The Old Lutheran Emigration at the Middle of the 19th Century, pages 271 - 275

property owner Anselm Friedr. Nicolaus (41), Mrs. Dorothea Christine Kohls (59), Nicolaus' daughter from the first marriage: Hanna Sophie Wilhelmine (11).

Holm: tailor Peter Block (44), Mrs. Kath. Sophie Sauer (46), daughter Karoline Wilhelmine (18);

cottager Joh. Kressin (36), Mrs. Maria Charlotte Friderike Neumöth and two children: Wilhelm August Friedrich (6), Joh. Ferdinand Ludwig (4);

cottager's widow Dorothea Kressin, neé Volkmann (68);

lodger August Moldenhauer (25), Mrs. Kath. Laabs (34);

stallkeeper Joh. Wilhelm Broitzmann, Mrs. Anna Volkmann (38) and three children: Maria (11), Dorothea Friderike )9), Karoline Wilhelmine (7);

unmarried Borchard (33);

cottager Gottfried Kressin (32) and two children: Ferdinand (2), Maria (1);

unmarried Marie Dorothea Laske (35), daughter Karoline Marie Therese (8);

unmarried Wilhelmine Krüger (26).

Darsow: farmer Hans Arndt (58), wife Engel, neé Liskow (59), son Hans Arndt (31), his wife Charlotte Sophie Hoppe (26), their three children: Karoline Justine Friderike (5), Wilhelmine Charlotte Dorothea (3), Friderike Sophie Maria (1);

village mayor and farmer Philipp Will (34), Mrs. Karoline Charlotte Sophie Tews (17), two children: Therese Dorothea Sophie (6), Albertine Charlotte Marie (5), servant Joh. Gottlieb Rattke (25).

Prust: farmer Christian Friedrich Buhlitz (61), his third wife Ferdinande Albertine Charlotte, neé Wendt (42), daughter from the first wife: Hanna Friderike Karoline (23) and children from the second marriage with wife Charlotte, neé Buchholz: Heinrich Ferd. Gotthilf (18), Karoline Wilhelmine Henriette (16), August Friedr. (13), Therese Maria Karoline (3).

Zitzmar: workman Joh. Gottlieb Wilh. Genz (33), Mrs. Henriette Wilh. Scheer (29).

Wittenfelde: sexton and teaching assistant Aug. Gottlieb Hoge (29), Mrs. Celestine Riebe and two children: Joh. Karl Friedrich (4), Auguste Sophie Emile (2).

Arnsberg: widow of cottager Hans Bentert, Engel, neé Ramthun (73) and son Peter (43);

farmer Christian Koepsel (45), Mrs. Anna Soph. Matter (39) and her eight children: Karoline Albertine (17), Emile Ernestine Rosette (16), Johann Hermann (15), Wilhelm Gottfried (12), Friderike Wilhelmine (11), Hanna Maria Elisabeth (9), Johann Franz (8), Sophie Therese (6).

Treptow: shoemaker Joachim Peter (57), Mrs. Anna Luise Winkelmann (51), stepdaughter Marie Luise Winkelmann (26), son Hermann Friedrich (8).

Mittelhagen: lodger Joachim Runge (72), Mrs. Sophie Charlotte Koepsel (43), her children: Hanne Marie Friderike (9), Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm (7) and the two unmarried children of Koepsel: Wilhelmine Sophie Luise (22), Ernestine Karoline wilhelmine (15).

Neides: lodger Karl Bahn (64), Mrs. Anna Luise Steingräber (51), her five children: Wilhelm (27), Karl Johann Eduard (23), Karl Friedrich Heinrich (17), Auguste Maria Joh. (14), Julius Friedr. Christian (11).

From Regenwalde district in or near

Natelfitz: farmer Joh. Gottlieb Ziemer (37), Mrs. Joh. Luise Wilhelmine Raasch (33), and three children: Karl Heinrich Friedrich (10), Gotthilf Friedrich Erdmann (7), August Hermann Eduard (2);

cottager David Frömming (46), Mrs. Joh. Friedrich Wilhelmine Pagel (33), four children from the first marriage: Hanna Karoline Luise (23), Hanna Friderike Wilhelmine (18), Hanna Luise Friderike (15), Sophie Karoline Charlotte (13), three children from the second marriage: Joh. Albertine (10), Bertha Auguste Emilie (7), Charlotte Emilie Ernestine (4);

stallkeeper and tailor Joh. Friedrich Raasch (38), Mrs. Charlotte Christ. Luise Zarling (44) and four children: Christ. Friedr. Erdmann (12), Joh. Christian Friedrich (9), Karoline Maria Friderike (6), Henriette Charlotte Justine (3);

stallkeeper and wheelwright Krüger (42), Mrs. Dorothea Chrstine Zachow (47) and five children: Joh. Friedrich Wilhelm (16), Friedrich Gottlieb (14), Joh. Sophie Luise (12), August Friedrich Wilhelm (8), Martin Friedrich Wilhelm (6);

wheelwright Karl Friedrich Gotthilf Groth (4), Mrs.Ernestine Friderike Gründemann (44) and six children: Joh. Heinr. Karl (17), Emilie Friderike Henriette (14), Ottilie Aug. Karolina (12) Karl Jul. Ferdinand (10), Bertha Wilh. Friderike (7), Joh. Karolina Friderike (4);

shepherd Friedrich Lübke (33), Mrs. Karoline Friderik Henriette Lauterbach (39) and three children: Jul. Karl Theodor (8), Herm. Friedrich Wilhelm (6), Joh. Ferd. Wilhelm (3);

servant Friedrich Tietz (23).

Plathe: resident Joh. Gottlieb Horn (55), Mrs. Dor. Luise Köpsel (51) and four children: Joh. Friedrich (27), Joh. Gottlieb (25), Karoline Friderike Wilhelmine (22), Henriette Dorothea Sophie (16);

servant Joh. Christian Gottlieb Lauch (43).

Zowen: daily wage earner David Felhaum (34), Mrs. Charlotte Spiering (28), son Joh. Friedrich August (3);

tailor Gottlieb Spiering (45).

Neu Gabbuhn: resident Joh. Sell (43), Mrs. Wilh, Schmeling (33) and two children: Johann Hermann (10), Karoline Wilhelmine Auguste (6).

Ornshagen: master blacksmith Karl Bogislav Lettow (44), Mrs. Dorothea Maria Krause (36) and six children:August Karl Friedrich (13), Johann Gottlieb Friedrich (10), Ludwig Friedrich Wilhelm (8), Johanna Wilh. Friderike (4), Wilhelm (2), and one child unbaptised (26 days).

Wisbow: farmer Joachim David Zimdars (46), Mrs. Dorothea Luise Reimer (36) and six children: Dorothea Luise Reimer (15), Hanna Wilhelmine Zimdars (18), Karl Friedrich Franz Z. (14), Jul. Friedrich Hermann Z. (9), August Wilhelm Hermann Z. (7), August Karl Wilhelm (2);

workman Wilhelm Bogislav Jüdes (44), Mrs. Marie Luise Zachow (46) and six children: Ernestine Wilhelmine Friderike (13), Friderike Dorothea Luise (11), Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (9), Christof Friedrich August (7), Auguste Wilhelmine Henriette (4), Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm (2).

From Usedom-Wollin district in or near

Warnow: farmer Ludwig Wergien (42), Mrs. Engel Dorothea Berndt (40), her father, old estate owner Joachim Berndt and six children: Karl Friedrich Wilhelm (15), Johanna Friderike (12), Joh. Regine (9), Luise Friderike (6), Christine Karoline (3), Ludwig (1);

wheelwright Johann Wergien (52), wife neé Brockhusen (29) and two children: Joh. Friedr. Wilhelm (9), Albertine Wilhelmine (5);

stallkeeper Johann Ludwig Magnitz (29);

shepherd Gottfried Will (58), Mrs. Maria Lemke (50), and seven children: Wilh. Luise (26), Martin Friedrich (23), Hanna Luise (21), Franz Friedrich (18), Karl Christian (15), Johanna Marie (11), Auguste Friderike (7);

stallkeeper Daniel Friedrich Boening (34), wife neé Knieske (28) and three children: Henriette Julie (4), Karl Friedrich Wilhelm (3), Marie Elisabeth (1);

stallkeeper Joh. Friedr. Reimann (30), Mrs. Luise Will (28), daughter Karoline Marie Auguste (2);

stallkeeper Johann Pahlow (41), Mrs. Anna Magnitz (42) and four children: Ernst Wilhelm (15), Johann Karl (9), Friedr. Ludwig (6), Auguste Wilhelmine (1);

stallkeeper Christian Gnewuch (38), Mrs. Wilh. Buchholz (32), daughter Joh. Luise (7).

Rehberg: resident Christian Kuckahn (42), Mrs. Joh. Schulz (32) and six children: Johann Friedr. Wilhelm (16), Ferdinand Wilhelm (14), Friderike Auguste (12), Wilhelm Friedrich August (10), Johanna Friderike Dorothea (8), Johanna Friderike (2);

resident Karl Kuckahn (38), Mrs. Sophie Hass [Haß] (41) and four children: Friderike Luise (12), Franziska Dorothea (10), Rosalie Bernhardine (5), Bernhardine Johanne (1), stepson Robert Hass (16) remained behind;

resident Christ. Friedrich Eggert (42), Mrs. Dorothea Ehmke (35) and five children: Wilhelmine Friderike (11), Christof Friedrich (7), Auguste Albertine (5), Dorothea Marie (3), Johann Karl (1).

Fernowfelde: colonist Martin Pyritz (46), Mrs. Anna Sarnow (41) and six children: Friderike Charlotte (17), Luise Karoline (14), Martin Friedrich (12), Gustav Karl (9), Karoline Ernestine (6), Auguste Luise (2), eldest daughter Albertine (18) remained behind.

Codram: stallkeeper Michael Budahn (41), Mrs. Marie Fromholz (34), two children: Friderike (18), Marie (9).

Schwantus: tenant farmer Joh. Friedrich Voss [Voß] (35), wife Martha Dorothea Wilhelmine (26), two children: Hermann Gistav Wilhelm (3), Hanna Karoline Wilhelmine (2), widowed mother-in-law, neé Milbrath (61).

Wollin: master furrier Karl Albert Bruno Kluth (26), Mrs. Elvine Luise Voelz (22), sister Maria Klara Math. Pauline Kluth (27);

clog maker Daniel Bundrock (37), Mrs. Charlotte Friderike Woller (39), son and tailor's apprentice Gottlieb (16).

From Saatzing district in or near

Alt Damerow: stallkeeper Martin Friedr. Christian (50), Mrs. Dorothea Sophie Nass [Naß] and ten children: Gottlieb (20), Friedrich (19), Charlotte (16), August (14), Luise (9), Wilhelm (8), Karl (7), Augustine (5), Maria Elis. (3), Hermann (2).

From the governmental district of Cöslin in or near

principality of Semerow: gardener Karl Christlieb Manthey.

principality of Drenow: unmarried Sophie Grossklaus [Großklaus] (with her employer).

III. Those without permits, who were held back in Havelberg and were transported back but still managed to emigrate in 1843. Besides those previously listed in the Wallmow roster, the following names are added. From the Prenzlau district in or near

Wallmow: farmer's son and workman Christian Friedrich Walk (26) *, his wife Wilhelmine, neé Wendt (25) *, his brother Gottfried (23) *, Johann (21), Friedrich (19), his mother, farmer's widow Walk (?);

farmer's son Christian Wendt (23) *, sister Elisabeth (16), brother Wilhelm (10), mother and widow Wendt (?), his brother Friedrich Wilhelm (27) was not among those held back; the mother also might not have been held back (see the preceding roster from Wallmow);

weaver's widow Krüger, neé Walk (54) with daughter Dorothea Elisabeth (21) and son Karl August (16);

Friedrich Wilhelm Wolff (16), Charlotte Wilhelmine Wolff (14), August Wolff (9), children of former widow Wolff, now married to innkeeper Haseley. Of this last person it is said that he had already gone ahead on the railroad train, perhaps accompanied by his wife, so they may not have been among those held back in Havelberg. However we introduce them here since they were not on the first Wallmow list.

journeyman weaver Joh. Friedr. Heuer (22), mother widow Heuer, neé Strasburg (55), sister Friderike (19), brother Christian Friedrich (16);

master weaver Christian Friedrich Wolff (57), wife Sophie, neé Schultz, foster-daughter Christine Schultz (18);

weaver's widow Christine Strasburg, neé Kuhn (35) and son Friedrich (9);

weaver's widow Christine Moll, neé Henschel (46) and four children: Christian Friedrich (19), August Wilhelm (13), Christiane Elisabeth (10), Friedr. Wilhelm (8);

unmarried Luise Riebow (27) with her three children: Georg (7), Alwine (5), Wilhelmine (2);

engaged to a servant, Dorothea Christine Wieland, neé Wiese (31) *.

Schwaneberg: unmarried sisters Dorothea Damerow (24) * and Christine Damerow (19).

Fahrenwalde: workmann Wilhelm Stolzmann (42) with Mrs. Charlotte Hannemann (blind) (50), stepchildren Gottfried Hannemann (21), Christine Hannemann (19); his son Gottfried was already mentioned on the Wallmow roster.

Bergholz: widow Charlotte Reich, neé Wittkopf (52) and three children: Frikerike (19), Charlotte (15, deaf and dumb), Marie (11).

Plowen, Randow district: unmarried Dorothea Fahrenwald (21), Ulrike F. (13), Henriette (?).

We have marked with an asterisk the six who did not emigrate in October 1843. We have been able to establish that they emigrated in 1844, however we kept them with this list to give a complete roster of those held back in Havelberg. In rendering a tally we do not count them here but with the names of those who emigrated in 1844. Their number was increased to account for one husband and 2 newborn children.

Emigrating in 1843 from the province of Saxony in or near

Magdeburg: master shoemaker A. Streiber (44) with wife and four children: Karoline (20), Eduard (13), Marie (7), Auguste (5 months);

journeyman tailor Heinrich Buchmann;

Bernhard Franz Jakob Sommerburg (45), Neustädter Strasse 3a with Mrs. Joh. Katharina Korthaus and four children: Christian Bernhard Franz, Eduard Karl Christof, Jakob Gustaf Christof (15), Sophie Emilie (14);

gardener Joh. Gottlieb Beisser [Beißer] with Mrs. Joh. Dorothea Engel and two children: Friedrich August (17), Joh. Dorothea (14);

Johann Leberecht Wilhelm König (still had three years remaining in the Reserves).

From Weissenfels district in or near

Rosendorf: resident Friedrich Wagner with wife, neé Schütz and six children.

Uichteritz: resident Meisser [Meißner] with wife, four children and one grandchild.

Concerning this group from the Weissenfels district we can state that they may have been old Lutherans.

V. Emigration for 1843 from the province of Silesia, Liegnitz District from

Berndorf: journeyman tailor Joh. Gottlieb Reinsch.

Wangten: resident Joh. Gottlieb Obst (42), unmarried.

Neudorf: master wheelwright Karl Tobschall (30).

VI. Emigration by Lutherans in 1843 from

Hamburg: fruit dealer Hermann Gruhe went to Wisconsin and married the sister of Pankow in America

the greater portion of the Dohrmann siblings;

the Schacht family.

The year 1843 tallied the following numbers for emigration:
  I. from Brandenburg 498
 II. from Pomerania 832
III. the Havelbergers  42
 IV. from Saxony  33
  V. from Silesia   3
 VI. from Hamburg   7
From a count of 1599 we could name a total of
1415 individuals

Thus we were able to give almost a complete roster of names for the Lutheran Emigration Movement of 1843.


A. Going to America

I. From Brandenburg, Governmental District of Potsdam, Prenzlau Region in or near

Wallmow: Mainly the Havelberg detainees of 1843 and those, who joined their ranks, whom we mark with asterisks here:

workman Friedrich Wieland (24) * with Mrs. Dorothea Christine Wiese (30), her child Johanna Elisabeth (½) *;

farmer's son Christian Walk (26) with his wife Wilh. Friderike Wendt and son Christian (3 months) *;

farmer's son Gottfried Walk (24);

farmer's son Christian Wendt (24);

stallkeeper's daughter Dorothea Damerow (26) from Schwaneberg.

These others are new emigrants. From Wallmow:

daily wage earner Christian Wolff (58) with Mrs. Sophie Schulz (60). Of them it is said that their grown children had already emigrated.

Schwaneberg: stallkeeper and tailor Friedr. Schröder (32), wife Wilhelmine, neé Schröder (41) and two children: August (9), Ferdinand Wilhelm (1);

stallkeeper and workman Christian Lange (40), Mrs. Christine Wollenberg (35) and four children: Wilhelm (11), August (8), Wilhelmine (6), Christian (2);

stallkeeper Michael Friedr. Wollenberg (27), Mrs. Marie Haase (31) and two children: Wilhelm (3), Christian (1).

Prenzlau: separated cabinetmaker's wife Ottilie Schmidt, neé Buchholz (29), son from her first marriage: Karl Friedrich Possin. The woman was following the husband from whom she had separated the year before when he emigrated.

clothmaker Samuel Maillefert (46), Mrs. Christine Wilh. Gniffroi (48) and two children: Karl (19), Wilhelmine (12);

weaver Nicolaus Barth (47), Mrs. Wilhelmine Friese (48) and son Gustav Nicolaus (7).

Strasberg: master weaver Joh. Karl Beck (43), Mrs. Ida Helene Albertine Albrecht (42) and son Joh. Christian Friedrich (14);

master weaver Friedr. Albrecht (37), Mrs. Doroth. Christiane Otto (37) and four children: Wilhelmine (11), Albertine (7), Auguste (6), Ferdinand (3);

wheelwright Joh. Christof Riebe (43), Mrs. Charl. Wilhelm Karoline Krüger (26) and daughter Karoline (2);

shoemaker Joh. Christ. Friedr. Kulow (30), Mrs. Sophie Trühl (42), son Johann (3), two stepchildren: Wilhelm Schünemann (10), Friedrich Sch. (6).

Bergholz: old estate owner Philipp André (70), Mrs. Elis. Billeau (64), children already emigrated in 1843;

property owner Peter Logé (33), Mrs. Luise Wolff (30), two children: August Ferdinand (3), Chrstine Wilh. (1), mother-in-law widow Wolff (61);

servant Joh. Devantier (21);

farmer's wife Judith Salingre, neé Hourtienne (40), her husband emigrated in 1843 and sent for her.

Bagemiel: daily wage earner Mich. Strasburg (31), Mrs. Doroth. Marie Siebert (32), daughter Christine Wilhelmine (2).

Menkin: weaver and property owner Mich. Müller (36), Mrs. Doroth. Böhmig (33) and four children: Friedrich (8), Friderike (6), Wilhelm (5), Christian (2).

Nieden: master miller Wilh. Friedr. Bahlow (33), Mrs. Doroth. Sophie Gaude (32) and two children: Wilhelmine Ernest. (4), Ida Auguste Albertine (2).

Wismar: worker Mich. Friedr. Haack (41) with Mrs. Karoline Martin (31) and four children: Wilhelm Friedr. (7), Michael Friedr. (5), Friedrich Wilh. (5), Karl Friedr. (1).

Falkenwalde: cabinetmaker Daniel Schwebs (52), Mrs. Wilhelmine Rieck (27).

Grimme: workman Friedr. Feldhahn (33), Mrs. Maria Christ. Schultz (27), three children: Friderike Luise (5), Friedrich Wilhelm (2), August Friedr. (1), mother-in-law Sophie, separated from Zelt, neé Schultz (50).

Grünow: servant Karl Meyer (30).

From Angermünde district in or near

Schwedt: townsman Martin Glasenapp with wife and two children: Auguste (18), Martin Friedrich (10).

Gramzow: cabinetmaker Christian Friedr. Hoffmeister (30), eldest son of widowed mother. He has seven sisters. The eldest and the two youngest sisters went with him while the mother and two unmarried sisters had to remain behind.

Frauenhagen: journeyman miller Ludwig Wilcke.

Meichow: tailor Gottfried Rossow (28), wife Marie, neé Hoffmeister (29) and two children of 5 and 1 year.

From Ober-Barnim in or near

Wuschewire: shoemaker Friedr. Gottlieb Hentschel (45), Mrs. Marie Dorothea Koppelin (36) and three children: Marie Charl. Luise (8), Marie Luise Em. (4), Luise Auguste (2).

From the governmental district of Frankfurt, Königsberg Region in or near

Lietzegöricke: widow Friderike Henschel (47) and three children: Henriette (17), Wilhelmine (13), Albertine (11);

freeholder Friedr. Wagener (27), Mrs. Elis. Hoeckendorf (27), daughter Luise (1);

freeholder Friedr. Hoeckendorff (42), father Michael H. (80), mother Sophie, neé Strecker (70);

freeholder Martin Dahms (41), Mrs. Sophie Kuhrt (27) and three children: Sophie (5), Friderike Luise (3), Albertine Wilhelmine (9 months);

stallkeeper's son Gottlieb Röhrike (29);

freeholder Friedr. Hartmann (40), Mrs. Dorothea Elis. Raasch (35) and six children: Elisabeth (11), Marie Wilh. (9), Johann Christ. Friedr. (7), Martin Ernst (5), Wilhelm Friedr. (3), Johann Ludwig (1);

workman Joh. Friedr. Grimm (49), Mrs. Wilh. Sophie Wagener (53) and four

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