Buffalo and its German Community - Index

Part I

Chapter 1

The Establishment and Development of Buffalo -- Joseph Ellicott and the Holland Land Company -- Buffalo plundered burned by the English -- Becoming a City in 1832

Chapter 2

The Civil War -- The Response of Buffalo and Erie County -- The Spanish-American War

Chapter 3

Buffalo's Further Development --The Erecting of the new City and County Buildings -- Major Construction -- The Panic of 1893 -- Buffalo as a Convention Center -- The Chamber of Commerce

Chapter 4

Muncipal and County Administration -- List of Mayors of Buffalo since 1832 -- The Establishment of Erie County

Chapter 5

Buffalo's Schools, Emminent Educational Institutions, Churches and Cemeteries -- The University of Buffalo

Chapter 6

The Parks Department -- The Zoological Gardens -- The Albright Art Gallery -- The Historical Building -- The Botanical Conservatory -- The Parks -- City Recreational Areas

Chapter 7

The Railroad, Commerce and Industry -- Shipping -- The First Steamboat

Chapter 8

The Pan-American Exposition

Chapter 9

The Disasterous Days for Buffalo -- Fire at the American Hotel -- Cholera -- The Burning of the Music Hall and St. Louis Church -- The Assassination of President McKinley

Part II

Chapter 1

The Significance of the German Population to the Prosperity of Buffalo -- The German Days -- Germans are Conveyers of Culture

Chapter 2

The First German Wave of Migration -- The First German Officials

Chapter 3

Buffalo's German Press -- First German Newspaper established in 1837 -- It's Successors -- The Cultural Mission of the Press

Chapter 4

German Church Congregations -- St. Louis Catholic Church built in 1872 -- The Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of St. John's -- Pastor Grabau and the exiled Lutherans

Chapter 5

German Society -- German Young Men's Association -- The Singing Societies -- The Orpheus and other Glee Clubs -- Gymnasium Clubs -- The German Litarary Society -- Schiller Memorial Society -- Christian Association of Young Men

Chapter 6

German Teaching and Charitable Institutions -- Canisius College -- The German Hospital -- The German Deaconess House -- St. John's Orphanage
Part III
A.Biographies of the Citizens of Buffalo
B.Industrialists and Prominent Business Houses in Buffalo


Niagara Falls and its German Community

Biographical Index

. Aaron, Israel, Rabbi D.D.
Armbruester, R. Auel, C.H.W., Dr.
Baetzhold, Aug. Sr.
Baetzhold, Theo.
Baetzhold, Aug. Jr.

Bapst, Frank L.
Baldauf, Caspar
Bauer, F.A.
Bauer, Henry
Becker, Chas.
Becker, Edward G.
Becker, Philip
Bender, F.
Bender, Ida, Dr.
Bender, Warren P.
Bentz, C.A., Dr.
Bentz, H.G., Dr.
Beyer, Frank A.
Bishop, Chas.
Boehme, Fred
Bohneberg, F.
Boller, Carl
Bollmann, Wilhelm, Rev.
Bollin, Eugen S.
Bolton, John

Braun, Philip
Brendel, Henry W.
Breuer, Max, Dr.
Brick, Nicholas C.
Bruiknern, Gustav
Buettner, Edwin
Burkard, Joseph
Burkhardt, Karl H.
Bruck, John P
Chemnitz, Matthew J.
Christmann, Chas.
Christmann, Philip
Christmann, William

Clement, John
Cohauss, Bernhard, Rev.
Curtiss, Harlow C.

Daniels, W.H.
Dauterman, Albert
Dauterman, Henry
Dauterman, John
Dieckmann, Ewald
Diehl, Conrad, Dr.
Doll, Henry Wm.
Dörfler, Frank
Dorn, Fred. J.
Dreher, Eugen
Dudley, Wesley C.
Dunbar, Harris
Duval, Georg, Rev.
Dreyer, Ludwig

Eckhert, Peter
Ehler, Edward
Ehlers, Otto C.J.
Ehms, Alvin
Eichel, Otto R., Dr.
Eichel, Robert
Eisele, Edward J.
Elbers, Henrich H.
Emerson, Henry P.
Endres, Jos.
Erb, J., Rev.
Erfling, Fred.
Erion, Fred
Esenwein, Aug. C.

Fedders, Th.C.
Feine, August
Fink, Henry J.
Fisher, F.W.
Fitscher, J.N.
Fix, Chas.
Forbach, Christ.
Forbach, Conrad
Frank, Edward J.

Frank, John G.
Frankenstein, F.
Frankenstein, J.O., Dr.
Frey, Rudolph
Frisch, Gustav A.W.
Frisch, F., Dr.

Fritz, Louis J.
Frohe, Leo P.
Fronczak, F.C., Dr.
Fuhrmann, Louis P.

Gaertner, W., Dr.
Garlock, David (listed but not in the biographies)
Gebauer, G.H.
Gerking, Fred W.
Glaswatz, A.
Goehle, Alfred M.
Goehle, Karl A.
Goettelmann, Jul.
Gomph, William J.
Gosar, John
Grabau, J.F.
Grabau, Wilhelm, Prof.

Gruber, Chas.
Greinert, Herm.

Haas, C.G., Rev.
Hager,George L.
Hager, Otto P.
Hart, Louis B.
Hartmayer, F.L.
Haupt, Fred
Held, Friedrich
Herbold, Philip
Hering, Leodegar
Heussler, Robert H.
Hilburger, J.
Hitzel, Gustav, Dr.
Hoesler, A.G.
Hof, Peter
Hofheins, G.H.
Hofmayr, John
Holz, Andrew
Honecker, John
Hoyler, A.H.
Hutter, Albert

Judge, George C.
Jokl, Leopold
Jacobs, W.F., Dr.
Jung, Edward L.
Jung, Albert H., Dr.

Kaffenberger, W., Prof
Kahabka, B.

Kamphausen, Henry
Kamprath, William B.
Kasting, W.F.
Kauf, Jacob
Kayser, G.A.
P.J. Kieffer
Kelch, Otto
Keller, Chas.
Keller, John J.
Kiekebusch, Otto
Kinkel, Louis
Kirchner, Hugo
Kirsch, J.A.W., Rev.
Klocke, Chas. A.
Knepper, H.J.
Kobler, Heinrich
Kraetz, John G.
Kraemer, H.A., Rev.
Kraemer, Georg
Kraft, Frank A.
Kraft, Francis J.

Kramer, Georg
Kreinheder, Edwin J.
Kreiss, Chas.
Krim, G., Rev.
Krug, George B.
Kumpf, H.W.
Kuhn, Anton J.

Lang, Ed., Rev.
Lange, Julius, Prof.
Leininger, Philip
Lieder, Henry
Lochmann, Fritz
Lubelski, Max
Luedecke, W.P.

Maier, Maximilian
Marquart, S.
Maul, Peter
May, Henry
Mayer, Chas.
Mayer, Theo. W.
Menges, Adam J.
Merker, W.E.
Merkle, Fred
Mesinger, Henry
Metz, Karl A.
Metz, Theodor
Meyer, Karl
Meyer, Michael
Miller, August A., Rev.
Miller, Chas. Wm.
Miller, Edwin G.S.
Miller, John
Moehlau, F.G., Dr.
Moeller, Edward
Moeller, Edward Heinrich

Moeller, Robert
Mueller, John F.

Nettelbladt, von, H., Prof.
Neupert, Leo
North, Chas. H.
Nussbaumer, J. Georg
Nyiri, John de

Offermann, Frank
Offermann, Gottfried

Pankow, A.R.
Philipps, Theo
Pohle, W.C. Frederick
Preiter, Jos.

Reif, Chas. F.
Reimann, John
Rehbaum, Geo.
Reinecke, Ottomar
Ring, Fred
Riklin, Eduard
Ritter, W.E.
Roehrer, John
Rohde, Chas. F.
Rohr, Mathias
Rommel, Gustav
Rosche, Jakob
Russ, John

Salzmann, J.
Sauerwein, John
Schaaf, Georg
Schaefer, A.C., Dr.
Schaefers, Jos.
Schantz, Georg
Scheeler, Martin
Schieder, Joseph
Schilling, Christopher P.
Schild, W.H., Rev.
Schlager, F.L.
Schmelzer, Emil
Schmidt, B.W.
Schmidt, E.G.
Schramm, Paul H.
Schoenhut, Chas.
Schorcht, Prof. Dr.
Schroeder, Aug. H.C.
Schroeder, Otto H., Rev
Schultz, Frank W.
Schultz, Miss Minne
Schulze, Carl
Schwab, Frank X.
Schwabl, Georg J.

.Schwabl, John
Schwarzmaeier, M.
Schwenk, C.H.
Seelbach, Carl A.
Seibert, Simon
Sellinger, Georg, Rev.
Semon, Walter
Siegrist, Jakob
Siekmann, Carl F., Prof.
Sievers, W.H.
Simon, Henry E.W.
Simon, William, Jr.
Smith, Chas. O.
Speyser, Theophil
Steger, Alois
Stengel, Ed
Stettenbenz, Edward F.
Steul, Henry C.
Sticht, Lorenz
Straub, Heinrich
Sy, A.C.P., Prof., Dr.

Taggesell, R., Dr.
Tappe, Fritz F.
Tiedemann, L.C. (listed but not in the biographies)
Thomas, Dr. Fr.
Traenkle, Geo.

Ullenbruck, Jacob H.
Ulrich, Chas. Ulrich, Michael
Uster, John B.

Vesper, H.
Viedt, Louis
Voelker, B.
Vogt, F.A.

Wagner, John, Prof.
Walter, Frank
Ward, Francis G., Col.
Weasner, H.C.
Weber, Jacob J.
Weiss, Dan
Weiss, Georg
Wenner, P.
Werner, Albert
Wesselmann, Ernst
Wick, Otto
Willert, Henry
Winning, Carl G., Dr.
Winter, Anthony
Winzig, John
Wohler, Emil
Wolf, Johannes
Wolf, August
Wuenst, Edmund T.

Young, Peter

Zesch, Frank A.
Zimmermann, L.A.
Zinke, Louis

Index of Business Firms

Buffalo as a Center of Trade and Industry
Schoellkopf & Company
George Urban Milling Co.
C. Person's Sons
C. Kurtzmann & Co.

The Cordova Shops
Buffalo Volksfreund Printing Company
German American Brewery
Iroquois Brewery
Edgewater Park

Table of Contents - Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, N.Y. - The City and the Famous Falls
Philip J. Keller, Mayor
Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church

Pastor Herman Brezing
Prof. Dr. J. Ernst Rieger
Andreas Kaltenbach

Dr. Karl Georg Leo Wolf
Albert Siegel

Niagara Alkali Co.
Fritz Otto Geyler
Alfred Suchy
Heinrich W. Witzel
Hydraulic Power Company
Jacob F. Schoellkopff

The Shredded Wheat Factory
Paul Dietz
Richard Neuhaus
Niagara University

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