The Old Lutheran Emigration at the Middle of the 19th Century, pages 261 - 265


The entire recorded emigration for 1843 went to America.

Emigrating from the province of Brandenburg from the Prenzlau district in or near

Wallmow: stallkeeper and weaver Gottlieb Strasburg (60) with wife, neé Hinz (60) and two children: Charlotte (34), Friedrich (26);

widow Maria Thiemke, neé Hinz (64);

daily wage earner Dorothea Kuhz, neé Schulz (70);

unmarried serving maid Dorothea Elis. Kieckhöfel (27);

farmer's son Friedrich Haseley (31), farmer's son Wilhelm Haseley (26);

widowed farmer's wife Haseley, whose husband sprinted off with his money (see 1843) and whose sons are the two named above, and whose other two sons, David Haseley and August Haseley, received exit permits althought they were in military service (cf. chapter on family breakups);

servant Friedrich Krüger (24);

farmer's son Friedrich Wilhelm Wendt (27), cf. those retained in Havelberg;

daily wage earner Gottfried Wieland (40) with wife Luise, neé Krumreich (46) and seven children: Wilhelm (21), Luise Christine Wilhelmine (19), Christine Friderike (16); Johann Gottfried (13) Karl August (11), Christiane Elisabeth (9), Christiane Luise (6);

workman Daniel Hase (39) with wife Marie, neé Schulz and three children: Christian Friedrich (10), Friedrich Wilhelm (5), Christine (2);

workman Martin Lindke (43) wife Christiane, neé Bartel (43) and six children: Martin Friedrich Wilhelm (15), Christine Luise (14), Ernestine Wilhelmine (12), Dorothea Luise (10); Johanna Friderike (8), Maria Elisabeth (2);

weaver Johann Friedrich Blumreich (35), wife Christine, neé Wolff (31) and two children: Friderike Wilhelmine (7), Friedrich Wilhelm (1);

weaver and stallkeeper Gottfried Strasburg (36), wife Christine, neé Regling (23) and five children: twins Wilhelmine Frikderike and Joh. Elisabeth (6), Friedrich Wilhelm (4), August Wilhelm (2), John Gottfried Wilhelm (4 months);

servant Friedrich Bergholz (24), Mrs. Friderike Grapenthin (26) and son Friedrich Wilhelm (1 ¾);

herdsman Johann Steffen (5), wife Christine, neé Ahlbeck and five children: Friedrich Wilhelm (15), Christian Friedrich (13), Christina Dorothea Elisabeth (7), Dorothea Elisabeth (5), Wilhelm (2);

farmer Christof Walk (28), wife Wilhelmine Friderike, neé Wendt (25) and son Christian Friedrich (1);

shepherd Friedrich Matzdorff (45), Mrs. Christine Dorothea Fährmann (44) and five children: Regine (17), Dorothea Friderike Wilhelmine (11), Johanna Elisabeth (7), Ernestine Friederike Luise (4), Friederike Karoline (2) and mother-in-law widow Fährmann (69);

servant Michael Burow (38), wife Elisabeth, neé Gombert (36) and six children: Friedrich Wilhelm (9), Dorothea Elisabeth Friderike (17), Wilhelmine Christine (13), Wilhelm Ferdinand (6), Maria Dorothea Elis. (3), Christian Friedrich (4 months);

tailor Christian Burow (39), wife Christine, neé Rahn (39) amd four children: Joh. Wilh. Friderike (9), Friderike Justine (7), Immanuel Friedrich (5), Sophie Elisabeth (2);

stallkeeper and shoemaker Johann Ballert (41), Mrs. Dorothea Jahn (32);

stallkeeper and daily wage earner Gottfroed Damerow (with wife separated by court ruling);

stallkeeper and workman Christian Müller (60), wife Luise, neé Burow (5) and five children: David (22), Christian (18), Friedrich Daniel Michael (17), Friedrich (14), Albertine Wilhelmine (23);

workman Johann Casube (50), wife Christine, neé Ballert (48) and six children: Friedrich Wilhelm (18), Johann (17), Karoline Friderike (16), Wilhelm Gottfried (13), Christian Friedrich (9), Wilhelmine (4);

teacher and sexton Beckmann, wife Johanna, neé Kanuth (30), son Christof Magnus (1);

Gottfried Stolzmann (17), perhaps son of one of those retained in Havelberg;

Christof Burow (17), perhaps son of one of the aforenamed Burows.

Bergholz: farmer Johann Salingre (separated from wife by court ruling);

weaver Friedrich Klee (32) with wife Maria Charlotte, neé Krull (31);

workman Meyer (34) with wife (28);

widowed daily wage earner Maria Schüssler [Schüßler] (62) with daughter Luise (28);

farmer's son Christian Sucrow (31);

servant Joahnn Rubbert (26);

unmarried maid Marie Ducwitz (27);

teacher and sexton August Stowasser (34) with Mrs. Wilhelmine Henriette Krüger (21);

weaver Friedrich Ferken (43), Mrs. Dorothea Brüning (41) and three children: Karl Wilhelm (14), Christine Friderike (8), Johann Friedrich (5);

daily wage earner Joachim Bredow (42) with wife Luise, neé Neumann (30) and six children: Johann Friedrich (17), Christian Friedrich (14), Christine Luise (12), Friedrich Wilhelm (7), Friderike Christine (4), Karoline Wilhelmine (2);

daily wage earner Johann Pröfrock (30) with wife Christine, neé Völker (27) and two children: Friderike Christine (5), Christine Luise (1);

tailor Christian Holland (24) with wife Maria Dorothea, neé Krause (28) and daughter Auguste Karoline (1);

farmer Johann William (31) with wife Marie, neé André (31) and son Johann (8);

farmer Abraham William (28) with wife Judith Laramé (28) and four children: Friderike Wilhelmine (7), Auguste Albertine (6), Marie (3), August Wilhelm (1 ½);

workman Michael Ferken (47) with wife Karoline, neé Wittkopp (43) and three children: Karoline Luise (18), Christian Friedrich (16), Wilhelmine Luise (10);

merchant Christian Wolff (32) with wife Wilhelmine Christine, neé Schulz (26) and two children: Marie Auguste Wilhelmine (3), Albertine Friderike (2);

halftime stallkeeper Peter Logé (32) with Christine Luise, neé Wolff (29) and two children: August Ferdinand (2), Wilhelmine Christine (1);

workman Gottfried Engel (25) with wife Marie Sophie, neé Grützner (31) and three children: Christine Wilhelmine (6), Wilhelm (4), Luise Christine (2);

unmarried Karoline Recke (24 ½);

Unmarried Judith Genet (24).

Brüssow: wheelwright Grobengiesser [Grobengießer] Jr. (29) with wife Maria Dorothea, neé Wittkopf (27);

slippermaker Friedrich Camann (35) with wife Luise, neé Grobengiesser [Grobengießer] (27) and three children: Friedrich August (3), August Wilhelm (2), Wilhelm Julius (½);

shoemaker Karl Ludwig Stieg (52) with Mrs. Christine Luise Zehms (41) and five children: Luise Karoline Friderike Wilhelmine (18), Karl August (16), Luise Albertine (10), Wilhelm Ludwig (7), Ferdinand Hermann (4);

shoemaker Joh. Friedrich Rossow (44) with wife Friderike Elisabeth, neé Fielitz (47) and four children: Karl Wilhelm (16), Joh. Friedrich Wilhelm (14), Karoline Wilhelmine Henriette (12), Johann August (8);

wheelwright Joh. Justus Grobengiesser [Grobengießer] (56) with wife Karoline, neé Ribike (67) and three children: Justine Friderike (26), Johanne Charlotte Friderike (24) and son Wilhelm Heinrich (20);

shoemaker Joh. Christiane Handke (41) with wife Charlotte Luise, neé Beltac (31) and two children: Heinrich Wilhelm (15), Joh. Gottl. Leberecht (4);

tailor Trippensee from Brölka near Brüssow.

Fahrenwalde: daily wage earner Duboi (42) and wife Dorothea, neé Schultz (38);

servant Abraham Genet (25)

weaver Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Klee (34) with wife Friderike, neé Rettmann (34) and three children: Wilhelmine Friderike (7), August (3), Marie Friderike Karoline (1);

farmer Christian Krull (37) with wife Marie Beccü (37) and four children: Marie Justine (9), Karoline Luise (7), Friedrich Wilhelm (5), Albertine (1 ½);

serving maid Luise Brauer (24);

shepherd Christian Friedrich Zabel (35) with wife Dorothea Luise, neé Müller (28) and three children: Wilh. Frid. Luise (6), Wilh. Friedrich August (4), Friderike (1 ½);

journeyman carpenter Joh. David Krull (26) with wife Christine Luise Ducwitz (27) and three children: Frid. Wilhelmine (6), Justine Luise (3), Johann 1 (½);

Friedrich Batzlaff (17).

Falkenwalde: cabinetmaker Schwebs (58) and Mrs. Wilhelmine Riecks (27);

weaver Wilhelm Wegner and Mrs. Dorothea Schüler (25);

unmarried Luise Wegner (31);

stallkeeper and tailor Gottfried Schüler (58) with wife Marie (48) and Christine Wilhelmine (18), Gottfried (15), children of the husband's first marriage and Joh. Marie Auguste (6), Joh. Heinrich Wilhelm (4), children of his second marriage;

widow Marie Wegner, neé Höpfner (43), dressmaker and three children: Ernst Gottlieb (15), Marie Dorothea Wilhelmine (8), Johann Christian (5);

weaver Gottfried Wegner (43) with wife Christine, neé Wegner and five [sic] children: August Christof Gottlieb (17), Friedrich Johann (9), Marie Christine (7), Joh. Marie Elisabeth (5).

Grimme: weaver Joh. Christoph Urtel (45) with wife Christine, neé Schulz (45) and six children: Joh. Wilhelm (16), Friedrich (14), Karl August (13), Ferd. Wilhelm (9), Gottlieb Heinrich (8), Christine Friderike (11);

shoemaker Karl Friedrich Schulz (40) with Mrs. Dorothea Luise Tinkelthei (38) and six children: Charlotte Friderike (18), Charlotte Marie Wilhelmine (16), Wilhelm Friedrich (10), Dorothea Luise (8), Wilhelm Albertine (4), Augustine (1 ½);

workman Joh. Müller (39) with wife Christine, neé Giese (42) and four children: Friderike (11), Johann (7), Friedr. Wilhelm (4), August (1).

Menkin: farmer's son Wilhelm Böning (42), his brother Christian (26), his sister Luise (27);

daily wage earner Georg Heuer (50), Mrs. Sophie Böning (6) and three children: Christine Luise (24), Friderike (16), Georg Friedrich (15);

daily wage earner Friedrich Bischof (42), Mrs. Dorothea Luise Müller (45) and four children: Dorothea Luise (16), Christine Friderike Luise (11), Christian Friedrich (5), Wilh. Friderike Sophie (3);

farmer's widow Böning, neé Markhoff (54).

Schwaneberg: old estate owner Mich. Kühn (70);

stallkeeper and weaver Friedrich Schröder (31), wife Charlotte, neé Schröder and son August;

weaver Joh. Glöge (46), wife Christine, neé Schultz (44) and six children: Friedrich Wilhelm (19), Christine Luise (17), Friedr. Wilhelm (14), Friderike (13), Karl Friedrich (9), Joh. Daniel (2).

Caselow: representative Friedrich Krull (46), Mrs. Elisabeth Desjardin (5) and five children: Marie Karoline (20), Friderike Luise (17), Christ. Wilhelmine (14), Friderike Charlotte (11), Charlotte Albertine (8);

daily wage earner Christian Conrad (46), Mrs. Eleonore Mehls (50), daughter Wilhelmine (9);

Wollin: weaver Christof Köhn (44), Mrs. Marie Pipkorn (50) and seven children: Mich. Friedrich (19), Wilhelm (17), Ernestine (15), August Gottlieb (12), Joh. Luise (10), Christine Luise (7), Justine Luise Gänzmer (stepdaughter).

Zerenthin: widow Marie Siebert, neé Billian (55) and daughter Marie (28);

workman Friedrich Siebert (26).

Prenzlau: journeyman clothmaker Gottfried Schmock (30) with Mrs. Amalie Rieck (27);

master cabinetmaker Georg Schmidt (30). Wife emigrated in 1844 (cf. chapter on family breakups);

weaver's son Barth (17).

Tornow: daily wage earner's widow Dorothea Luise Hildebrandt, neé Staats (59);

farmer's widow Justine Mertens, neé Wieland (52).

Grünow: divorced daily wage earner Wilhelmine Spann, neé Wegner (33).

Rollberg: serving maid Dorothea Bartel (30).

Woddow: cottager's son Abraham Desjardin (27).

Wetzenow: Daniel Blank (20).

From the Ober-Barnim and Lebus district in or near

Neu Kietz: colonist Ernst Wilhelm Schwefel with wife Sophie, neé Cramer and four children: Ernst Wilhelm (10), Joh. Wilhelm (7), Karoline Wilhelmine (5), Auguste (1); the siblings named Koch from the wife's first marriage remained behind;

colonist Friedrich August Schulze with Mrs. Dorothea Sophie Bergmann and five children: Friedrich August (1), Friedrich Wilhelm (8), Marie Sophie Dorothea (6), Karl Ludwig (4), Johann August (1); foster-daughter Alberts lived elsewhere but emigrated in 1848.

Sietzlag: tailor Ludwig Salmsmüller (33) with wife Luise, neé Höhne (37) and daughter Auguste (1);

master blacksmith Karl Ludwig Drechsler (46) with wife Charlotte Sophie, neé Scherfling (43) and seven children: Emilie Frid. Wilh. (20), Charlotte Juliane (19), Karl Ludwig Adolf (16), Florentine Bertha Emilie (12), Karl Ludwig Julius (10), Albertine Amalie (8), Florentine Charlotte Therese (3);

property owner Joh. Rudolf Moldenhauer (54) with Mrs. Anna Sophie Höhne (45) and nine children: Martin Gottfried (24), Dorothea Luise (21), Sophie Wilhelm. (20), Wilhelmine Karoline (19), twins Johann Heinrich and Sophie Friderike (12), Friedrich Wilhelm (9), Friderike (?), Wilhelm August (?);

Joh. Gottlieb Höhne (30) with wife Elisabeth, neé Mielenz (24);

weaver Christian Woltmann with wife Maria Elis., neé Moldenhauer and daughter Marie Elisabeth (2).

Wuschewire: weaver Wilhelm Woltmann with bride Charlotte Sophie Krubsack.

Alt Levin, Lebus District: tailor Erdmann Pankow with Mrs. Sophie Karoline Moldenhauer, daughter of Katharine M., who returned in 1844.

Beauregard: Johann Friedrich Höhne with wife Henriette Maire;

daily wage earner Joh. Gottfried Zander with wife, neé Buschke;

daily wage earner Joh. Wilhelm Kutzer with Mrs. Anna Luise Brunkow and daughter Friderike Emilie Auguste (5) (among other things stated about him in a family roster of the Lutheran congregation at Kiehnwerder, it is said that he emigrated and then returned in 1846.)

Alt Letschin, Lebus District: daily wage earner David Krüger with Mrs. Dorothea Schröder and three children: Heinrich Daniel (15), Friedrich and Maria.

Grass-Barnim: stallkeeper and weaver Joh. Moldenhauer (son of Joh. Rud. M.) with wife Adelheid August Emilie, neé Voigt and two children: Johanna Emilie (3), Johann Wilhelm (1).

Trebbin: stallkeeper and master weaver Friedrich Wilhelm Steinborn with wife Anna Christiane, neé Moldenhauer and two children: Wilhelmine Friderike and one child unknown.

Neu Medewitz: colonist and mason Gottfried Dühring with wife Katharine, neé Höhne and five children: Friedrich Julius (8), Karl Friedrich (6), Friedrich Wilhelm (5), Marie Friderike (3), Friedrich August (1).

Alt Wriezen: master tailor Gottfried Wilhelm Setzkorn with wife Karoline, neé Richter and son Karl Friedrich Wilhelm (19).

Rehfeld: clothesmaker Wilhelm Friese with Mrs. Maria Franke and three children: Wilhelm, Friedrich, Karl Ferdinand.

Sophienthal: reservationist Martin Franke (35).

From Angermünde district in or near

Neu Angermünde: townsman and master weaver Johann Frey (44) with wife Sophie, neé Bach (48) and seven children: Juliane (17), Emilie (16), Johann (14), Auguste (12), Albert (11), Ferdinand (9), Julius (8);

townsman and master carpenter Friedrich Grosskopf [Großkopf] (42) with wife Sophie, neé Walter (41) and three children: Friedrich (14), Amalie (9), Gotthold (4);

townsman and master weaver Ferdinand Miehle and Mrs. Sophie Tieck (48);

town agriculturalist Christian Erke (52) with Mrs. Maria Hübner (46) and six children: Emilie Marie (16), Wilhelm Friedrich (14), August (12), Wilhelmine (6), Julius (3), Auguste (1);

widow of hatmaker Chabot, Dorothea Sophie, neé Köppen (71);

townsman and weaver Johann August Frey (35) with wife Wilhelmine, neé Eisenfuhr (33) and two children: Joh. August (6), Gustav Albert (1);

widow of sailor, Karoline Junge, neé Hinz with seven children: Karoline Eleonore (18), Karl Leopold (16), Wilhelm Arnold (14), Henriette Dorothea Wilhelmine (12), Gottfried Heinrich (10), Gottlieb Friedrich (8), Johann August (2).

Welsow: farmer Johann Hennig with Mrs. Charlotte Walter and three children: Ephraim (19), Johann Friedrich (17), stepdaughter Augustine Wilhelmine Karoline Schmidt.

Bruchhagen: master weaver Christian Meissner [Meißner] with wife Luise, neé Kumm and daughter Justine (14).

Güstow: lodger Christian Milius, Mrs. Dorothea Wegner and six children: Maria, Christine Luise, Christian, Gottlieb, Michael, August Otto.

Greifenberg: cabinetmaker Christian Friedrich Beitz with wife and five children: Auguste Wilhelmine (10), Hermann August (8), Friderike Wilhelmine (6), Karl Friedrich (4), Maria Luise (1);

weaver Huck.

Liepe: cabinetmaker Karl Sack with Mrs. Karoline Sidow and son Karl (1);

the sister of Karl Sack, unmarried Wilhelmine Sack, and their parents remained behind.

Güntherberg: tailor Christian Friedrich Rehwald with Mrs. Dorothea Luise Tesch and five children: Justine Luise (13), Joh. Wilh. Luise (11), Karl Friedr. Sigismund (9), Christian Friedrich Erdmann (4), Joh. Gottfried Erdmann (1);

worker Karl Friedrich Rehwald with Mrs. Luise Becker and son Johann Gottfried Erdmann (17);

freeholder Martin Friedrich Herrmann with Mrs. Christine Weyer and two children: Karoline Wilhelmine (16), Luise Wilhelmine (12).

Lützlow: shoemaker Joh. Gottlieb Krüger with Mrs. Christine Korf and two children: Ferdinand Wilh. Rudolf (1), foster-daughter Wilhelmine Genz;

unmarried sisters Wilhelmine and Maria Dorothea Korff.

Berlin: despite attempts to search the emigration roster of Berlin for 1843, we could only derive the name of one family. This is the royal chamber servant Ludwig (also Ludewig) with wife and two daughters (cf. section on Emigration in 1843).

Emigration from the province of Pomerania in 1843. Kammin District in or near

Kammin itself: daily wage earner Karl Wilhelm Lücke (36) with Mrs. Katharina Dorothea Moldenhauer (43) and daughter of the woman, Karoline Friderike (14) and three children issued from this union: Henriette Wilhelmine (10), Karl Friedrich Wilhelm (8), Johanna Luise (3);

candidate Gustav Adolf Kindermann (38), Mrs. Maria Charlotte Wilhelmine Hörnigk (29), son Martin Adolf Michael (1 ¾), maid Dorothea Sophie Schallock (36);

journeyman cooper Franz Konrad Wangerin (32);

servant Leopold Knoll (29);

weaver Martin Kühl (29), whose housekeeper, Amalie Charlotte Dorothea Ulrike Witte (35), and her mother Ulrike Elisabeth, neé Sansky (64), go to Russia.

Baumgarten: daily wage earner Erdmann Daniel Friedrich Rusch (38) with Mrs. Fridkerike Luise Patratz (40), two children: Gottlieb Ernst Friedrich (7), Wilhelmine Sophie Dorothea (4), the parents Christian Friedrich (67) and Juliane Friderike, neé Patratz;

wheelwright and innkeeper Christian Friedrich Otto (33), Mrs. Karoline Sophie Henriette Böttcher (33) and two children: Albertine Wilhelmine Henriette (2), Karl Friedrich Eduard (1 month);

brothers Ernst Friedrich Pompe (36) and Michael Friedrich Pompe (43).

Kutlow: shepherd Joh. David Voigt (49), Mrs. Anna Maria Dettmann (42) and two children: Joh. Frid. Marie Luise (9), Marie Ernestine Wilhelmine Luise Tugendreich (8).

Hermannsthal: tailor Friedrich Eduard Kliese (3), Mrs. Ulrike Juliane Berndt (28), three children: August Friedrich (4), Bertha Friderike (2) Ludwig Eduard (1), and the father, gardener Christian Eduard Kliese.

Tribsow: master tailor Joachim Friedr. Wilhelm Hofemeister (30), Mrs. Johanna Friderike Schramm (36) and son Ernst Ludwig (3);

daily wage earner Christian Friedrich Dobberphul (28), Mrs. Ernestine Wilhelmine Buth (20) and son Franz Friedrich Wilhelm (1);

stallkeeper Martin Friedrich Hofemeister (54), Mrs. Katharina Elisabeth Sülflow (52) and four children: Johann Gottlieb (27), Christian Friedrich (25 ½), Martin Wilhelm (23), Ernst (18);

farmer Johann Sülflow (31), Mrs. Sophie Friderike Groth (29), two children: Joh. Friedr. Wilhelm (7), Bertha Wilhelmine Friderike (3), mother Benigna, neé Neumann (66);

stallkeeper Michael Gruel (53), Mrs. Maria Luise Sülflow (49), daughters Ernestine Maria Friderike (18), Friderike Helene (16), stepdaughter Wilhelmine Ohm (25);

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