The Old Lutheran Emigration at the Middle of the 19th Century, pages 251 - 255

schoolteacher Gottfried Dreyer (37) with wife Wilhelmine, neé Wussow (28) and son August (2);

estate resident Martin Bruss [Bruß] with wife and four children;

workman Johann Krüger with wife and four children;

workman Friedrich Krüger with wife and two children;

journeyman mason Friedrich Schulz with wife and three children;

resident Widow Neumann with three children;

workman Martin Büstrin;

workman Gähnz (also Gahns) with wife;

serving maid Charlotte Christian;

master weaver Karl Heinrich August Suchow (30) with wife Dorothea Karoline, neé Klinkhard (26) and daughter Auguste Maria Emile (3).

Gross-Justin: farmer Michael Heuer with wife and six children;

serving maid Friderike Diedrich;

farmer Johann Köpsel with wife and four grown children;

shepherd Johann Ganger with wife and four children;

cabinetmaker Steffan and wife;

tailor Friedrich Zirbel;

tailor Johann Ganger from Klein-Justin.

Knurrbusch: cottager Johann Heuer along with wife and six children;

Joachim Heuer;

Widow Will;

stallkeeper Gottfried Ramthun (67) with wife Henriette Friderike Lemcke (40) and four children: Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (19), Charlotte Friderike Karoline Wilhelmine (14), August Ernst Ferdinand (7), Philippine Albertine Auguste (4).

Benz: cottager Johann Tews (34) with wife Friderike Christine, neé Riemer (3) and son August Friedrich (3);

sister Karoline Luise (30);

Widow Tews (76);

daily wage earner Daniel Heuer (34) with wife Dorothea Luise, neé Tretien (also Trittin) (30) and three children;

wife of farmer Fleischfresser, neé Trittin.

Scharchow: village mayor Michael Helm (48) with wife Katharine, neé Krüger (45) and eight children: Friedrich (25), Friderike (24), Henriette (21), Albertine (19), Maria (17), Johann (11), August (6), Sophie (8);

farmer David Helm (45) with wife Helena, neé Fleischfresser (30) and two children: Dorothea Wilhelmine (6), Johann Friedrich (4);

sailor Martin Krüger (42) with wife Sophie, neé Burow (33) and three children: Ernst Friedrich (10), Johann Heinrich (9), Rosaline (4);

cottager Johann Gottlieb Bruss [Bruß] (37) with wife Charlotte, neé Marx (29) and three children: August (5), Wilhelm (3), Heinrich (1).

Reckow: farmer Karl Mildebrath (45) with wife Friderike, neé Rappräger (47) and eight children: Wilhelmine (22), August (20), Wilhelm (18), Ernestine (16), Johann (12), Johanna (10), Sophie (8), Karoline (6);

stallkeeper Wilhelm Mildebrath (43) with wife Dorothea, neé Just (45) and three children: Wilhelmine (16), Johann (14), Ernst (12);

blacksmith Gottlieb Wussow (40) with wife Wilhelmine, neé Schröder (38) and six children: August (10), Gottlieb (7), Ferdinand (5), Karoline (15), Wilhelmine (9), Henriette (1);

servant Johann Beckmann (35);

servant Wilhelm Scharlock;

sheephand August Süflow.

Tonnebuhr: farmer Fridrich Wilhelm Bartelt (36) with wife Henriette Charlotte, neé Ulbrich and three children (?);

daily wage earner Johann Bartelt (36) with wife, neé Horn (28) and two children: Karl (6), Wilhelm (2);

stallkeeper Ernst Friedrich Mildebrath with wife Sophie, neé Bartelt and four children;

old estate cottage owner Heinrich Wilke with wife Christiane, neé Bartelt and four children;

invalid resident Christian Wilke with wife Charlotte, neé Krei and three children;

cottager's son Karl Wilke (appears not to be the son of the above Wilke).

Schnatow: journeyman carpenter Christlieb Friedrich Christian (63) with wife Maria Elisabeth, neé Köhler (63) and daughter Ernestine Luise (22);

his son, journeyman carpenter Heinrich Friedrich Christian (32) with wife Sophie Elisabeth, neé Rieselbach (35) and daughter Friederike Karoline (6);

farmer Johann Christian with wife and five children.

Pemplow: daily wage earner Michael Friedrich Buth (also Butt) (43) with wife Maria Elisabeth, neé Ehmke (45) and three children: Johann Ernst Friedrich (20), Ernestine Wilhelmine (14), Johanna Friderike (6);

daily wage earner Johann Gottlieb Woldt (40) with wife Sophie Ernestine Friderike, neé Jäger (47) and six children: Hanna Friderike Henriette (17), Wilhelmine (15), Johann Christian Gotthilf (14), Friderike Christiane Henriette (11), Johann Wilhelm (8), Franz Wilhelm Friedrich (3);

daily wage earner Gottlieb Tews with wife and six children.

Grislow: resident, previously halftime farmer Martine Gruel (41) with wife Katharine, neé Bohlmann;

former farmer Joachim Dumstrey (47) with wife Engel, neé Bohlmann (55) and two children: Wilhelm Friedrich Ferdinand (20), Friderike Wilhelmine (16);

stallkeeper Michael Bellin (41) with wife Dorothea Karoline, neé Wetzel (33).

Polchow: old estate owner Johann Krüger (55) with wife Dorothea, neé Lange (56) and three children: David (23), Maria Elisabeth (2), daughter from his first marriage, Christiane (30).

Grabow: stallkeeper Gottfried Piepkorn (38) with wife Engel, neé Voigt (28) and three children: Maria Friderike (6), Gottlieb August (3 ½), Martine Friedrich (1);

halftime farmer Joachim Piepkorn with wife and four children;

unmarried Dorothea Frenz;

cottager Johann Baumgarten and one child.

Königsmühl: tailor Friedrich Jahneke (25) with wife Anna Friderike, neé Knoll (26) and one son, Johann Gottlieb Friedrich (1);

Widow Knoll and two children;

unmarried Karoline Utech.

Morgow: daily wage earner Ernst Friedrich Havemeister with wife and six daughters;

herdsman Gottlieb Bogislav Zirhell with wife and five children;

servant Johann Friedrich Wallschläger.

Revenow: blacksmith Beesemann with wife and three children;

mill owner Martin Stock with wife and two children.

Jassow: carpenter Johann Krüger and servant Michael Ströve.

Berg Dievenow: fisherman Martin Gust with wife and son Martin Friedrich and unmarried Engel Benigna Kist.

Kuchow: land owner Michael Stock and wife.

Stresow: private tutor Karl Wilhelm Jllies.

Bandelow: daily wage earner Johann Friedrich Maass [Maaß] with wife and two sons.

Baumgarten: tailor Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Maass [Maaß] with wife and two children.

Weistenthin: master blacksmith Karl Wussow (51) with wife Friderike, neé Grützmacher (52) and five children: Johanna (23), Charlotte (22), Luise (19), Auguste (16), Hermann (10).

Fritzow: servant Gottlieb Piepkorn.

Soltin: cottager David Büstin (48) with wife Anna Maria, neé Grünhagen (36) and five children: Wilhelmine (17), Friderike (14), Heinrich (8), Albertine (5), Franz Ferdinand (3).

Bünnewitz: former schoolteacher Joachim Luck with wife and five children.

Bussentin: resident Johann Brüggemann and servant Joachim Köhler.

Kahlen: sheephand August Krüger.

Schwirsen: sheephand Friedrich Krüger.

From Neu Stettin area, Cöslin district, in or near

Gramerzer: tenant farmer Gottlieb Hildemann (42) with wife Sophie, neé Kluck (51) and nine children: Wilhelm (18), August (14), Gottlieb (12), Heinrich (7), Franz (4), Ernestine (20), Henriette (15), Johanna (9), Christiane (1 ½);

tenant farmer Wilhelm August Klug (26) with wife Karoline, neé Winter (27) and four sons: August (5), Gottlieb (3), Heinrich (2), Wilhelm (¾);

resident and invalid Michael Winter (56) with wife Christiane, neé Straede (45) and seven children: Wilhelmine (23), Sophie (22), Luise (20), Friedrich (18), Martin (16), Michael (14), Johanna (12); (Mrs. Karoline Klug is his eighth child).

Raffenberg near Gramenz: shepherd Johann Heinrich Lemke (41) with wife Johanna, neé Göhrke and one son, Christian Daniel Gottlieb (1).

Total number of people leaving from the province of Pomerania:
Wollin District  68
Greifenberg District 103
Regenwalde  54
Greifenhagen   1
Naugard 10
Kammin 305
Neu Stettin 29


570 people

II. Emigrating in 1839 from the province of Saxony, governmental district of Erfurt, in or near the city of

Erfurt: master glazier Georg Dopf (46) with wife, four sons aged 19, 16, 13 and 11 years of age and one girl of 1 year;

dealer in second hand goods Philipp Müller (44) with wife, one son 4 years old, a daughter 2 years old;

gardener Martin Zacher (46) with wife, three sons aged 17, 9 and 3 years, one daughter aged 4 years;

barber's assistant Johann August Ferdinand Müller (28);

shoemaker Friedrich Fickel with wife, two sons of 2 and ½ years, one daughter aged 12 years;

tailor Christophe Schmelzer (40) with wife, two sons aged 14 and 12 years, two daughters aged 5 and 2 years;

shoemaker Schmedtcheh (50) with wife;

baker Gottlob Dammert (33) with wife;

journeyman carpenter Friedrich Schroth (38) with wife and one son aged 5 years;

journeyman carpenter Christian Dissmar [Diß]mar] (40) with wife and one daughter, 21 years of age;

shoemaker Johann Markus Barthel (46) with wife, two sons aged 9 and 7 years and two daughters aged 20 and 18 years;

daily wage earner and widow Johanna Magdelena Frickmann (62), two sons: Christian Friedrich (18) and Gottfried (22);

daily wage earner Gottlob Hänsel (46) with wife;

gardener Johann Jacobi (51) with wife and three sons aged 20, 17, Jakob Friedrich - 13 years;

daily wage earner and widow Christiane Schäfer (42) with one son and one daughter, serving maid Margarete Sturm (25);

combmaker Ernst Schorr (36) with wife, one son aged one year and six daughters aged 12, 11, 9, 7, 5 and 3 years;

weaver Christoph Schlöffel (28) with wife, one son aged 1 year and two daughters aged 7 and 2 years;

serving maid Rosina Zachariae (she went with them secretly);

washwoman Johanna Christiane Meissner [Meißner] (42), widow with one son aged 15 years (the 21 year old son Karl is a soldier in the 3rd C., 31st Regiment and does not have an exit permit);

tailor Karl Wehser (48) with wife, one son aged 8 years, one daughter aged 5;

food merchant Friedrich Kühnemann (40) with wife, two sons aged 4 and 1, three daughters aged 16, 10 and 2 years;

weaver Jakob Hörnlein (48) with his two eldest children, a girl of 16 years and a boy of 9, while the wife remains behind with the 3 year old son;

Pastor Johann Andreas August Grabau with wife, neé Burggraf, one three-year-old son and the serving maid Karoline Pfeifer.

Nordhausen: master shoemaker Johann Christoph Schönau with wife Johanna Friderike, neé Freybe and two sons: Johann Emanuel (20), Heinrich August (17).

Schmira: Sebastian Wenig (48) with wife (48) and two children: a daughter 16 years old, a son Oswald, 14 years old, a stepdaughter, Luise Balzer and her illegitimate child Auguste;

Beyer (27) with wife (26) and two sons: Johann Friedrich (4), Karl Friedrich (2);

Heinemann (27), unmarried.

From the governmental district of Magdeburg in or near the city of

Magdeburg: factory worker David Boneberg (33) with Mrs. Wilhelmine Passau (32), residing at French Kolsawe 7 and two children: Wilhelm August (5) and Maria Dorothea (2 ¾);

food merchant Peter Schulze (42) with wife Katharine, neé Dammeyer (37), residing at Wasserkunst 10, and two children: Maria (2), Friedrich (¾);

shoemaker Andreas Streiber (40) with wife Dorothea, neé Fahsel (38), Schuhbrücke 11, and three children: Karoline (15), Eduard (8), Maria (2);

unmarried Karoline Günther (27), residing at Kammelsberg 15;

coachman Johann Grashoff (33) with Mrs. Dorothea Heschel and two daughters: Dorothea (2), Karoline (1);

unmarried dressmaker Wilhelmine Bernhard, Werff 4;

shoemaker Karl Fischer (39) with wife Elisabeth, neé Otto, Pfeiffersberg 11, and two sons: Karl (9), Heinrich (¼);

shoemaker's widow Dorothea Kempfe, neé Rusche (71), Stockhausstrasse 27;

musician and tutor Friedrich Müller (30), Katharinestrasse 9;

tailor Heinrich Andreas Luecke (40) with wife Christiane, neé Neimann, Petersstrasse 2, and three daughters: Hermine (15), Luise (7), Albertine (5);

unmarried dressmaker Margarete Luetzel (30);

tailor Heinrich Körner (31) with wife Dorothea, neé Weichhardt, Altes Fischufer 9;

tailor Johann Martin (35) with wife Elisabeth, neé Goetze (29) and 2 ½ year old son, Schopenstrasse 1;

factory worker Martin Taute (40) with wife Dorothea, neé Henniges (43), two children: Karl (4 ½), Friedrich (¼);

former Captain and antiquarian bookseller Karl Georg Heinrich von Rohr (42) and daughter Julie (3);

journeyman tailor Johann Andreas Krüger (22);

unmarried Katharine Eheling, Schopenstrasse 1;

former non-commissioned officer Gottfried Güttner (48), Katharinestrasse 10;

shoemaker Gottfried Schönfeld (35) with wife Johanna Martha, neé Lotzing (28) and son Gottfried (½), Stockhausstrasse 27; the above named Kempfe was mother to Schönfeld (?).

From Jerichow district in or near

Woltersdorf: tailor Johann Andreas Schulze (50) with wife Maria Elisabeth, neé Friedrich (46) and four children: Sophie Elisabeth (21), Johann Peter (16), Georg Anton (12), Karl Andreas (3).

Gommern: basketmaker Christian Probst with wife Johanna, neé Hollmann and one daughter.

Osterwieck, district of Osterwieck: baker Christoph Kauffung with wife and three children of 7, 3 and 1 years of age;

shoemaker Karl Kauffung with wife and three children of 5, 3 and ½ years of age;

clothmaker Friedrich Mauer with wife and four children of 10, 7, 4 and 2 years of age;

worker Heinrich Bahns and wife;

(possibly a man named Schmalian).

From the earldom of

Wernigerode: master tailor Karl Ludwig Barthauer (58) with wife Johanne Christiane Elisabeth, neé Nebe (61);

shoemaker Heinrich Gottlieb Koehler (37) with wife Karoline, neé Richter (30), one son of 5, three daughters of 9, 7 ½ and 2 ½ years of age;

master shoemaker Ernst Graebe with wife and five children: Karl Julius (17) (already in Pittsburg), Anna Maria (16), Gustav Heinrich (13), Andreas August Franz (12), Sophie Dorothea Elisabeth (8).

Förderstedt, Kalbe district: journeyman blacksmith Friedrich Lange (31), unmarried, illegitimate son of the deceased Henriette Langer, married name Ewald.

Quedlinburg: theological candidate Wilhelm Rudolf Siebert, called Brandt. He alone remained behind of four families, who received exit permits. We can list the following only as possible emigrants:

journeyman tailors and brothers Johann August and Johann Wilhelm Gram of Magdeburg;

linenweaver Ernst Bondieck of Wedringen, Neuhaldensleben district, with wife Elisabeth, neé Lüpken and four children of 15, 13, 11 and 2 years of age.

Including these 8 people the count would reach 103 on the list of the Saxon Upper Presidium. Perhaps the journeyman locksmith Anton Josef Blaeseltke (23) may also be placed on the list, but he came from Breslau (?).

From the governmental district of Merseburg.

In completing this section on the emigration list of 1839 we only give 18 firmly established names out of 103. From

Schkölen, Weissenfels district: wagon master Johann Gottfried Harnisch with wife Wilhelmine, neé Stoll and three-year-old daughter Marie;

widower and journeyman potter Karl Friedrich Krieg with one son Johann Gottfried (3);

master cooper Johann Gottlieb Krug with wife Therese, neé Schirmer and two children: Marie Therese (3), Karl Benjamin (1 ½).

Halle: taxes overseer Wehe with wife and seven small children.

III. Emigrating in 1839 from the province of Brandenburg in or near

Berlin: journeyman tailor Jakob Kupferschmidt with wife and eight children;

master baker Friedrich Pohle with wife and six children (prehaps Prote?);

journeyman tailor Johann Scheidler with wife;

mason Friedrich Scheidler and wife and three children;

bookbinder Christoph Will with wife and four children;

locksmith Friedrich Kompakt with wife and two children;

shoemaker Tobias Buse with wife and five children;

widow Anna Hesse;

shoemaker Johann Friedrich Holle with wife and six children;

widow Johanna Karl;

shoemaker Lange with wife and three children;

Altenstein along with wife and one child;

workman Wolf with wife and three children;

former chancellery assistant Unverdorben along with wife;

widow Anna Maria Hering;

journeyman shoemaker Johann August Exner;

journeyman baker Gottfried Streiber;

sugar refiner Tölge and wife;

coachman Johann Richter with wife and one child;

workman Johann Christian Deterling;

shoemaker Friedrich Korn with wife and six children;

mason Johann Nic. Scheider and wife;

baker Prote (perhaps identified above as Pohle);

tailor Amrey

From Crossen district, in or near

Plau: gardener Johann Gottlieb Beisser [Beißer] with wife and two children: Friedrich August (14), Johanna Dorothea (11); the two elder sons, Christoph Valentin (21) and Johann Gottlieb (17), remained behind.

IV. Emigrating from the province of Silesia in 1839, from the city of

Breslau: city toll collector Karl Meyer (50) with wife Dorothea (41) and daughter Amalie (11);

artistic gardener Ernst Faude (35);

master shoemaker Josef Hantschke (45) with wife Susanna, neé Mroske (40), and three children: Mathilde (14), Maria (6), Robert (4);

journeyman tailor Karl Zedler (34) - his wife temporarily stayed behind;

master tailor Gottlob Harttert (40) with wife Christiane, neé Werner (38) and three children: Gottlob (16), Karl Samuel (6), Wilhelm (5);

house servant Friedrich Gürcke (51) with wife Johanna, neé Zänscher (41) and two children: Pauline (14), Julius (7);

millwright Gottlieb Stein (56) with wife Rosina, neé Sommer (43) and four children: Luise (23), Eduard (21), Moritz (16), Johanna (8);

shoemaker Ignaz Pelzel (48) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Kuhnert (48) and two children: Amalie (13), Wilhelm (7).

From the district of Breslau

Cammelwitz: blacksmith Christian Rother (43) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Hoffmann (44);

blacksmith Johann Gottlieb Rother (32) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Wolf (22) and daughter Christiane (1 year 4 months);

cabinetmaker Johann Ernst Rother (20 ½), wheelwright Julius Gustav Rother (18 ½), perhaps brother of the above;

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