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Profiles for the Hydraulic Power Company (continued), the Shredded Wheat Factory, Paul Dietz, Richard Neuhaus, and Niagara University

The Hydraulic Power Company - continued from Niagara Falls 4

The illustrations, taken from photographs, show the insides of the huge facility. Illustration A shows the room in Station No. 3 with the waterwheels while the station was still under construction. The series of 10,000 horsepower turbines create hydraulic power with 90 percent efficiency, the greatest percentage available in the field today. Illustration B shows a row of 10,000 horsepower alternators in Station No. 3 while under construction. The generators produce 12,000 volts, which are delivered to the factories of customers by underground cables.

The Shredded Wheat Factory

The Shredded Wheat Factory, more often called the Home of Shredded Wheat, is one of the sight-seeing attractions of Niagara Falls. One-hundred thousand tourists visit the facility each year. Shredded Wheat is wheat which is cut up or shredded into small pieces. This translation should give you an idea of what shredded wheat is. Shredded Wheat is a modern food which is nourishing, tasty, and easy to prepare. It's usually eaten at breakfast. The Shredded Wheat factory is unique in this world and a true sight-seeing attraction. Without a doubt it is one of the cleanest and most sanitary factories in the world. The factory building may be called a palace of light. There are no fewer than 30,000 large windows in the building. Above all else it is bright and clean and elegant. The toilets and bathrooms alone for the workers in the factory cost $200,000. In this magnificent facility 2,000,000 Shredded Wheat biscuits are produced daily and shipped to every country in the world. Most visitors to the famous Falls come to the famous Home of Shredded Wheat.

Paul Dietz

Mr. Paul Dietz is currently the genial administrator of the Niagara Club, the premier club of Niagara Falls. He first saw the light of the world on June 29 [no year given] in the beautiful Bavarian landscape near the old city of Regensburg. He was the son of master watchmaker Franz P. Dietz. He attended the public school but had no desire to apprentice in his father's trade. Instead he became a waiter. He fulfilled his military obligation with the 8th Bavarian Infantry Regiment in Metz and after being employed in several large cities in Germany at his trade he was a steward on the steamship Berlin. On this ship he traveled around the world. He came to the United States in 1897 in order to establish his new home.

He worked for 2 years in New York for first class hotels. Then he came to Buffalo, where he was the assistant manager of the Ellicott Club. He performed his job to the satisfaction of all. In 1909 the Niagara Club made him a generous offer, which he accepted. Since that time Mr. Dietz has been manager of the club, which is located in a fine building at 24 Buffalo Avenue overlooking the thundering rapids of the Niagara River. The excellent progress which the Niagara Club has made over the last few years is due to a large extent to his capable management. Mr. Dietz is a German through and through and a popular member of society. Since 1901 he has been happily married to Miss Mary Goetz.

Richard Neuhaus

The Electro Bleaching Gas Co. is in the top ranks of rapid growth and industrial development in Niagara Falls. The products of this modern factory are sent to all parts of the United States and are constantly winning a larger market.

At the helm of this facility is a young German whose ability and knowledge are to thank for the growth of the Electro Bleaching Gas Co. This man is Mr. Richard Neuhaus.

Mr. Richard Neuhaus was born on September 23, 1882 in the well known industrial city of Essen in the Rhine Province. He was the son of a mining director. He attended the Royal Academic High School in Essen and the General Academy in Chemnitz, where he studied engineering. He passed his exams with distinction and due to his ability and knowledge in 1909 he was engaged as technical manager for the Electro Bleaching Gas Co. As we said earlier, he's made great progress here and he has a promising future in the land of unlimited possibilities.

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Mr. Neuhaus has made a large circle of friends since his stay in Niagara Falls due to his friendly, open, and modest nature. He's esteemed by all who meet him for his excellent character.

Niagara University

The famous teaching facility of Niagara University, surrounded by beautiful scenery and natural beauty, is unique in its field. To the south one catches a beautiful look at Niagara Falls, which must truly be considered one of the greatest natural wonders. From here one has a view of the thundering rapids crowned with white misty clouds flanked by verdant shores covered in green trees. Views of Lake Ontario pop out from winding paths. To the north lie colorful panoramas as the green edges of the Canadian wilderness expands.

The facility was established in 1856 under the name Seminary of Our Lady of the Angels. In 1863 the facility was incorporated under its current name. The teaching facility is under the capable management of priests of the Order of St. Vincent de Paul, which was established in the 17th Century in France. Under the guidance of these pious and learned brothers there are 20 colleges, seminaries, and churches in the United States. The order has also established teaching institutions in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, the Philippines, and the West Indies. Not just priests are educated here. The university teaches all branches of modern science. Besides English, Latin, Greek, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew are taught. A richly stocked library and a large reading room give students opportunity to become acquainted with works of classical and modern literature. There's a gymnasium with modern equipment and a large campus so young people can engage in healthy athletic games and exercises. The University also has an excellent music department under the capable administration of Prof. Rieger. Instruction is given in piano, organ, flute, violin, and clarinet.

The Reverend Edward J. Walsh is president of the university. Under his energetic and goal-minded leadership the university will grow larger and larger to become one of the premier teaching institutions in the country.

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This ends the text for Niagara Falls and its German Community.

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