The Old Lutheran Emigration at the Middle of the 19th Century, pages 276 - 280

children: Gottlob (18), Christian Ludwig (17), Marie Luise (15), Friedrich Wilh. (11);

unmarried Sophie Lehmann (36) and daughter Augustine Wilhelmine (11).

Gross-Wubiser: workman Friedrich Fetzenhauer (70);

daily wage earner Joh. Otterstein (50), Mrs. Anna Dorothea Vetkenheil (5) and daughter Auguste (25);

freeholder Martin Raasch (28), Mrs. Frid. Wilh. Mesicke (23) and son August Wilhelm (1).

From Lebus district in or near

Letschin: Katharine Moldenhauer, neé Bocho. She follows her daughter, Sophie, who emigrated in 1843 with her husband, the tailor Pankow. The father, colonist Heinrich Moldenhauer, either died or remained behind;

Karl Schönke;

stallkeeper's son Karl August Vogt (16).

Alt-Levin: servant Friedrich Bochow;

shoemaker August Exner with Mrs. Wilh. Hinze and two children: Joh. Valerius Gustav (2), one child unknown.

Langsow: shoemaker Peter Possin (27), wife Maria Elis., neé Glauke (25);

wife of colonist Gottfried Glauke, Anna Sophie, neé Hänisen;

Johann Friedr. Glauke (15), son of colonist Gottfried Glauke;

thresher Joh. Friedrich Freiert (44).

Ortwig: stallkeeper and parchment weaver Karl Gottlob Geisler (52).

II. From the province of Pomerania, Greifenhagen District in or near

Fiddichow: townsman and property owner Karl Friedr. Schröder (39), wife Friderike, neé Wolter, six children: Johanna Frid. (15), Ernst Friedr. (13), Martin Daniel (9), Georg Gottfried (7), Marie Christiane Auguste (4), Sophie (1), and mother Hanna Eleonore Sch., neé Stahr (60).

Nipperwiese: workman Martin Lüpke (41), wife Dorothea Luise, neé Oertwig (31) and three children: Dorothea Wilh. (8), Dorothea Luise (5), Karl Friedrich (2), one child one month old;

daily wage earner Erdmann Friedrich Kohn (27), Mrs. Sophie Dorothea Wilke (29) and two children: Henriette (4), Friderike Wilh. (2);

stallkeeper Daniel Büdler (27), Mrs. Friderike Gellert (25) and two children: Wilhelmine (2), Auguste (6 months).

Roderbeck: tailor Mich. Friedr. Kopp (33) with Mrs. Frid. Papke (3) and two children: Luise (2), one child one month old;

stallkeeper Karl Friedr. Schön (34), Mrs. Charl. Luise Kraetke (36) and three children: Wilhelmine Henr. (10), Auguste (8), Karl Friedr. Aug. (2).

Bayershöhe: colonist Christ. Friedr. Puckelwaldt (51), Mrs. Karol. Kluck (38), two children: Emilie (9), Karl (4);

colonist Karl Friedr. Labs (42), Mrs. Dorothea Sophie Winter (42), two children: Ernestine Wilh. (4), Karl Friedr. Ferd. (1).

Uehtdorf: servant Karl Aug. Papke (26).

Wildenbruch: daily wage earner Wilhelm Nell (47), daughter Frid. Wilhelmine (19).

From Greifenberg district in or near

Zimdarse: half-time farmer Johann Liskow (24).


B. Going to Australia

(Where a double asterisk is present, see the chapter on those who returned.)

I. from Silesia, Freistadt District in or near

Freistadt itself: carpenter Heinrich Heppner (51) with wife and foster-daughter, unmarried Joh. Eleonore Dickon;

**widow Johanna Deckow (56);

circular iron smith Ernst Aug. Hoffmann (33) with wife and son Luis (5);

tailor Joh. Georg Hoffmann (45) with wife and seven children: Karl (18), Gottlieb (14), Friedrich (11), Johannes (1) and daughters age 17, 9 and 3 years.

Langhermsdorf: resident Joh. Friedr. Pfeiffer (28) with wife and five children: Karl Friedrich Ernst (13), Johann Friedr. Wilh. (9), Johan Friedr. (2), Johanna Juliane (11), Marie Elis. (6);

**coachman Gottfried Lauterbach with wife Eva Rosina, neé Lauterbach and three children: Johann Karl Friedrich, Eva Rosina, Anna Maria;

lodger Samuel Pfeiffer (72) and daughter Joh. Eleonore (28).

Ober-Siegersdorf: laborer Gottfried Fellenberg (53) with wife Dorothea Elis. and three children: Dorothea Elis. (22), Karl Gottlob (18), Maria Dorothea (16);

lodger widow Joh. Rosina Irrgang, neé Krause (34) and two children: Wilhelm August (5), Johanna Christiane (4);

**Gottfried Heppner (56) and three sons: Karl (24), Hermann (16), August (11).

Niebusch: laborer Christian Fechner (53), Mrs. Anna Elis. Apelt and two children: Johann Friedr. Ernst (24), Karl Friedrich (18);

**farmer and mover Joh. Sigismund Buchwald with unmarried daughter Johanna Dorothea.

Steinborn gardener's son Joh. Karl Erdmuth Schulz (24) with Mrs. Joh. Elis. Grossmann [Großmann];

gardener Joh. Georg Schulz (61) and wife Joh. Helena, neé Jentsch.

Hartmannsdorf: resident Johann Karl Walter (21).

Welchau: **public gardener Gottfried Schulz.

Brunzelwaldau: **Joh. Friedr. Ulbricht (40) along with wife and two daughters.

Seiffersdorf: **laborer Joh. Friedr. Liebig (46) with Mrs. Dorothea Elis. Jentsch and two children: Johann Gottlob (19) and Dorothea Elisabeth (12);

coachman Joh. Friedrich Sporn (38) with Mrs. Maria Elis. Jentsch and two children: Johanna Helena (24) and Johann Friedrich (19);

gardener's son Joh. Karl Krause (26).

From Grünberg district in or near

Grünberg itself: **Karl August Fiedler (25);

**Karl Gottlieb Kahle (42) with wife and two sons: Karl (19), Johann (11);

** journeyman nail forger Ernst Wilh. Mackenzie (24).

Schloin: journeyman mason Joh. Josef Altmann (48), Mrs. Anna Maria Reimann and seven children: Joh. Karl August (20), Joh. Josef (18), Joh. Eleonore (16), Justine (8), Anna Rosina and Ernst (twins, age 4), a daughter of 1 year;

coachman Samuel Klose (42) with Mrs. Marie Elis. Krause and three children: Anna Rosina (14), Anna Eleonore (8), Gottlieb (5);

halft-time farmer Christian Friedr. Seidel (46), with Mrs. Anna Elis. Schulz and eight children: Maria Elis. (22), Anna Rosina (19), Johann Karl (17), Anna Eleonore (14), Anna Rosina and Christian (twins, 10 year old), 2 children ages 4 and 1 year;

schoolteacher Joh. Gottlieb Käthner (43) with wife, son Johannes (9) and 4 daughters aged 15, 12, 8 and 5 years; Käthner had wanted to emigrate in 1841 with Pastor Fritzsche however in 1841 the fellow traveler wrote in his travel report that Käthner lost the desire to travel on the sea when he saw the large ship.

From Sagan district in or near

Reichenau: unmarried Anna Rosina Ulbricht (22), her stepbrother, coachman's son Joh. Gottlob Raethel (33);

lodger Joh. Christian Priedemann (27) with wife Anna Elis., neé Hoffmann and his father Joh. Georg Priedemann (72);

**widow Anna Elis. Grätz (42) and son Johann August (16).

Cosel: **farmer's son Johann Georg Nippe.

Klein-Dobritsch: **Gottlieb August Pohl (16).

II. From Brandenburg, Sorau District in or near

Christianstadt: townsman and linen weaver Heinrich Alexander Walter (29), Mrs. Anna Ernestine Schrapel (33), son Simeon Nathanael (9 months), mother, widow Joh. Christiane Walter, neé Walter (60);

master clothmaker Joh. Christof Schneider (27), Mrs. Ernestine Philippine Walter (26) and son Johann Gottlieb (1);

**day laborer Joh. Gottlieb Irrgang (43), Mrs. Joh. Dorothea Schmidt (33) and two children: Johanna Auguste (13), Emma Pauline (6).

Nismenau: day laborer Joh. Samuel Stiller (4), Mrs. Joh. Karoline Schrapel (27) and two children: Johann Gottlieb (5), Johann Christian (3);

Friedersdorf former brickmaker, now farmer Joh. Gottlieb Schrapel (50) with Mrs. Marie Dorothea Schefler (49) and five children: Johann Gottlieb (19), Johann

Friedr. August (17), Johann Traugott (14), Johanna (12), Marie Dorothea (9).

Guschau: **blacksmith Joh. Gottlieb Lindner (39) with Mrs. Dorothea Elis. Schütze (42) and four children: Johann Christian (10), Karl Traugott (8), Joh. Gottlieb (5), Ernst August (1).

Rodstock: gardener Johann Gottlieb Hensel (35) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Kothe (32) and daughter Johanne Christiane (8).

From Kottbus district in or near

Kottbus itself: Wilhelm Schenk (40) with wife and son Ernst (15);

Krüger (34) with wife and three children: Karl (9), Gustav (5), Theodor (4);

Dühring (30) with wife and three children: Hermann (2 ½), Paul (1), daughter of 6 months;

Christian Dühring (23);

Stummann (57) with wife and five children: daughters of 24, 22 and 17 years, sons of age 9 and 6;

Wilhelm Mathäus Pinter (20).

Crossen: shoemaker Karl Friedr. August Messner [Meßner] (31), wife Karoline, neé Hennicke (37), and four children: Karoline Marie (7), Karl Friedr. August (5), Rudolf Otto (4), Marie Elis. (1).

III. From the province of Posen, Meseritz District in or near

Kuschten: Gottfried Klemm (44), wife, two sons ages 16 and 14, two daughters ages 20 and 10.

Gross-Dammer: Thomas Kutschke (45), wife, son Ludwig (16), daughters age 18, 16, 10 years;

Nicolaus Stanitzki (38), wife son of 6 months, daughters of 6 and 3 years;

Johann Kroll (37), wife, daughters age 2 ½ and ½ years;

Pschybilla (38), wife and two sons: Andreas (9), Anton (3);

Simeon Pinetzke (46) and son Andreas (2);

Simeon Modisdach (28) and wife;

Anton Gidda (26).

Going to America in 1844:
from the province of Brandenburg 157
from the province of Pomerania  43

Going to Australia in 1844:from the province of Silesia 113
from the province of Brandenburg  59
from the province of Posen 39
Of the 421 Lutheran Emigrants, total identified by name: 411


A. Going to Australia

I. From the province of Brandenburg, Crossen District in or near

Crossen itself: journeyman clothmaker Karl August Metzenthin (3) with Mrs. Auguste Schulz and four children: Albertine (7), Emma (5), Auguste (2), Karl (1);

master shoemaker Karl Heinr. Friedr. Hoffrichter (32) with Mrs. Dorothea Noack (31) and two children: Pauline (6), Karl (2);

cloth manufacturer Friedr. Wilh. Habermann (52) with Mrs. Joh. Christiane Köhler, four children: Friedr. Wilhelm (23), Florentine Agnet (21), Berthold Roland (19), Christiane Wanda (17) and maid Joh. Wilhelmine Forbitzke (14);

master cabinetmaker Friedr. August Altmann (39), Mrs. Joh. Wilhelmine Tietz (26) and three children: Joh. Auguste Wilhelmine (7), Marie Luise Mathilde (6), Johann Otto (1);

moulding cutter Gottlob Reyher (58) with Mrs. Anna Rosina Werner (5) and son Silvius (15);

vineyard owner Karl August Blume (49) with wife and seven children of 18, 14, 11, 9, 7, 4 and 1 years;

unmarried Friderike Wilh. Driechel (27);

journeyman blanching tanner Gustav Adolf Altmann (23);

journeyman fabric cutter Josef Pilz;

artistic gardener Friedr. Wilhelm Schulz (26).

Merzwiese: journeyman mason Karl Ludwig Hoffrichter (3) with Mrs. Dorothea Elis. Fischer (31) and daughter Ernestine Wilhelmine (9).

Boberstag: journeyman potter Joh. Samuel Hoffmann (26);

Unmarried Auguste Karoline Luise Meinke (23).

Treppeln: laborer Gottfried Jacob (43) with three children.

From Züllichau district in or near

Klemzig: daily wage earner Karl Bothe (35) with wife Eleonore, neé Jentsch;

thresher Christian Schulz (36) with Mrs. Karoline Grade (36) and three children: Ernestine (6), Luise (4), Ernst August (1).

Kay: stallkeeper Friedrich Hirte (30) with Mrs. Helene Edlich (34) and four children: Friedr. Wilhelm (8), Joh. Helene (6), Joh. Maria (3), Karl August (1) and mother-in-law widow Maria Rosina, neé Burkert (61);

unmarried daily wage earner Dorothea Stroike (35).

Moestchen: thresher Joh. Gottlob Paech (40) with Mrs. Dorothea Elis. Bartelt (40), five children: Joh. Luise (14), Maria Elis. (11), Friedr. Wilhelm (6), Johann Josef (3), Joh. Gottfried (1) and parents-in-law Joh. Gottfried Bartelt (80) and Anna Rosina, neé Länger (69).

Lochow: servant Joh.Gottfried Kuchel (33) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Kuchel (33) and four children: Joh. Luise (5), Joh. Dorothea (4), Joh. Eleonore (2), Anna Rosina (3 weeks), father-in-law foreman Daniel Kuchel (70).

Miedwitz: daily wage earner Joh. Gottfried Schubert with Mrs. Dorothea Elis. Baldermann (33) and three children: Joh. Luise 96), Karl August (3), Joh. Heinrich (1).

II. From the province of Silesia, Liegnitz District in or near

Pohlschildern: day worker Georg Friedr. Böhm (29) and Mrs. Joh. Elis. Krusche (25).

Gross-Tinz: journeyman carpenter Joh. Gottlieb John (66), Mrs. Maria Rosina Häusler (59) and three children: Joh. Eleonore (3), Joh. Gottlieb (24), Traugott Benjamin (22);

journeyman mason Joh. Karl Dietrich (46) with Mrs. Anna Rosina Reichelt (41) and seven children: Joh. Christian (19), Dorothea Luise (15), Joh. Ernestine (13), Joh. Eleonore (10), Maria Rosina (6), Karl Ernst Traugott (3), Karl Wilhelm August (6 months);

perhaps also journeyman mason Joh. Wilhelm Otte (26).

Campern: resident Karl Häusler (26) with Mrs. Joh. Christ. John (28) and two children: Wilhelm (3), Karl (4 weeks).

Merschwitz: journeyman mason Joh. Karl Friedrich Obst (24) with Mrs. Anna Rosina Heidrich and daughter Joh. Maria (6 months) and brother, apprentice mason Ernst Wilhelm Obst (17);

small tract farmer Gottlieb Heidrich (32), brother-in-law of Obst, with Mrs. Anne Susanna Schmidt and daughter Anna Christiane (3 months).

Parchwitz: journeyman mason Gottlob Obst (29) with Mrs. Joh. Elis. Hampel and two children: Heinrich August (6), Ernst Gottlob (1); widowed mother Marie Elis, neé Schaege had to delay emigrating for a while because of illness. She may have been among the steady stream of emigrants to Australia in the 1840s and 1850s. Among the Australia emigrants of 1848, who generally made no declarations concerning faith as a reason for leaving, we find a mason, Gottlob Schaege, with family from Gross-Tinz, Liegnitz district. It is possible that he is a relative of mother Schaege and that she left with him.

Alt-Last: daily wage earner Joh. Christian Heidrich (58) with Mrs. Marie Eleonore Neumann (54), two children: Joh. Elisabeth (30), Karl Wilhelm (16) and maid Scholz.

Heidau: weaver Joh. Christian Knuschke with wife Maria Ros., neé Klant and daughter Anna Elis (8).

Royn: laborer Ernst Jungfer with Mrs. Joh. Eleonore Häusler (30) and two sons: Ernst (5), Johann Gottfried (1).

Klein-Jänowitz: gardener Joh. Christian Kriebel (57) with Mrs. Joh. Elis. Pohl (48) and four children: Gottlieb (26), Wilhelm (19), Joh. Eleonore (17), Ernestine (10).

day worker Heinrich Hampel (34) with Mrs. Anna Ros. Putzker and four children: Karl Heinr. (8), Johanna Christiane (6), Anna Rosina (4), Johanna Ernestine (6 months).

From Lüben district in or near

Buchwäldchen: master blacksmith Karl John (35) with Mrs. Dorothea Susanna Obst (35);

journeyman blacksmith Wilhelm John (26);

mover Gottlieb Wogisch (75) and wife Marie Eleonore (36);

hall owner Gottlob Lindner (5) with Mrs. Maria Ros. John (40) and four children: Johanna Elis. (19), Friedr. Ernst (17), Johann August and Wilhelm Traugott (twins, 3 years of age); the eldest daughter, Johanna Eleonore (20) remained behind because she was getting married in Silesia;

mover Gottfried Seidel (51) and two daughters: Johanna Christiane (22), Johanna Karoline (14);

divorced Anna Rosina Jungfer, neé Seidel, daughter of Gottfried S.

Koslitz: hall owner Gottlieb Scholz (39) with Mrs. Johanna Mummert (31) and seven children: Wilh. Heinrich (17), Joh. Christiane (15), Charlotte Henriette (14), Ernst Hermann (9), Pauline Auguste (8), Joh. Pauline (3), Hermann Eduard (2).

Lüben: Jureck.

Kreise Steinau: two families of unknown number, at least 4.

III. From the province of Posen, Buk District in or near

Sonlop: shoemaker Christian Schupelius (49) with wife Anna Elisabeth and three children: Wilhelm (13), Johann Heinrich (8), Johanna Juliane (6);

property owner Gottlieb Eckert (46) with Mrs. Anna Dorothea Musler (47) and foster-daughter Joh. Wilhelmine Musler (15).

Cichagora: blacksmith Wilh. Bradtke (41), Mrs. Ros. Dorothea Schlipke (44) and five children: Joh. Luise (22), Ernst Heinrich (15), Amalie Ottilie (10), Adolf (4), Wilh. Gustav (3);

property owner Gottfried Fischer (46) with Mrs. Anna Dorothea Deutschmann (29) and son Gottfried (3).

From Kosten district in or near

Rensko: daily wage earner Samuel Pietsch (4) with wife Anna Dorothea (32) and three [sic]

property owner Karl Friedr. Pankow (49), Mrs. Sophie Elis. Beise (61) and three children: Elisabeth (9), Gottfried (6), Anna Rosina (4).

B. Going to America

I. From Brandenburg, Neu-Ruppin District in or near

Gransee: master tailor Karl Friedr. August Landon (36) with Mrs. Karoline Friderike Henriette Achtermann (professed old Lutheranism).

From Angermünde district in or near

Lunow: farmer Wilhelm Herzberg with wife and four children;

master linenweaver Ephraim Flügge with wife and six children.

Lützow: cabinetmaker Fistler with Mrs. Anna Dorothea Damerow (42) and six children: stepdaughter Wilhelmine Schröder (17) from the wife's first marriage and his own children: Karl (14), Hermann (11), Emilie (8), Hanna (7), Rosalie (1), professed old Lutheranism.

Liepe: fisherman August Sack, Mrs. Wilhelmine Goldbeck, two children, his parents and two sisters-in-law aged 19 and 16 years;

stallkeeper Neumann and two children; he is divorced from his wife.

Chorinchen: farmer Grenz with wife and five children.

Schwedt: fisherman's assistant Daniel Friedr. Wolter (24) (brother of Mrs. Schröder, neé Wolter, who emigrated from Fiddichow in the district of Greifenhagen in 1844).

Meichow: tailor Wesenick (32) with wife (39) and his children, whose number is unknown. Stepchildren remained behind;

widow Hoffmeister (58) with two unmarried daughters, aged 23 and 20 years;

journeyman miller Johann Castillon with wife and seven children, ages 13 to 1 year;

From Prenzlau district in or near

Brüssow: shoemaker Christian Friedr. Jageritz (29) with Mrs. Albertine Wilhelmine Gensow (24).

Rossow: saddler Erdmann Friedr. Ellmann (42), Mrs. Marie Luise Werk (38).

Fahrenwalde: weaver Wilhelm Grasmann (27) with Mrs. Helene Zabel (31).

Hammelstall: weaver Joh. Wilh. Lorenz Schröder (45), unmarried.

Eickstedt: sheephand Karl Friedr. Wilh. Fährmann (27), unmarried.

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