The Old Lutheran Emigration at the Middle of the 19th Century, pages 241 - 245

XX. List of the Names of the Emigrants

(The sources for the names are provided by individual year of emigration.)

We are in the fortunate position of being able to give the names of most of the emigrants and are especially grateful for the depositions, which were published in conjunction with our Lutheran emigration and its rigorous maintenance. Despite this we could not give a complete index due to the fact that certain documents were not attainable, especially those of Posen and others from the province of Saxony. The total number of emigrants is sufficiently known. The difference between this total and the number of names will be rendered as these small discepancies occur. Maybe this index will supply a motive for rectifying these discrepancies. Such a register of persons may indeed be exhausting when taken together with the preceding historic chronicle, however as an appendix it might be less taxing. We think there may be families on both sides of the ocean who might discover with delight their own names within and take the opportunity to renew old, forgotten or broken family ties. May this index serve to reawaken and strengthen the sense of folk and family and work to bridge the gap between peoples and countries.

We will give the individual indexes chronologically, as they correspond to the previously given history.


I. Emigrating to the region of Astracham in the Russian Empire from the Liegnitz District in Silesia, in particular from

Gross-Tinz: widowed resident Johanna Elisabeth Hoffmann, 57 years old, her son Johann Gottlieb (20), her daughter Maria Rosina (24);

Wangten: pasture cottager Johann Gottlieb Binner (35), wife Johanna Eleonore, neé Keil (31), and the following children: Johann Christian (8), Maria Rosina (4), Anna Rosina (1 ½); and also from

Wangten: widow Maria Rosina Binner (38) and her children Maria Rosina (18), Johann Christian (17), Karl Gottlieb (14), Johanna Eleonore (11), Karl Wilhelm (7), Anna Rosina (1 ½), total of 15.

II. From Breslau and the neighboring area to Buffalo, New York in the United States of America:

J. G. Züngler (also spelled Zangler) with unknown family members; F. Langner; the cabinet maker Ernst Krieg; the cutlery maker J. Ch. Sieffert; the lumber merchant Wilhelm Haschmann. With these names are mentioned children and other family members but no names. We must estimate the number to be at least 15 people.


Moving from Breslau to North America the shoemaker Wilhelm August Pietsch (35) with wife Rosina, neé Schönfeld (20) and children Bertha (6), Hermann (5);

Rothkirch, Liegnitz District, to North America: journeyman bookbinder and noncommissioned officer Friedrich Eduard Scheppe (27);

Neusalz, Freistadt District to Southern Australia: the agriculturalist Luis Kittlaus (22).


A. Emigrating to America from the province of Pomerania, specifically from the district of Kammin according to the lists of the district magistrate von Voeltz.

From Kammin itself: bookbinder Kroening (26) with wife Sophia, neé Bolling and two children, aged two years and eight months;

servant and farmer's son Burow;

cabinetmaker Zühlsdorg (36) and wife Anna Katharina, neé Scheer;

shoemaker Gottlieb Adam (40) and wife Charlotte, neé Zingler and four children from 12 to 3 years old;

shoemaker Sarnow and wife;

property owner Rappräger (44) and wife Maria, neé Langen and four children from 16 to 7 years of age;

unmarried serving girl Luise Gandt (25);

shoemaker Schwarz and wife;

daily wage earner Fährmann (49) and wife Luise, neé Fährmann;

journeyman saddle maker August Hanuth;

Knurrbusch: daily wage earner Will (30);

Scheffin: unmarried Dorothea Kassner (also spelled Kasten) (47).

A list from Schwarz, who returned from America, contained these names as well as those listed above:

Platchow: servant Gust with wife and two children;

Schwantus, Wollin District: shepherd's assistant Schreiber with four children; from the vicinity of

Greifenberg: blacksmith Lüdke along with wife and two children. Coming from

Hakenwalde, Naugard District: Bagans with wife and one child. Furthermore, out of Silesia, specifically from

Königshain, Görlitz District: journeyman cabinetmaker Johann Gottlieb Hartmann (25).

B. Emigrating to South Australia, perhaps all the people, who were not on the list belonging to the co-migrant Schwarz, but on the list of the district magistrate von Voeltz. Of these the first named most certainly emigrated to Australia, because Lodewyckx established his presence in Australia. From the Kammin District, specifically from

Raddack farmer Friedrich Kleeman (38) with wife Maria, neé Helm and five children from eight to ¼ years;

servant David Piepkorn (31) and his bride, the unmarried Dorothea Westphal (22);

Polchow: former village mayor Grünhagen with wife Auguste, neé Triglaff and three sons of eight, six and five years of age;

Schnatow: journeyman tailor Gottlieb Christian (28), unmarried serving girl Wilhelmine Friderike Christian, sister of Gottlieb (23), Karolina Christian, bride of Gottlieb (21);

shepherd Wallschläger (25) with wife Maria, neé Fährmann (34) and three children of seven, five and three years;

Kammin: a separated man named Schaeffer with an underage child;

Kucklow: servant Gottfried Rohde.

From Silesia, specifically from

Glogau: shoemaker Franz Hasemann with wife Christiane, neé Backstaedt (49) and daughter Mathilde (26).

In the year 1837 46 people went to America and 28 to Australia, whom we could name.


Of travelers going to American we can give for this year only the two Silesian scouts, specifically from

Breslau: artistic gardener Johann Gottlieb Faude (45) with wife Rosina, neé Schulz (36) and

Pastor Leberecht Friedrich Ehregott Krause (34); besides these, from

Denkwitz, Glogau District: journeyman wheelwright Dartsch (39);

Kummernick, Liegnitz District: resident Joh. Gottlieb Riese with wife Elisabeth, neé Bartsch and six children - Joh. Elisabeth (17), Joh. Christiane (16), Johann Karl (13), Joh. Eleonore (11), Joh. Karl August (8), Anna Rosina (2);

Juliusburg, Öls District: weaver Christian Bierosche (45) with wife Maria Elisabeth, neé Pfeiffer (37) and two children: Ernestine Luise (7), Karl Gottlieb (5 months);

Kunitz, Liegnitz District: Farmer Benjamin Karl Hegwer and wife Maria Rosina Anna, neé Jigner and seven children: Christiane Charlotte Henrietta, Ernestine Luise, Anna Rosina Christiane, Maria Rosina Karoline, Karl Traugott Bleibtreu, Maria Dorothea, Gottlieb August Benjamin.

It is possible that all these travelers to America, with the exception of Krause and Faude, in 1838 only went as far as Hamburg and in 1839 commenced their emigration to America.

B. All other emigrating parties from 1838 went to Australia. We order them according to province. The majority came from

Klemzig: thresher Christian Lange (43) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Kurzweg (44) three children - Marie Elisabeth (18) Joh. Friedrich (10), Joh. Christian (8), retired father Gottfried Lange (62) and the mother Anna Rosina, neé Rau (73);

tailor Gottfried Rau (45) with wife Christiane, neé Kurzmann (42) and son Joh. Friedrich August (12);

thresher Joh. Gottlob Bothe (33) with wife Maria Elisabeth, neé Rau (31), daughter Luise (12) and mother-in-law Anna Maria Rau, neé Bitterott (54), sister-in-law Joh. El. Rau (21);

artistic gardener Friedrich Fischer (32) with wife Joh. Eleonore, neé Bothe (25) and children Friedrich Wilhelm (4) and Joh. Karoline (2);

wheelwright Joh. Gottfried Petrass (37) and wife Joh. Luise, neé Stellmacher (36) and children Joh. Luise (11), Wilhelm (9), Anna (9) and August (2);

tailor Christian Hönke and wife Elisabeth, neé Schulz and two children, Friedrich Ernst (10) and Joh. August (6);

hunter August Fiedler (41) with wife Maria, neé Köhler, widow Peussler (38) and four children, Joh. august (16), Bertha Mathilde (15), Joh. Luis (9) Karl Wilhelm (4);

daily wage earner Gottlob Hönke (29) with wife Anna Elisabeth, neé Zeunert (30);

house servant Joh. Gottfried Schulz (26) with wife Eleonore, neé Teuber (24) and son Joh. Friedrich (1 ½:);

house servant Joh. Georg Miegel (41) with wife Maria Elisabeth, neé Zernack and two children, Joh. Eleonore (13) and Joh. Luise (8);

house servant Joh. Christian Jaensch (24) with wife Eleonore, neé Rau (24) and son Goffried (2);

laborer Christian Rau (33) with wife Elisabeth, neé Schrock (34);

thresher Gottfried Hönke (31) with wife Maria Luise, neé Bothe (32), daughter Joh. Luise (3), mother - widow Maria Elisabeth Hönke, neé Schulz (60) and sister, unmarried anna Elisabeth Hönke (28);

thresher Georg Bothe (57) with wife Eleonore, neé Riepke (54) and children Gottfried (28), Anna Maria (22);

daily wage earner Christian Bothe (62);

thresher Friedrich Schulz (53) with wife Anna Elisabeth, neé Woidt (56) and four children, Joh. Eleonore (20), Anna Dorothea (18), Joh. Samuel (16) and Joh. Luise (12);

daily wage earner Anna Rosina Rau, unmarried;

thresher Joh. George Freidrich Rau (43) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Leder (45) and four children, Christian (19), Anna Eleonore (13), Anna Luise (11), Friedrich (6);

colonist Christian Schumann (53) with wife Maria Elis., neé Schubert (53) and daughter Joh. Eleonore (24);

Harthe: stallkeeper Samuel Thiele (56) with wife Rosina, neé Schulz (50) and three children, Joh. Friedrich (26), Joh. Wilhelm (19), Joh. August(4);

stallkeeper and journeyman mason Gottfried Schulz (50) with wife Dorothea, neé Hahn (40) and five children, Dorothea (19), Joh. Gotthilf (13), Joh. Eleonore (11) Maria Elis. (9) and Anna Elis. (1 ½);

thresher Joh. Friedrich Hoffmann (61) with wife Anna Maria, neé Körber (54) and daughter Luise (21).

Goltzen: daily wage earner Christoph Pölchen (35) with wife Maria Elis. neé Pölchen (34) and four children: Luise (13), Joh. Gottlieb (6), Joh. Eleonore (4), August (4);

stallkeeper Christian Weber (42). (He left his wife, who was a native of the area, and his children behind because they were not of his religious confession and he did not want to persuade them.);

daily wage earner Christian Zilm (40) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Mathiske; two children: Friedr. Wilhelm (10), Johann Friedrich (7), the brother Gottlob Zilm (34) and the sister Anna Dorothea Zilm (28);

daily wage earner Gottlieb Grocke (27) with wife Dorothea neé Schulz (25) and two sons: Joh. Friedrich (2 ¾) and Christian (2 months);

Langmell: daily wage earner Joh. Gottfried Wundtke (32);

stallkeeper Christian Schilling (33) with wife Joh. Rosina, neé Bothe (33) and two children: Joh. Luise (9) and Maria Elis. (¼);

thresher Christian Eisen (60) with three children: Joh. Samuel (23), Luise (20) and Joh. Eleonore (18);

thresher Joh. Gottfried Schilling (36) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Lange (34) and six children: Maria Elis. (15), Luise (12), Joh. Gottfried (9), Anna Rosina (6), Joh. Gottlieb (3), Christian (1);

night watchman Joh. Georg Kuchel (55) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Seiffert (51) and four children: Gottfried (26), Samuel (23), Joh. Friedrich (19), Gottlieb (16);

thresher Gottfried Seeländer (50) with wife Anna Rosina, neé König (50) and three children: Anna Dorothea (25), Joh. Gottfried (21), Joh. Luise (12), (the son Joh. Gottlob, 27 years of age, emigrated in 1841);

lodger Anna Rosina Bodatsch (68), neé Kockejoy and her foster daughter, the unmarried Anna Elisabeth Kockejoy (19).

Kay: laborer Gottfried Neumann (42) with wife Anna Maria, neé Pfeiffer (44) and four children: Luise (12), August (10), Wilhelm (7) Maria Elis (3);

daily wage earner Samuel Stoike (40) with wife Joh. Dorothea, neé Paech (36) and four children: Joh. Gottlieb (14), Joh. Eleonore (13), Maria Elis. (5), Joh. Luise (2);

laborer Gottfried Nitschke (58) with wife Joh. Dorothea, neé Wolff (58);

journeyman mason Friedr. Wilh. Nitschke (35) with wife Maria Elis., neé Süss [Süß] (35) and three children: Joh. Karl (10), Joh. Wilhelm (8), Joh. Karoline (6) (N. is son-in-law of Joh. Friedr. Süss);

farmer Christian Jänsch (40) with wife Maria Elis, neé Klenke (39) and six children: Joh. Dorothea (15), Joh. Gottlob (13), Joh. Christian (9), Joh. Friedr. Traugott (6), Maria Elis. (4 ½) Joh. Luise (1 ½) and unmarried sister Maria Jänsch (44);

laborer Joh. Friedr. Süss [Süß] (67) with wife Christiane, neé Thiele (67) and daughter Eleonore (43);

daily wage earner Christian Klenke (51) with wife Elis., neé Gierke (49) and daughter Anna Dorothea (21);

laborer and shoemaker Christian Thiele (29) with wife Joh. Dorothea, neé Klenke (32);

thresher Joh. Georg Pfeiffer (47) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Neumann (47) and six children: Joh. Gottlieb (19), Joh. Gottfried (17), Anna Elis. (12), Joh. Georg (8), Anna Luise (6), Joh. Christian (3);

wheelwright Joh. Gottlob Nitschke (30) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Hirthe (34) and three children: Friedr. Wilhelm (6), Maria Elis. (3), Anna Dorothea (3 weeks);

farmer Joh. Georg Paech (46) with wife Rosina, neé Richter, four children from first marriage: Joh. Christian (17), Joh. Gottlob (14), Joh. Georg (11), Joh. Luise (7) and two children from second marriage: Maria Elis (3 ½) and Joh. Friedrich (1 ½), (the son Joh. Gottfried from the first marriage (20) emigrated in 1841).

Nickern: tailor Joh. Christoph Liebelt (33) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Wolf (30) and three children: Joh. Friedrich (7), Joh. Luise (4), Joh. Gottfried (1);

daily wage earner and widow Eleonore Richsteig (55);

thresher Joh. Christian Schirmer (33) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Kirsch (34) and son Gottlob (4), plus father Friedrich Schirmer (56) and two children: Joh. Georg (16), Eleonore (11), mother-in-law, widow Friderike Kirsch (56);

shepherd Joh. Christian Liebelt (40) with wife Maria Elis., neé Kuchel (35) and three children: Joh. Gottlieb (14), Christoph (12, Joh. Eleonore (5);

laborer and cabinetmaker Friedrich Paech (32) with wife Luise, neé Jachning (30) and three children: Joh. Karoline (7), Eleonore (4), Luise (1).

Guhren: stallkeeper Gottfried Dohnt and wife Anna Dorothea, neé Neumann (45) and seven children: Anna Dorothea (20), Joh. Gottlieb (18), Joh. Luise (16), Joh. Gottfried (13), Joh. Christian (10), Joh. Georg (8), Maria Elisabeth (3);

water miller Friedrich Wilhelm Witwer (38) with wife Henriette, neé Gerlach (34) and two children: Friedrich Wilhelm (8), Joh. Karoline (2 months);

servant for the above Witwer, Gottlob Schirmer (28).

Skampe: daily wage earner Gottlob Schmidt (50) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Kluge (50) and four children: Anna Dorothea (20), Dorothea Elisabeth (17), Gottfried (16), Joh. Gottlob (12);

Cabinetmaker Samuel Bartsch (37) with wife Eleonore, neé Meissner [Meißner] (38) and six children: Joh. Gottlob (16), Joh. Friedrich (7), Joh. Christian (5), Joh. August (3), Joh. Eleonore (1 ¾), Joh. Samuel (3 weeks).

Muschten: laborer and journeyman mason Joh. Georg Janetzky (32) with wife Luise, neé Lude (28) and two children: Joh. Gotthilf (3), Joh. Luise (1 ¼);

laborer and journeyman carpenter Joh. Georg Böhme (41) with wife Karoline, neé König and six children: Luise (15), Eleonore (11), Ernst (8), Karoline (6), Dorothea (3), Wilhelm (1).

Friedrichsfelde: colonist Gottfried Ritbricht (44) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Woith and two children: Joh. Gottlob (19), Dorothea Elis. (17);

colonist Friedrich Hellwig (35) with wife Eleonore, neé Koch, son Joh. Wilhelm (7), mother-in-law Anna Katharina Koch, neé Pfeiffer (69).

Langheinersdorf: daily wage earner Christian Kluge (27) with wife Dorothea, neé Stein (28), daughter Joh. Luise (½);

thresher Gottfried Knispel (42) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Pfeiffer (41) and five children: Anna Dorothea (16), Christian (14), Joh. Gottfried (10), Joh. Luise (7), Joh. Eleonore (2), father with reserve interest Hans Knispel (71), brother & daily wage earner Christian Knispel (31);

daily wage earner Joh. Georg Wilksch with daughter Anna Dorothea (10).

Schönborn: tailor Joh. Gottfried Liebelt (40) with wife Anna Elis., neé Pohle (38) and three children: Joh. Luise (14), Anna Dorothea (4), Joh. Gottfried (2 ½);

laborer Joh; Christoph Liebelt (59) with wife Anna Elis., neé Steinborn (64);

farmer's widow Anna Elis. Schulz, neé Schmidt (47) and her brother's daughter, Anna Dorothea Schmidt (18);

journeyman mason and laborer Christian Weimann (42) with wife Anna Dorothea, previous married name Jandke, neé Schneider (49) with two children: Gottlieb (14), Eleonore (9);

Johann Christian Jandke (21) and Joh. Samuel Jandke (18), stepsons of the above named Weimann.

Möstehen: daily wage earner Christian Schubert (51) with wife Elisabeth, neé Bartel (48) and son Johann Christian (16);

thresher Christian Bartel (44) with wife Maria Elisabeth, neé Kirschke (41) and four children: Joh. Luise (21) Anna Maria (16), Dorothea Elisabeth (12), Karoline (6);

laborer Gottlob Bartel (41) with wife Elisabeth, neé Binder (40) and five children: Joh. Wilhelm (19), Maria Elisabeth (14), Joh. Gottfried (8), Joh. Gottlob (4), Joh. Christian (½).

Crummendorf: daily wage earner Joh. Gottfried Hoffmann (32) with wife Eleonore, neé Rinnert (26) and two children: Joh. Friedrich (4), Joh. Luise (2);

merchant Christian Bothe (59) with wife Anna Maria, neé Körber (54) and daughter Luise (21).

Klippendorf: colonist Joh. Christoph Schulz with wife Joh. Dorothea, neé Frank (49) and three children: Joh. Christian (28), Karl August (20), Joh. Luise (7).

Rackau: thresher Joh. Georg Pfeiffer (59) with wife Christiane, neé Schliefke (56) and five children: Joh. Eleonore (30), Joh. Christian (26), Maria Elisabeth (18), Joh. Gottlieb (15), Joh. Wilhelm (12).

Keltschen: tailor Joh. Gottlob Schliefke (42) with wife Joh. Eleonore, neé Mahn (35) and sister-in-law Luise Mahn (27).

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