The Old Lutheran Emigration at the Middle of the 19th Century, pages 286 - 290

II. From the province of Brandenburg (Official Document: Emigration of the Old Lutheran Separatists to America.)

From Prenzlau district in or near

Prenzlau itself: master cabinetmaker Karl Friedr. Schmidt (31) with wife, neé Hanstein, two children and one illegitimate child;

locksmith Aug. Wilh. Ferd. Huck (43), housekeeper Boos and her illegitimate child;

cabinetmaker Rudolf Ferd. Schäker (2() with Mrs. Pflugard and three children;

cabinetmaker Joh. Jak. Friedr. Stechlitz (33) with Mrs. Hartwig;

cooper Karl Hoh (42), Mrs. Thomas and six children;

workman Joachim Suhr, Mrs. Sy and three children.

Bergholz: blacksmith Philipp Milleville (29), Mrs. Schulz and three children;

farmer Joh. Friedr. Aug. Pfuhl (45), Mrs. Suchow, three children;

farmer Philipp William (36), Mrs. Suckow, two children;

daily wage earner Christian Rubbert (36), Mrs. Becker, three children;

daily wage earner Karl Rubbert (26), Mrs. Strassburg [Straßburg], three children;

daily wage earner Karl Friedr. Mietzner (57), Mrs. Behm, one child;

daily wage earner Wilhelm Moll (35), Mrs. Marie Woldt, four children;

old estate owner Christof Lüschow (64), Mrs. Schulz.

Wallmow: workman Mich. Stegemann (34), Mrs. Rick, three children;

sheephand Joh. Wiese (32), Mrs. Bartel, two children, parents-in-law;

weaver Gottlieb Bandelow (32), Mrs. Durow, two children;

Wollin: workman Gottlieb Schulz (47), Mrs. Schröder (43), three children;

workman Johann Beutel (41), Mrs. Bonnin (43), two children;

maid Christine Luise Zühlsdorff (20);

Johann Friedrich Köhn (42), wife and one son;

cabinet maker Wilhelm Meyer (66), Mrs. Caplik and son (25).

Kleinow: workman Michael Wendt (38), Mrs. Küken, two children;

Gottlieb Schulz (24), wife and one child remained behind, however he agreed to this.

Cremzow: hunter Friedr. Judisch (25), Mrs. Weiss [Weiß], two children;

servant Mewes (3), Mrs. Stollhoff (31), father-in-law Stollhoff (77). He had a dispute with his wife's employer, who would not let her leave until her term of service was complete. Eventually the employeer conceded. Number of children unknown but there were children.

Falkenwalde: journeyman blacksmith Karl Friedr. Detloff (28);

shoemaker Karl Ludwig Meyer (33), Mrs. Müller, two children, father-in-law weaver Müller, mother-in-law neé Detloff, sister-in-law Henr. Müller (20).

Brüssow: shoemaker Sy (25);

scribe Friedr. Wilh. Merkel (23).

Fahrenwalde: cottager's son Wilh. Zabel (29);

shoemaker Joh. Friedr. Wilh. Püschelberg (40), Mrs. Schulz, three children;

daily wage earner Joh. Friedr. Märten (45), Mrs. Neumann, five children;

stallkeeper Johann Collier (45), Mrs. Pagel.

Roggow: tradesman Ludwig Ferd. Judisch (48), Mrs. Friedrich, four children.

Zerrenthin: stallkeeper Christ. David Durow (50), wife, five children.

Menkin: servant Wilh. Meyer (27), servant Proefrock (32).

Damme: workman Martin Wendt (48), Mrs. Sprenger, four children.

Strasburg: separated Mrs. Knopf (64) declared she was going to North Carolina in America.

Grimme: farmer Sam. Friedr. Jagow (42), Mrs. Suckow, five children, the father;

farmer Peter Ziemendorf (45), Mrs. Duchow, two children;

tailor Peter Billeau (6), Mrs. Gombert.

Nieden: journeyman saddler Christof Krüger (37).

Fürstenwerder: master tailor Ludwig Schröder (41), Mrs. Petran, five children.

From Neu-Ruppin district (Official Documents concerning the Old Lutheran Emigations to America).

Gühlen: shepherd Christian Friedr. Zantke (45), Mrs. Anna Maria Buth (44), foster-daughter innkeeper Luise Salomon. In a transaction they identified themselves as old Lutheran.

Wulckow: Eugen Stoeckenius (26), son of Major St.

From Angersmünde district (from the same official documents)

Verkehrt Grünow: potter Martin Friedr. Hermann, wife, four children.

Greifenberg: daily wage earner Christof Hagen with wife.

Welsow: horse wrangler Mich. Friedr. Wilcke, wife, two children;

shepherd Friedr. Schmidt, wife, seven children;

farmer's widow Marie Elis Walter, neé Grosskopf [Großkopf].

Frauenhagen: farmer Christian Müller, wife, two children;

master blacksmith Ephraim Friedr. Mantke, wife, six children;

sheephand Joh. Friedr. Beitz, wife, three children.

Melchow: resident weaver Joh. Friedr. Boldt, Mrs. Haase, three children from 19 to 15 years of age.

Kolonie Poessen: son of the above, master Karl Friedr. Boldt, Mrs. Wilh. Neumann, one son.

Wedellsberg: shepherd Porth, Mrs. Hase, married son, his wife Henriette Gebauer, two other sons.

From West-Priegnitz district (same official document)

Havelberg: cabinetmaker Schulze (31), Karl Gottlieb with Mrs. Heimgrüber.

Perleberg: silver worker Scheller.

postal assistant Tobias Wagner.

III From Silesia in or near

Kroitsch, Liegnitz District: village tavern operator Philipp Glor with wife and four children.

Also going to America but with the further declaration of Texas (the same official documents)

From Prenzlau district in or near

Fürstenwerder: theological candidate Friedr. Fiebiger (4).

From Westpriegnitz district in or near

Stessow: a man named Mücke.

Perleberg: master blacksmith Palm with wife and six children - a survey dated August 4th;

journeyman carpenter Graf.

Saaslich: saddler Erdmann;

again, master blacksmith Palm - a survey dated Sptember 10th.

Brandenburg: Oswald von Gauvain.

From Nieder-Barnim district in or near

Wensickendorf: Karoline Kühne.


B. Going to Australia

I. From the province of Brandenburg, Sorau District in or near

Fielitz: gardener Gottlob Weidner (43), Mrs. Johanna Christ. Hermann (38) and two daughters: Johanna Auguste (7), Johanna Clementine (4); self-acknowledged old Lutherans.

From Westpriegnitz district (from official documents as available for Neu-Ruppin, Prenzlau)

Wusterhausen: shoemaker Christ. Friedr. Kurth (35) with Mrs. Dorothea Frenz (25) and three children: Karl August (5), Berta Maria (3), Wilhelm Gottlob (1); they subscribed to the Old Lutheran Confession.

II. From the province of Silesia (official records: General Separatist Issues).

Peterwitz, Breslau District: public gardener Gottfried Ossig (58), widower with four children from a second marriage: Gottfried (25), Gottlob (21), Christof (17) Karl (12); the two children from the first marriage did not wish to leave. He professed the Old Lutheran religion and wanted to join his brethren in Lobethal.

Lindau, Freistadt District: journeyman tailor Joh. Aug. Giersch (26) with Mrs. Anna Elis. Selige (30).

III. From the large emigration roster from the province of Posen for 1846 we unfortunately have no names. With reservations we again submit from the district of Kosen in or near

Pruszkowo: agronomist Wilhelm Schulz with wife Juliane (20) and one daughter (1).

Those identified for the total emigration of 1846:

Going to American from Pomerania 293
from Brandenburg 253
from Silesia   6

Going to Australia
from Brandenburg  9
from Silesia  7
from Posen  3
Of 789 Lutheran Emigrants, the total identified: 571


B. Going to America

I. From Pomerania, Randow District (official documents concerning Conventicle Existence). The local magistrate also reported: For reasons of faith.

Plöwen: half-time farmer Joh. Friedr. Hasenbank (49), Mrs. Wilh. Sénéchal (34) and six children: Christine Wilh. (15), Charlotte Frid. Wilh. (13), Johann Aug. Friedr. Wilhelm (11), Christine Wilh. (8), Charlotte Karol. Aug. (6), Justine Doroth. Wilh. (2).

Neuenhagen: farmstead tenant Joh. Bröcker (28), Mrs. Anna Sophie Wittkopf (23), two children: Alwine Aug. Luise (3), Berta Therese Karol. (1), illegitimate daughter of the woman: Wilh. Ernestine Wittkopf;

maid unmarried Karoline Ziehm (23).

Mewegen: carpenter Joh. Heinr. Ferd. Moll (26), Mrs. Friderike Behm (23) and son Rudolf Albert Julius (1).

Unknown Region: boat pilot Georg Wilh. Fried. Tessendorf, Mrs. Joh. Riebow, three children: Dorothea Frid. Emilie (4), Friedrich Wilh. (2), Rosa Bertha Dorothea Frid. (1), sister-in-law Veronika Henr. Karol. Luise Riebow (14), servant Friedr. Wilh. August Riebow (23), boat pilot Georg Friedr. Tessendorf (68).

II. From Mark Brandenburg, Lebus District (Official Records of the Upper Church College).

Langsow: tailor Martin Rossin [Roßin] (49), Mrs. Anna Sophie Raschke (48) and three children: Gottlieb (16), August (10), Anna Sophie (17).

II. From Silesia in or near

Weissenleipe, Liegnitz District: laborer and blacksmith Kirschke.


B. Going to Australia

I. From Silesia, Lüben District in or near

Gugelwitz: gardener Joh. Gottfried Knauerhase (38), Mrs. Anna Rosina Beyer (34), four children: Johann Karl (8), Johanna Christiane (6), Joh. Ernst (4), Joh. Hermann (1), sister Maria Ros. Knauerhase, out of separatist intentions.

From Sagan district in or near

farmer Samuel Hoffmann (52), wife Dorothea, neé Walter, six children: Johanna Rosina (26), Friedrich Karl (18), Johann Friedr. Wilh. (15), Johann Heinr. (13), Johann Samuel (?), Christian (3); two sons, Joh. Gottlieb and Joh. Gottfried, had to remain behind because of military service but they emigrated in 1849.

Tschirskau: laborer Gottlieb Laube (52), Mrs. Anna Elis. Reimann (48) and three children: Christian (18), Karl Benjamin (11), Gottlob (6).

Cosel: day worker Samuel Fechner (48), shoemaker Gottfried Nippe (36), unmarried son of farmer Nippe, brother of the Nippe, who emigrated in 1844.

Klein-Dobritsch: gardener's son Gottlieb Wunderlich (35 or 33), unmarried.

From Grünberg district in or near

Grünberg itself: wagoner-for-hire Gottlob Schulz with Mrs.Juliane Christ. Peitz;

widower and master tailor Rosenberg and four children: Franz Josef Ehrhard (23), Henriette Elis. (21), Auguste Berta (29), Josef Adolf (17); the eldest daughter, Maria Josefa, married and remained behind.

From Liegnitz district in or near

Prinkendorf: journeyman cabinetmaker Heinr. Hanuschke.

II. From Brandenburg, Sorau District in or near

Sorau: townsman and linen weaver Joh. Traugott Gross [Groß], Mrs. Joh. Christ. Nasch, one son (6).

Rodtstock: servant Johann Gottlieb Russ [Ruß] (26);

both groups identified themselves as being of the old Lutheran faith.

From Züllichau district in or near

Keitschen: farmstead owner Gottfried Dolling (36) with wife, neé Woydt, four children and parents.

Klein-Dammer: cabinetmaker Friedr. Wilh. Heinrich (39) with wife and four children;

gardener Andreas Hirthe with wife and son.

Kranschow: stallkeeper Gottlob Mattner (49) with wife and three children.

Züllichau: shoemaker Georg Thiele (52) with wife and three children;

master tailor Wilh. Gutsche (25) with wife.

Padligar: farmstead owner Gottfried Kroschel (40) with wife Elis., neé Schulz (40) and four children;

gardener Gottfried Tschippig (35) with wife Joh. Luise, neé Fechner (31), four children, mother-in-law, neé Kluge and sister-in-law Fechner (35).

Friedrichs-Läsgen: colonist Karl Ernst Vorwerk with wife and seven children.

Möstichen: gardener Joh. Christof Grocke (46) with wife and three children.

III. From Posen. Due to the lack of recorded documents we can give only seven names from the large group of Poseners emigrating in 1847.

Pastor Ph. Oster, wife Sophie Emilie, neé Stamm and one 17-year-old son;

Adolf Strempel, son of river supervisor Strempel in Posen.

Preischwitz, Kosten District: property owner Joh. Gottl. Kalm (brother-in-law of Schulz, who emigrated in 1846) with wife Aug. Wilh. Schulz and daughter Auguste Wilhelm (8 weeks);

mason Wollmann.

The total for emigration in 1847:
going to America 31

going to Australia 99
of approximately 381, number identified by name: 130


A. Going to America

From Pomerania because of the limitation of their faith:

Cardemin: daily wage earner Karl Friedr. Hasemann with daughter Hanna Wilh. Frid.;

daily wage earner Friedr. Gottlob Hasemann, Mrs. Karol. Wilh. Müggenburg;

servant Gottlieb Friedr. Grützmacher.

From Brandenburg in or near

Nieder-Finow: maiden Marie Luise Alberts (19), stepdaughter of colonist Joh. Friedr. Aug. Schulze, who emigrated in 1843 from Kietz. She was born in Wuschewire.

B. Going to Australia

From Silesia, Liegnitz District in or near

Gross-Tinz: resident Joh. Gottfried Hüber with wife, neé Siegert and four children;

mason Karl Gottlob Schaege with wife, neé Vogel and three children.

Alt-Beckern: gardener Joh. Gottlob Blümel with Mrs. Hoffmann and three children;

servant Karl Baumgart and Mrs. Hebel;

widowed mover Anna Ros. Ernst, neé Weinholdt and one daughter.

Berndorf: resident August Glatz, Mrs. Seifert, two children from ages 3 to 1 year;

village green laborer and weaver Karl Gottlieb Müller; left his wife, neé Göbel, behind.

Kummernick: tax-exempt property owner Joh. Gottfried Purrmann (44), Mrs. Göbel and three daughters.

Panten: resident Joh.Gottlieb Hettner (37), unmarried.

Wildschütz: unencumbered farmstead owner Teusner, Mrs. Hoffmann and three children of 15, 9 and 8 years of age;

Kunitz: master tailor Karl Gottlieb Fiedler and three children ages 22, 18 and 8 years;

resident Schneider, Mrs. Hoffmann and four children.

Neudorf: public gardener Gottlieb Hoffmann, Mrs. Bauer and one daughter aged 6 years.

Parchwitz: wheelwright Joh. Gottlieb Joppich with wife and three children of 6 years, 2 years and 10 months. He made it known that he had specific separatist views prompting him to emigrate;

possibly from Parchwitz, foreman carpenter Karl Heinr. Fiebig, Mrs. Steinchen (42), daughter age 6.

Liegnitz: former soap boiler Karl Heinr. Schubert. He was a pamphleteer and agitator for the Silesian "Mission Congregation" emigrating in 1848. According to a letter from Schubert dated March 10, 1848 from Bremen to his wife, it is doubtful that his wife and daughter emigrated with him. It was uncertain whether they would ever see each other again but he did make arrangements for them to join him later.

Scheibau, Freistadt District: journeyman miller Joh. Christian Saelge (see Sellge, 1846).

II. From Posen, Kosen District

Remsko: laborer Joh. Georg Pietsch with Mrs. Maria Redlich and four children: Joh. Gottlob (14), Anna Ros. (11), Joh. Georg (7), Elisabeth (4);

laborer Joh. Christian Redlich.

These were designated separtists. The following emigrants were presumed to be the same:

daily wage earner Joh. Georg Wuttke with Mrs. Joh. El. Wittken and three children: Karl (8), Wilhelm (6), Juliane (2);

daily wage earners Gottlieb Dümke and Gottfried Wuttke.

From Jauer district in or near

Merzdorf: tax-exempt property owner Samuel Übergang with wife Ros., neé Langer and four children: Anna Ros., Dorothea, Wilhelm, Karol.

Skohl: day worker Friedr. Wilh. Fritsch.

In total
Going to America 6
Going to Australia 83
Total 89


Going to Australia

There are 87 people from the district of Züllichau whom we do not cite because we are uncertain of their Lutheranism.

From Silesia

Reichenau, Sagan District: Johann Gottlieb Hoffmann (23) and Johann Gottfried Hoffmann.

From Posen in

Bomst District, Lutheran separatists from:

Neu-Tuchorze: Joh. Christian Grunwald (54), his wife Maria Dorothea Schiller (56), two children: Juliane (23), Gottfried (18) and the illegitimate daughter of Juliane, Beate (4);

widow Rosina Dorothea Leske (40) and her three children: Johann Gottfried (22), Johanna Beate (5), Joh. Anna Dorothea (2).

Since an abstract from the Hengstenberg documents cited above states there were more Lutheran families, which emigrated to southern Australia in 1849, we will cite the following from the Bomst records with the proviso that they may or may not have been old Lutherans.

Bomst: Joh. Gottlieb Arndt with wife and one son;

Eduard Wilh. Schröder with wife;

Karl Friedr. Ed. Reimann with wife and one daughter.

Karge: tailor Fietz with wife and three children;

lodger Andreas Bruse.

Unruhstadt: Christian Gregor with wife and one son;

Heinrich Storch; Karl Krüger; Karl Noak.

Wollstein: master miller Franke with wife and three children.

Alt-Kramizig: property owner Wilh. Geier with wife Johanna, neé Eckert (see 1854).

Mesertiz District: perhaps Meseritz itself: wind and water miller Tamm.


A. Going to Australia from the Meseritz District
(They were all designated old Lutherans.)

Tirschtigel: property owner Gottlieb Schulz with wife, neé Penske and two sons, ages 19 and 17 years;

agronomist Ferd. Roy with Mrs. Kahl and one daughter.

Kuschten: property owner Georg Richsteig with wife Luise and four children.

Brausendorf: carpenter Samuel Kurz with his wife, neé Schiller and one son.

Chlastawe: Wilhelm Kurz with wife and one child, 9 months old.

Ziegelscheuner Hauland: property owner Samuel Müller (47) with Mrs. Juliance Eleon. Braunak (29) and four children: Anna Maria Erdmuthe, Karl Heinrich, Karl Samuel, Karl Ed. Andreas.

From Bomst district in or near

Neu-Boriu: Joh. Wilh. Rösler (41) with wife and six children: Wilh. Aug. Dienegott (13), Friedr. Wilh. (11), Joh. Dienegott (9), Wilhelmine (6), Ernst Heinr. (3), Auguste (1), Lutheran.

We do not cite 98 people from Züllichau for the same reason as 1849.

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