The Life and Experiences of a Layman by Charles Boller

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Then I was once again more at peace and I started to take a look at the world. Indeed in reality there is one person whom I didn't think about anymore, A. Unholz. I heard him once when he held the preacher's post at a devotions hour. He was reared at the Sunday school of the First Community. Now he was at his father's house. Indeed, there is another person. My heart beat strongly as I thought of my spiritual son, Max Schmidt, currently Scunday school superintendent in Binghamton, N.Y., whom I brought to Sunday school when he was a poor German boy in my business.

When I was at my place at the General Conference in Milwaukee a man came to me and asked me if I recognized him. He was once a Sunday school student at my school in Buffalo. He had heard and learned many things there. Now he was superintendent of a Sunday school in Toledo and a lay delegate here at the General Conference.

Thank God that I found yet another in Warren Pa. There Brother Hall is School Superintendent. He reminded me that I had taken him fifteen years ago to the Sunday school at the opposite corner.

"That was the beginning of my conversion," he said and he thanked Brother Boller today for it. I found at the dedication of the St. Jacob's Church many grandchildren of the First Church and the Sunday school, who came to me and told me that they had been young people in the Sunday school and had benefited from many good things.

I thanked the Lord that my work in the Lord had not been entirely in vain.

Eternity will clarify that each great harvest, which we reap here, has been accomplished in the name of the Lord through love.

            We shall rejoice in the good fortune
            Being souls redeemed by the Savior.


74. Closing Words


In the school of Jesus, the great ideal teacher, I have learned much since I gave him my heart and my life. Two great lessons I have learned, which are indescribably helpful, namely 1. that I can do nothing without Jesus and 2. that I can do anything through him,

who has made me powerful, Jesus Christ. Oh what a total nothing I am without my Savior! How gladly I understand that what has been mentioned in this book, what has been done and intended, is attributed solely and completely to the Grace of God. May this book bring encouragement, comfort, blessing and health to many souls. That the Lord may use this book for his glory and praise is the wish and the prayer of its author.

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