The Old Lutheran Emigration at the Middle of the 19th Century, pages 256 - 260

Rothsürben: teacher Ernst Gottlieb Meissner [Meißner] (54) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Soffke and nine children: Heinrich Wilhelm Robert (25), Ernestine Wilhelmine Salome (22), Ernst Gottlieb Wilhelm (18), Christiane Wilhelmine Dorothea (16), Auguste Wilhelmine Amalie (10), Friedrich Wilhelm Julius (7), Anna Rosina Pauline (5), Wilhelm August Hermann (2 ½), Emanuel Gottwerth (¾); Meissner declared that he was engaged as a second teacher by the emigrating Lutheran congregations of Pastor Krause.

The other teacher engaged by the Krause congregations came from

Maria Höfchen: teacher Samuel Siegert. He emigrated with his wife Friderike Luise Wilhelmine, neé Böhnisch and four children: Bertha Wilhelmine (18), Bernhard Theodor (15), Julie Ernestine (8), Ernst Friedrich (6).

Juliusburg: master weaver Christian Bierosch with wife Maria Elisabeth, neé Pfeiffer (37) and two children: Ernestine Luise (7), Karl Gottlieb (5 months).

Buckowinke: weaver Christian Gräser (26) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Radenmacher (24) and daughter Joh. Ernestine Luise (3 weeks).

Gross-Graben: resident Gottlieb Stange (42) with wife Helene, neé Stange (37) and four children: Rosina (9), Karl Gottlieb (7), Wilhelm (4), Joh. Dorothea (3 weeks);

resident Daniel Müchling (60) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Quarg (50).

Kurzwitz: shepherd's widow Helene Bündig (51) with two children: Maria Elisabeth (15), Ernst Samuel (13);

resident Christoph Puschek (37) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Hübsch (38) and five children: Helene (13), Karl (11), Anna Rosina (8), Wilhelm (5), Karl (2 ½).

Lacumme: maid Helene Bündig (30), daughter of the above widow;

landless laborer Ernst Schmidt (44) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Gorsegner (36) and six children: Johanna (11), Ernst (9), Christian (6), Dorothea (3), Elisabeth (1), Maria Auguste (3 months), and mother Anna Rosina Schmidt, neé Pfeiffer (71);

boarder Gottlieb Reimann (35) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Jäckel (39) and son Karl Gottlieb (14 ½).

Bernstadt: tanner Wilhelm Trautwein (38) with wife Johanna, neé Mathias (36) and two children: Wilhelmine (12), Wilhelm (9) and domestic servants: Dorothea Schneider (21), Anna Polce (27);

clothmaker Karl Mathias (31) with wife Johanna, neé Peucker (27), son Wilhelm (4);

baker Gottlieb Storz (39) with wife Johanna, neé Kunze (38) and daughter Henriette (7);

journeyman clothmaker Friedrich Wilhelm Schlosser (39).

Langenhoff: tax-exempt property owner Anton Göldner (31 ½) with wife Susanna, neé Sachschall (29 ½) and daughter Anna (4).

Strehlitz: blacksmith Christian Gorsegner (39) with wife Joh. Christiane, neé Brüger (30) and three children: Wilhelm (9), Julius (5), Christiane (2).

Lutzine: resident Christian Rolle (44) with wife Elisabeth, neé Rolle, daughter Elisabeth (14), mother Maria, neé Gruttke, widow (62 ½);

resident Helene Rolle (38);

shoemaker Ernst Heilmann (25);

resident Daniel Keller (27);

widow Elisabeth Kricke, neé Scholz (43) with two sons: Johann Ernst (18), Karl Gottlieb (15);

Gottlieb Bartsch (34) with wife Elisabeth, neé Lepach (33) and three children: Johanna (8), Karl (6 ½), Heinrich (1);

gardener and weaver Christian Roder (41) with wife Elisabeth, neé Pfeiffer and son Karl Gottlieb (8).

Polnisch Hammer: laborer and weaver Gottlieb Pressgott [Preßgott] (28 ½) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Rosorke (29) and three children: Gottlieb (9), Friedrich Gustav (6), Moritz Ferdinand (4);

resident Christian Hahm (38) with wife Rosina, neé Matzke (31) and three children: Christian (8 ½), Gottlieb (5 ¾), Karl Wilhelm (2 ½);

laborer Karl Grottke (47) with wife Christiane, neé Stober (38) and son Karl (20 ½);

resident Gottlieb Wiesner (41) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Bartsch (41) and five children: Friedrich Wilhelm (16), Luise (13), Juliane (11), Dorothea (7), Gottlieb (¾);

resident Gottlieb Scheigert (43) with wife Johanna, neé Richel (38), midwife, and two children: Juliane Wilhelmine (14 ½), Friedrich Erdmann (11 ½);

resident Johann Bartsch (37) with wife Susanna, neé Schreiber (35) and five children: Susanna (11 ½), Gottlieb (9), Karl Wilhelm (7 ½), Karl (5), Dorothea (2);

Mrs. Rosina Jordan (3); her husband is not a separatist and does not want to emigrate; the marriage has not yet been dissolved.

Zantkau: gardener and weaver Gottlieb Gorsegner (36) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Klose (33);

journeyman sugar refiner Wilhelm Keil (21).

Biadauschke: mover [?] Gottlieb Krause (48) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Kühn (47).

Lossen: wheelwright Franz Friedrich Tuch (37) with wife Maria (36) and four children: Auguste (5), Emile (4), Karl (3), Gustav (1).

Dockern: magistrate Friedrich Werner (60) with wife Johanna Renate, neé Enkner (56).

Schawoine: farmer Christoph Scheigert (30).

From Wartenberg district, in or near

Polnisch Wartenberg: mayor and master shoemaker Heinrich Homelius (43) with wife Maria, neé Igel (4) and four children: Karl Wilhelm Emanuel (12), Gotthard Heinrich Benjamin (8), Maria Gottliebe (4), Paul Samuel Theophil (1).

Festenberg: mayor and master tailor Karl Schulthes (37) with wife Martha, neé Ziegler (39);

mover Johann Gruttke (69), his son, freeholder Gottfried Gruttke (40) with wife Johanna, neé Metzner (30) and three children: Friedrich Wilhelm (10), Wilhelm Heinrich (5), Susanna Dorothea (2); also freeholder Johann Gruttke (34) with wife Elisabeth, neé Altmann and son Johann Gottlieb (2).

From Grünberg district in or near

Schloin: rag collector Karl Friedrich Schmidt Sr. (55) with wife Anna Maria, neé Jaeckel and daughter Johanna Dorothea (10);

rag collector Christian Friedrich Schmidt Jr. (perhaps son of Karl) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Sander and two children: Johanna Eleonore (5), Johann August (4 weeks);

gardener Johann Georg Jochmann and four children: Christian (29), Anna Elisabeth (23), Anna Rosina (21), Anna Dorothea (14);

coachman Gottfried Hirthe with wife Maria Elisabeth, neé Jochmann and four children: Johann August (16), Johann Friedrich (10), Johanna Eleonore (23), Johanna Rosina (14); the two eldest sons, Karl (21) and Christian (18), in service in Berlin, did not want to emigrate.

Lättnitz: coachman Samuel Franke with wife and six children ages 18, 16, 14, 12 and 4;

servant Heinrich Klose.

From Glogau district in or near

Glogau: day worker Gottfried Dobschal;

day worker and invalid Theodor Leberecht Heinrich with wife and five children.

Brieg: gardener Samuel Rothe (38) with wife and three children.

Polwitz: the three Zeihn brothers: Karl, Ernst (24), Gottfried.

Goldberg: master cabinetmaker Rudlof Gottfried Borchert with wife and two sons.

Polkwitz: day worker's widow Anna Maria Pohl and three children.

Sprotlau: journeyman harnessmaker Wilhelm Emanuel Gottlieb Müller (28).

From Sagan district in or near

Reichenau: lodger Georg Ferdinand Walther and wife Anna Rosina, neé Seul and stepson Seul.

From Freistadt district in or near

Seifersdorf: tailor Johan Georg Schwarz (39) with wife Dorothea Elisabeth, neé

Hoffmann (32) and three children: Gottlieb August (7), Karl Johann Gotthilf (5) and one name unknown.

Rothenburg, Rothenburg district: printworks owner Gustav Wilhelm Wagner.

The Old Lutheran emigations of 1839, as established by the named list, is composed of 570 people from Pomerania, 230 from Saxony, 91 from the Mark, and 265 from Silesia for a total of 1156 people. The names of 83 people from Merseburg are missing.


Relatively light emigration took place in 1840. The roster of the Silesian Upper Presidium shows the following primarily Silesian groups (names of persons in brackets are uncertain).

From Trebnitz district in or near

Zantkau: farm estate owner Christian Schneider (54) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Roder (44) and five children: Ernst (20), Anna Rosina (18), August (16), Karl (10), Johanna (6);

resident and journeyman tailor Silvius Keil (21).

Schlottau: [lodger and pot painter Christian Gottlieb Kammer (54) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Sattler (53) and son August (16).]

Luzine: [journeyman shoemaker August Kanther (20).]

Schawoine: resident and miller Daniel Nitschke (38) with wife Helene, neé Stahr (36) and two children: Daniel (6), Dorothea (2).

Klein Ujeschütz: gardener Georg Garbsch (410 with wife Maria Elisabeth, neé Riedel (36) and seven children: Gottlieb (18 ½), Georg (15), Johanna Helene (12), David (10), Daniel (8), Gottfried Hermann (6), Johann (4);

laborer Friedrich Sternitzke (33) with wife Helene, neé Vietz (28) and four children: Karl (8), Susanna Helene (6), Gottlieb (3), Wilhelm August (1/3);

resident widow Rosina Hillert (62).

From Öls district in or near

Lacumme: freehold owner Karl Schmidt (40) with wife Dorothea, neé Reitzig (33) and eight children: Christiane (12), Johanna (11), Ernst (9), Dorothea (8), Karl (6), Elisabeth (4), Wilhelm (3), Anna Rosina (2).

Bernstadt: merchant Gottlieb Mathias (61) with wife Sophia, neé Metzner (61) and son Julius (24).

Nieder Mühlwitz: [thresher Gottlich Sternahl (35) with wife Maria, neé Hayn (33) and two children: Johann Christian (10), Ernst August (8);]

[farmer and tavern operator Gottlieb Heyne (34) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Günther (27) and four children: Karoline (7), Karl August (6), Karl Wilhelm (4), Karl Friedrich (2).]

Galbitz: [thresher Johann Blase (26), wife Anna Rosina, neé Schleier (24) and daughter Auguste Pauline Emilie (2/3);]

resident Gottlieb Schirdewahn (33).

From Sagan district in or near

Kottwitz: journeyman cabinetmaker Ernst Wilhelm Knobel.

From Sprottau district in or near

Kunzendorg: Johann Gottlieb Lincke (29).

Besides the above the journeyman roofer Mente emigrated from the province of Saxony in or near Halle.

All these emigrants of 1840 went to America.


The destinations of the emigrants of this year are America and Australia. Unfortunately we can not give the complete roster for the same reason we gave in the section above.

A. We can establish a large portion of the emigrants going to Australia.

I. Emigrating to Australia from the province of Brandenburg and in or near the district of Züllichau

Züllichau itself: journeyman mason Johann Gottlieb Schulz (43) and wife Johanna Luise, neé Fechner (48):
[Translators note: the names of five children are listed at the top of page 259 without listing parents. The above entry ends with a colon rather than a semicolon. Perhaps the printer made an error and these five children belong to Schulz and his wife?]

journeyman mason Ewald Grossmann [Großmann] (32) with wife Luise, neé Schmidt (30) and three children: Wilhelmine (4 ¾), Johann Karl (3), Julius (¾);

tobacco spinner Ernst Daniel Thiedemann (41) with wife Luise, neé Begen (41) and three children: Gottlieb (11), Daniel (4), Maria (1);

five children: Wilhelm (14), August (12), Karoline (10), Johanna (6), Ernestine (5); [see Translator's Note 1 and Translator's Note 2]

Zülluchau Region: shoemaker Johann Luis Grocke (28) and wife Anna Elisabeth, neé Matzanke (30) and daughter Elisabeth (1);

coachman Gottfried Paech (24), parents already emigrated in 1838.

Kay: farm foreman Johann Gottfried Steicke (40) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Schreck (36) and four children: Johanna Luise (10), Traugott (6), Gottlieb (3), Gottfried (3/4);

ship's servant Gottlob Egel (27) with wife Johanna Elisabeth, neé Edlich (28) and one child, Johanna Eleonore (1);

daily wage earner Georg Zeinert (30) with mother Maria, neé Drudtke (66);

laborer Christian Neumann (39) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Meyer and five children: Johanna Luise (9), Joh. Karoline (8), Joh. Dorothea (6), Wilhelm (3), Gottlieb (3/4);

sheephand Johann Georg Pfeifer (25);

watermiller Gottfried Steicke (66) and five children: Gottlieb (27), Wilhelm (24), Dorothea (32), Joh. Luise (28), Auguste (22);

servant Johan Georg Sommer (24).

Klemzig: thresher Christian Schulze (32) with wife Karoline, neé Grade (30) and sister Joh. Eleonore (26).

Harthe: stallkeeper Christian Wenzel (43) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Hampel (38) and three children: Friedr. Wilhelm (9), Luise (6), Joh. Eleonore (4).

Kutschlau: laborer and journeyman mason Christian Hentschke (36) with wife Apollonin, neé Sparmann (36) and four children: Joh. Gottlieb (10), August (8), Wilhelm (5), Joh. Luise (4 months);

thresher Martin Hentschke (28) with wife Anna Christiane, neé Krüger (25) and two children: Anna Dorothea (4), Joh. Luise (2).

Rackau: baker Wilhlem Krüger (47) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Wabersitzky (38) and five children: Ernst (14), Christian (13), Ernestine (11), Emile (6), Auguste (6).

Klein Dammer: shoemaker Joh. Gottlieb Felsch (54) with wife Wilhelmine, neé Sperling (48), son Eduard (18), daughter Henriette (15).

Crummendorf: shoemaker Johann Georg Thiele (45) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Kluge (42) and three children: Karoline (17), Anna Eleonore (15), Johanna Luise (13).

Lochow: oxenhand Joh. Gottfried Kuchel (30) with wife Joh. Dorothea, neé Kuchel (30) and two children: Joh. Luise (1 ¼), Joh. Dorothea (¼).

Klippendorf: colonist Gottlieb Staude (36) with three children: Joh. Wilhelm (9), Gottlieb (6), August (3) and mother-in-law Joh. Luise Preuss [Preuß], neé Bitroff (58).

Schwiebus: master clothmaker Samuel Gerlach (35) with wife Charlotte Friderike, neé Haupt (36) and seven children: Albertine (19), August (17), Henriette (15), Julius (10), Juliane (6), Auguste (3), Mathilde (4 months).

From Crossen district in or near Rollmühle by the Kreisdorf

Blumberg: carpenter Joha. Gottlieb Seeländer (32) with wife Karoline, neé Hamsell (27) and son Friedrich August (2); the father had already gone to Australia in 1838.

Deutsch Nettkow: gardener Joh. Gottlieb Klimke with wife Anna Rosina, neé Riemer and three children: Joh. Gottlieb (5), Karoline (3), Wilhelmine (1).

II. Emigrating from the province of Silesia in 1841 and going to Australia from Grünberg district in or near

Januy: shoemaker and laborer Georg Friedrich Nitschke (37) with wife Anna Elisabeth, neé Fellenberg (33) and six children: Gottlieb (9), Johanna Rosina (8), Anna Rosina (7), Joh. Helene (5), Joh. Ernestine and Joh. Luise, twins (1 ½), plus sister Helene Nitschke (22);

coachman Georg Friedrich Bär with wife Anna Elis., neé Mersch and four children: Christian, Heinrich, Ernestine, Pauline.

Sawade: farmer Joh. Georg Hohenberg (52) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Irmler (47) and four children: Anna Rosina (21), Johanna Doroth. (10), Gottlob (7), August (2);

shopkeeper Gottfried Lehmann (42) with wife Anna Elis., neé Irmler (36) and eight children: Christiane Pauline (12), Joh. Elisabeth (10), Christiane Ernestine (8), Joh. Auguste (6), Heinrich (4) and Friedrich Reinhold (4), twins, Joh. Gottfried (2), Joh. Auguste (3 months);

resident Anna Rosina Kowald (58) with daughter Anna Elis., widowed name Fellenberg (26) and son Friedrich (25), daughters Anna Dorothea (18), Luise (12);

journeymman butcher Georg August Schulz (30) with wife Eleonore, neé Kleber (32);

thresher Christian Mattner (40) with wife Elisabeth, neé Matzanke (42) and
[Translator's Note 2 - it's also possible that the five children listed at the top of page 259 belong to this couple since there is an "and" but no children listed.]

laborer Gottfried Klicke (41) with wife Anna Elis., neé Pietschke (32) and three daughters: Joh. Dorothea (7), Auguste (5), Ernestine (1).

laborer Gottfried Krause (33) with wife Anna Elis., neé Barrein (25) and two daughters: Ernestine (3), Auguste (1);

journeyman mason Daniel Hoeppner (32) with wife Luise Dorothea, neé Nettenberg (28) and three children: Joh. Friedr. August (5), Joh. Friedrich (3), Karl Gottlob (1).

Prittag: coachman Joh. Christof Nicolai (53) with wife Elisabeth, neé Fröhlich (51) and three children: Gottfried (27), Joh. Christof (24), Eva Maria (21);

small plot farmer Christian Seidel (54) with wife Eva Rosina, neé Kärgel and three children: Gottlieb (18), Christian (13), Helene (16) and foster-daughter Anna Dorothea Wolf (23);

laborer Gottfried Nitschke (38) with wife Eva Elis., neé Arlt (38) and five children: Gottlieb (13), Eva Elis. (7), Karl Friedrich (5), Friedrich Wilhelm (3), Gottfried (1) and two stepsons Christian Hentschke (16), Joh. Gottlieb Hentschke (13);

large plot gardener Joh. Georg Hoeppner (60) with wife Rosina, neé Fröhlich (48), two children: Christian (22), Anna Rosina (13) and the maid Maria Elisabeth Helbig (22).

Deutsch-Kessel: mill owner Gottfried Emanuel Klar (29) with (illiegal) wife Luise, neé Preuss [Preuß] (29) and daughter Pauline (2);

lodger Gottlob Preuss [Preuß] (61).

From Liegnitz district in or near

Alt Beckern: tax-exempt property owner Samuel Hoffmann (47), his hostess Joh. Christiane Lux from Bienowitz (26) and his children: Joh. Christiane Henriette (14), Karl Rudolf (10).

III. The section on 1841 emigrants to Australia from the province of Posen may be compared with the crosssection from 1840 to 1842. We could only determine a few names with certainty. These are

Turowo: Pastor Gotthard Daniel Fritzsche (44) with his bride Dorchen Nehrlich and mother-in-law, the widow Hannchen Nehrlich from Hamburg.

Alttomsyl: shoemaker Peter Wallast (42) with wife Desde (48) and daughter Juliane (19).

as yet unsubstantiated, from

Pinne: Hensel.

Tirschtigel: shoemaker Röhr,


Birnbaum: three brothers named Müller: Ferdiand, Johann Friedrich and August.

B. Emigrating from Pomerania in 1841 to America with Pastor Krause we can supply only a few names. From the district of Liegnitz in or near

Parchwitz: resident Karl Friedrich Leopold with wife Johanna Karoline, neé Preller and five children: Karl Friedrich August, Wilhelm Julius, Joh. Friedrich August, Joh. Luise Karoline, Joh. Christiane.

Pfaffendorf: mill owner Benjamin Schön (38) with wife Rosina, neé Jigner (29) and five children: Christiane (11), Hermann Wilhelm (8), Ernst Heinrich Julius (5), Emilie (2), Maria Elis. Dorothea (1 ¼).

From Lühen district in or near

Buchwäldchen: master cabinetmaker Albert Grosser [Großer] with wife Rosina, neé Wogisch and five children: Emilie (15), Eduard (13), Hermann (8), Traugott (6), Maria (4).

From Sternberg district in or near

Zielenzig: master shoemaker Friedrich Redlich (39) with wife Charlotte, neé Fiedler (36) and three children: Wilhelm (12), Wilhelmine (10), Eduard (7);

master cooper Karl Friedrich Schmidt (64) and his sister, who may have divorced master ropemaker Reichheng (50).

For the year 1841 we could name 206 of the 274 people going to Australia and 29 of the 121 people going to America.


From the 1843 records of the district magistrate for Kammin we could establish only in retrospect that a brother and sister named Stock emigrated to America in 1842. One brother, Christian Wilhelm Stock, returned in 1841.

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