The Old Lutheran Emigration at the Middle of the 19th Century, pages 291 - 295

B. Going to America
(Records and family books of the old Lutheran congregation of Klehnwerder, Küstrin.)

From Alt-Friedland: baker Karl Friedrich Freund, Mrs. Dorothea Elis. Woicke (44) and two children: apprentice baker Karl Julius (17), Karoline Emilie (15).


A. Going to Australia

From Silesia, Rothenburg District in or near

Weigersdorf: administrator of the old Lutheran congregation, Urban.

City of Posen: river supervisor Strempel with wife, all sons and daughters, except for the son, Adolf, who emigrated with Pastor Oster in 1847, plus at least six people.

From Bomst District (the following people named Lutheran dissidents)

Borul: former innkeeper Wilhelm Häusler (41) with wife (27), daughter of the first marriage, Beate (11), children of the second marriage: Rosina (6), Wilhelm (4), Traugott (1);

Wilhelm Lehmann (36), Mrs. Karol. Hoffmann (31), four children: Johann August (9), Johanna Beate (7), Rosina (4), Johann Wilh. (1);

plus some other families we assume are Lutheran from

Chlastawe: thresher Christian Hämmerling with wife, neé Mattner;

reservationist Georg Hämmerling with wife, neé Mattner;

small plot farmer Joh. Georg Linke with Mrs. Dorothea Elis. Hämmerling and three children.

Gross-Dammer: journeyman carpenter Johann Pilz with wife, neé Masur.

B. Going to America

and to New Bergholz in the State of New York from

Saatzke in Pomerania: a tradesmen family of the Lutheran congregation in Saatke, consisting of father, mother and at least five children, of whom we only know two first names: August, who died on the journey and Wilhelm. The surname is unknown to us. They went to a cousin, named Krüger, in New Bergholz. We have a detailed letter from one of the five children, a daughter, dated 1852 (see section on repatriation!)


Going to America - probably Texas

From Rothenburg district in or near

Tzschellen: military conscript Mathes Urbang. According to the records, all emigrants of this period from Rothenburg were old Lutheran, therefore we must count these first emigrants among the old Lutherans.

B. Going to Australia

According to the Hengstenberg newspaper, there were approximately 70 people emigrating from the Züllichau and Posen region, who were designated either old Lutheran or fanatical. Of this number we can list 15 people from theZüllichau district in or near

Züllichau itself: economist Karl Wilh. Meissner [Meißner] (28);

vine-grower Karl Aug. Stube with wife and one son.

Schmöllen: servant Karl Kuberne (19);

Martin Labsch (47) with wife;

daily wage earner Wilh. Tunack (38) with wife and four children;

daily wage earner Friedrich Böhm (26) with wife.

From Posen we can identify with some certainty as old Lutheran from

Borui: property owner Gottfried Rudolph with wife and three children.


Going to Australia

We cannot list the 137 emigrants of the Züllichau region because, while there were certainly Lutherans among them, we cannot distinguish who they were.

We can list with greater certainty individuals from Posen, Bomst District

Borui: property owner Christian Pölchen with wife and four children;

property owner Klitschke with wife and two children.

Karge: daily wage earner Michael Nowak with wife and two sons.

B. Going to America - Buffalo, New York

From Pomerania in or near

Jabel: an old Lutheran tradesman family, names unknown, consisting of a husband, wife, seven children and a maid.

From Brandenburg, Lebus District in or near

Langsow: widow Elis. Heckmann (54), wife of mason Martin Kranz, Eva Maria, neé Lemmermann (42). Members of the old Lutheran congregation.

Going to America, specifically Texas

From Silesia, Rothenberg District and members of the old Lutheran community

Klitten: administrator of the old Lutheran congregation, Thomaschke.

Weigersdorf: half-time farmer Andreas Kiessling [Kießling] with wife, neé Pietsch.

Reichwalde: laborer's son Johann Hottas (25).

Mücka: resident Christof Krause (36), Mrs. Maria Michalk, one son, Johann (9 months), maid Anna Wagner from Weigersdorf.

Kringelsdorf: Johann Schmidt (16) with nephews and nieces of the father Maria Matjetz of Kaschel (insufficient information).

Moholz: windmiller Georg Grusche (63), wife Anna Rosina and four children: Karl August (24), Henriette, Ernestine and Johanna.

Nieder-Horka: cabinetmaker and resident Joh. Traugott Neumann (41), son-in-law of the above Grusche, with wife Joh. Rahel Grusche and son Joh. Wilhelm (10).

From Hoyerswerda district in or near

Amtsanbau: day worker Andreas Wilke with wife;

Mathes Koiner (32) with wife and three children;

brickmaker Gottlieb Sielow (37) with wife and four children.

Colpen: laborer Johann Kaspar with wife and four children;


A. Going to Australia

As was the case for the previous years, we exclude the 70 emigrants of the Züllichau District for 1854 because of the uncertainly of their status as old Lutherans, although there were many among them.

From Posen the following emigrants from the district of Bomst are most likely old Lutherans

Schwenten: Christian Braun with Mrs. Tietz and three children.

Külpin: agronomist Gottlieb Zeppei with wife and two children.

Ruden: laborer Karl Wilh. Fabiunke with wife and three children.

Alt-Kramzig: Josef Eckert. His sister Joh., married name Geier, already emigrated to southern Australia in 1849 and sent her brother 30 pounds sterling to come to her.

From Silesia, Rothenburg District (all Lutherans) in or near

Dauban: tailor Andreas Vogel with Mrs. Anna Christ. Rostock and daughter Maria.

Noes: former village inn and courthouse owner Joh. Gottlob Kootz with wife Christianne Auguste, neé Wolff and five children: Karl Ernst August (1), Ernst Leberecht (8), Karl Hermann (7), Maria Rosalie (4), Karl Bernhard (1).

Horka: laborer Joh. Traugott Teschner with Mrs. Joh. Christiane Röhl and stepdaughter Christane Auguste Röhl.

Spree: Johann Gottlieb Richter (30).

Tormersdorf: cabinetmaker Joh. Karl Gotthilf Werner, unmarried;

Friedrich August Tietze, divorced from his wife.

Nieder-Seiffersdorf: journeyman mason Friedrich Gustav Liede (23). He follows his sister, married name Schaller, who already emigrated to southern Australia and found herself in very fortunate circumstances. We had no previous indication of her emigration. Perhaps 1853?

Niesky: metal turner Matthäus Schorat (26).

B. Going to America, specifically Texas (all Lutherans)

From Rothenburg district in or near

Gebelzig: Karl Tuppach with Mrs. Magdalena Stephan and two boys: August )9). Karl (2);

militia man Joh. Greulich (32) with Mrs. Joh. Christ. Bräuer and three children: Johanna, Maria and Johann (1); his mother-in-law, widow Auguste Bräuer, neé Schuster;

gardener Andreas Tupack (31), Mrs. Magdalena Kaiser and two sons: August (4), Johann (5 months);

Andreas Greulich (33), Mrs. Magdalena Müller.

Creba: Johann Gottfried Haulischke (45), Mrs. Joh. Maria Koppatsch and four children: Christiane Luise (14), Henr. Marie (12), Ernestine Emilie (19), Friedrich Ernst (2).

Klein Radisch: laborer Georg Lowke with Mrs. Anna Kiank;

laborer Matthäus Reck (27);

remnant collector Joh. Jenke (46), Mrs. Anna Richter and three children: Matthäus (1), Hanna and Maria Rosina;

resident Christof Schiewarth (26), Mrs. Anna Schuster, daughter Marie;

Andreas Kasper (39), Mrs. Maria Greulick.

Sand Förstigen: miniature gardener Joh. Schmidt (43), Mrs. Joh. Schlenker and two children: Joh. Christine (16), Agnete (13);

laborer Andreas Vogel, Mrs. Agnes Hauske and four children: Johann (14), Ernst (11), August (6), one daughter;

Matthäus Schuster, Mrs. Johanna Eleonore Ebert;

garden nursery owner Joh. Schulze (53) Mrs. Maria Brade and three children: Johann (32), Matthäus (22), Magdalena;

laborer Andreas Zwar with wife, one son (7) and four daughters;

laborer Christof Noack (41), Mrs. Joh. Christane Pursche (31);

shoemaker Georg Hocker (49), Mrs. Magdalena Schulze.

Weigersdorf: resident Johann Kiesling, Mrs. Anna Hanske and three children: Johann (22), Magdalena, Ernst (15);

resident Eduard Neumann (38), Mrs. Maria Urban and four children: Johann (13), August (8), Maria, Maria Magdalena;

laborer Joh. Simmank (58), Mrs. Magdalena Prochno, daughter Anna Marie and three stepchildren: Anna Mickan, Johann Michan (9), Peter Mickan (5);

laborer Georg Miersch;

Pastor Kilian with Mrs. Maria Gröschel, son Gerhard August (2);

half-time farmer Andreas Kiessling [Kieß] with Mrs. Johanna Pietsch, daughter Maria.

Petershain: mason Andreas Barthel (31);

Johann Adolf Barth (29).

Neusärichen: sisters Joh. Luise Kollatsch (25), Ernestine K. (21) with her son Adolf Oskar (1) and Christine Rosamunde K. (18).

Saenitz: Gottlieb Balzer.

Oedernitz: journeyman butcher Ernst Julius Richter (25);

Johann Christian Maidorn (47), Mrs. Christiane Rosina Raupach, son Ernst Wilhelm (9).

Reichwalde: tailor George Nocke;

laborer Matthäus Schmidt, Mrs. Rosina Schneider, son Johann (23), two daughters, Maria and Johanna;

gardener Andreas Sowke, Mrs. Anna Krautschick and five children: Christof (14), Johann (5), Matthäus (1), daughters Maria and Johanna;

gardener Georg Anders, Mrs. Joh. Maltick, stepdaughter Henriette Frider., three sons: Christof (5), Ernst (4), Karl August (1);

laborer Christof Koebel, Mrs. Maria Schneider, daughter Christiane;

laborer Gotthelf Anton, whose wife wished to be allowed to come later;

laborer Georg Lorentich (38), Mrs. Elis. Kasper and five children: Johann (16), Mathes (15), Andreas (10), Magdalena (6), Johanna (1);

unmarried Magdalena Jurack (17), her sister (?) joined her;

piece worker Mathias Peter (65), Mrs. Rosina Luschütz (62);

laborer Ernst Rippach, Mrs. Joh. Kopack and four children: Ernst (7), Johann (6), August (4), Helene, mother Elis. Rippach;

laborer Johann Nowke (56), Mrs. Johann Matuck (49), son Johann (20), daughter Johanna, married to Luschütz, her son Andreas (5); Johanna's husband was a dissolute man, having lived for years separated from his wife. He remained behind but had no objection to his wife's emigration;

unmarried Johanna Hottas (21) with her fianceé August Richter of Kachel;

unmarried Johanna Lorentzsch with a 17-year-old daughter; two sons, ages 30 and 24 years, remained behind.

Dauban: mill owner Karl Lehmann (40), Mrs. Magdalena Basche;

half-time farmer Joh. Handrick (37), Mrs. Maria Schäfer and six children: Johann (13), Joh. August (11), Joh. Karl (8), Andreas (4), Anna and Magdalena;

garden nursery owner Joh. Körk (55), Mrs. Mros and four childen: Johann (21), Anna, Magdalena, Agnes;

laborer and shoemaker Christof Schkade (61), Mrs Anges Heinick, daughter Marie;

garden nursery owner Joh. Vogel (46), Mrs. Anna Schleze (29), two daughters: Marie (5), Anna (2);

resident Joh. Gottlieb Scharrat (49), Mrs. Joh. Domann and three children: Wilhelmine Otile (9), Ferd. Paul (6), Em. Auguste (1);

journeyman miller Joh. Traugott Lehmann (35), brother of the above Lehmann;

laborer Georg Büttner (48), Mrs. Maria Schleze and five children: Andreas (16), August (10), Anna, Maria, Magdalena;

laborer Joh. Kieschnik (58), wife Agnes and five children: Andreas (25), Magdalena (20), Johann (20), Maria, Agnes;

widow Maria Mörbe, neé Hetschik with daughter Anna (22); son Johann (24) appears to have remained behind;

laborer's son Franz Albert Kulling (16);

resident Christof Vogel.

Leippa: sheephand Gottlieb Rothe (32).

Spree: militia man Karl Heinrich Richter (25).

Kliffen: laborer Joh. Schatte (29), Mrs. Rosina Kiesetz, three children: Matthäus (8), Johann (6), Anna;

homeowner Maria Bartsch and four children: Hanna, Maria, Rosina, Johann (born in 1854); the last three children out of wedlock;

shop clerk Ernst Miesner (21);

resident Georg Iselt (39), Mrs. Rosina Ramsch (43), daughter Hanna (7), son Johann (2);

laborer Jakob Paulick (54) with wife;

unmarried Christiane Karoline Donath (22);

Johanna Schubert (48), Mrs. Magdalena Petrick and six children: Hanna, Rosina, Mathäus (13), August (12), Agnes, Johann (2), mother Anna, neé Krautschick.

Thomaswaldau: laborer Joh. Merting, called Barthel (30), with Mrs. Hanna Hohle, two children: Johann (4), Mathes (1), brother Georg Merting (24), parents Joh. Mertin (69), wife Anna, neé Schatte.

Dürrbach: day worker Mathes Martschink (30);

thrid-time farmer Christof Schubert (37), wife Dorothea, two daughters, Maria and Hanna;

laborer Joh. Tzschormakk (39), Mrs. Hanna Herenz and five children: Maria, Johann (10), Hanna, Rosina, Agnes;

half-time farmer Mathes Schölling (39), Mrs. Anna Matz and three children: Johann (16), Mathes (6), Maria; plus mover Joh. Schölling (61) and wife Anna, neé Bridde; brother, servant Joh. Sch. (34), sister Maria Sch. and maid Rosina Swoibe (23);

laborer Mathes Mrosk (40), Mrs. Hanna Schölling and five children: Maria, Johann (14), Rosina, Agnes, Magdalena; farmer Joh Kubitz (42), wife Hanna (43), four children: Johann (20), Mathes (17), Christof (8), Maria (15), father-in-law Johann Tzschieder (77).

Jahmen: gardener Joh. Hohle, called Krupper (29), Mrs. Rosina Kockul (24), son Johann (1), mother, widow Anna Hohle (57);

gardener Georg Becker (31), Mrs. Rosina Drosche (27), son Johann (1), father-in-law Mathes Drosche (68);

laborer Johann Hottas, called Kasper (62), Mrs. Maria Bridde, son Johann (16);

laborer Matheus Schatte, called Mroske (52), Mrs. Rosina Schautschick and two children: Hanna and Johann;

servant Mathes Krupper, called Hohle; Christof Krupper (20), children, plus like the above Merting, neé Hohle of Thomaswaldau, the widow Anna Hohle, whose widowed name was Krupper, neé Schautschick;

widow Rosina Iselt, neé Schuster (46) and four sons: August (18), Johann (16), Andreas (12), Mathes (7).

Kaschel: journeyman brewer August Richter (21), his sister Luise Richter;

laborer Karl Ernst Müller (41), Mrs. Maria Wellmann (44), two children: Wilhelmine (11), Friedrich (8);

laborer Joh. Janetz, called Pech (42) with Mrs. Rosina Koatny and four children: Johann (17), Mathes (14), Hanna, Maria;

gardener Mathes Domaschka (36), Mrs. Hanna Jurz, two daughters: Rosina and Maria, mother-in-law Hanna Jurz, neé Büttner;

Georg Socke (42), Mrs. Anna Schiewarth, daughter Maria;

lodger, unmarried Anna Sonsel (Husband already in America?), daughter Anna;

brewmaster Joh. Gottfried Richter (52), Mrs. Charlotte Michler and five children: Christiane, Amalie, Selma, Ernst Moritz (8), Friedrich Adolf (6);

gardener Joh. Schubert (29), Mrs. Hanna Mitschke, stepdaughter Rosina (7), his own daughter Hanna (1), mother-in-law Marie Mitschke.

Cannersdorf: gardener Joh. Gottfried Becker (43), Mrs. Maria Rosina Schwarz and three children: Maria Aug. Ernestine, Joh. Karl August (6), Joh. Karl Ernst (1), accompanied by the baker Joh. Karl Tschoppe.

Ölsa: maid Hanna Mickalk (29).

Wunscha: gardener Mattheus Schulz (47), Mrs. Joh. Juritz and five children: Rosina, Maria, Johann (14), Matheus (11), Christof (7).

Neuhof: shoemaker August Robert Behlow (41), Mrs. Ernestine Luise Beier and three children: Gustav (5), Pauline and Auguste.

Gross-Saubernitz: laborer Andreas Lehmann, Mrs. Anna Mehle and six children: Joh. August (17), Andreas Eduard (13), Karl August (11), Karl Ernst (9), Karl (6) and Maria;

mill owner Johann Zieschanz (44), Mrs. Anna Hommel;

journeyman miller Karl Ernst Noack (21);

carpenter and laborer Andreas Stephan, Mrs. Anna Kaiser (59) and two children: Anna (25), Karl (19).

Mühlrose: day worker Matheus Iselt, Mrs. Joh. Zelt.

Viereichen: master wheelwright Christof Richter (56), Mrs. Maria Schuster (56), four children: Joh. Karl Ernst (23), Johanna Karoline, Henriette, Joh. Karl August (15).

Tschellen: laborer Christof Jannack and four sons: Georg (25), Christian (22), Johann (20), Michael (16).

Kringelsdorf: brewmaster Joh. Schulze, unmarried.

Mückenheim: August Sucker, unmarried.

Thiemendorf: laborer Traugott Tschoppe, wife Anna Rosina and four children: Karl Traugott (16), Friedr. August (14), Aug. Heinrich (3), Johanna Ernestine (8).

Quitzdorf: gardener Joh. Gottfried Hömpel (29), Mrs. Joh. Luise Grossmann [Großmann] and two children: Karl August (3), Karl Wilhelm (11 months);

Karl August Friedrich (14) went with him.

Niesky: journeyman locksmith Theodor Waldemar Wille (18).

Neusorge: Karl Wilbrich (22).

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