendship than all our pigs together."


71. Seeds of Gold


"Be content within my Grace for my power is mighty in weakness."

"You word is the lamp for my foot and a light for my path."

"Your word is sweeter for me than honey and it is pure honey for my soul."

"My son, give me your heart and let your eyes find peace on my path."

"Those who hope in the Lord will not fall, rather they will remain eternal as the mountain of Zion."

"As a father shows mercy on his children, so shall the Lord show mercy on those who fear him."

"For he knows what fragile creatures we are, thus he keeps in mind that we are dust."

"Lord, hear my prayer and let my cries come to Thee."

"The blood of Jesus Christ, his son, cleanses us of all sins."

"Do not discard me in my old age. Do not abandon me when I become weak."

"The light must always shine upon the righteous and joy must rise from the pious heart."

"Thus Israel had God to comfort those who had pure hearts."

"You hear our prayers, thus all flesh comes to you."

"Your Word is true teaching. Sanctity is the adornment of your house."

"The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He guides me to green pastures and leads me to fresh water. He refreshes my soul and leads me on the right path for the sake of his name."

"I will neither abandon nor neglect you."

"And behold, I am with you all days until the end of the world."

"All things serve those best who love God."

"I will carry you, raise you up and save you unto your old age, until you are old and gray."

"As it is your day, so shall it be your power."

72. A Paper


Read at the last General Conference, recommending a more equal Lay-representation.

Dear Brethren:

In the Botschafter of September 9, 1907, the writer, alluding to lay-representation, makes the following statement: "The opinion prevails, that lay-representation would aid the furtherance of the work of God," but he does not clearly state to what an extent the same would aid, and continues his article in making questions, viz., "Is our church discipline to be made better?" "Are our General Conference officers to be made better; or, the institutions of our church?" "Will the scarcity of ministers cease?" "Will be appointments be more satisfactory?"

Reading the article the thought came to me: Will the Presiding Elders be benefited by lay-representation? Concerning this important question, an experienced lay-member, who has been a member of the Evangelical Association almost sixty years, is able to say a word, and to make a few well-meaning suggestions. Experience has been, and is, the best teacher. However, I realize in doing so, that I am stepping

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