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XX. List of the Names of the Emigrants

(The sources for the names are provided by individual year of emigration.)

We are in the fortunate position of being able to give the names of most of the emigrants and are especially grateful for the depositions, which were published in conjunction with our Lutheran emigration and its rigorous maintenance. Despite this we could not give a complete index due to the fact that certain documents were not attainable, especially those of Posen and others from the province of Saxony. The total number of emigrants is sufficiently known. The difference between this total and the number of names will be rendered as these small discepancies occur. Maybe this index will supply a motive for rectifying these discrepancies. Such a register of persons may indeed be exhausting when taken together with the preceding historic chronicle, however as an appendix it might be less taxing. We think there may be families on both sides of the ocean who might discover with delight their own names within and take the opportunity to renew old, forgotten or broken family ties. May this index serve to reawaken and strengthen the sense of folk and family and work to bridge the gap between peoples and countries.

We will give the individual indexes chronologically, as they correspond to the previously given history.


I. Emigrating to the region of Astracham in the Russian Empire from the Liegnitz District in Silesia, in particular from

Gross-Tinz: widowed resident Johanna Elisabeth Hoffmann, 57 years old, her son Johann Gottlieb (20), her daughter Maria Rosina (24);

Wangten: pasture cottager Johann Gottlieb Binner (35), wife Johanna Eleonore, neé Keil (31), and the following children: Johann Christian (8), Maria Rosina (4), Anna Rosina (1 ½); and also from

Wangten: widow Maria Rosina Binner (38) and her children Maria Rosina (18), Johann Christian (17), Karl Gottlieb (14), Johanna Eleonore (11), Karl Wilhelm (7), Anna Rosina (1 ½), total of 15.

II. From Breslau and the neighboring area to Buffalo, New York in the United States of America:

J. G. Züngler (also spelled Zangler) with unknown family members; F. Langner; the cabinet maker Ernst Krieg; the cutlery maker J. Ch. Sieffert; the lumber merchant Wilhelm Haschmann. With these names are mentioned children and other family members but no names. We must estimate the number to be at least 15 people.


Moving from Breslau to North America the shoemaker Wilhelm August Pietsch (35) with wife Rosina, neé Schönfeld (20) and children Bertha (6), Hermann (5);

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Rothkirch, Liegnitz District, to North America: journeyman bookbinder and noncommissioned officer Friedrich Eduard Scheppe (27);

Neusalz, Freistadt District to Southern Australia: the agriculturalist Luis Kittlaus (22).


A. Emigrating to America from the province of Pomerania, specifically from the district of Kammin according to the lists of the district magistrate von Voeltz.

From Kammin itself: bookbinder Kroening (26) with wife Sophia, neé Bolling and two children, aged two years and eight months;

servant and farmer's son Burow;

cabinetmaker Zühlsdorg (36) and wife Anna Katharina, neé Scheer;

shoemaker Gottlieb Adam (40) and wife Charlotte, neé Zingler and four children from 12 to 3 years old;

shoemaker Sarnow and wife;

property owner Rappräger (44) and wife Maria, neé Langen and four children from 16 to 7 years of age;

unmarried serving girl Luise Gandt (25);

shoemaker Schwarz and wife;

daily wage earner Fährmann (49) and wife Luise, neé Fährmann;

journeyman saddle maker August Hanuth;

Knurrbusch: daily wage earner Will (30);

Scheffin: unmarried Dorothea Kassner (also spelled Kasten) (47).

A list from Schwarz, who returned from America, contained these names as well as those listed above:

Platchow: servant Gust with wife and two children;

Schwantus, Wollin District: shepherd's assistant Schreiber with four children; from the vicinity of

Greifenberg: blacksmith Lüdke along with wife and two children. Coming from

Hakenwalde, Naugard District: Bagans with wife and one child. Furthermore, out of Silesia, specifically from

Königshain, Görlitz District: journeyman cabinetmaker Johann Gottlieb Hartmann (25).

B. Emigrating to South Australia, perhaps all the people, who were not on the list belonging to the co-migrant Schwarz, but on the list of the district magistrate von Voeltz. Of these the first named most certainly emigrated to Australia, because Lodewyckx established his presence in Australia. From the Kammin District, specifically from

Raddack farmer Friedrich Kleeman (38) with wife Maria, neé Helm and five children from eight to ¼ years;

servant David Piepkorn (31) and his bride, the unmarried Dorothea Westphal (22);

Polchow: former village mayor Grünhagen with wife Auguste, neé Triglaff and three sons of eight, six and five years of age;

Schnatow: journeyman tailor Gottlieb Christian (28), unmarried serving girl Wilhelmine Friderike Christian, sister of Gottlieb (23), Karolina Christian, bride of Gottlieb (21);

shepherd Wallschläger (25) with wife Maria, neé Fährmann (34) and three children of seven, five and three years;

Kammin: a separated man named Schaeffer with an underage child;

Kucklow: servant Gottfried Rohde.

From Silesia, specifically from

Glogau: shoemaker Franz Hasemann with wife Christiane, neé Backstaedt (49) and daughter Mathilde (26).

In the year 1837 46 people went to America and 28 to Australia, whom we could name.


Of travelers going to American we can give for this year only the two Silesian scouts, specifically from

Breslau: artistic gardener Johann Gottlieb Faude (45) with wife Rosina, neé Schulz (36) and

Pastor Leberecht Friedrich Ehregott Krause (34); besides these, from

Denkwitz, Glogau District: journeyman wheelwright Dartsch (39);

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Kummernick, Liegnitz District: resident Joh. Gottlieb Riese with wife Elisabeth, neé Bartsch and six children - Joh. Elisabeth (17), Joh. Christiane (16), Johann Karl (13), Joh. Eleonore (11), Joh. Karl August (8), Anna Rosina (2);

Juliusburg, Öls District: weaver Christian Bierosche (45) with wife Maria Elisabeth, neé Pfeiffer (37) and two children: Ernestine Luise (7), Karl Gottlieb (5 months);

Kunitz, Liegnitz District: Farmer Benjamin Karl Hegwer and wife Maria Rosina Anna, neé Jigner and seven children: Christiane Charlotte Henrietta, Ernestine Luise, Anna Rosina Christiane, Maria Rosina Karoline, Karl Traugott Bleibtreu, Maria Dorothea, Gottlieb August Benjamin.

It is possible that all these travelers to America, with the exception of Krause and Faude, in 1838 only went as far as Hamburg and in 1839 commenced their emigration to America.

B. All other emigrating parties from 1838 went to Australia. We order them according to province. The majority came from

Klemzig: thresher Christian Lange (43) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Kurzweg (44) three children - Marie Elisabeth (18) Joh. Friedrich (10), Joh. Christian (8), retired father Gottfried Lange (62) and the mother Anna Rosina, neé Rau (73);

tailor Gottfried Rau (45) with wife Christiane, neé Kurzmann (42) and son Joh. Friedrich August (12);

thresher Joh. Gottlob Bothe (33) with wife Maria Elisabeth, neé Rau (31), daughter Luise (12) and mother-in-law Anna Maria Rau, neé Bitterott (54), sister-in-law Joh. El. Rau (21);

artistic gardener Friedrich Fischer (32) with wife Joh. Eleonore, neé Bothe (25) and children Friedrich Wilhelm (4) and Joh. Karoline (2);

wheelwright Joh. Gottfried Petrass (37) and wife Joh. Luise, neé Stellmacher (36) and children Joh. Luise (11), Wilhelm (9), Anna (9) and August (2);

tailor Christian Hönke and wife Elisabeth, neé Schulz and two children, Friedrich Ernst (10) and Joh. August (6);

hunter August Fiedler (41) with wife Maria, neé Köhler, widow Peussler (38) and four children, Joh. august (16), Bertha Mathilde (15), Joh. Luis (9) Karl Wilhelm (4);

daily wage earner Gottlob Hönke (29) with wife Anna Elisabeth, neé Zeunert (30);

house servant Joh. Gottfried Schulz (26) with wife Eleonore, neé Teuber (24) and son Joh. Friedrich (1 ½:);

house servant Joh. Georg Miegel (41) with wife Maria Elisabeth, neé Zernack and two children, Joh. Eleonore (13) and Joh. Luise (8);

house servant Joh. Christian Jaensch (24) with wife Eleonore, neé Rau (24) and son Goffried (2);

laborer Christian Rau (33) with wife Elisabeth, neé Schrock (34);

thresher Gottfried Hönke (31) with wife Maria Luise, neé Bothe (32), daughter Joh. Luise (3), mother - widow Maria Elisabeth Hönke, neé Schulz (60) and sister, unmarried anna Elisabeth Hönke (28);

thresher Georg Bothe (57) with wife Eleonore, neé Riepke (54) and children Gottfried (28), Anna Maria (22);

daily wage earner Christian Bothe (62);

thresher Friedrich Schulz (53) with wife Anna Elisabeth, neé Woidt (56) and four children, Joh. Eleonore (20), Anna Dorothea (18), Joh. Samuel (16) and Joh. Luise (12);

daily wage earner Anna Rosina Rau, unmarried;

thresher Joh. George Freidrich Rau (43) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Leder (45) and four children, Christian (19), Anna Eleonore (13), Anna Luise (11), Friedrich (6);

colonist Christian Schumann (53) with wife Maria Elis., neé Schubert (53) and daughter Joh. Eleonore (24);

Harthe: stallkeeper Samuel Thiele (56) with wife Rosina, neé Schulz (50) and three children, Joh. Friedrich (26), Joh. Wilhelm (19), Joh. August(4);

stallkeeper and journeyman mason Gottfried Schulz (50) with wife Dorothea, neé Hahn (40) and five children, Dorothea (19), Joh. Gotthilf (13), Joh. Eleonore (11) Maria Elis. (9) and Anna Elis. (1 ½);

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thresher Joh. Friedrich Hoffmann (61) with wife Anna Maria, neé Körber (54) and daughter Luise (21).

Goltzen: daily wage earner Christoph Pölchen (35) with wife Maria Elis. neé Pölchen (34) and four children: Luise (13), Joh. Gottlieb (6), Joh. Eleonore (4), August (4);

stallkeeper Christian Weber (42). (He left his wife, who was a native of the area, and his children behind because they were not of his religious confession and he did not want to persuade them.);

daily wage earner Christian Zilm (40) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Mathiske; two children: Friedr. Wilhelm (10), Johann Friedrich (7), the brother Gottlob Zilm (34) and the sister Anna Dorothea Zilm (28);

daily wage earner Gottlieb Grocke (27) with wife Dorothea neé Schulz (25) and two sons: Joh. Friedrich (2 ¾) and Christian (2 months);

Langmell: daily wage earner Joh. Gottfried Wundtke (32);

stallkeeper Christian Schilling (33) with wife Joh. Rosina, neé Bothe (33) and two children: Joh. Luise (9) and Maria Elis. (¼);

thresher Christian Eisen (60) with three children: Joh. Samuel (23), Luise (20) and Joh. Eleonore (18);

thresher Joh. Gottfried Schilling (36) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Lange (34) and six children: Maria Elis. (15), Luise (12), Joh. Gottfried (9), Anna Rosina (6), Joh. Gottlieb (3), Christian (1);

night watchman Joh. Georg Kuchel (55) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Seiffert (51) and four children: Gottfried (26), Samuel (23), Joh. Friedrich (19), Gottlieb (16);

thresher Gottfried Seeländer (50) with wife Anna Rosina, neé König (50) and three children: Anna Dorothea (25), Joh. Gottfried (21), Joh. Luise (12), (the son Joh. Gottlob, 27 years of age, emigrated in 1841);

lodger Anna Rosina Bodatsch (68), neé Kockejoy and her foster daughter, the unmarried Anna Elisabeth Kockejoy (19).

Kay: laborer Gottfried Neumann (42) with wife Anna Maria, neé Pfeiffer (44) and four children: Luise (12), August (10), Wilhelm (7) Maria Elis (3);

daily wage earner Samuel Stoike (40) with wife Joh. Dorothea, neé Paech (36) and four children: Joh. Gottlieb (14), Joh. Eleonore (13), Maria Elis. (5), Joh. Luise (2);

laborer Gottfried Nitschke (58) with wife Joh. Dorothea, neé Wolff (58);

journeyman mason Friedr. Wilh. Nitschke (35) with wife Maria Elis., neé Süss [Süß] (35) and three children: Joh. Karl (10), Joh. Wilhelm (8), Joh. Karoline (6) (N. is son-in-law of Joh. Friedr. Süss);

farmer Christian Jänsch (40) with wife Maria Elis, neé Klenke (39) and six children: Joh. Dorothea (15), Joh. Gottlob (13), Joh. Christian (9), Joh. Friedr. Traugott (6), Maria Elis. (4 ½) Joh. Luise (1 ½) and unmarried sister Maria Jänsch (44);

laborer Joh. Friedr. Süss [Süß] (67) with wife Christiane, neé Thiele (67) and daughter Eleonore (43);

daily wage earner Christian Klenke (51) with wife Elis., neé Gierke (49) and daughter Anna Dorothea (21);

laborer and shoemaker Christian Thiele (29) with wife Joh. Dorothea, neé Klenke (32);

thresher Joh. Georg Pfeiffer (47) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Neumann (47) and six children: Joh. Gottlieb (19), Joh. Gottfried (17), Anna Elis. (12), Joh. Georg (8), Anna Luise (6), Joh. Christian (3);

wheelwright Joh. Gottlob Nitschke (30) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Hirthe (34) and three children: Friedr. Wilhelm (6), Maria Elis. (3), Anna Dorothea (3 weeks);

farmer Joh. Georg Paech (46) with wife Rosina, neé Richter, four children from first marriage: Joh. Christian (17), Joh. Gottlob (14), Joh. Georg (11), Joh. Luise (7) and two children from second marriage: Maria Elis (3 ½) and Joh. Friedrich (1 ½), (the son Joh. Gottfried from the first marriage (20) emigrated in 1841).

Nickern: tailor Joh. Christoph Liebelt (33) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Wolf (30) and three children: Joh. Friedrich (7), Joh. Luise (4), Joh. Gottfried (1);

daily wage earner and widow Eleonore Richsteig (55);

thresher Joh. Christian Schirmer (33) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Kirsch (34) and son Gottlob (4), plus father Friedrich Schirmer (56) and two children: Joh. Georg (16), Eleonore (11), mother-in-law, widow Friderike Kirsch (56);

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shepherd Joh. Christian Liebelt (40) with wife Maria Elis., neé Kuchel (35) and three children: Joh. Gottlieb (14), Christoph (12, Joh. Eleonore (5);

laborer and cabinetmaker Friedrich Paech (32) with wife Luise, neé Jachning (30) and three children: Joh. Karoline (7), Eleonore (4), Luise (1).

Guhren: stallkeeper Gottfried Dohnt and wife Anna Dorothea, neé Neumann (45) and seven children: Anna Dorothea (20), Joh. Gottlieb (18), Joh. Luise (16), Joh. Gottfried (13), Joh. Christian (10), Joh. Georg (8), Maria Elisabeth (3);

water miller Friedrich Wilhelm Witwer (38) with wife Henriette, neé Gerlach (34) and two children: Friedrich Wilhelm (8), Joh. Karoline (2 months);

servant for the above Witwer, Gottlob Schirmer (28).

Skampe: daily wage earner Gottlob Schmidt (50) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Kluge (50) and four children: Anna Dorothea (20), Dorothea Elisabeth (17), Gottfried (16), Joh. Gottlob (12);

Cabinetmaker Samuel Bartsch (37) with wife Eleonore, neé Meissner [Meißner] (38) and six children: Joh. Gottlob (16), Joh. Friedrich (7), Joh. Christian (5), Joh. August (3), Joh. Eleonore (1 ¾), Joh. Samuel (3 weeks).

Muschten: laborer and journeyman mason Joh. Georg Janetzky (32) with wife Luise, neé Lude (28) and two children: Joh. Gotthilf (3), Joh. Luise (1 ¼);

laborer and journeyman carpenter Joh. Georg Böhme (41) with wife Karoline, neé König and six children: Luise (15), Eleonore (11), Ernst (8), Karoline (6), Dorothea (3), Wilhelm (1).

Friedrichsfelde: colonist Gottfried Ritbricht (44) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Woith and two children: Joh. Gottlob (19), Dorothea Elis. (17);

colonist Friedrich Hellwig (35) with wife Eleonore, neé Koch, son Joh. Wilhelm (7), mother-in-law Anna Katharina Koch, neé Pfeiffer (69).

Langheinersdorf: daily wage earner Christian Kluge (27) with wife Dorothea, neé Stein (28), daughter Joh. Luise (½);

thresher Gottfried Knispel (42) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Pfeiffer (41) and five children: Anna Dorothea (16), Christian (14), Joh. Gottfried (10), Joh. Luise (7), Joh. Eleonore (2), father with reserve interest Hans Knispel (71), brother & daily wage earner Christian Knispel (31);

daily wage earner Joh. Georg Wilksch with daughter Anna Dorothea (10).

Schönborn: tailor Joh. Gottfried Liebelt (40) with wife Anna Elis., neé Pohle (38) and three children: Joh. Luise (14), Anna Dorothea (4), Joh. Gottfried (2 ½);

laborer Joh; Christoph Liebelt (59) with wife Anna Elis., neé Steinborn (64);

farmer's widow Anna Elis. Schulz, neé Schmidt (47) and her brother's daughter, Anna Dorothea Schmidt (18);

journeyman mason and laborer Christian Weimann (42) with wife Anna Dorothea, previous married name Jandke, neé Schneider (49) with two children: Gottlieb (14), Eleonore (9);

Johann Christian Jandke (21) and Joh. Samuel Jandke (18), stepsons of the above named Weimann.

Möstehen: daily wage earner Christian Schubert (51) with wife Elisabeth, neé Bartel (48) and son Johann Christian (16);

thresher Christian Bartel (44) with wife Maria Elisabeth, neé Kirschke (41) and four children: Joh. Luise (21) Anna Maria (16), Dorothea Elisabeth (12), Karoline (6);

laborer Gottlob Bartel (41) with wife Elisabeth, neé Binder (40) and five children: Joh. Wilhelm (19), Maria Elisabeth (14), Joh. Gottfried (8), Joh. Gottlob (4), Joh. Christian (½).

Crummendorf: daily wage earner Joh. Gottfried Hoffmann (32) with wife Eleonore, neé Rinnert (26) and two children: Joh. Friedrich (4), Joh. Luise (2);

merchant Christian Bothe (59) with wife Anna Maria, neé Körber (54) and daughter Luise (21).

Klippendorf: colonist Joh. Christoph Schulz with wife Joh. Dorothea, neé Frank (49) and three children: Joh. Christian (28), Karl August (20), Joh. Luise (7).

Rackau: thresher Joh. Georg Pfeiffer (59) with wife Christiane, neé Schliefke (56) and five children: Joh. Eleonore (30), Joh. Christian (26), Maria Elisabeth (18), Joh. Gottlieb (15), Joh. Wilhelm (12).

Keltschen: tailor Joh. Gottlob Schliefke (42) with wife Joh. Eleonore, neé Mahn (35) and sister-in-law Luise Mahn (27).

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Jehser: small farmer Joh. Friedrich Zimmermann (38) with wife Anna Elis., neé Zimmermann (39) and three children: Joh. Luise (11), Joh. Eleonore (8), Maria Elisabeth (1).

Ostritz stallkeeper Andreas Philipp (47) with wife Maria, neé Kurzmann and four children: Joh. Wilhelm (21), Anna Rosina (17), Joh. Luise (11), Joh. Christian (7).

Salkau: horticulturalist Joh. Georg Hartmann (46) with wife Joh. Luise, neé Preschel (34) and two children: Joh. Karoline (10), Joh. Gottlob (6).

Lochow: stallkeeper Samuel Nitschke (48) with wife Anna Elisabeth, neé Grieger (42) and six children: Joh. Gottlieb (18), Gottfried (14), Joh. Eleonore (12), Johann (6), Joh. Traugott (2), Joh. Luise (2 weeks).

Rentschen: resident, former farmer Joh. Friedrich Paech (36) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Kramm (33) and five children: Joh. Friedrich Wilhelm (11), Joh. August (9), Joh. Dorothea (5), Joh. Gottlieb (2), Joh. Friedrich (8 weeks); (Paech's sister, widow Dorothea Elis. Schulz (42) and her two children, Joh. Eleonore (12) and Joh. Gotthilf (8) were denied permission to leave by the Chancery Commission.)

Rissen: laborer Gottfried Lubasch (49) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Greiser (41), one daughter from the first marriage, Joh. Eleonore (16) and five children from the second marriage: Anna Dorothea Luise (13), Karoline (11), Anna Dorothea (5), Maria Elis. (2 ½), Anna Elisabeth (18 weeks);
(one daughter, Joh. Luise (18) declared that she was not willing to emigrate.)

Grüditz: farmer Joh. Georg Schulz (56); (the wife, neé Paech and son Joh. Georg (11) remained behind; Schulz sold the farm to his wife.)

Schwiebus: shoemaker Gottfried Behrend (35) with wife Beate, neé Lichtensteiner (35) and daughter Auguste Emile (11);

shoemaker Karl Donner (39) with wife Karoline, neé Schüttrich (38), one son nine years of age and one daughter, 2.

Züllichau: journeyman shoemaker August Thomas (24).

From the Guben district and the city of Guben the journeyman clothmaker Friedrich Traugott Warmbrunn (35) emigrated. He testified that he wanted to emigrate from the Züllichau area with his brothers in faith. With him went his wife Luise Auguste, neé Sagitz (31), three children from his marriage: Traugott Herman (6 ½), Traugott Christian Emanuel (2 ¾), Paul Daniel Johannes (4 months), an illegitimate son from his first wife, Traugott Albrecht August (9 ¼), an illegitimate daughter from his second wife, Juliana Maria (4).

II. From the province of Silesia, Jauer District and

City of Jauer: the painter's wife Friederike Hermann, neé Kästner with two children: Maria Klara Ernestine (9), Karl Julius (6).

From the Freistadt district,

Seiffersdorff: tailor Joh. Friedrich Schwarz (41) with Mrs. Eva Rosina Liebig (37) and children Hanna Dorothea (9), Joh. Gottlieb (7), Joh. Christiane (4), Dorothea Elis. (2);

Joh. Gottlieb Heinrich (38) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Pfeiffer (38) and children Joh. Julianne (9), Friedrich Wilhelm (5), Gustav Adolf (4).

Niebusch: the lodger and tailor Gottlieb Tschaksch (38), unmarried, his sister, the unmarried Anna Rosina (48) and her son Christian (21).

From Sagan district,

Reichenau: gardener's son Samuel Priedemann (31);

Widow Anna Rosina Spielberger, neé Gierach (also Gierath) (51);

farmer Christian Gierach (Gierath) (57) and wife Rosina, neé Rieger (53) and seven children: Georg Friedrich (23), Anna Elisabeth (21), Anna Rosina (19), Christian (16), Maria Elisabeth (14), Joh. Dorothea (10), Samuel (2);

laborer Samuel Schulz (43) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Hoffmann (41) and two children: Joh. Eleonore (15), Anna Elisabeth (10).

Cosel: laborer Samuel Pfennig (38) with wife Maria Elis., neé Rieger (37) and three children: Christiane (16), Anna Dorothea (9), Anna Rosina (5);

farmer's son and farmhand Christian Rieger (38), his sister, the unmarried Anna Elisabeth Rieger (32), brother (?) Joh. Friedrich Rieger (28).

III. The ship "Katharina" sailed in 1838 with a full passenger manifest of emigrants from the province of Posen. In giving the Posen name roster we need to clarify that this list is questionable

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because the Posen emigration acts concerning the reporting of emigration permits were not upheld. We include this list despite its inaccuracies because in most instances the inaccuracies are not all that great.

Our outline comes from two lists of persons wishing to emigrate, compiled in 1836 by the commissions of governmental advisor Süvern and the General Superintendent von Freymark. Both lists are in agreement. The lists indicate a total of 267 people. Of that total 41 people stayed behind, either because they were refused hearings or their petitions for emigration permits were denied. Thus in 1836 in Posen 226 people remained, who were eligible to emigrate. We know from two sources, the letter of a passenger and a later Australian report, that the "Katharina" took 130 people from Posen to Australia. This leaves 96 people unaccounted for. Next, we can take into account and reduce that number through a passenger manifest of the "Prinz Georg" saved by Lodewydkx listing a Posener name Kaleske with eight family members. Some other Posen natives left in 1838 on another ship going to Australia, the "Zebra," however no list has survived. Other Poseners postponed their trip until the second great migration to Australia in 1841. Many deaths were recorded during the trip. The trip of 1841 snatched away 55 persons. Taking all this into account, it appears that of the 96 people not many would have remained behind in the homeland. Regrettably we have little in the way of roster for this year. Of the 226 names listed here there might be some, who did not emigrate. However we believed it was better to list them as uncertain entries rather than dispense with the entire Posen list. Perhaps later discovered Posen documents might bring clarification. A few Poseners, whom we could verify from reports as having emigrated to Australia, we will mark with an asterisk in the following list.

Possible emigrants going from Posen to Australia in 1838:

From the area of:

Meseritz: widower and small farm tenant Joh. Gotthilf Briese (68);

daily wage earner Joh. Daniel Zimmermann (33) with wife and two children;

shoemaker Semmerau (36) with wife and two children;

shoemaker Borrmann (45) with wife and five children;

shoemaker Joachim Sievers (38) with wife and two children;

clothmaker Johann Thomas (47) with wife and four children;

his father, the clothmaker Samuel Thomas (76) and two children;

hatmaker Johann Gotthilf Handschke (59) with wife and daughter;

the shoemaker Joh. Gottlieb Felsch (52) with wife;

locksmith Joh. Ferdinand Günther (28) with wife and two children;

unmarried seamstress Dorothea Rettig (45);

unmarried seamstress Friederike Hoffmann (37) and her sister, Rosalie (29), also a seamstress;

tailor's widow Anna Rosina Genge with five children;

widow Therese Schrödel (54), innkeeper with Briese

daily wage earner and widow Anna Münchenberg (45) with three sons, aged 20, 14 and 7 years and four daughters;

Locksmith apprentice for Günther, Gottlieb Ferdinand Welke.

From the area of

Chlastawe near Bentschen: cabinetmaker Gottlieb Linke (34);

* old homesteader Christian Rothe (28) with wife and three children;

* blacksmith and old homesteader Christian Aurich (32)with wife and two children;

homestead farmer Samuel Auricht (32) with wife and three children, brother of Christian;

Rosina Aurich (21), sister of Christian, Rothe's maid;

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Anna Elisabeth Auricht (19), another sister of Christian;

shoemaker Wilhelm Wilksch (32) with wife and one son of two years of age, brother-in-law of Christian Auricht;

maid Rosina Adam (28);

gardener Christian Hahn (30);

congregational land shareholder/half-time farmer Georg Mattner (43) with wife and six children;

* congregational land shareholder/half-time farmer Christian Kappler (35) with wife and four children of 12 years of and and under;

journeyman miller Christian Reisch (20);

master ropemaker Gottfried Ratsch (34) with wife and one child;

journeyman mason Johann Grätz (44) with wife and four children from 13 years of age and under.

Tirschtiegel and surrounding area: reservationist Johann Georg Schulz (65);

clothmaker Karl Braunak (57) with wife and five children, administrator of the Lutheran congregation;

clothmaker and administrator Wilhelm Hampel (41) with wife and four children 9 years of age and up;

* merchant Kaleske (42) with wife and six children from 20 years of age and under, messenger for the Lutherans;

Christian Hamdorf, wheelwright;

Gotthilf Hamdorf (32) with wife and one child;

clothmaker Friedrich Braunak (47), brother of Karl, with wife and five children, the eldest of whom was 16 years pf age;

journeyman mason Heinel (41) with wife;

tailor Gotthilf Schiller (28), unmarried, from Schierziger Hauland;

shoemaker Bretke from Brätz (42) with wife and two children, the eldest of whom was 12 years of age;

servant Gotthilf Weber (26), unmarried, from Eschenwalde.

Prittisch, Birnbaum district: gardener Georg Hahn (47);

agriculturalist Gottfried Karg (43) with wife and one son of 8 years;

master cabinetmaker Johann Wahlschütz (24), widower with one child of 1 ½ years of age (it was heard of him that he wanted to go to Poland);

daily wage earner Karl August Mullak (50) with wife and four children (the eldest son, 20 years of age, was not a separatist);

agriculturalist Gottlob Weber (26) with wife;

agriculturalist Gottlob Kintzel (47) with wife and five children, the eldest 17 years of age;

colonist Friedrich Heinze (43) with wife and five children, the eldest 14 years of age;

shoemaker Wilhelm Hoffmann (44) with wife and four children, the eldest 17 years of age;

his mother Beate Hoffman, widow (66);

agriculturalist Johan Ulm (45) with wife and four children, eldest 9 years of age (from his wife and stepdaughter it is reported that they were not separatists);

Häuland innkeeper Johann Wornest (67) with wife and seven children, of whom there were 2 sons, age 22 and 12 - the eldest son was not a separatist;

caretaker Gottfried Wornest (63) with wife and one daughter, age 23 years;

agriculturalist Christian Heinze (36) with wife and two children, the elder 11 years of age;

homeowner and tailor Gottlieb Sauer (35) with wife and one child, 3 years of age;

agriculturalist Gottfried Freschner (36) with wife and two children, the elder 4 years of age;

tailor Gottlieb Selche (55) with wife and four children, the eldest of whom was 22 years of age;

tailor Martin Paschke (40) with wife and two children, the elder of whom was 6 years of age.

Because the list of emigration requests granted by the cabinet was published in March and April of 1837 there are a few other people, who had chosen to emigrate and came from the Bomst district. The cross section can be firmly established as having emigrated (see the paragraph on those receiving permission).

There were from Chwalin: tailor Albrecht Christian Kavel * (71), father of the pastor,

From page 249

his wife * and three children: Joh. Ferdinand Wilhelm * (34), Friedrich Daniel Samuel and Maria Charlotte Sabine *, who in Australia married the widower and gamekeeper Fiedler.

Karge: Julius Fiedler *, son of master combsetter Samuel Fiedler.

Borul: Anna Elisabeth Schmidt (36) with daughter Joh. Anna (2);

lodger Dorothea Fitzner (43) with son Gottlieb (9) and two daughters aged 17 and 8 years;

Johann Geog Jäschke * from Scharker Hauland.

Total number of emigrants:
to America from Silesia...  25
to Australia from the Mark... 386
from Posen... 239
from Silesia...  40
Total Persons: 690


The entire group of Lutheran emigrants for the year 1839 went to America.

I. Emigrating from Pomerania, Wollin District in or near

Schwantus: sheepfarmer Heckendorf (48) with wife, neé Ehlke (41) and eleven children: Christian Friedrich Wilhelm (21), Karl Friedrich August (20), David Heinrich Wilhelm (14), Johann Gottlieb (9), Wilhelm Friedrich (3), Franz Ferdinand (1), Ernestine Charlotte Wilhelmine (17), Friderike Luise Maria (16), Fridericke Luise Henriette (12), Sophie Maria Elisabeth (7), Johanna Ernestine (5);

daily wage earner Friedrich Wilhelm Finck (29) with wife Friderike Luise Henriette, neé Schmidt (26) and son Karl Friedrich Wilhelm (1);

lodger Hinz (35) with wife and four children: Karoline Sophie Friderike (9), Ernestine Albertine Wilhelmine (7), Wilhelmine Friderike (4), Albertine Auguste Maria (2);

stallkeeper Karl Philipp Ludwig Milbrath (28) with wife Karoline Friderike Wilhelmine, neé Hoeckendorf (23) and daughter Hanna Wilhelmine Froderike (2);

stallkeeper Schmidt (51) with wife, neé Götzke (54), son Friedrich Wilhelm (23) and daughters Friderike (25), Wilhelmine Sophie Friderike (17).

Wartlow: daily wage earner Ernst Karl Friedrich Finck (32) with wife Dorothea Elisabeth, neé Hoeft (35) and two children: Hanna Karoline (3), Friderike Wilhelmine Karoline (2);

shepherd August Friedrich Samuel Trappe (47) with wife Dorothea Sophia, neé Krause and stepdaughter Maria Krause (22) and adopted son Martin Gottfried Krüger (19).

Warnow: stallkeeper Erdmann Friedrich Ackermann (41) with wife and three children: August Friedrich Wilhelm (13), Johann Wilhelm (7) and a daughter;

unmarried worker Wilhelmine Krause (25).

Fernownsfelde: landowner Johann Krüger (37) with wife (36) and four children: Dorothea Frid. Albertine (14), Charlotte Maria Karoline (11), Johann Wilhelm (9), a daughter of ½ year;

landowner Peter Wilde (66) with wife and three children: Joachim Wilhelm (26), Johann Gottlieb (24), Michael Friedrich (20).

Kolzow: tailor Franz Wilhelm Lemke (48) with wife Christine Charlotte, neé Zühlcke (43) and son August Friedrich Wilhelm (19);

farmer Martin Friedrich Schössow (47) with wife and three children: Michael Friedrich Wilhelm (18), Johann Karl Friedrich (12), Wilhelmine (16).

Coesenthin: landowner Karl Friedrich Parlow.

Vietziger Ablage; shoemaker Joahnn Christian Bachmann (41) with wife and three children: Johanna Albertine Sophie (13), August Friedrich (3), Ferdinand Christian (3).

From Greifenberg District in or near

Schwessow: cottager Johann Knuth and wife and five children;

old shareholder Gottfried Knuth and Ernst Ludwig Gottfried Knuth;

workman Johann Gottlich Pagenkopf with wife and two children;

resident Johann Roggenbuck with wife and five children;

wheelwright Friedrich Hartwig with wife and six children;

wheelwright August Riehe with wife and one child;

From page 250

unmarried sisters Wilhelmine and Johanna Karoline Maria Schenzel;

servant Karl Gottlieb Fiebranz;

former schoolteacher Zion.

Treptow: shoemaker Friedrich Lüdcke and wife;

merchant Joachim Grünhagen with wife and two children;

cooper Joachim Gottlieb Fiebranz with wife and nine children.

Triglaff: foreman Johann Natzke with wife and three children;

daily wage earner Johann Gotthilf Ott with wife and five children;

sheephand Pritzlaff (left without exit permit).

Darsow: cottager Johann Wilhelm Gotthilf Schmidt (54) with wife Karoline Maria Elisabeth, neé Schleddermann (49) and two children: Karl Albert Theodor (12) and Hermann Wilhelm Eduard (10);

lodger Friedrich Wilhelm Radtke (34) with wife Charlotte Sophie Brüsske [Brüßke] and four children: Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (6), Charlotte Ernestine Friederike (5), Ernst Daniel Wilhelm (4), Wilhelmine Sophie (1).

Dresow: farmer Ernst Friedrich Hilgendorf (43) with wife Benigna Christiane, neé Plack (42) and six children: Karl Ludwig Ferdinand, the eldest son serves in the military but will be discharged, Christian Friedrich (19), Wilhelm Ludwig (17), Franz Gottlieb Friedrich (14), Ernst Heinrich Friedrich (11), August Wilhelm Friedrich (3).

Pribbernow: cottager Friedrich Wilhelm Hensel with wife and five children.

Horst: stallkeeper Friedrich Lorenz Prahl with wife and one child.

Gruchow: daily wage earner Johann Joachim Drews with wife and six children.

Dorphagen: coachman Johann Gottlieb Wallschläger.

From the Regenwalde district near

Plathe: shoemaker August Radue (38) with wife Ernestine Klug (34) and three children: Ernestine (7), August (5), Bertha (2);

journeyman shoemaker Gottlieb Klug (22), brother of the above Klug;

master cabinetmaker Friedrich Neumann (36) with wife Friderike, neé Groth (37) and four children: Bertha (9), Johann (7), Karl (3), Gustav (1);

widow Anna Maria Wolf, neé Ehlke (56), her son, servant Karl Friedr. Wilh. (18) and her daughters Sophie Luise Friderike (22), Sophie Maria Karoline (20), Hanna Maria Elisabeth (13);

daily wage earner Friedrich Philipp Christian Wolf (27) with wife Luise Dorothea, neé Übel (27).

Muddelmow: farmer Karl Friedrich Klug (40), his father, old homesteader Gottlieb Klug (63), mother Sophie, neé Schuhmacher (60), blind brother Franz (15);

farmer Wilhelm Christoph Klug (58) with wife Ester Maria, neé Schuhmacher (57) and three sons: Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm (21), Heinrich Gottlieb August (18), August Karl (16);

servant Wilhelm Lynse, called Hell (22) (without exit permit).

Wishu: shepherd Joahnn Friedrich Ferdinand Klug (37) with wife Wilhelmine, neé Manthey (28) and one child (2);

shepherd Johann Christoph Petermann (44) with wife Karoline Dorothea Koeller (40) and six children aged 16, 14, 12, 10, 4 and ¾ years.

Zimmershausen: widow Charlotte Friderike Klug, neé Klug (40), her stepson sheephand Karl Gottlieb Klug (28), her son Johann Friedrich Gotthilf (16).

Rühenhagen: tailor Kaspar Friedrich Strey (42) with wife Karoline, neé Lüdke (25) and one child of one year;

worker Johann Schumacher (42) with wife Henriette, widowed name Lüdke, neé Seefeld (52) and daughter from her first marriage, Friderike Lüdke (18).

Zowen: blacksmith Christian Friedrich Knuth (33) with wife Charlotte, neé Hamann (28) and three children, ages 3 years, 2 years and 11 weeks.

From Griefenhagen district in or near

Kranzfelde: teacher Johann Briss [Briß] (32), convert from Judaism.

From Nangard district in or near

Hakenwalde: landowner Christian Friedrich Bartelt with wife and two sons;

worker Johann Karl Friedrich Höpner with wife and four children.

From Kammin district in or near

Kammin: journeyman ships carpenter Martin Friedrich Bruss [Bruß] (40) with wife Sophie, neé Stiemke (37) and three children: August (9), Martin (6), Johann (4);

From page 251

schoolteacher Gottfried Dreyer (37) with wife Wilhelmine, neé Wussow (28) and son August (2);

estate resident Martin Bruss [Bruß] with wife and four children;

workman Johann Krüger with wife and four children;

workman Friedrich Krüger with wife and two children;

journeyman mason Friedrich Schulz with wife and three children;

resident Widow Neumann with three children;

workman Martin Büstrin;

workman Gähnz (also Gahns) with wife;

serving maid Charlotte Christian;

master weaver Karl Heinrich August Suchow (30) with wife Dorothea Karoline, neé Klinkhard (26) and daughter Auguste Maria Emile (3).

Gross-Justin: farmer Michael Heuer with wife and six children;

serving maid Friderike Diedrich;

farmer Johann Köpsel with wife and four grown children;

shepherd Johann Ganger with wife and four children;

cabinetmaker Steffan and wife;

tailor Friedrich Zirbel;

tailor Johann Ganger from Klein-Justin.

Knurrbusch: cottager Johann Heuer along with wife and six children;

Joachim Heuer;

Widow Will;

stallkeeper Gottfried Ramthun (67) with wife Henriette Friderike Lemcke (40) and four children: Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (19), Charlotte Friderike Karoline Wilhelmine (14), August Ernst Ferdinand (7), Philippine Albertine Auguste (4).

Benz: cottager Johann Tews (34) with wife Friderike Christine, neé Riemer (3) and son August Friedrich (3);

sister Karoline Luise (30);

Widow Tews (76);

daily wage earner Daniel Heuer (34) with wife Dorothea Luise, neé Tretien (also Trittin) (30) and three children;

wife of farmer Fleischfresser, neé Trittin.

Scharchow: village mayor Michael Helm (48) with wife Katharine, neé Krüger (45) and eight children: Friedrich (25), Friderike (24), Henriette (21), Albertine (19), Maria (17), Johann (11), August (6), Sophie (8);

farmer David Helm (45) with wife Helena, neé Fleischfresser (30) and two children: Dorothea Wilhelmine (6), Johann Friedrich (4);

sailor Martin Krüger (42) with wife Sophie, neé Burow (33) and three children: Ernst Friedrich (10), Johann Heinrich (9), Rosaline (4);

cottager Johann Gottlieb Bruss [Bruß] (37) with wife Charlotte, neé Marx (29) and three children: August (5), Wilhelm (3), Heinrich (1).

Reckow: farmer Karl Mildebrath (45) with wife Friderike, neé Rappräger (47) and eight children: Wilhelmine (22), August (20), Wilhelm (18), Ernestine (16), Johann (12), Johanna (10), Sophie (8), Karoline (6);

stallkeeper Wilhelm Mildebrath (43) with wife Dorothea, neé Just (45) and three children: Wilhelmine (16), Johann (14), Ernst (12);

blacksmith Gottlieb Wussow (40) with wife Wilhelmine, neé Schröder (38) and six children: August (10), Gottlieb (7), Ferdinand (5), Karoline (15), Wilhelmine (9), Henriette (1);

servant Johann Beckmann (35);

servant Wilhelm Scharlock;

sheephand August Süflow.

Tonnebuhr: farmer Fridrich Wilhelm Bartelt (36) with wife Henriette Charlotte, neé Ulbrich and three children (?);

daily wage earner Johann Bartelt (36) with wife, neé Horn (28) and two children: Karl (6), Wilhelm (2);

stallkeeper Ernst Friedrich Mildebrath with wife Sophie, neé Bartelt and four children;

old estate cottage owner Heinrich Wilke with wife Christiane, neé Bartelt and four children;

invalid resident Christian Wilke with wife Charlotte, neé Krei and three children;

cottager's son Karl Wilke (appears not to be the son of the above Wilke).

From page 252

Schnatow: journeyman carpenter Christlieb Friedrich Christian (63) with wife Maria Elisabeth, neé Köhler (63) and daughter Ernestine Luise (22);

his son, journeyman carpenter Heinrich Friedrich Christian (32) with wife Sophie Elisabeth, neé Rieselbach (35) and daughter Friederike Karoline (6);

farmer Johann Christian with wife and five children.

Pemplow: daily wage earner Michael Friedrich Buth (also Butt) (43) with wife Maria Elisabeth, neé Ehmke (45) and three children: Johann Ernst Friedrich (20), Ernestine Wilhelmine (14), Johanna Friderike (6);

daily wage earner Johann Gottlieb Woldt (40) with wife Sophie Ernestine Friderike, neé Jäger (47) and six children: Hanna Friderike Henriette (17), Wilhelmine (15), Johann Christian Gotthilf (14), Friderike Christiane Henriette (11), Johann Wilhelm (8), Franz Wilhelm Friedrich (3);

daily wage earner Gottlieb Tews with wife and six children.

Grislow: resident, previously halftime farmer Martine Gruel (41) with wife Katharine, neé Bohlmann;

former farmer Joachim Dumstrey (47) with wife Engel, neé Bohlmann (55) and two children: Wilhelm Friedrich Ferdinand (20), Friderike Wilhelmine (16);

stallkeeper Michael Bellin (41) with wife Dorothea Karoline, neé Wetzel (33).

Polchow: old estate owner Johann Krüger (55) with wife Dorothea, neé Lange (56) and three children: David (23), Maria Elisabeth (2), daughter from his first marriage, Christiane (30).

Grabow: stallkeeper Gottfried Piepkorn (38) with wife Engel, neé Voigt (28) and three children: Maria Friderike (6), Gottlieb August (3 ½), Martine Friedrich (1);

halftime farmer Joachim Piepkorn with wife and four children;

unmarried Dorothea Frenz;

cottager Johann Baumgarten and one child.

Königsmühl: tailor Friedrich Jahneke (25) with wife Anna Friderike, neé Knoll (26) and one son, Johann Gottlieb Friedrich (1);

Widow Knoll and two children;

unmarried Karoline Utech.

Morgow: daily wage earner Ernst Friedrich Havemeister with wife and six daughters;

herdsman Gottlieb Bogislav Zirhell with wife and five children;

servant Johann Friedrich Wallschläger.

Revenow: blacksmith Beesemann with wife and three children;

mill owner Martin Stock with wife and two children.

Jassow: carpenter Johann Krüger and servant Michael Ströve.

Berg Dievenow: fisherman Martin Gust with wife and son Martin Friedrich and unmarried Engel Benigna Kist.

Kuchow: land owner Michael Stock and wife.

Stresow: private tutor Karl Wilhelm Jllies.

Bandelow: daily wage earner Johann Friedrich Maass [Maaß] with wife and two sons.

Baumgarten: tailor Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Maass [Maaß] with wife and two children.

Weistenthin: master blacksmith Karl Wussow (51) with wife Friderike, neé Grützmacher (52) and five children: Johanna (23), Charlotte (22), Luise (19), Auguste (16), Hermann (10).

Fritzow: servant Gottlieb Piepkorn.

Soltin: cottager David Büstin (48) with wife Anna Maria, neé Grünhagen (36) and five children: Wilhelmine (17), Friderike (14), Heinrich (8), Albertine (5), Franz Ferdinand (3).

Bünnewitz: former schoolteacher Joachim Luck with wife and five children.

Bussentin: resident Johann Brüggemann and servant Joachim Köhler.

Kahlen: sheephand August Krüger.

Schwirsen: sheephand Friedrich Krüger.

From Neu Stettin area, Cöslin district, in or near

Gramerzer: tenant farmer Gottlieb Hildemann (42) with wife Sophie, neé Kluck (51) and nine children: Wilhelm (18), August (14), Gottlieb (12), Heinrich (7), Franz (4), Ernestine (20), Henriette (15), Johanna (9), Christiane (1 ½);

tenant farmer Wilhelm August Klug (26) with wife Karoline, neé Winter (27) and four sons: August (5), Gottlieb (3), Heinrich (2), Wilhelm (¾);

resident and invalid Michael Winter (56) with wife Christiane, neé Straede (45) and seven children: Wilhelmine (23), Sophie (22), Luise (20), Friedrich (18), Martin (16), Michael (14), Johanna (12); (Mrs. Karoline Klug is his eighth child).

From page 253

Raffenberg near Gramenz: shepherd Johann Heinrich Lemke (41) with wife Johanna, neé Göhrke and one son, Christian Daniel Gottlieb (1).

Total number of people leaving from the province of Pomerania:
Wollin District  68
Greifenberg District 103
Regenwalde  54
Greifenhagen   1
Naugard  10
Kammin 305
Neu Stettin  29
Total: 570 people

II. Emigrating in 1839 from the province of Saxony, governmental district of Erfurt, in or near the city of

Erfurt: master glazier Georg Dopf (46) with wife, four sons aged 19, 16, 13 and 11 years of age and one girl of 1 year;

dealer in second hand goods Philipp Müller (44) with wife, one son 4 years old, a daughter 2 years old;

gardener Martin Zacher (46) with wife, three sons aged 17, 9 and 3 years, one daughter aged 4 years;

barber's assistant Johann August Ferdinand Müller (28);

shoemaker Friedrich Fickel with wife, two sons of 2 and ½ years, one daughter aged 12 years;

tailor Christophe Schmelzer (40) with wife, two sons aged 14 and 12 years, two daughters aged 5 and 2 years;

shoemaker Schmedtcheh (50) with wife;

baker Gottlob Dammert (33) with wife;

journeyman carpenter Friedrich Schroth (38) with wife and one son aged 5 years;

journeyman carpenter Christian Dissmar [Diß]mar] (40) with wife and one daughter, 21 years of age;

shoemaker Johann Markus Barthel (46) with wife, two sons aged 9 and 7 years and two daughters aged 20 and 18 years;

daily wage earner and widow Johanna Magdelena Frickmann (62), two sons: Christian Friedrich (18) and Gottfried (22);

daily wage earner Gottlob Hänsel (46) with wife;

gardener Johann Jacobi (51) with wife and three sons aged 20, 17, Jakob Friedrich - 13 years;

daily wage earner and widow Christiane Schäfer (42) with one son and one daughter, serving maid Margarete Sturm (25);

combmaker Ernst Schorr (36) with wife, one son aged one year and six daughters aged 12, 11, 9, 7, 5 and 3 years;

weaver Christoph Schlöffel (28) with wife, one son aged 1 year and two daughters aged 7 and 2 years;

serving maid Rosina Zachariae (she went with them secretly);

washwoman Johanna Christiane Meissner [Meißner] (42), widow with one son aged 15 years (the 21 year old son Karl is a soldier in the 3rd C., 31st Regiment and does not have an exit permit);

tailor Karl Wehser (48) with wife, one son aged 8 years, one daughter aged 5;

food merchant Friedrich Kühnemann (40) with wife, two sons aged 4 and 1, three daughters aged 16, 10 and 2 years;

weaver Jakob Hörnlein (48) with his two eldest children, a girl of 16 years and a boy of 9, while the wife remains behind with the 3 year old son;

Pastor Johann Andreas August Grabau with wife, neé Burggraf, one three-year-old son and the serving maid Karoline Pfeifer.

Nordhausen: master shoemaker Johann Christoph Schönau with wife Johanna Friderike, neé Freybe and two sons: Johann Emanuel (20), Heinrich August (17).

Schmira: Sebastian Wenig (48) with wife (48) and two children: a daughter 16 years old, a son Oswald, 14 years old, a stepdaughter, Luise Balzer and her illegitimate child Auguste;

Beyer (27) with wife (26) and two sons: Johann Friedrich (4), Karl Friedrich (2);

Heinemann (27), unmarried.

From the governmental district of Magdeburg in or near the city of

Magdeburg: factory worker David Boneberg (33) with Mrs. Wilhelmine Passau (32), residing at French Kolsawe 7 and two children: Wilhelm August (5) and Maria Dorothea (2 ¾);

food merchant Peter Schulze (42) with wife Katharine, neé Dammeyer (37), residing at Wasserkunst 10, and two children: Maria (2), Friedrich (¾);

shoemaker Andreas Streiber (40) with wife Dorothea, neé Fahsel (38), Schuhbrücke 11, and three children: Karoline (15), Eduard (8), Maria (2);

From page 254

unmarried Karoline Günther (27), residing at Kammelsberg 15;

coachman Johann Grashoff (33) with Mrs. Dorothea Heschel and two daughters: Dorothea (2), Karoline (1);

unmarried dressmaker Wilhelmine Bernhard, Werff 4;

shoemaker Karl Fischer (39) with wife Elisabeth, neé Otto, Pfeiffersberg 11, and two sons: Karl (9), Heinrich (¼);

shoemaker's widow Dorothea Kempfe, neé Rusche (71), Stockhausstrasse 27;

musician and tutor Friedrich Müller (30), Katharinestrasse 9;

tailor Heinrich Andreas Luecke (40) with wife Christiane, neé Neimann, Petersstrasse 2, and three daughters: Hermine (15), Luise (7), Albertine (5);

unmarried dressmaker Margarete Luetzel (30);

tailor Heinrich Körner (31) with wife Dorothea, neé Weichhardt, Altes Fischufer 9;

tailor Johann Martin (35) with wife Elisabeth, neé Goetze (29) and 2 ½ year old son, Schopenstrasse 1;

factory worker Martin Taute (40) with wife Dorothea, neé Henniges (43), two children: Karl (4 ½), Friedrich (¼);

former Captain and antiquarian bookseller Karl Georg Heinrich von Rohr (42) and daughter Julie (3);

journeyman tailor Johann Andreas Krüger (22);

unmarried Katharine Eheling, Schopenstrasse 1;

former non-commissioned officer Gottfried Güttner (48), Katharinestrasse 10;

shoemaker Gottfried Schönfeld (35) with wife Johanna Martha, neé Lotzing (28) and son Gottfried (½), Stockhausstrasse 27; the above named Kempfe was mother to Schönfeld (?).

From Jerichow district in or near

Woltersdorf: tailor Johann Andreas Schulze (50) with wife Maria Elisabeth, neé Friedrich (46) and four children: Sophie Elisabeth (21), Johann Peter (16), Georg Anton (12), Karl Andreas (3).

Gommern: basketmaker Christian Probst with wife Johanna, neé Hollmann and one daughter.

Osterwieck, district of Osterwieck: baker Christoph Kauffung with wife and three children of 7, 3 and 1 years of age;

shoemaker Karl Kauffung with wife and three children of 5, 3 and ½ years of age;

clothmaker Friedrich Mauer with wife and four children of 10, 7, 4 and 2 years of age;

worker Heinrich Bahns and wife;

(possibly a man named Schmalian).

From the earldom of

Wernigerode: master tailor Karl Ludwig Barthauer (58) with wife Johanne Christiane Elisabeth, neé Nebe (61);

shoemaker Heinrich Gottlieb Koehler (37) with wife Karoline, neé Richter (30), one son of 5, three daughters of 9, 7 ½ and 2 ½ years of age;

master shoemaker Ernst Graebe with wife and five children: Karl Julius (17) (already in Pittsburg), Anna Maria (16), Gustav Heinrich (13), Andreas August Franz (12), Sophie Dorothea Elisabeth (8).

Förderstedt, Kalbe district: journeyman blacksmith Friedrich Lange (31), unmarried, illegitimate son of the deceased Henriette Langer, married name Ewald.

Quedlinburg: theological candidate Wilhelm Rudolf Siebert, called Brandt. He alone remained behind of four families, who received exit permits. We can list the following only as possible emigrants:

journeyman tailors and brothers Johann August and Johann Wilhelm Gram of Magdeburg;

linenweaver Ernst Bondieck of Wedringen, Neuhaldensleben district, with wife Elisabeth, neé Lüpken and four children of 15, 13, 11 and 2 years of age.

Including these 8 people the count would reach 103 on the list of the Saxon Upper Presidium. Perhaps the journeyman locksmith Anton Josef Blaeseltke (23) may also be placed on the list, but he came from Breslau (?).

From page 255

From the governmental district of Merseburg.

In completing this section on the emigration list of 1839 we only give 18 firmly established names out of 103. From

Schkölen, Weissenfels district: wagon master Johann Gottfried Harnisch with wife Wilhelmine, neé Stoll and three-year-old daughter Marie;

widower and journeyman potter Karl Friedrich Krieg with one son Johann Gottfried (3);

master cooper Johann Gottlieb Krug with wife Therese, neé Schirmer and two children: Marie Therese (3), Karl Benjamin (1 ½).

Halle: taxes overseer Wehe with wife and seven small children.

III. Emigrating in 1839 from the province of Brandenburg in or near

Berlin: journeyman tailor Jakob Kupferschmidt with wife and eight children;

master baker Friedrich Pohle with wife and six children (prehaps Prote?);

journeyman tailor Johann Scheidler with wife;

mason Friedrich Scheidler and wife and three children;

bookbinder Christoph Will with wife and four children;

locksmith Friedrich Kompakt with wife and two children;

shoemaker Tobias Buse with wife and five children;

widow Anna Hesse;

shoemaker Johann Friedrich Holle with wife and six children;

widow Johanna Karl;

shoemaker Lange with wife and three children;

Altenstein along with wife and one child;

workman Wolf with wife and three children;

former chancellery assistant Unverdorben along with wife;

widow Anna Maria Hering;

journeyman shoemaker Johann August Exner;

journeyman baker Gottfried Streiber;

sugar refiner Tölge and wife;

coachman Johann Richter with wife and one child;

workman Johann Christian Deterling;

shoemaker Friedrich Korn with wife and six children;

mason Johann Nic. Scheider and wife;

baker Prote (perhaps identified above as Pohle);

tailor Amrey

From Crossen district, in or near

Plau: gardener Johann Gottlieb Beisser [Beißer] with wife and two children: Friedrich August (14), Johanna Dorothea (11); the two elder sons, Christoph Valentin (21) and Johann Gottlieb (17), remained behind.

IV. Emigrating from the province of Silesia in 1839, from the city of

Breslau: city toll collector Karl Meyer (50) with wife Dorothea (41) and daughter Amalie (11);

artistic gardener Ernst Faude (35);

master shoemaker Josef Hantschke (45) with wife Susanna, neé Mroske (40), and three children: Mathilde (14), Maria (6), Robert (4);

journeyman tailor Karl Zedler (34) - his wife temporarily stayed behind;

master tailor Gottlob Harttert (40) with wife Christiane, neé Werner (38) and three children: Gottlob (16), Karl Samuel (6), Wilhelm (5);

house servant Friedrich Gürcke (51) with wife Johanna, neé Zänscher (41) and two children: Pauline (14), Julius (7);

millwright Gottlieb Stein (56) with wife Rosina, neé Sommer (43) and four children: Luise (23), Eduard (21), Moritz (16), Johanna (8);

shoemaker Ignaz Pelzel (48) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Kuhnert (48) and two children: Amalie (13), Wilhelm (7).

From the district of Breslau

Cammelwitz: blacksmith Christian Rother (43) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Hoffmann (44);

blacksmith Johann Gottlieb Rother (32) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Wolf (22) and daughter Christiane (1 year 4 months);

cabinetmaker Johann Ernst Rother (20 ½), wheelwright Julius Gustav Rother (18 ½), perhaps brother of the above;

From page 256

Rothsürben: teacher Ernst Gottlieb Meissner [Meißner] (54) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Soffke and nine children: Heinrich Wilhelm Robert (25), Ernestine Wilhelmine Salome (22), Ernst Gottlieb Wilhelm (18), Christiane Wilhelmine Dorothea (16), Auguste Wilhelmine Amalie (10), Friedrich Wilhelm Julius (7), Anna Rosina Pauline (5), Wilhelm August Hermann (2 ½), Emanuel Gottwerth (¾); Meissner declared that he was engaged as a second teacher by the emigrating Lutheran congregations of Pastor Krause.

The other teacher engaged by the Krause congregations came from

Maria Höfchen: teacher Samuel Siegert. He emigrated with his wife Friderike Luise Wilhelmine, neé Böhnisch and four children: Bertha Wilhelmine (18), Bernhard Theodor (15), Julie Ernestine (8), Ernst Friedrich (6).

Juliusburg: master weaver Christian Bierosch with wife Maria Elisabeth, neé Pfeiffer (37) and two children: Ernestine Luise (7), Karl Gottlieb (5 months).

Buckowinke: weaver Christian Gräser (26) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Radenmacher (24) and daughter Joh. Ernestine Luise (3 weeks).

Gross-Graben: resident Gottlieb Stange (42) with wife Helene, neé Stange (37) and four children: Rosina (9), Karl Gottlieb (7), Wilhelm (4), Joh. Dorothea (3 weeks);

resident Daniel Müchling (60) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Quarg (50).

Kurzwitz: shepherd's widow Helene Bündig (51) with two children: Maria Elisabeth (15), Ernst Samuel (13);

resident Christoph Puschek (37) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Hübsch (38) and five children: Helene (13), Karl (11), Anna Rosina (8), Wilhelm (5), Karl (2 ½).

Lacumme: maid Helene Bündig (30), daughter of the above widow;

landless laborer Ernst Schmidt (44) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Gorsegner (36) and six children: Johanna (11), Ernst (9), Christian (6), Dorothea (3), Elisabeth (1), Maria Auguste (3 months), and mother Anna Rosina Schmidt, neé Pfeiffer (71);

boarder Gottlieb Reimann (35) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Jäckel (39) and son Karl Gottlieb (14 ½).

Bernstadt: tanner Wilhelm Trautwein (38) with wife Johanna, neé Mathias (36) and two children: Wilhelmine (12), Wilhelm (9) and domestic servants: Dorothea Schneider (21), Anna Polce (27);

clothmaker Karl Mathias (31) with wife Johanna, neé Peucker (27), son Wilhelm (4);

baker Gottlieb Storz (39) with wife Johanna, neé Kunze (38) and daughter Henriette (7);

journeyman clothmaker Friedrich Wilhelm Schlosser (39).

Langenhoff: tax-exempt property owner Anton Göldner (31 ½) with wife Susanna, neé Sachschall (29 ½) and daughter Anna (4).

Strehlitz: blacksmith Christian Gorsegner (39) with wife Joh. Christiane, neé Brüger (30) and three children: Wilhelm (9), Julius (5), Christiane (2).

Lutzine: resident Christian Rolle (44) with wife Elisabeth, neé Rolle, daughter Elisabeth (14), mother Maria, neé Gruttke, widow (62 ½);

resident Helene Rolle (38);

shoemaker Ernst Heilmann (25);

resident Daniel Keller (27);

widow Elisabeth Kricke, neé Scholz (43) with two sons: Johann Ernst (18), Karl Gottlieb (15);

Gottlieb Bartsch (34) with wife Elisabeth, neé Lepach (33) and three children: Johanna (8), Karl (6 ½), Heinrich (1);

gardener and weaver Christian Roder (41) with wife Elisabeth, neé Pfeiffer and son Karl Gottlieb (8).

Polnisch Hammer: laborer and weaver Gottlieb Pressgott [Preßgott] (28 ½) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Rosorke (29) and three children: Gottlieb (9), Friedrich Gustav (6), Moritz Ferdinand (4);

resident Christian Hahm (38) with wife Rosina, neé Matzke (31) and three children: Christian (8 ½), Gottlieb (5 ¾), Karl Wilhelm (2 ½);

From page 257

laborer Karl Grottke (47) with wife Christiane, neé Stober (38) and son Karl (20 ½);

resident Gottlieb Wiesner (41) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Bartsch (41) and five children: Friedrich Wilhelm (16), Luise (13), Juliane (11), Dorothea (7), Gottlieb (¾);

resident Gottlieb Scheigert (43) with wife Johanna, neé Richel (38), midwife, and two children: Juliane Wilhelmine (14 ½), Friedrich Erdmann (11 ½);

resident Johann Bartsch (37) with wife Susanna, neé Schreiber (35) and five children: Susanna (11 ½), Gottlieb (9), Karl Wilhelm (7 ½), Karl (5), Dorothea (2);

Mrs. Rosina Jordan (3); her husband is not a separatist and does not want to emigrate; the marriage has not yet been dissolved.

Zantkau: gardener and weaver Gottlieb Gorsegner (36) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Klose (33);

journeyman sugar refiner Wilhelm Keil (21).

Biadauschke: mover [?] Gottlieb Krause (48) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Kühn (47).

Lossen: wheelwright Franz Friedrich Tuch (37) with wife Maria (36) and four children: Auguste (5), Emile (4), Karl (3), Gustav (1).

Dockern: magistrate Friedrich Werner (60) with wife Johanna Renate, neé Enkner (56).

Schawoine: farmer Christoph Scheigert (30).

From Wartenberg district, in or near

Polnisch Wartenberg: mayor and master shoemaker Heinrich Homelius (43) with wife Maria, neé Igel (4) and four children: Karl Wilhelm Emanuel (12), Gotthard Heinrich Benjamin (8), Maria Gottliebe (4), Paul Samuel Theophil (1).

Festenberg: mayor and master tailor Karl Schulthes (37) with wife Martha, neé Ziegler (39);

mover Johann Gruttke (69), his son, freeholder Gottfried Gruttke (40) with wife Johanna, neé Metzner (30) and three children: Friedrich Wilhelm (10), Wilhelm Heinrich (5), Susanna Dorothea (2); also freeholder Johann Gruttke (34) with wife Elisabeth, neé Altmann and son Johann Gottlieb (2).

From Grünberg district in or near

Schloin: rag collector Karl Friedrich Schmidt Sr. (55) with wife Anna Maria, neé Jaeckel and daughter Johanna Dorothea (10);

rag collector Christian Friedrich Schmidt Jr. (perhaps son of Karl) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Sander and two children: Johanna Eleonore (5), Johann August (4 weeks);

gardener Johann Georg Jochmann and four children: Christian (29), Anna Elisabeth (23), Anna Rosina (21), Anna Dorothea (14);

coachman Gottfried Hirthe with wife Maria Elisabeth, neé Jochmann and four children: Johann August (16), Johann Friedrich (10), Johanna Eleonore (23), Johanna Rosina (14); the two eldest sons, Karl (21) and Christian (18), in service in Berlin, did not want to emigrate.

Lättnitz: coachman Samuel Franke with wife and six children ages 18, 16, 14, 12 and 4;

servant Heinrich Klose.

From Glogau district in or near

Glogau: day worker Gottfried Dobschal;

day worker and invalid Theodor Leberecht Heinrich with wife and five children.

Brieg: gardener Samuel Rothe (38) with wife and three children.

Polwitz: the three Zeihn brothers: Karl, Ernst (24), Gottfried.

Goldberg: master cabinetmaker Rudlof Gottfried Borchert with wife and two sons.

Polkwitz: day worker's widow Anna Maria Pohl and three children.

Sprotlau: journeyman harnessmaker Wilhelm Emanuel Gottlieb Müller (28).

From Sagan district in or near

Reichenau: lodger Georg Ferdinand Walther and wife Anna Rosina, neé Seul and stepson Seul.

From Freistadt district in or near

Seifersdorf: tailor Johan Georg Schwarz (39) with wife Dorothea Elisabeth, neé

From page 258

Hoffmann (32) and three children: Gottlieb August (7), Karl Johann Gotthilf (5) and one name unknown.

Rothenburg, Rothenburg district: printworks owner Gustav Wilhelm Wagner.

The Old Lutheran emigations of 1839, as established by the named list, is composed of 570 people from Pomerania, 230 from Saxony, 91 from the Mark, and 265 from Silesia for a total of 1156 people. The names of 83 people from Merseburg are missing.


Relatively light emigration took place in 1840. The roster of the Silesian Upper Presidium shows the following primarily Silesian groups (names of persons in brackets are uncertain).

From Trebnitz district in or near

Zantkau: farm estate owner Christian Schneider (54) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Roder (44) and five children: Ernst (20), Anna Rosina (18), August (16), Karl (10), Johanna (6);

resident and journeyman tailor Silvius Keil (21).

Schlottau: [lodger and pot painter Christian Gottlieb Kammer (54) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Sattler (53) and son August (16).]

Luzine: [journeyman shoemaker August Kanther (20).]

Schawoine: resident and miller Daniel Nitschke (38) with wife Helene, neé Stahr (36) and two children: Daniel (6), Dorothea (2).

Klein Ujeschütz: gardener Georg Garbsch (410 with wife Maria Elisabeth, neé Riedel (36) and seven children: Gottlieb (18 ½), Georg (15), Johanna Helene (12), David (10), Daniel (8), Gottfried Hermann (6), Johann (4);

laborer Friedrich Sternitzke (33) with wife Helene, neé Vietz (28) and four children: Karl (8), Susanna Helene (6), Gottlieb (3), Wilhelm August (1/3);

resident widow Rosina Hillert (62).

From Öls district in or near

Lacumme: freehold owner Karl Schmidt (40) with wife Dorothea, neé Reitzig (33) and eight children: Christiane (12), Johanna (11), Ernst (9), Dorothea (8), Karl (6), Elisabeth (4), Wilhelm (3), Anna Rosina (2).

Bernstadt: merchant Gottlieb Mathias (61) with wife Sophia, neé Metzner (61) and son Julius (24).

Nieder Mühlwitz: [thresher Gottlich Sternahl (35) with wife Maria, neé Hayn (33) and two children: Johann Christian (10), Ernst August (8);]

[farmer and tavern operator Gottlieb Heyne (34) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Günther (27) and four children: Karoline (7), Karl August (6), Karl Wilhelm (4), Karl Friedrich (2).]

Galbitz: [thresher Johann Blase (26), wife Anna Rosina, neé Schleier (24) and daughter Auguste Pauline Emilie (2/3);]

resident Gottlieb Schirdewahn (33).

From Sagan district in or near

Kottwitz: journeyman cabinetmaker Ernst Wilhelm Knobel.

From Sprottau district in or near

Kunzendorg: Johann Gottlieb Lincke (29).

Besides the above the journeyman roofer Mente emigrated from the province of Saxony in or near Halle.

All these emigrants of 1840 went to America.


The destinations of the emigrants of this year are America and Australia. Unfortunately we can not give the complete roster for the same reason we gave in the section above.

A. We can establish a large portion of the emigrants going to Australia.

I. Emigrating to Australia from the province of Brandenburg and in or near the district of Züllichau

Züllichau itself: journeyman mason Johann Gottlieb Schulz (43) and wife Johanna Luise, neé Fechner (48):
[Translators note: the names of five children are listed at the top of page 259 without listing parents. The above entry ends with a colon rather than a semicolon. Perhaps the printer made an error and these five children belong to Schulz and his wife?]

journeyman mason Ewald Grossmann [Großmann] (32) with wife Luise, neé Schmidt (30) and three children: Wilhelmine (4 ¾), Johann Karl (3), Julius (¾);

tobacco spinner Ernst Daniel Thiedemann (41) with wife Luise, neé Begen (41) and three children: Gottlieb (11), Daniel (4), Maria (1);

From page 259

five children: Wilhelm (14), August (12), Karoline (10), Johanna (6), Ernestine (5); [see Translator's Note 1 and Translator's Note 2]

Zülluchau Region: shoemaker Johann Luis Grocke (28) and wife Anna Elisabeth, neé Matzanke (30) and daughter Elisabeth (1);

coachman Gottfried Paech (24), parents already emigrated in 1838.

Kay: farm foreman Johann Gottfried Steicke (40) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Schreck (36) and four children: Johanna Luise (10), Traugott (6), Gottlieb (3), Gottfried (3/4);

ship's servant Gottlob Egel (27) with wife Johanna Elisabeth, neé Edlich (28) and one child, Johanna Eleonore (1);

daily wage earner Georg Zeinert (30) with mother Maria, neé Drudtke (66);

laborer Christian Neumann (39) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Meyer and five children: Johanna Luise (9), Joh. Karoline (8), Joh. Dorothea (6), Wilhelm (3), Gottlieb (3/4);

sheephand Johann Georg Pfeifer (25);

watermiller Gottfried Steicke (66) and five children: Gottlieb (27), Wilhelm (24), Dorothea (32), Joh. Luise (28), Auguste (22);

servant Johan Georg Sommer (24).

Klemzig: thresher Christian Schulze (32) with wife Karoline, neé Grade (30) and sister Joh. Eleonore (26).

Harthe: stallkeeper Christian Wenzel (43) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Hampel (38) and three children: Friedr. Wilhelm (9), Luise (6), Joh. Eleonore (4).

Kutschlau: laborer and journeyman mason Christian Hentschke (36) with wife Apollonin, neé Sparmann (36) and four children: Joh. Gottlieb (10), August (8), Wilhelm (5), Joh. Luise (4 months);

thresher Martin Hentschke (28) with wife Anna Christiane, neé Krüger (25) and two children: Anna Dorothea (4), Joh. Luise (2).

Rackau: baker Wilhlem Krüger (47) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Wabersitzky (38) and five children: Ernst (14), Christian (13), Ernestine (11), Emile (6), Auguste (6).

Klein Dammer: shoemaker Joh. Gottlieb Felsch (54) with wife Wilhelmine, neé Sperling (48), son Eduard (18), daughter Henriette (15).

Crummendorf: shoemaker Johann Georg Thiele (45) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Kluge (42) and three children: Karoline (17), Anna Eleonore (15), Johanna Luise (13).

Lochow: oxenhand Joh. Gottfried Kuchel (30) with wife Joh. Dorothea, neé Kuchel (30) and two children: Joh. Luise (1 ¼), Joh. Dorothea (¼).

Klippendorf: colonist Gottlieb Staude (36) with three children: Joh. Wilhelm (9), Gottlieb (6), August (3) and mother-in-law Joh. Luise Preuss [Preuß], neé Bitroff (58).

Schwiebus: master clothmaker Samuel Gerlach (35) with wife Charlotte Friderike, neé Haupt (36) and seven children: Albertine (19), August (17), Henriette (15), Julius (10), Juliane (6), Auguste (3), Mathilde (4 months).

From Crossen district in or near Rollmühle by the Kreisdorf

Blumberg: carpenter Joha. Gottlieb Seeländer (32) with wife Karoline, neé Hamsell (27) and son Friedrich August (2); the father had already gone to Australia in 1838.

Deutsch Nettkow: gardener Joh. Gottlieb Klimke with wife Anna Rosina, neé Riemer and three children: Joh. Gottlieb (5), Karoline (3), Wilhelmine (1).

II. Emigrating from the province of Silesia in 1841 and going to Australia from Grünberg district in or near

Januy: shoemaker and laborer Georg Friedrich Nitschke (37) with wife Anna Elisabeth, neé Fellenberg (33) and six children: Gottlieb (9), Johanna Rosina (8), Anna Rosina (7), Joh. Helene (5), Joh. Ernestine and Joh. Luise, twins (1 ½), plus sister Helene Nitschke (22);

coachman Georg Friedrich Bär with wife Anna Elis., neé Mersch and four children: Christian, Heinrich, Ernestine, Pauline.

Sawade: farmer Joh. Georg Hohenberg (52) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Irmler (47) and four children: Anna Rosina (21), Johanna Doroth. (10), Gottlob (7), August (2);

shopkeeper Gottfried Lehmann (42) with wife Anna Elis., neé Irmler (36) and eight children: Christiane Pauline (12), Joh. Elisabeth (10), Christiane Ernestine (8), Joh. Auguste (6), Heinrich (4) and Friedrich Reinhold (4), twins, Joh. Gottfried (2), Joh. Auguste (3 months);

resident Anna Rosina Kowald (58) with daughter Anna Elis., widowed name Fellenberg (26) and son Friedrich (25), daughters Anna Dorothea (18), Luise (12);

From page 260

journeymman butcher Georg August Schulz (30) with wife Eleonore, neé Kleber (32);

thresher Christian Mattner (40) with wife Elisabeth, neé Matzanke (42) and
[Translator's Note 2 - it's also possible that the five children listed at the top of page 259 belong to this couple since there is an "and" but no children listed.]

laborer Gottfried Klicke (41) with wife Anna Elis., neé Pietschke (32) and three daughters: Joh. Dorothea (7), Auguste (5), Ernestine (1).

laborer Gottfried Krause (33) with wife Anna Elis., neé Barrein (25) and two daughters: Ernestine (3), Auguste (1);

journeyman mason Daniel Hoeppner (32) with wife Luise Dorothea, neé Nettenberg (28) and three children: Joh. Friedr. August (5), Joh. Friedrich (3), Karl Gottlob (1).

Prittag: coachman Joh. Christof Nicolai (53) with wife Elisabeth, neé Fröhlich (51) and three children: Gottfried (27), Joh. Christof (24), Eva Maria (21);

small plot farmer Christian Seidel (54) with wife Eva Rosina, neé Kärgel and three children: Gottlieb (18), Christian (13), Helene (16) and foster-daughter Anna Dorothea Wolf (23);

laborer Gottfried Nitschke (38) with wife Eva Elis., neé Arlt (38) and five children: Gottlieb (13), Eva Elis. (7), Karl Friedrich (5), Friedrich Wilhelm (3), Gottfried (1) and two stepsons Christian Hentschke (16), Joh. Gottlieb Hentschke (13);

large plot gardener Joh. Georg Hoeppner (60) with wife Rosina, neé Fröhlich (48), two children: Christian (22), Anna Rosina (13) and the maid Maria Elisabeth Helbig (22).

Deutsch-Kessel: mill owner Gottfried Emanuel Klar (29) with (illiegal) wife Luise, neé Preuss [Preuß] (29) and daughter Pauline (2);

lodger Gottlob Preuss [Preuß] (61).

From Liegnitz district in or near

Alt Beckern: tax-exempt property owner Samuel Hoffmann (47), his hostess Joh. Christiane Lux from Bienowitz (26) and his children: Joh. Christiane Henriette (14), Karl Rudolf (10).

III. The section on 1841 emigrants to Australia from the province of Posen may be compared with the crosssection from 1840 to 1842. We could only determine a few names with certainty. These are

Turowo: Pastor Gotthard Daniel Fritzsche (44) with his bride Dorchen Nehrlich and mother-in-law, the widow Hannchen Nehrlich from Hamburg.

Alttomsyl: shoemaker Peter Wallast (42) with wife Desde (48) and daughter Juliane (19).

as yet unsubstantiated, from

Pinne: Hensel.

Tirschtigel: shoemaker Röhr,


Birnbaum: three brothers named Müller: Ferdiand, Johann Friedrich and August.

B. Emigrating from Pomerania in 1841 to America with Pastor Krause we can supply only a few names. From the district of Liegnitz in or near

Parchwitz: resident Karl Friedrich Leopold with wife Johanna Karoline, neé Preller and five children: Karl Friedrich August, Wilhelm Julius, Joh. Friedrich August, Joh. Luise Karoline, Joh. Christiane.

Pfaffendorf: mill owner Benjamin Schön (38) with wife Rosina, neé Jigner (29) and five children: Christiane (11), Hermann Wilhelm (8), Ernst Heinrich Julius (5), Emilie (2), Maria Elis. Dorothea (1 ¼).

From Lühen district in or near

Buchwäldchen: master cabinetmaker Albert Grosser [Großer] with wife Rosina, neé Wogisch and five children: Emilie (15), Eduard (13), Hermann (8), Traugott (6), Maria (4).

From Sternberg district in or near

Zielenzig: master shoemaker Friedrich Redlich (39) with wife Charlotte, neé Fiedler (36) and three children: Wilhelm (12), Wilhelmine (10), Eduard (7);

master cooper Karl Friedrich Schmidt (64) and his sister, who may have divorced master ropemaker Reichheng (50).

For the year 1841 we could name 206 of the 274 people going to Australia and 29 of the 121 people going to America.


From the 1843 records of the district magistrate for Kammin we could establish only in retrospect that a brother and sister named Stock emigrated to America in 1842. One brother, Christian Wilhelm Stock, returned in 1841.

From page 261


The entire recorded emigration for 1843 went to America.

Emigrating from the province of Brandenburg from the Prenzlau district in or near

Wallmow: stallkeeper and weaver Gottlieb Strasburg (60) with wife, neé Hinz (60) and two children: Charlotte (34), Friedrich (26);

widow Maria Thiemke, neé Hinz (64);

daily wage earner Dorothea Kuhz, neé Schulz (70);

unmarried serving maid Dorothea Elis. Kieckhöfel (27);

farmer's son Friedrich Haseley (31), farmer's son Wilhelm Haseley (26);

widowed farmer's wife Haseley, whose husband sprinted off with his money (see 1843) and whose sons are the two named above, and whose other two sons, David Haseley and August Haseley, received exit permits althought they were in military service (cf. chapter on family breakups);

servant Friedrich Krüger (24);

farmer's son Friedrich Wilhelm Wendt (27), cf. those retained in Havelberg;

daily wage earner Gottfried Wieland (40) with wife Luise, neé Krumreich (46) and seven children: Wilhelm (21), Luise Christine Wilhelmine (19), Christine Friderike (16); Johann Gottfried (13) Karl August (11), Christiane Elisabeth (9), Christiane Luise (6);

workman Daniel Hase (39) with wife Marie, neé Schulz and three children: Christian Friedrich (10), Friedrich Wilhelm (5), Christine (2);

workman Martin Lindke (43) wife Christiane, neé Bartel (43) and six children: Martin Friedrich Wilhelm (15), Christine Luise (14), Ernestine Wilhelmine (12), Dorothea Luise (10); Johanna Friderike (8), Maria Elisabeth (2);

weaver Johann Friedrich Blumreich (35), wife Christine, neé Wolff (31) and two children: Friderike Wilhelmine (7), Friedrich Wilhelm (1);

weaver and stallkeeper Gottfried Strasburg (36), wife Christine, neé Regling (23) and five children: twins Wilhelmine Frikderike and Joh. Elisabeth (6), Friedrich Wilhelm (4), August Wilhelm (2), John Gottfried Wilhelm (4 months);

servant Friedrich Bergholz (24), Mrs. Friderike Grapenthin (26) and son Friedrich Wilhelm (1 ¾);

herdsman Johann Steffen (5), wife Christine, neé Ahlbeck and five children: Friedrich Wilhelm (15), Christian Friedrich (13), Christina Dorothea Elisabeth (7), Dorothea Elisabeth (5), Wilhelm (2);

farmer Christof Walk (28), wife Wilhelmine Friderike, neé Wendt (25) and son Christian Friedrich (1);

shepherd Friedrich Matzdorff (45), Mrs. Christine Dorothea Fährmann (44) and five children: Regine (17), Dorothea Friderike Wilhelmine (11), Johanna Elisabeth (7), Ernestine Friederike Luise (4), Friederike Karoline (2) and mother-in-law widow Fährmann (69);

servant Michael Burow (38), wife Elisabeth, neé Gombert (36) and six children: Friedrich Wilhelm (9), Dorothea Elisabeth Friderike (17), Wilhelmine Christine (13), Wilhelm Ferdinand (6), Maria Dorothea Elis. (3), Christian Friedrich (4 months);

tailor Christian Burow (39), wife Christine, neé Rahn (39) amd four children: Joh. Wilh. Friderike (9), Friderike Justine (7), Immanuel Friedrich (5), Sophie Elisabeth (2);

stallkeeper and shoemaker Johann Ballert (41), Mrs. Dorothea Jahn (32);

stallkeeper and daily wage earner Gottfroed Damerow (with wife separated by court ruling);

stallkeeper and workman Christian Müller (60), wife Luise, neé Burow (5) and five children: David (22), Christian (18), Friedrich Daniel Michael (17), Friedrich (14), Albertine Wilhelmine (23);

workman Johann Casube (50), wife Christine, neé Ballert (48) and six children: Friedrich Wilhelm (18), Johann (17), Karoline Friderike (16), Wilhelm Gottfried (13), Christian Friedrich (9), Wilhelmine (4);

teacher and sexton Beckmann, wife Johanna, neé Kanuth (30), son Christof Magnus (1);

Gottfried Stolzmann (17), perhaps son of one of those retained in Havelberg;

Christof Burow (17), perhaps son of one of the aforenamed Burows.

From page 262

Bergholz: farmer Johann Salingre (separated from wife by court ruling);

weaver Friedrich Klee (32) with wife Maria Charlotte, neé Krull (31);

workman Meyer (34) with wife (28);

widowed daily wage earner Maria Schüssler [Schüßler] (62) with daughter Luise (28);

farmer's son Christian Sucrow (31);

servant Joahnn Rubbert (26);

unmarried maid Marie Ducwitz (27);

teacher and sexton August Stowasser (34) with Mrs. Wilhelmine Henriette Krüger (21);

weaver Friedrich Ferken (43), Mrs. Dorothea Brüning (41) and three children: Karl Wilhelm (14), Christine Friderike (8), Johann Friedrich (5);

daily wage earner Joachim Bredow (42) with wife Luise, neé Neumann (30) and six children: Johann Friedrich (17), Christian Friedrich (14), Christine Luise (12), Friedrich Wilhelm (7), Friderike Christine (4), Karoline Wilhelmine (2);

daily wage earner Johann Pröfrock (30) with wife Christine, neé Völker (27) and two children: Friderike Christine (5), Christine Luise (1);

tailor Christian Holland (24) with wife Maria Dorothea, neé Krause (28) and daughter Auguste Karoline (1);

farmer Johann William (31) with wife Marie, neé André (31) and son Johann (8);

farmer Abraham William (28) with wife Judith Laramé (28) and four children: Friderike Wilhelmine (7), Auguste Albertine (6), Marie (3), August Wilhelm (1 ½);

workman Michael Ferken (47) with wife Karoline, neé Wittkopp (43) and three children: Karoline Luise (18), Christian Friedrich (16), Wilhelmine Luise (10);

merchant Christian Wolff (32) with wife Wilhelmine Christine, neé Schulz (26) and two children: Marie Auguste Wilhelmine (3), Albertine Friderike (2);

halftime stallkeeper Peter Logé (32) with Christine Luise, neé Wolff (29) and two children: August Ferdinand (2), Wilhelmine Christine (1);

workman Gottfried Engel (25) with wife Marie Sophie, neé Grützner (31) and three children: Christine Wilhelmine (6), Wilhelm (4), Luise Christine (2);

unmarried Karoline Recke (24 ½);

Unmarried Judith Genet (24).

Brüssow: wheelwright Grobengiesser [Grobengießer] Jr. (29) with wife Maria Dorothea, neé Wittkopf (27);

slippermaker Friedrich Camann (35) with wife Luise, neé Grobengiesser [Grobengießer] (27) and three children: Friedrich August (3), August Wilhelm (2), Wilhelm Julius (½);

shoemaker Karl Ludwig Stieg (52) with Mrs. Christine Luise Zehms (41) and five children: Luise Karoline Friderike Wilhelmine (18), Karl August (16), Luise Albertine (10), Wilhelm Ludwig (7), Ferdinand Hermann (4);

shoemaker Joh. Friedrich Rossow (44) with wife Friderike Elisabeth, neé Fielitz (47) and four children: Karl Wilhelm (16), Joh. Friedrich Wilhelm (14), Karoline Wilhelmine Henriette (12), Johann August (8);

wheelwright Joh. Justus Grobengiesser [Grobengießer] (56) with wife Karoline, neé Ribike (67) and three children: Justine Friderike (26), Johanne Charlotte Friderike (24) and son Wilhelm Heinrich (20);

shoemaker Joh. Christiane Handke (41) with wife Charlotte Luise, neé Beltac (31) and two children: Heinrich Wilhelm (15), Joh. Gottl. Leberecht (4);

tailor Trippensee from Brölka near Brüssow.

Fahrenwalde: daily wage earner Duboi (42) and wife Dorothea, neé Schultz (38);

servant Abraham Genet (25)

weaver Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Klee (34) with wife Friderike, neé Rettmann (34) and three children: Wilhelmine Friderike (7), August (3), Marie Friderike Karoline (1);

farmer Christian Krull (37) with wife Marie Beccü (37) and four children: Marie Justine (9), Karoline Luise (7), Friedrich Wilhelm (5), Albertine (1 ½);

serving maid Luise Brauer (24);

shepherd Christian Friedrich Zabel (35) with wife Dorothea Luise, neé Müller (28) and three children: Wilh. Frid. Luise (6), Wilh. Friedrich August (4), Friderike (1 ½);

journeyman carpenter Joh. David Krull (26) with wife Christine Luise Ducwitz (27) and three children: Frid. Wilhelmine (6), Justine Luise (3), Johann 1 (½);

Friedrich Batzlaff (17).

Falkenwalde: cabinetmaker Schwebs (58) and Mrs. Wilhelmine Riecks (27);

From page 263

weaver Wilhelm Wegner and Mrs. Dorothea Schüler (25);

unmarried Luise Wegner (31);

stallkeeper and tailor Gottfried Schüler (58) with wife Marie (48) and Christine Wilhelmine (18), Gottfried (15), children of the husband's first marriage and Joh. Marie Auguste (6), Joh. Heinrich Wilhelm (4), children of his second marriage;

widow Marie Wegner, neé Höpfner (43), dressmaker and three children: Ernst Gottlieb (15), Marie Dorothea Wilhelmine (8), Johann Christian (5);

weaver Gottfried Wegner (43) with wife Christine, neé Wegner and five [sic] children: August Christof Gottlieb (17), Friedrich Johann (9), Marie Christine (7), Joh. Marie Elisabeth (5).

Grimme: weaver Joh. Christoph Urtel (45) with wife Christine, neé Schulz (45) and six children: Joh. Wilhelm (16), Friedrich (14), Karl August (13), Ferd. Wilhelm (9), Gottlieb Heinrich (8), Christine Friderike (11);

shoemaker Karl Friedrich Schulz (40) with Mrs. Dorothea Luise Tinkelthei (38) and six children: Charlotte Friderike (18), Charlotte Marie Wilhelmine (16), Wilhelm Friedrich (10), Dorothea Luise (8), Wilhelm Albertine (4), Augustine (1 ½);

workman Joh. Müller (39) with wife Christine, neé Giese (42) and four children: Friderike (11), Johann (7), Friedr. Wilhelm (4), August (1).

Menkin: farmer's son Wilhelm Böning (42), his brother Christian (26), his sister Luise (27);

daily wage earner Georg Heuer (50), Mrs. Sophie Böning (6) and three children: Christine Luise (24), Friderike (16), Georg Friedrich (15);

daily wage earner Friedrich Bischof (42), Mrs. Dorothea Luise Müller (45) and four children: Dorothea Luise (16), Christine Friderike Luise (11), Christian Friedrich (5), Wilh. Friderike Sophie (3);

farmer's widow Böning, neé Markhoff (54).

Schwaneberg: old estate owner Mich. Kühn (70);

stallkeeper and weaver Friedrich Schröder (31), wife Charlotte, neé Schröder and son August;

weaver Joh. Glöge (46), wife Christine, neé Schultz (44) and six children: Friedrich Wilhelm (19), Christine Luise (17), Friedr. Wilhelm (14), Friderike (13), Karl Friedrich (9), Joh. Daniel (2).

Caselow: representative Friedrich Krull (46), Mrs. Elisabeth Desjardin (5) and five children: Marie Karoline (20), Friderike Luise (17), Christ. Wilhelmine (14), Friderike Charlotte (11), Charlotte Albertine (8);

daily wage earner Christian Conrad (46), Mrs. Eleonore Mehls (50), daughter Wilhelmine (9);

Wollin: weaver Christof Köhn (44), Mrs. Marie Pipkorn (50) and seven children: Mich. Friedrich (19), Wilhelm (17), Ernestine (15), August Gottlieb (12), Joh. Luise (10), Christine Luise (7), Justine Luise Gänzmer (stepdaughter).

Zerenthin: widow Marie Siebert, neé Billian (55) and daughter Marie (28);

workman Friedrich Siebert (26).

Prenzlau: journeyman clothmaker Gottfried Schmock (30) with Mrs. Amalie Rieck (27);

master cabinetmaker Georg Schmidt (30). Wife emigrated in 1844 (cf. chapter on family breakups);

weaver's son Barth (17).

Tornow: daily wage earner's widow Dorothea Luise Hildebrandt, neé Staats (59);

farmer's widow Justine Mertens, neé Wieland (52).

Grünow: divorced daily wage earner Wilhelmine Spann, neé Wegner (33).

Rollberg: serving maid Dorothea Bartel (30).

Woddow: cottager's son Abraham Desjardin (27).

Wetzenow: Daniel Blank (20).

From the Ober-Barnim and Lebus district in or near

Neu Kietz: colonist Ernst Wilhelm Schwefel with wife Sophie, neé Cramer and four children: Ernst Wilhelm (10), Joh. Wilhelm (7), Karoline Wilhelmine (5), Auguste (1); the siblings named Koch from the wife's first marriage remained behind;

colonist Friedrich August Schulze with Mrs. Dorothea Sophie Bergmann and five children: Friedrich August (1), Friedrich Wilhelm (8), Marie Sophie Dorothea (6), Karl Ludwig (4), Johann August (1); foster-daughter Alberts lived elsewhere but emigrated in 1848.

From page 264

Sietzlag: tailor Ludwig Salmsmüller (33) with wife Luise, neé Höhne (37) and daughter Auguste (1);

master blacksmith Karl Ludwig Drechsler (46) with wife Charlotte Sophie, neé Scherfling (43) and seven children: Emilie Frid. Wilh. (20), Charlotte Juliane (19), Karl Ludwig Adolf (16), Florentine Bertha Emilie (12), Karl Ludwig Julius (10), Albertine Amalie (8), Florentine Charlotte Therese (3);

property owner Joh. Rudolf Moldenhauer (54) with Mrs. Anna Sophie Höhne (45) and nine children: Martin Gottfried (24), Dorothea Luise (21), Sophie Wilhelm. (20), Wilhelmine Karoline (19), twins Johann Heinrich and Sophie Friderike (12), Friedrich Wilhelm (9), Friderike (?), Wilhelm August (?);

Joh. Gottlieb Höhne (30) with wife Elisabeth, neé Mielenz (24);

weaver Christian Woltmann with wife Maria Elis., neé Moldenhauer and daughter Marie Elisabeth (2).

Wuschewire: weaver Wilhelm Woltmann with bride Charlotte Sophie Krubsack.

Alt Levin, Lebus District: tailor Erdmann Pankow with Mrs. Sophie Karoline Moldenhauer, daughter of Katharine M., who returned in 1844.

Beauregard: Johann Friedrich Höhne with wife Henriette Maire;

daily wage earner Joh. Gottfried Zander with wife, neé Buschke;

daily wage earner Joh. Wilhelm Kutzer with Mrs. Anna Luise Brunkow and daughter Friderike Emilie Auguste (5) (among other things stated about him in a family roster of the Lutheran congregation at Kiehnwerder, it is said that he emigrated and then returned in 1846.)

Alt Letschin, Lebus District: daily wage earner David Krüger with Mrs. Dorothea Schröder and three children: Heinrich Daniel (15), Friedrich and Maria.

Grass-Barnim: stallkeeper and weaver Joh. Moldenhauer (son of Joh. Rud. M.) with wife Adelheid August Emilie, neé Voigt and two children: Johanna Emilie (3), Johann Wilhelm (1).

Trebbin: stallkeeper and master weaver Friedrich Wilhelm Steinborn with wife Anna Christiane, neé Moldenhauer and two children: Wilhelmine Friderike and one child unknown.

Neu Medewitz: colonist and mason Gottfried Dühring with wife Katharine, neé Höhne and five children: Friedrich Julius (8), Karl Friedrich (6), Friedrich Wilhelm (5), Marie Friderike (3), Friedrich August (1).

Alt Wriezen: master tailor Gottfried Wilhelm Setzkorn with wife Karoline, neé Richter and son Karl Friedrich Wilhelm (19).

Rehfeld: clothesmaker Wilhelm Friese with Mrs. Maria Franke and three children: Wilhelm, Friedrich, Karl Ferdinand.

Sophienthal: reservationist Martin Franke (35).

From Angermünde district in or near

Neu Angermünde: townsman and master weaver Johann Frey (44) with wife Sophie, neé Bach (48) and seven children: Juliane (17), Emilie (16), Johann (14), Auguste (12), Albert (11), Ferdinand (9), Julius (8);

townsman and master carpenter Friedrich Grosskopf [Großkopf] (42) with wife Sophie, neé Walter (41) and three children: Friedrich (14), Amalie (9), Gotthold (4);

townsman and master weaver Ferdinand Miehle and Mrs. Sophie Tieck (48);

town agriculturalist Christian Erke (52) with Mrs. Maria Hübner (46) and six children: Emilie Marie (16), Wilhelm Friedrich (14), August (12), Wilhelmine (6), Julius (3), Auguste (1);

widow of hatmaker Chabot, Dorothea Sophie, neé Köppen (71);

townsman and weaver Johann August Frey (35) with wife Wilhelmine, neé Eisenfuhr (33) and two children: Joh. August (6), Gustav Albert (1);

widow of sailor, Karoline Junge, neé Hinz with seven children: Karoline Eleonore (18), Karl Leopold (16), Wilhelm Arnold (14), Henriette Dorothea Wilhelmine (12), Gottfried Heinrich (10), Gottlieb Friedrich (8), Johann August (2).

Welsow: farmer Johann Hennig with Mrs. Charlotte Walter and three children: Ephraim (19), Johann Friedrich (17), stepdaughter Augustine Wilhelmine Karoline Schmidt.

Bruchhagen: master weaver Christian Meissner [Meißner] with wife Luise, neé Kumm and daughter Justine (14).

Güstow: lodger Christian Milius, Mrs. Dorothea Wegner and six children: Maria, Christine Luise, Christian, Gottlieb, Michael, August Otto.

From page 265

Greifenberg: cabinetmaker Christian Friedrich Beitz with wife and five children: Auguste Wilhelmine (10), Hermann August (8), Friderike Wilhelmine (6), Karl Friedrich (4), Maria Luise (1);

weaver Huck.

Liepe: cabinetmaker Karl Sack with Mrs. Karoline Sidow and son Karl (1);

the sister of Karl Sack, unmarried Wilhelmine Sack, and their parents remained behind.

Güntherberg: tailor Christian Friedrich Rehwald with Mrs. Dorothea Luise Tesch and five children: Justine Luise (13), Joh. Wilh. Luise (11), Karl Friedr. Sigismund (9), Christian Friedrich Erdmann (4), Joh. Gottfried Erdmann (1);

worker Karl Friedrich Rehwald with Mrs. Luise Becker and son Johann Gottfried Erdmann (17);

freeholder Martin Friedrich Herrmann with Mrs. Christine Weyer and two children: Karoline Wilhelmine (16), Luise Wilhelmine (12).

Lützlow: shoemaker Joh. Gottlieb Krüger with Mrs. Christine Korf and two children: Ferdinand Wilh. Rudolf (1), foster-daughter Wilhelmine Genz;

unmarried sisters Wilhelmine and Maria Dorothea Korff.

Berlin: despite attempts to search the emigration roster of Berlin for 1843, we could only derive the name of one family. This is the royal chamber servant Ludwig (also Ludewig) with wife and two daughters (cf. section on Emigration in 1843).

Emigration from the province of Pomerania in 1843. Kammin District in or near

Kammin itself: daily wage earner Karl Wilhelm Lücke (36) with Mrs. Katharina Dorothea Moldenhauer (43) and daughter of the woman, Karoline Friderike (14) and three children issued from this union: Henriette Wilhelmine (10), Karl Friedrich Wilhelm (8), Johanna Luise (3);

candidate Gustav Adolf Kindermann (38), Mrs. Maria Charlotte Wilhelmine Hörnigk (29), son Martin Adolf Michael (1 ¾), maid Dorothea Sophie Schallock (36);

journeyman cooper Franz Konrad Wangerin (32);

servant Leopold Knoll (29);

weaver Martin Kühl (29), whose housekeeper, Amalie Charlotte Dorothea Ulrike Witte (35), and her mother Ulrike Elisabeth, neé Sansky (64), go to Russia.

Baumgarten: daily wage earner Erdmann Daniel Friedrich Rusch (38) with Mrs. Fridkerike Luise Patratz (40), two children: Gottlieb Ernst Friedrich (7), Wilhelmine Sophie Dorothea (4), the parents Christian Friedrich (67) and Juliane Friderike, neé Patratz;

wheelwright and innkeeper Christian Friedrich Otto (33), Mrs. Karoline Sophie Henriette Böttcher (33) and two children: Albertine Wilhelmine Henriette (2), Karl Friedrich Eduard (1 month);

brothers Ernst Friedrich Pompe (36) and Michael Friedrich Pompe (43).

Kutlow: shepherd Joh. David Voigt (49), Mrs. Anna Maria Dettmann (42) and two children: Joh. Frid. Marie Luise (9), Marie Ernestine Wilhelmine Luise Tugendreich (8).

Hermannsthal: tailor Friedrich Eduard Kliese (3), Mrs. Ulrike Juliane Berndt (28), three children: August Friedrich (4), Bertha Friderike (2) Ludwig Eduard (1), and the father, gardener Christian Eduard Kliese.

Tribsow: master tailor Joachim Friedr. Wilhelm Hofemeister (30), Mrs. Johanna Friderike Schramm (36) and son Ernst Ludwig (3);

daily wage earner Christian Friedrich Dobberphul (28), Mrs. Ernestine Wilhelmine Buth (20) and son Franz Friedrich Wilhelm (1);

stallkeeper Martin Friedrich Hofemeister (54), Mrs. Katharina Elisabeth Sülflow (52) and four children: Johann Gottlieb (27), Christian Friedrich (25 ½), Martin Wilhelm (23), Ernst (18);

farmer Johann Sülflow (31), Mrs. Sophie Friderike Groth (29), two children: Joh. Friedr. Wilhelm (7), Bertha Wilhelmine Friderike (3), mother Benigna, neé Neumann (66);

stallkeeper Michael Gruel (53), Mrs. Maria Luise Sülflow (49), daughters Ernestine Maria Friderike (18), Friderike Helene (16), stepdaughter Wilhelmine Ohm (25);

From page 266

half-time farmer Friedrich Groth (28), Mrs. Dorothea Friderike Dobberphul (24) and two children: Ernestine Wilhelmine Friderike (4), Franz Friedrich August (1);

daily wage earner Joh. Christoph Friedrich Schmeling (39), Mrs. Karoline Friderike Wilke (36) and six children: Charlotte Karoline Friderike (16), Dorothea Ernestine (14), Karoline Sophie Friderike (9), Ernestine Dorothea Sophie (7), Joachim Friedrich Wilhelm (4), Ferdinand (1).

Pribbernow: lodger Christof Friedrich Woldt (41) with Mrs. Joh. Henr. Ernestine Kieckhöfer (27), son Joh. Ed. Jul. Ferdinand (1), mother Dorothea Sophie Woldt (62);

farmer Joh. Friedrich Woldt (30) with Mrs. Wilhelm. Friderike Grameke (23) and son Herm. Friedrich August (10 months);

tenant farmer Joh. Martin Georg Ewald Krüger (59) with Mrs. Maria Christiane Baehne (55) and two children: Karoline Friderike Dorothea (14), Karl Friedrich Wilhelm (11), Mrs. Baehne's sister adopted one of her sons and he remained behind.

Crellow: property owner Karl Gottlieg Retzlaff (32) with Mrs. Maria Wilh. Friderike Kiechhöfer (32) and two children: Emilie Wilh. Albertine (11), Bertha Wilhelmine Elvina Josefine (10);

property owner Karl Friedrich Müller (64) with Mrs. Joh. Sophie Klamp (7), son Karl Friedrich (30), stepdaughter Christine Luise Woldt (38);

property owner Joh. David Eggert (44) with Mrs. Christine Luise Klamp (43) and four children: Karl Friedr. (12), Joh. Friedrich (9), Wilh. Friedrich (6), Hanna Wilhelmine (2);

property owner Karl Friedrich Eggert (39) with Mrs. Hanna Luise Wilh. Krause (33) and three children: Karl Friedrich (7), Bertha Marie Elisabeth (3), Martin Gotthilf (1);

weaver Ernst Ludwig Ferdinand Prachnow (25) with Mrs. Ernestine Friderike Luise Barckow (21);

lodger Joh. Gottfried Burmeister (34) with Mrs. Karoline Luise Barchow (33) and two children: Albertine Friderike Wilhelmine (9), Wilhelm Friedrich Ferdinand (1).

Banderow: tenant dairy farmer Mich. Friedrich Hackbarth (40) with Mrs. Eva Luise Winter (40) and four children: Ernst Aug. Heinrich (9), Bertha Charlotte Luise (7), Karl Friedr. Wilhelm (5), Ferdinand Heinrich August (2).

Morgow: blacksmith Joh. Ludwig Hofemeister (32) with Mrs. Joh. Wilhelmine Tews (27) and one son Karl Friedr. Julius (1);

farmer Martin Friedr. Mitzlaff (45) with Mrs. Sophie Luise Friderike Woldt (32) and four children: Joh. Friedr. Ferdinand (10), Karl Friedr. Wilhelm (7), Wilhelmine Henriette Albertine (5), Hermann Friedr. Wilhelm (2);

daily wage earner Joh. Christian Friedrich Winter (48) with Mrs. Maria Elisabeth Wolter (39) and five children: Friderike Ernestine Wilhelmine (18), Karl Friedrich August (15), Ernestine Wilhelmine Henriette (9), Ernst Friedr. Wilhelm (7), Wilh. Friedrich (4);

daily wage earner Martin Friedrich Uttech (41) with Mrs. Marie Karoline Benigna Hofemeister (39) and three children: Joh. Christian Friedrich (10), Augustine Wilhelmine Ernestine (7), Ernst Wilhelm Friedrich (4);

daily wage earner Kaspar Friedrich Uttech (46) with Mrs. Friderike Luise Mitzlaff (51) and six children: Karl Friedr. Anton (20), Karoline Friderike Marie (15), Johanna Sophie (15), August (12), Friderike (8), Herm. Friedr. Wilhelm (5).

Batzlaff: servant Karl Friedr. Krüger (24).

Nitznow: farmer Joh. Gottfried Brendemühl (38) with Mrs. Anna Maria Schuster (41) and seven children: August Friedrich (16), Gotthilf Wilhelm Ferdinand (12), Karl Friedrich Ferdinand (12), Joh. Ferd. Wilhelm (8), Wilhelmine Karoline Friderike (6), Franz Friedr. August (4), Hanna Karoline Friderike (2).

Büssentin: servant Joh. Friedrich Helm (44).

Jassow: quarter-time farmer Martin Krüger (45) with Mrs. Juliane Friderike Schulz (40) and four children: Karl (10), Gottlieb (8), Wilhelmine (4), Bertha Sophie Friderike (¼);

unmarried Karoline Wilhelmine Friderike Hackbarth (25);

servant Ferdinand Joachim Krüger (23)

Reckow: journeyman carpenter Joh. Friedrich Hinz (40) with Mrs. Ernestine Luise Brüggemann (36)

From page 267

and five children: Ernestine (12), Johanna (9), Luise (7), Auguste (4), Friedrich (2);

schoolteacher Karl Heinrich Hoefs (64) with Mrs. Sophie Buchholz (64) and three children: Sophie Friderike (26), Karoline Albertine Wilhelmine (24), future son-in-law Friedrich Wegner (25);

blacksmith Karl Wilh. Ferdinand Janke (30) with Mrs. Dorothea Ernestine Wille (3), two children: Sophie Friderike (26), Karolina Albertine Wilhelmine (2), father (72), mother (59);

unmarried Anna Luise Christine Regine Karoline Janke (32).

Denthin: lodger Ernst Gottfried Nell (42);

cottager Martin Gottlieb Bruss [Bruß] (36) with Mrs. Charlotte Eleonore Nofke (36) and two children: Wilhelmine (8), Karoline (5).

Grambow: cottager Joh. Friedrich Müller (50) with Mrs. Luise Dobberphul (53) and foster daughter Juliane Wilhelmine Dobberphul (24);

tailor Peter Gottlieb Schulz (48) with Mrs. Sophie Christine Friderike Genz (42) and seven children: Sophie Friderike (13), Karl Wilhelm (11), Karoline Wilhelmine (9), August (7), Karl Friedrich Ferdinand (5), Ernestine Karoline (2), one son not yet baptised (2 months);

farmer Christian Dobberphul (58) with Mrs. Karoline Friderike Klug (45) and son Karl Friedrich (27);

servant Christian Wilhelm Stock (31), he is the fianceé of Janke from Reckow and a brother of the Stocks, who emigrated in 1842;

tailor Karl Heinrich Schultz (44).

Lulsenhof: cattle herder Karl Joachim Friedrich Kuphal (33) with Mrs. Anna Sophie Friderike Schnuckel (37) and three children: Karl Friedrich Wilhelm (11), Ernestine Wilhelmine (8), Johann Friedrich (6);

daily wage earner Johann Erdmann Last (52) with Anna Sophie Pankow (50) and four children: Joh. Justine Charlotte (15), Joh. Friedr. August (13), Joh. Friedr. Wilhelm (11), Marie Friderike Wilhelmine (6);

resident Karl August Stiemke (25), his father, journeyman blacksmith Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Stiemke (59) from Coselitz.

Kopplin: daily wage earner Heinrich Wilhelm Schallock (38) with Mrs. Friderike Luise Meister (33) and four children: Wilh. Charlotte Sophie (11), Joh. Heinrich Friedrich (8), Karl Christ. Friedr. Ludwig (5), Joh. Friedr. Wilhelm (2).

Medewitz: tailor Heinrich Wilhelm Werner (49) with Mrs. Regina Charlotte Karoline Würdig (30) and three children: Heinrich Gottfried Erdmann (4), Wilhelmine Marie Auguste (2), Marie Luise Dorothea (¾);

resident Joachim Heinrich Dietz (45) with Mrs. Anna Karoline Rusch (45) and five children: Joh. Sophie Charlotte Wilhelmine (19), August Ludwig (15), Karoline Albertine (12), Marie Wilhelmine (10), Luise Charlotte Sophie (4).

Revenow: miller Wilh. Bogislav Jäger (52) with Mrs. Friderike Helm (40) and nine children: Karl. Wilh. August (28), Karl Heinirch (20), Joh. Wilhelm (14), Joh. Franz Karl (5), Anna Maria Friderike Wilhelmine (29), Abigail Sophie (17), Joh. Wilhelmine (12), Luise Auguste (10), Friderike Auguste (7).

Klein Justin: cabinetmaker Gottlieb Wilhelm Eichhorst (31) with Mrs. Sophie Charlotte Marten (27) and three children: Friedr. Wilhelm (6), Friedr. August (3), Ferdinand August Wilhelm (1).

Dargsow: farmer Karl Friedr. Wilhelm Barkow (30) with Mrs. Benigna Dorothea Sophie Voetz (3), mother Sophie Luise Ramthun (61), sister Friderike (27), Wilhelmine (24).

Knurrbusch: daily wage earner Martin Kaap (44) with Mrs. Joh. Dorothea Luise Tank and three children: Wilhelm Ferdinand (12), Wilh. Dorothea Friderike (9), Friedrich Wilhelm (7);

tenant dairy farmer Martin Friedr. Krüger (55) with wife Dorothea Maria, neé Burow.

Klemmen: farmer Joh. Bublitz (43) with Mrs. Friderike Luise Klohn (41) and son Karl Friedrich Ernst (19).

Kloetzin: cattle herder Karl Friedrich Kannenberg (46) and seven children: Karl Friedrich Eduard (19), August Friedr. Wilhelm (17). Friedr. Wilhelm Hermann (15), Karoline Wilh. Henriette (13), Herman Friedr. Ludwig (10), Joh. Karl Friedrich (7), Gottfried Karl Wilhelm (4).

Neu Tessin: property owner Joachim Friedr. Groth (39) with Mrs. Dorothea Sophie Karoline Chinow (38) and

From page 268

three children: Wilhelm Friedrich (7), Wilhelmine Karoline Charlotte (5), Karl August (1 ½).

Brendemühl: daily wage earner Christian David Heuer (42);

daily wage earner Joh. Christlieb Behnke (4) with Mrs. Sophie Luise Lange (46) and four children: Eduard Ferdinand (1), Bertha Emilie (8), Julius Bernhard (5), Theodor Ludwig (2).

Wittstock: daily wage earner Christian Schreiber (52) with Mrs. Friderike Sophie Dreyer (47) and three children: Sophie Karoline Wilhelmine (21), Ferdinand Friedrich Wilhelm (14), Luise Friderike Ernestine (8).

Coeselitz: old estate owner Joh. Friedr. Hackbarth (54) and daughter Dorothea Luise Karoline (28).

Stewen: resident Gottfried Koepke (37) with Mrs. Josefine Wilhelmine Albertine Lange (28) and daughter Karolina Wilhelmine (2).

Granzow: servant Joh. Kaspar Friedrich Müller (25).

Hagen: resident Michael Völz (61) and three daughters: Dorothea Luise Friderike (21), Hanna Karoline (19), Joh. Friderike Auguste (12).

Tonnebuhr: farmer Karl Wilhelm Heidtke (38) with Mrs. Dorothea Marie Charlotte Krüger (29), five daughters: Emilie Karoline Wilhelmine Therese (11), Math. Therese (9), Bertha Luise (6), Luise Wilhelmine (6), Anna Maria (1), the mother, widowed Sophie Christine Krüger (65), his brother, servant Joh. Friedrich Ludwig Heidtke (27);

farmer Martin Friedrich Heidtke (23), father Martin Friedrich Heidtke (65), mother Maria Elisabeth Gerke (66), uncle and old estate owner Johann Heidtke (73), servant Erdmann Friedrich Bartelt (45).

Moratz: estate tenant Ludwig Friedr. Liesner (32), brother Eduard August Wilhelm Liesner (30 ½), mother and widow Friderike Luise, neé Koch (63), sisters Bertha Emile Friderike (24), Wilhelmine Auguste Henriette (22 ½).

Randow District:

For the primary emigration roster for this district see the section on 1843. It totals 183. We can only cite the following names from

Stornow: workman Joh. Friedrich Schulz.

Plöwen: widow Fahrenwald. Of her it is reported that she left while her three children were retained in Havelberg but they later followed after her. (cf. section on "The Havelbergers"!)

resident Karl Moll. He returned in 1845 and took his family back with him in 1846 (see emigration for the year 1846.) We count him in that year's emigration with his family.

Naugard District in or near

colonist Karl Friedrich Braasch (58) with Mrs. Charlotte Maria Crahn (66), four children: Wilhelm Friedrich Ferdinand (29), Karl Ludwig Hermann (25), Friedrich Wilhelm Julius (22), Gottlieb Rudolf (2) and two grandchildren: Karl (8), Friedrich (5) - children of workman Joh. Braasch in Stettin.

Fanger: master cabinetmaker Joh. David Uttech (42), Mrs. Ernestine Karoline Bräuning (28), two children from the first marriage: Karl Friedrich (15), Wilhelmine Friderike (11) and three children from the second marriage: Karoline Ernestine (5), Friederike Johanne (3), Joh. Frid. Hermann (9 months);

property owner Joachim Krüger (52), Mrs. Karoline Schütt (42) and eight children: eldest daughter (?), Wilhelmine Karoline Friderike (18), Friderike Dorothea Charlotte (16), Karl Wilhelm (12), Karoline Friderike Ernestine (9), Joh. Friedrich (6), Karl Friedrich August (3), illegitimate child of the eldest daughter: Luise Auguste Friderike. Of the eldest daughter it is reported that she was going to marry the child's father, the servant Rabenhorst and perhaps this is the Rabenhorst, who is listed below;

property owner Joh. Gustav Bliesner (42) with Mrs. Gottliebe Hoefs (52) and his stepson, the servant Joh. Gottlieb Rabenhorst (18) (see the section on the Rabenhorst family breakup!)

Maskow: shepherd Martin Friedrich Jäger (56) with Mrs. Dorothea Luise Behling (54), two children: Friderike Luise (19), Wilhelm Friedrich (17), servant Friedrich Christian Sell (22) (see family breakup and letter from Sell!)

Joh. Friedr. Ernst Götsch (31) with Mrs. Karoline Sophie Jäger (23), two children: Ernestine Karoline Friderike (3), Joh. Friedrich Wilhelm (9 months) and parents: old estate owner Ernst Heinrich Götsch (66), Christliebe, neé Nass [Naß] (60).

From page 269

Trechel: master blacksmith Wilh. Schulz (44) with wife Joh. Sophie Karoline (35) and two children: Karl Friedrich (14), Ernestine Wilhelmine (9).

Friedrichsberg: stallkeeper Joh. Timmel (42) with Mrs. Friderike Stüwe (4) and three children: August Friedrich Gotthilf (9), Augustine Luise Friderike (6), Joh. Friedr. Ludwig (3).

Ottendorf: colonist Mich. Friedr. Höpfner (50) with Mrs. Karoline Elis. Radtke (44) and five children: Joh. Karoline (19), Auguste Emile (18), Wilhelmine (16), August Friedrich (12), Albertine Luise (8).

Braschendorf: colonist Joh. Martin Korth (58) with Mrs. Maria Luise Braun (51) and four children: Mich. Friedr. Ferdinand (19), Sophie Wilhelmine Ernestine (14), Regine Friderike (10), Karl Friedrich Rudolf (6).

Klein Leistikow: pawnshop owner Martin Friedr. Marlow (58) with Mrs. Friderike Schütt (48), stepson and journeyman miller Friedrich Wilhelm Schütt (28) and three lawful children: Karl August Ferdinand (20), Eduard Heinrich (11), Wilhelmine (9), one son serves in the military and remains behind (see Family Breakups).

Hakenwalde: resident cooper Joh. David Hoffmeister (37) with Mrs. Anna Regine Radtke (52), stepchildren from the woman's first marriage: Christine Kant (31), Justine Karoline Wilhelmine Johanna (20), Karl Wilhelm Gottfried Kant (14), Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Kant (22) remained behind; lawful children: Hanna Hoffmeister (11), August Rudolf (8), David (6); we have a letter from Hoffmeister;

resident, previously inn inspector Joh. Friedrich Vollrath Braasch (36) with Mrs. Joh. Karoline Mengert (28) and daughter Karoline Friderike Henriette (3 months);

daily wage earner Joachim Christlieb Lemcke (58) with Mrs. Christiane Elis. Wilde (55) and three daughters: Karoline Gottl. Wilhelmine (24), Karoline Sophie Wilhelmine (18), Wilhelmine Friderike Karoline (16), daughter Sophie Friderike was married to workman Kronenfeld in Moratz and remained behind.

Gollnow: journeyman carpenter Joh. Daniel Zühlke (39) with Mrs. Anna Regina Otterstein (35) and seven children: Joh. Friedrich (13), August Friedrich (12), Joh. Karoline Friderike Wilhelmine (10), Wilhelemine Charlotte Regina (8), Anna Regina Wilh. Ernestine (6), Karl Daniel (3), Albertine Auguste Emilie (3 months).

Ibenhorst: former hereditary tenant Karl Friedr. Ludwig Vollbrecht (36) with Mrs. Maria Elis. Wietstock (34) and four children: Maria Luise Emilie (11), Albertine Wilhelmine Friderike (9), Ernestine Friederike Karoline (7), Hanna Christine Bertha (5);

resident Joh. Schley (47) with Mrs. Dorothea Charlotte Machul (41) and six children: Emilie Albertine (18), Joh. Gottlieb (12), Wilh. Friedrich (9), Karl David (7), Heinrich Christlieb (5), Friedr. Michael (2).

Graevenhagen: halftime farmer Gottlieb Gerbitz (56) with Mrs. Sophie Goetsch (39), five children: Wilh. Sophie Christine (2), Karl Friedr. Wilhelm (17), Gottlieb (12), Marie Charlotte Ernestine (9), Ernestine Joh. Marie (7), servant Karl Julius Korth, son of farmer Korth in Grävenhagen.

Fron Greifenhagen District in or near

Nipperwiese: shipbuilder Christ. Friedr. Erdmund Wurl with wife Maria Elis., neé Wurl (30) and four children: Erdmann Friedr. (7), Wilhelm Friedr. (5), August Heinrich (3), Ernst Leberecht (1);

Wurl's parents: shipbuilder Christian Wurl (84) and wife Anna Christiane, neé Kopp (70);

fisherman Gottfried Sattelberg (55) with Mrs. Dorothea Maria Wurl (45) and six children: Dorothea Sophie (25), Gottfried (23) and his wife Henriette Krause (23), Karl August (18), Erdmann Friedrich (9), foster-daughter Emilie (9), daughter of thresher Knorr of Königsberg, Neumark, brother-in-law of Sattelberg, who gave his consent;

workman Christian Sattelberg (50) with Mrs. Sophie Falkenhäuer (41) and three daughters: Dorothea Sophie (21), Christian Friedrich (19), Dorothea Marie (7) and mother-in-law widow Christiane Fettgenhäuer, neé Beeling (7);

workman Karl Friedrich Sahr (29) with Mrs. Friderike Wurl (29) and son Wilhelm Friedrich (2);

workman Gottfried Heinrich Thiele (32) with Mrs. Dorothea Sophie Karge (25) and mother Dorothea Marie, neé Haack (58), whose husband gave his consient;

workman Martin Friedrich Sahr (32) with Mrs. Luise Lück (24), son August Friedrich (2), mother widow Charlotte, neé Lüpke (58);

From page 270

Karl Gottl. Wurl (33). He is completely blind. His relatives, Erdmann Wurl and Friderike Sahr, neé Wurl will support him. His father, fisherman Friedrich Wurl, is still living and will not go with him but has given his consent;

workman Gottfried Hilger (37) with Mrs. Dorothea Karoline Grunow (39) and daughter Dorothea Sophie (5);

shoemaker Karl Friedrich Prochnow (44) with Mrs. Wilhelmine Sonntag (58) and son Karl Friedrich (17);

shoemaker Karl Friedrich Blank (32), Mrs. Charlotte Wilhelmine Bräunlich (28) and three children: August Wilh. Karl (4), Sophie Bertha (2), Joh. Eduard Karl (4 months);

cabinetmaker Wilh. Prochnow (35), Mrs. Anna Dickhoff (4) and four children: Henriette (12), Wilhelm (11), Karl August (9), Wilhelmine (6);

workman Christian Kopp (44), Mrs. Dorothea Vorpahl (47) and seven children: Dorothea (19), Gottfried (18), Wilhelmine (15), Martin (13), Wilhelm (8), Luise (6), Friderike (4);

workman Gottfried Schmidt (48), Mrs. Anna Sophie Kohn (45) and two children: Wilhelmine (16), Dorothea Sophie (18);

fish dealer Friedrich Füllner (34) with Mrs. Dorothea Sophie Oertwig (26) and daughter Henriette (8);

servant Wilh. Ludwig Wurl (28);

tailor Karl August Sydow (54), Mrs. Rebekka Sattelberg (47) and seven children: journeyman tailor Friedrich August (21), Karl Ferdinand (12), Auguste Amalie (19), Emilie Charlotte (17), Friderike Karoline (15), Ottilie Marie (9), Rebekka (5);

livestock dealer Gottfried Schwarzholz (46), Mrs. Dorothea Thiele (58) and three children: Dorothea Marie (25), Anna Christine (21), Karoline Wilhelmine (18).

Jägersfelde: workman Christian Friedrich Spur (65) with Mrs. Maria Luise Rieck (6).

Wilhelmshöhe: colonist Gottfried Schulz (53) with Mrs. Dorothea Sophie Schröder (54) and two sons: Gottfried (24), Daniel (23);

journeyman mason Joh. Friedrich Zellin (31), Mrs. Regine Schulz (27) son Karl August (1).

Bayershöhe: colonist Blümke (65) and Mrs. Sophie Goviel (44).

Schulzendorf: former colonist Friedrich Fehrmann (33) with Mrs. Friderike Achimann (30) and two children: Karl Friedrich (9), Karoline Wilhelmine (8).

Wildenbruch: workman Mich. Kube (56) with Mrs. Henriette Grünberg (50) and two daughters: Henriette (19), Karoline Friderike (8).

Fiddechow: invalid August Friedrich Höpfner (49), Mrs. Sophie Zobel (48) and seven children: Henriette Friderike (23), Friedrich Wilhelm (16), Karoline Friderike (14), Karoline Albertine (13), Johanna (12), Wilhelmine (8), Karl Friedrich (7);
son August Friedrich Wilhelm (22) had to remain behind because of his active duty military status (see Family Breakups);

wheelwright Daniel Page (35), wife Dorothea Marie, neé Arndt, widowed name Höpfner (45), daughter Wilhelmine (2) and stepchildren, children of the woman: Johanna Friderike Henriette Höpfner (19), Karl August Friedrich Höpfner (16);

dealer Joh. Friedrich Graf (43), wife Joh. Dorothea, neé Müller, once married to Loeperik (38), their children: Hermann Friedrich (19), Friedrich Eduard (16), Friedrich Alexander (14), and three children of the wife from her first marriage: Wilhelmine Luise Loeperik (13), Karl August L. (10), August Hermann L. (8).

From Greifenberg district in or near

Gansken Pribbernow: former cottager Joh. David Kollath (37) with Mrs. Christ. Wilh. Friderike Friede (35) and four children: Hanna Karoline Frid. (11), Joh. Ferd. Hermann (8), Karl Albert Julius (5), Hermann Friedrich (2);

former farmer Joh. Joachim Gaedkte (53), wife, widow Marie Eleonore Friede (62), daughter Henriette Marie Veronike (22), son from the wife's first marriage: Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Friede (40), two stepchildren, probably married, remained behind;

former cottager Joachim Broitzmann (46), Mrs. Charlotte Sophie Wartchow (39) and two children: Karoline Albertine Henriette (19), Wilhelmine Luise Dorothea (12);

From page 271

property owner Anselm Friedr. Nicolaus (41), Mrs. Dorothea Christine Kohls (59), Nicolaus' daughter from the first marriage: Hanna Sophie Wilhelmine (11).

Holm: tailor Peter Block (44), Mrs. Kath. Sophie Sauer (46), daughter Karoline Wilhelmine (18);

cottager Joh. Kressin (36), Mrs. Maria Charlotte Friderike Neumöth and two children: Wilhelm August Friedrich (6), Joh. Ferdinand Ludwig (4);

cottager's widow Dorothea Kressin, neé Volkmann (68);

lodger August Moldenhauer (25), Mrs. Kath. Laabs (34);

stallkeeper Joh. Wilhelm Broitzmann, Mrs. Anna Volkmann (38) and three children: Maria (11), Dorothea Friderike )9), Karoline Wilhelmine (7);

unmarried Borchard (33);

cottager Gottfried Kressin (32) and two children: Ferdinand (2), Maria (1);

unmarried Marie Dorothea Laske (35), daughter Karoline Marie Therese (8);

unmarried Wilhelmine Krüger (26).

Darsow: farmer Hans Arndt (58), wife Engel, neé Liskow (59), son Hans Arndt (31), his wife Charlotte Sophie Hoppe (26), their three children: Karoline Justine Friderike (5), Wilhelmine Charlotte Dorothea (3), Friderike Sophie Maria (1);

village mayor and farmer Philipp Will (34), Mrs. Karoline Charlotte Sophie Tews (17), two children: Therese Dorothea Sophie (6), Albertine Charlotte Marie (5), servant Joh. Gottlieb Rattke (25).

Prust: farmer Christian Friedrich Bublitz (61), his third wife Ferdinande Albertine Charlotte, neé Wendt (42), daughter from the first wife: Hanna Friderike Karoline (23) and children from the second marriage with wife Charlotte, neé Buchholz: Heinrich Ferd. Gotthilf (18), Karoline Wilhelmine Henriette (16), August Friedr. (13), Therese Maria Karoline (3).

Zitzmar: workman Joh. Gottlieb Wilh. Genz (33), Mrs. Henriette Wilh. Scheer (29).

Wittenfelde: sexton and teaching assistant Aug. Gottlieb Hoge (29), Mrs. Celestine Riebe and two children: Joh. Karl Friedrich (4), Auguste Sophie Emile (2).

Arnsberg: widow of cottager Hans Bentert, Engel, neé Ramthun (73) and son Peter (43);

farmer Christian Koepsel (45), Mrs. Anna Soph. Matter (39) and her eight children: Karoline Albertine (17), Emile Ernestine Rosette (16), Johann Hermann (15), Wilhelm Gottfried (12), Friderike Wilhelmine (11), Hanna Maria Elisabeth (9), Johann Franz (8), Sophie Therese (6).

Treptow: shoemaker Joachim Peter (57), Mrs. Anna Luise Winkelmann (51), stepdaughter Marie Luise Winkelmann (26), son Hermann Friedrich (8).

Mittelhagen: lodger Joachim Runge (72), Mrs. Sophie Charlotte Koepsel (43), her children: Hanne Marie Friderike (9), Ernst Friedrich Wilhelm (7) and the two unmarried children of Koepsel: Wilhelmine Sophie Luise (22), Ernestine Karoline wilhelmine (15).

Neides: lodger Karl Bahn (64), Mrs. Anna Luise Steingräber (51), her five children: Wilhelm (27), Karl Johann Eduard (23), Karl Friedrich Heinrich (17), Auguste Maria Joh. (14), Julius Friedr. Christian (11).

From Regenwalde district in or near

Natelfitz: farmer Joh. Gottlieb Ziemer (37), Mrs. Joh. Luise Wilhelmine Raasch (33), and three children: Karl Heinrich Friedrich (10), Gotthilf Friedrich Erdmann (7), August Hermann Eduard (2);

cottager David Frömming (46), Mrs. Joh. Friedrich Wilhelmine Pagel (33), four children from the first marriage: Hanna Karoline Luise (23), Hanna Friderike Wilhelmine (18), Hanna Luise Friderike (15), Sophie Karoline Charlotte (13), three children from the second marriage: Joh. Albertine (10), Bertha Auguste Emilie (7), Charlotte Emilie Ernestine (4);

stallkeeper and tailor Joh. Friedrich Raasch (38), Mrs. Charlotte Christ. Luise Zarling (44) and four children: Christ. Friedr. Erdmann (12), Joh. Christian Friedrich (9), Karoline Maria Friderike (6), Henriette Charlotte Justine (3);

stallkeeper and wheelwright Krüger (42), Mrs. Dorothea Chrstine Zachow (47) and five children: Joh. Friedrich Wilhelm (16), Friedrich Gottlieb (14), Joh. Sophie Luise (12), August Friedrich Wilhelm (8), Martin Friedrich Wilhelm (6);

From page 272

wheelwright Karl Friedrich Gotthilf Groth (4), Mrs.Ernestine Friderike Gründemann (44) and six children: Joh. Heinr. Karl (17), Emilie Friderike Henriette (14), Ottilie Aug. Karolina (12) Karl Jul. Ferdinand (10), Bertha Wilh. Friderike (7), Joh. Karolina Friderike (4);

shepherd Friedrich Lübke (33), Mrs. Karoline Friderik Henriette Lauterbach (39) and three children: Jul. Karl Theodor (8), Herm. Friedrich Wilhelm (6), Joh. Ferd. Wilhelm (3);

servant Friedrich Tietz (23).

Plathe: resident Joh. Gottlieb Horn (55), Mrs. Dor. Luise Köpsel (51) and four children: Joh. Friedrich (27), Joh. Gottlieb (25), Karoline Friderike Wilhelmine (22), Henriette Dorothea Sophie (16);

servant Joh. Christian Gottlieb Lauch (43).

Zowen: daily wage earner David Felhaum (34), Mrs. Charlotte Spiering (28), son Joh. Friedrich August (3);

tailor Gottlieb Spiering (45).

Neu Gabbuhn: resident Joh. Sell (43), Mrs. Wilh, Schmeling (33) and two children: Johann Hermann (10), Karoline Wilhelmine Auguste (6).

Ornshagen: master blacksmith Karl Bogislav Lettow (44), Mrs. Dorothea Maria Krause (36) and six children:August Karl Friedrich (13), Johann Gottlieb Friedrich (10), Ludwig Friedrich Wilhelm (8), Johanna Wilh. Friderike (4), Wilhelm (2), and one child unbaptised (26 days).

Wisbow: farmer Joachim David Zimdars (46), Mrs. Dorothea Luise Reimer (36) and six children: Dorothea Luise Reimer (15), Hanna Wilhelmine Zimdars (18), Karl Friedrich Franz Z. (14), Jul. Friedrich Hermann Z. (9), August Wilhelm Hermann Z. (7), August Karl Wilhelm (2);

workman Wilhelm Bogislav Jüdes (44), Mrs. Marie Luise Zachow (46) and six children: Ernestine Wilhelmine Friderike (13), Friderike Dorothea Luise (11), Johann Friedrich Wilhelm (9), Christof Friedrich August (7), Auguste Wilhelmine Henriette (4), Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm (2).

From Usedom-Wollin district in or near

Warnow: farmer Ludwig Wergien (42), Mrs. Engel Dorothea Berndt (40), her father, old estate owner Joachim Berndt and six children: Karl Friedrich Wilhelm (15), Johanna Friderike (12), Joh. Regine (9), Luise Friderike (6), Christine Karoline (3), Ludwig (1);

wheelwright Johann Wergien (52), wife neé Brockhusen (29) and two children: Joh. Friedr. Wilhelm (9), Albertine Wilhelmine (5);

stallkeeper Johann Ludwig Magnitz (29);

shepherd Gottfried Will (58), Mrs. Maria Lemke (50), and seven children: Wilh. Luise (26), Martin Friedrich (23), Hanna Luise (21), Franz Friedrich (18), Karl Christian (15), Johanna Marie (11), Auguste Friderike (7);

stallkeeper Daniel Friedrich Boening (34), wife neé Knieske (28) and three children: Henriette Julie (4), Karl Friedrich Wilhelm (3), Marie Elisabeth (1);

stallkeeper Joh. Friedr. Reimann (30), Mrs. Luise Will (28), daughter Karoline Marie Auguste (2);

stallkeeper Johann Pahlow (41), Mrs. Anna Magnitz (42) and four children: Ernst Wilhelm (15), Johann Karl (9), Friedr. Ludwig (6), Auguste Wilhelmine (1);

stallkeeper Christian Gnewuch (38), Mrs. Wilh. Buchholz (32), daughter Joh. Luise (7).

Rehberg: resident Christian Kuckahn (42), Mrs. Joh. Schulz (32) and six children: Johann Friedr. Wilhelm (16), Ferdinand Wilhelm (14), Friderike Auguste (12), Wilhelm Friedrich August (10), Johanna Friderike Dorothea (8), Johanna Friderike (2);

resident Karl Kuckahn (38), Mrs. Sophie Hass [Haß] (41) and four children: Friderike Luise (12), Franziska Dorothea (10), Rosalie Bernhardine (5), Bernhardine Johanne (1), stepson Robert Hass (16) remained behind;

resident Christ. Friedrich Eggert (42), Mrs. Dorothea Ehmke (35) and five children: Wilhelmine Friderike (11), Christof Friedrich (7), Auguste Albertine (5), Dorothea Marie (3), Johann Karl (1).

Fernowfelde: colonist Martin Pyritz (46), Mrs. Anna Sarnow (41) and six children: Friderike Charlotte (17), Luise Karoline (14), Martin Friedrich (12), Gustav Karl (9), Karoline Ernestine (6), Auguste Luise (2), eldest daughter Albertine (18) remained behind.

From page 273

Codram: stallkeeper Michael Budahn (41), Mrs. Marie Fromholz (34), two children: Friderike (18), Marie (9).

Schwantus: tenant farmer Joh. Friedrich Voss [Voß] (35), wife Martha Dorothea Wilhelmine (26), two children: Hermann Gistav Wilhelm (3), Hanna Karoline Wilhelmine (2), widowed mother-in-law, neé Milbrath (61).

Wollin: master furrier Karl Albert Bruno Kluth (26), Mrs. Elvine Luise Voelz (22), sister Maria Klara Math. Pauline Kluth (27);

clog maker Daniel Bundrock (37), Mrs. Charlotte Friderike Woller (39), son and tailor's apprentice Gottlieb (16).

From Saatzing district in or near

Alt Damerow: stallkeeper Martin Friedr. Christian (50), Mrs. Dorothea Sophie Nass [Naß] and ten children: Gottlieb (20), Friedrich (19), Charlotte (16), August (14), Luise (9), Wilhelm (8), Karl (7), Augustine (5), Maria Elis. (3), Hermann (2).

From the governmental district of Cöslin in or near

principality of Semerow: gardener Karl Christlieb Manthey.

principality of Drenow: unmarried Sophie Grossklaus [Großklaus] (with her employer).

III. Those without permits, who were held back in Havelberg and were transported back but still managed to emigrate in 1843. Besides those previously listed in the Wallmow roster, the following names are added. From the Prenzlau district in or near

Wallmow: farmer's son and workman Christian Friedrich Walk (26) *, his wife Wilhelmine, neé Wendt (25) *, his brother Gottfried (23) *, Johann (21), Friedrich (19), his mother, farmer's widow Walk (?);

farmer's son Christian Wendt (23) *, sister Elisabeth (16), brother Wilhelm (10), mother and widow Wendt (?), his brother Friedrich Wilhelm (27) was not among those held back; the mother also might not have been held back (see the preceding roster from Wallmow);

weaver's widow Krüger, neé Walk (54) with daughter Dorothea Elisabeth (21) and son Karl August (16);

Friedrich Wilhelm Wolff (16), Charlotte Wilhelmine Wolff (14), August Wolff (9), children of former widow Wolff, now married to innkeeper Haseley. Of this last person it is said that he had already gone ahead on the railroad train, perhaps accompanied by his wife, so they may not have been among those held back in Havelberg. However we introduce them here since they were not on the first Wallmow list.

journeyman weaver Joh. Friedr. Heuer (22), mother widow Heuer, neé Strasburg (55), sister Friderike (19), brother Christian Friedrich (16);

master weaver Christian Friedrich Wolff (57), wife Sophie, neé Schultz, foster-daughter Christine Schultz (18);

weaver's widow Christine Strasburg, neé Kuhn (35) and son Friedrich (9);

weaver's widow Christine Moll, neé Henschel (46) and four children: Christian Friedrich (19), August Wilhelm (13), Christiane Elisabeth (10), Friedr. Wilhelm (8);

unmarried Luise Riebow (27) with her three children: Georg (7), Alwine (5), Wilhelmine (2);

engaged to a servant, Dorothea Christine Wieland, neé Wiese (31) *.

Schwaneberg: unmarried sisters Dorothea Damerow (24) * and Christine Damerow (19).

Fahrenwalde: workmann Wilhelm Stolzmann (42) with Mrs. Charlotte Hannemann (blind) (50), stepchildren Gottfried Hannemann (21), Christine Hannemann (19); his son Gottfried was already mentioned on the Wallmow roster.

Bergholz: widow Charlotte Reich, neé Wittkopf (52) and three children: Frikerike (19), Charlotte (15, deaf and dumb), Marie (11).

Plowen, Randow district: unmarried Dorothea Fahrenwald (21), Ulrike F. (13), Henriette (?).

We have marked with an asterisk the six who did not emigrate in October 1843. We have been able to establish that they emigrated in 1844, however we kept them with this list to give a complete roster of those held back in Havelberg. In rendering a tally we do not count them here but with the names of those who emigrated in 1844. Their number was increased to account for one husband and 2 newborn children.

Emigrating in 1843 from the province of Saxony in or near

From page 274

Magdeburg: master shoemaker A. Streiber (44) with wife and four children: Karoline (20), Eduard (13), Marie (7), Auguste (5 months);

journeyman tailor Heinrich Buchmann;

Bernhard Franz Jakob Sommerburg (45), Neustädter Strasse 3a with Mrs. Joh. Katharina Korthaus and four children: Christian Bernhard Franz, Eduard Karl Christof, Jakob Gustaf Christof (15), Sophie Emilie (14);

gardener Joh. Gottlieb Beisser [Beißer] with Mrs. Joh. Dorothea Engel and two children: Friedrich August (17), Joh. Dorothea (14);

Johann Leberecht Wilhelm König (still had three years remaining in the Reserves).

From Weissenfels district in or near

Rosendorf: resident Friedrich Wagner with wife, neé Schütz and six children.

Uichteritz: resident Meisser [Meißner] with wife, four children and one grandchild.

Concerning this group from the Weissenfels district we can state that they may have been old Lutherans.

V. Emigration for 1843 from the province of Silesia, Liegnitz District from

Berndorf: journeyman tailor Joh. Gottlieb Reinsch.

Wangten: resident Joh. Gottlieb Obst (42), unmarried.

Neudorf: master wheelwright Karl Tobschall (30).

VI. Emigration by Lutherans in 1843 from

Hamburg: fruit dealer Hermann Gruhe went to Wisconsin and married the sister of Pankow in America

the greater portion of the Dohrmann siblings;

the Schacht family.

The year 1843 tallied the following numbers for emigration:
  I. from Brandenburg  498
 II. from Pomerania  832
III. the Havelbergers   42
 IV. from Saxony   33
  V. from Silesia    3
 VI. from Hamburg    7
From a count of 1599 we could name a total of 1415 individuals

Thus we were able to give almost a complete roster of names for the Lutheran Emigration Movement of 1843.


A. Going to America

I. From Brandenburg, Governmental District of Potsdam, Prenzlau Region in or near

Wallmow: Mainly the Havelberg detainees of 1843 and those, who joined their ranks, whom we mark with asterisks here:

workman Friedrich Wieland (24) * with Mrs. Dorothea Christine Wiese (30), her child Johanna Elisabeth (½) *;

farmer's son Christian Walk (26) with his wife Wilh. Friderike Wendt and son Christian (3 months) *;

farmer's son Gottfried Walk (24);

farmer's son Christian Wendt (24);

stallkeeper's daughter Dorothea Damerow (26) from Schwaneberg.

These others are new emigrants. From Wallmow:

daily wage earner Christian Wolff (58) with Mrs. Sophie Schulz (60). Of them it is said that their grown children had already emigrated.

Schwaneberg: stallkeeper and tailor Friedr. Schröder (32), wife Wilhelmine, neé Schröder (41) and two children: August (9), Ferdinand Wilhelm (1);

stallkeeper and workman Christian Lange (40), Mrs. Christine Wollenberg (35) and four children: Wilhelm (11), August (8), Wilhelmine (6), Christian (2);

stallkeeper Michael Friedr. Wollenberg (27), Mrs. Marie Haase (31) and two children: Wilhelm (3), Christian (1).

Prenzlau: separated cabinetmaker's wife Ottilie Schmidt, neé Buchholz (29), son from her first marriage: Karl Friedrich Possin. The woman was following the husband from whom she had separated the year before when he emigrated.

From page 275

clothmaker Samuel Maillefert (46), Mrs. Christine Wilh. Gniffroi (48) and two children: Karl (19), Wilhelmine (12);

weaver Nicolaus Barth (47), Mrs. Wilhelmine Friese (48) and son Gustav Nicolaus (7).

Strasberg: master weaver Joh. Karl Beck (43), Mrs. Ida Helene Albertine Albrecht (42) and son Joh. Christian Friedrich (14);

master weaver Friedr. Albrecht (37), Mrs. Doroth. Christiane Otto (37) and four children: Wilhelmine (11), Albertine (7), Auguste (6), Ferdinand (3);

wheelwright Joh. Christof Riebe (43), Mrs. Charl. Wilhelm Karoline Krüger (26) and daughter Karoline (2);

shoemaker Joh. Christ. Friedr. Kulow (30), Mrs. Sophie Trühl (42), son Johann (3), two stepchildren: Wilhelm Schünemann (10), Friedrich Sch. (6).

Bergholz: old estate owner Philipp André (70), Mrs. Elis. Billeau (64), children already emigrated in 1843;

property owner Peter Logé (33), Mrs. Luise Wolff (30), two children: August Ferdinand (3), Chrstine Wilh. (1), mother-in-law widow Wolff (61);

servant Joh. Devantier (21);

farmer's wife Judith Salingre, neé Hourtienne (40), her husband emigrated in 1843 and sent for her.

Bagemiel: daily wage earner Mich. Strasburg (31), Mrs. Doroth. Marie Siebert (32), daughter Christine Wilhelmine (2).

Menkin: weaver and property owner Mich. Müller (36), Mrs. Doroth. Böhmig (33) and four children: Friedrich (8), Friderike (6), Wilhelm (5), Christian (2).

Nieden: master miller Wilh. Friedr. Bahlow (33), Mrs. Doroth. Sophie Gaude (32) and two children: Wilhelmine Ernest. (4), Ida Auguste Albertine (2).

Wismar: worker Mich. Friedr. Haack (41) with Mrs. Karoline Martin (31) and four children: Wilhelm Friedr. (7), Michael Friedr. (5), Friedrich Wilh. (5), Karl Friedr. (1).

Falkenwalde: cabinetmaker Daniel Schwebs (52), Mrs. Wilhelmine Rieck (27).

Grimme: workman Friedr. Feldhahn (33), Mrs. Maria Christ. Schultz (27), three children: Friderike Luise (5), Friedrich Wilhelm (2), August Friedr. (1), mother-in-law Sophie, separated from Zelt, neé Schultz (50).

Grünow: servant Karl Meyer (30).

From Angermünde district in or near

Schwedt: townsman Martin Glasenapp with wife and two children: Auguste (18), Martin Friedrich (10).

Gramzow: cabinetmaker Christian Friedr. Hoffmeister (30), eldest son of widowed mother. He has seven sisters. The eldest and the two youngest sisters went with him while the mother and two unmarried sisters had to remain behind.

Frauenhagen: journeyman miller Ludwig Wilcke.

Meichow: tailor Gottfried Rossow (28), wife Marie, neé Hoffmeister (29) and two children of 5 and 1 year.

From Ober-Barnim in or near

Wuschewire: shoemaker Friedr. Gottlieb Hentschel (45), Mrs. Marie Dorothea Koppelin (36) and three children: Marie Charl. Luise (8), Marie Luise Em. (4), Luise Auguste (2).

From the governmental district of Frankfurt, Königsberg Region in or near

Lietzegöricke: widow Friderike Henschel (47) and three children: Henriette (17), Wilhelmine (13), Albertine (11);

freeholder Friedr. Wagener (27), Mrs. Elis. Hoeckendorf (27), daughter Luise (1);

freeholder Friedr. Hoeckendorff (42), father Michael H. (80), mother Sophie, neé Strecker (70);

freeholder Martin Dahms (41), Mrs. Sophie Kuhrt (27) and three children: Sophie (5), Friderike Luise (3), Albertine Wilhelmine (9 months);

stallkeeper's son Gottlieb Röhrike (29);

freeholder Friedr. Hartmann (40), Mrs. Dorothea Elis. Raasch (35) and six children: Elisabeth (11), Marie Wilh. (9), Johann Christ. Friedr. (7), Martin Ernst (5), Wilhelm Friedr. (3), Johann Ludwig (1);

workman Joh. Friedr. Grimm (49), Mrs. Wilh. Sophie Wagener (53) and four

From page 276

children: Gottlob (18), Christian Ludwig (17), Marie Luise (15), Friedrich Wilh. (11);

unmarried Sophie Lehmann (36) and daughter Augustine Wilhelmine (11).

Gross-Wubiser: workman Friedrich Fetzenhauer (70);

daily wage earner Joh. Otterstein (50), Mrs. Anna Dorothea Vetkenheil (5) and daughter Auguste (25);

freeholder Martin Raasch (28), Mrs. Frid. Wilh. Mesicke (23) and son August Wilhelm (1).

From Lebus district in or near

Letschin: Katharine Moldenhauer, neé Bocho. She follows her daughter, Sophie, who emigrated in 1843 with her husband, the tailor Pankow. The father, colonist Heinrich Moldenhauer, either died or remained behind;

Karl Schönke;

stallkeeper's son Karl August Vogt (16).

Alt-Levin: servant Friedrich Bochow;

shoemaker August Exner with Mrs. Wilh. Hinze and two children: Joh. Valerius Gustav (2), one child unknown.

Langsow: shoemaker Peter Possin (27), wife Maria Elis., neé Glauke (25);

wife of colonist Gottfried Glauke, Anna Sophie, neé Hänisen;

Johann Friedr. Glauke (15), son of colonist Gottfried Glauke;

thresher Joh. Friedrich Freiert (44).

Ortwig: stallkeeper and parchment weaver Karl Gottlob Geisler (52).

II. From the province of Pomerania, Greifenhagen District in or near

Fiddichow: townsman and property owner Karl Friedr. Schröder (39), wife Friderike, neé Wolter, six children: Johanna Frid. (15), Ernst Friedr. (13), Martin Daniel (9), Georg Gottfried (7), Marie Christiane Auguste (4), Sophie (1), and mother Hanna Eleonore Sch., neé Stahr (60).

Nipperwiese: workman Martin Lüpke (41), wife Dorothea Luise, neé Oertwig (31) and three children: Dorothea Wilh. (8), Dorothea Luise (5), Karl Friedrich (2), one child one month old;

daily wage earner Erdmann Friedrich Kohn (27), Mrs. Sophie Dorothea Wilke (29) and two children: Henriette (4), Friderike Wilh. (2);

stallkeeper Daniel Büdler (27), Mrs. Friderike Gellert (25) and two children: Wilhelmine (2), Auguste (6 months).

Roderbeck: tailor Mich. Friedr. Kopp (33) with Mrs. Frid. Papke (3) and two children: Luise (2), one child one month old;

stallkeeper Karl Friedr. Schön (34), Mrs. Charl. Luise Kraetke (36) and three children: Wilhelmine Henr. (10), Auguste (8), Karl Friedr. Aug. (2).

Bayershöhe: colonist Christ. Friedr. Puckelwaldt (51), Mrs. Karol. Kluck (38), two children: Emilie (9), Karl (4);

colonist Karl Friedr. Labs (42), Mrs. Dorothea Sophie Winter (42), two children: Ernestine Wilh. (4), Karl Friedr. Ferd. (1).

Uehtdorf: servant Karl Aug. Papke (26).

Wildenbruch: daily wage earner Wilhelm Nell (47), daughter Frid. Wilhelmine (19).

From Greifenberg district in or near

Zimdarse: half-time farmer Johann Liskow (24).


B. Going to Australia

(Where a double asterisk is present, see the chapter on those who returned.)

I. from Silesia, Freistadt District in or near

Freistadt itself: carpenter Heinrich Heppner (51) with wife and foster-daughter, unmarried Joh. Eleonore Dickon;

**widow Johanna Deckow (56);

circular iron smith Ernst Aug. Hoffmann (33) with wife and son Luis (5);

tailor Joh. Georg Hoffmann (45) with wife and seven children: Karl (18), Gottlieb (14), Friedrich (11), Johannes (1) and daughters age 17, 9 and 3 years.

Langhermsdorf: resident Joh. Friedr. Pfeiffer (28) with wife and five children: Karl Friedrich Ernst (13), Johann Friedr. Wilh. (9), Johan Friedr. (2), Johanna Juliane (11), Marie Elis. (6);

From page 277

**coachman Gottfried Lauterbach with wife Eva Rosina, neé Lauterbach and three children: Johann Karl Friedrich, Eva Rosina, Anna Maria;

lodger Samuel Pfeiffer (72) and daughter Joh. Eleonore (28).

Ober-Siegersdorf: laborer Gottfried Fellenberg (53) with wife Dorothea Elis. and three children: Dorothea Elis. (22), Karl Gottlob (18), Maria Dorothea (16);

lodger widow Joh. Rosina Irrgang, neé Krause (34) and two children: Wilhelm August (5), Johanna Christiane (4);

**Gottfried Heppner (56) and three sons: Karl (24), Hermann (16), August (11).

Niebusch: laborer Christian Fechner (53), Mrs. Anna Elis. Apelt and two children: Johann Friedr. Ernst (24), Karl Friedrich (18);

**farmer and mover Joh. Sigismund Buchwald with unmarried daughter Johanna Dorothea.

Steinborn gardener's son Joh. Karl Erdmuth Schulz (24) with Mrs. Joh. Elis. Grossmann [Großmann];

gardener Joh. Georg Schulz (61) and wife Joh. Helena, neé Jentsch.

Hartmannsdorf: resident Johann Karl Walter (21).

Welchau: **public gardener Gottfried Schulz.

Brunzelwaldau: **Joh. Friedr. Ulbricht (40) along with wife and two daughters.

Seiffersdorf: **laborer Joh. Friedr. Liebig (46) with Mrs. Dorothea Elis. Jentsch and two children: Johann Gottlob (19) and Dorothea Elisabeth (12);

coachman Joh. Friedrich Sporn (38) with Mrs. Maria Elis. Jentsch and two children: Johanna Helena (24) and Johann Friedrich (19);

gardener's son Joh. Karl Krause (26).

From Grünberg district in or near

Grünberg itself: **Karl August Fiedler (25);

**Karl Gottlieb Kahle (42) with wife and two sons: Karl (19), Johann (11);

** journeyman nail forger Ernst Wilh. Mackenzie (24).

Schloin: journeyman mason Joh. Josef Altmann (48), Mrs. Anna Maria Reimann and seven children: Joh. Karl August (20), Joh. Josef (18), Joh. Eleonore (16), Justine (8), Anna Rosina and Ernst (twins, age 4), a daughter of 1 year;

coachman Samuel Klose (42) with Mrs. Marie Elis. Krause and three children: Anna Rosina (14), Anna Eleonore (8), Gottlieb (5);

halft-time farmer Christian Friedr. Seidel (46), with Mrs. Anna Elis. Schulz and eight children: Maria Elis. (22), Anna Rosina (19), Johann Karl (17), Anna Eleonore (14), Anna Rosina and Christian (twins, 10 year old), 2 children ages 4 and 1 year;

schoolteacher Joh. Gottlieb Käthner (43) with wife, son Johannes (9) and 4 daughters aged 15, 12, 8 and 5 years; Käthner had wanted to emigrate in 1841 with Pastor Fritzsche however in 1841 the fellow traveler wrote in his travel report that Käthner lost the desire to travel on the sea when he saw the large ship.

From Sagan district in or near

Reichenau: unmarried Anna Rosina Ulbricht (22), her stepbrother, coachman's son Joh. Gottlob Raethel (33);

lodger Joh. Christian Priedemann (27) with wife Anna Elis., neé Hoffmann and his father Joh. Georg Priedemann (72);

**widow Anna Elis. Grätz (42) and son Johann August (16).

Cosel: **farmer's son Johann Georg Nippe.

Klein-Dobritsch: **Gottlieb August Pohl (16).

II. From Brandenburg, Sorau District in or near

Christianstadt: townsman and linen weaver Heinrich Alexander Walter (29), Mrs. Anna Ernestine Schrapel (33), son Simeon Nathanael (9 months), mother, widow Joh. Christiane Walter, neé Walter (60);

master clothmaker Joh. Christof Schneider (27), Mrs. Ernestine Philippine Walter (26) and son Johann Gottlieb (1);

**day laborer Joh. Gottlieb Irrgang (43), Mrs. Joh. Dorothea Schmidt (33) and two children: Johanna Auguste (13), Emma Pauline (6).

Nismenau: day laborer Joh. Samuel Stiller (4), Mrs. Joh. Karoline Schrapel (27) and two children: Johann Gottlieb (5), Johann Christian (3);

Friedersdorf former brickmaker, now farmer Joh. Gottlieb Schrapel (50) with Mrs. Marie Dorothea Schefler (49) and five children: Johann Gottlieb (19), Johann

From page 278

Friedr. August (17), Johann Traugott (14), Johanna (12), Marie Dorothea (9).

Guschau: **blacksmith Joh. Gottlieb Lindner (39) with Mrs. Dorothea Elis. Schütze (42) and four children: Johann Christian (10), Karl Traugott (8), Joh. Gottlieb (5), Ernst August (1).

Rodstock: gardener Johann Gottlieb Hensel (35) with wife Anna Rosina, neé Kothe (32) and daughter Johanne Christiane (8).

From Kottbus district in or near

Kottbus itself: Wilhelm Schenk (40) with wife and son Ernst (15);

Krüger (34) with wife and three children: Karl (9), Gustav (5), Theodor (4);

Dühring (30) with wife and three children: Hermann (2 ½), Paul (1), daughter of 6 months;

Christian Dühring (23);

Stummann (57) with wife and five children: daughters of 24, 22 and 17 years, sons of age 9 and 6;

Wilhelm Mathäus Pinter (20).

Crossen: shoemaker Karl Friedr. August Messner [Meßner] (31), wife Karoline, neé Hennicke (37), and four children: Karoline Marie (7), Karl Friedr. August (5), Rudolf Otto (4), Marie Elis. (1).

III. From the province of Posen, Meseritz District in or near

Kuschten: Gottfried Klemm (44), wife, two sons ages 16 and 14, two daughters ages 20 and 10.

Gross-Dammer: Thomas Kutschke (45), wife, son Ludwig (16), daughters age 18, 16, 10 years;

Nicolaus Stanitzki (38), wife son of 6 months, daughters of 6 and 3 years;

Johann Kroll (37), wife, daughters age 2 ½ and ½ years;

Pschybilla (38), wife and two sons: Andreas (9), Anton (3);

Simeon Pinetzke (46) and son Andreas (2);

Simeon Modisdach (28) and wife;

Anton Gidda (26).

Going to America in 1844: from the province of Brandenburg 157
from the province of Pomerania  43
Going to Australia in 1844: from the province of Silesia 113
from the province of Brandenburg  59
from the province of Posen  39
Of the 421 Lutheran Emigrants, total identified by name: 411


A. Going to Australia

I. From the province of Brandenburg, Crossen District in or near

Crossen itself: journeyman clothmaker Karl August Metzenthin (3) with Mrs. Auguste Schulz and four children: Albertine (7), Emma (5), Auguste (2), Karl (1);

master shoemaker Karl Heinr. Friedr. Hoffrichter (32) with Mrs. Dorothea Noack (31) and two children: Pauline (6), Karl (2);

cloth manufacturer Friedr. Wilh. Habermann (52) with Mrs. Joh. Christiane Köhler, four children: Friedr. Wilhelm (23), Florentine Agnet (21), Berthold Roland (19), Christiane Wanda (17) and maid Joh. Wilhelmine Forbitzke (14);

master cabinetmaker Friedr. August Altmann (39), Mrs. Joh. Wilhelmine Tietz (26) and three children: Joh. Auguste Wilhelmine (7), Marie Luise Mathilde (6), Johann Otto (1);

moulding cutter Gottlob Reyher (58) with Mrs. Anna Rosina Werner (5) and son Silvius (15);

vineyard owner Karl August Blume (49) with wife and seven children of 18, 14, 11, 9, 7, 4 and 1 years;

unmarried Friderike Wilh. Driechel (27);

journeyman blanching tanner Gustav Adolf Altmann (23);

journeyman fabric cutter Josef Pilz;

artistic gardener Friedr. Wilhelm Schulz (26).

From page 279

Merzwiese: journeyman mason Karl Ludwig Hoffrichter (3) with Mrs. Dorothea Elis. Fischer (31) and daughter Ernestine Wilhelmine (9).

Boberstag: journeyman potter Joh. Samuel Hoffmann (26);

Unmarried Auguste Karoline Luise Meinke (23).

Treppeln: laborer Gottfried Jacob (43) with three children.

From Züllichau district in or near

Klemzig: daily wage earner Karl Bothe (35) with wife Eleonore, neé Jentsch;

thresher Christian Schulz (36) with Mrs. Karoline Grade (36) and three children: Ernestine (6), Luise (4), Ernst August (1).

Kay: stallkeeper Friedrich Hirte (30) with Mrs. Helene Edlich (34) and four children: Friedr. Wilhelm (8), Joh. Helene (6), Joh. Maria (3), Karl August (1) and mother-in-law widow Maria Rosina, neé Burkert (61);

unmarried daily wage earner Dorothea Stroike (35).

Moestchen: thresher Joh. Gottlob Paech (40) with Mrs. Dorothea Elis. Bartelt (40), five children: Joh. Luise (14), Maria Elis. (11), Friedr. Wilhelm (6), Johann Josef (3), Joh. Gottfried (1) and parents-in-law Joh. Gottfried Bartelt (80) and Anna Rosina, neé Länger (69).

Lochow: servant Joh.Gottfried Kuchel (33) with wife Anna Dorothea, neé Kuchel (33) and four children: Joh. Luise (5), Joh. Dorothea (4), Joh. Eleonore (2), Anna Rosina (3 weeks), father-in-law foreman Daniel Kuchel (70).

Miedwitz: daily wage earner Joh. Gottfried Schubert with Mrs. Dorothea Elis. Baldermann (33) and three children: Joh. Luise 96), Karl August (3), Joh. Heinrich (1).

II. From the province of Silesia, Liegnitz District in or near

Pohlschildern: day worker Georg Friedr. Böhm (29) and Mrs. Joh. Elis. Krusche (25).

Gross-Tinz: journeyman carpenter Joh. Gottlieb John (66), Mrs. Maria Rosina Häusler (59) and three children: Joh. Eleonore (3), Joh. Gottlieb (24), Traugott Benjamin (22);

journeyman mason Joh. Karl Dietrich (46) with Mrs. Anna Rosina Reichelt (41) and seven children: Joh. Christian (19), Dorothea Luise (15), Joh. Ernestine (13), Joh. Eleonore (10), Maria Rosina (6), Karl Ernst Traugott (3), Karl Wilhelm August (6 months);

perhaps also journeyman mason Joh. Wilhelm Otte (26).

Campern: resident Karl Häusler (26) with Mrs. Joh. Christ. John (28) and two children: Wilhelm (3), Karl (4 weeks).

Merschwitz: journeyman mason Joh. Karl Friedrich Obst (24) with Mrs. Anna Rosina Heidrich and daughter Joh. Maria (6 months) and brother, apprentice mason Ernst Wilhelm Obst (17);

small tract farmer Gottlieb Heidrich (32), brother-in-law of Obst, with Mrs. Anne Susanna Schmidt and daughter Anna Christiane (3 months).

Parchwitz: journeyman mason Gottlob Obst (29) with Mrs. Joh. Elis. Hampel and two children: Heinrich August (6), Ernst Gottlob (1); widowed mother Marie Elis, neé Schaege had to delay emigrating for a while because of illness. She may have been among the steady stream of emigrants to Australia in the 1840s and 1850s. Among the Australia emigrants of 1848, who generally made no declarations concerning faith as a reason for leaving, we find a mason, Gottlob Schaege, with family from Gross-Tinz, Liegnitz district. It is possible that he is a relative of mother Schaege and that she left with him.

Alt-Last: daily wage earner Joh. Christian Heidrich (58) with Mrs. Marie Eleonore Neumann (54), two children: Joh. Elisabeth (30), Karl Wilhelm (16) and maid Scholz.

Heidau: weaver Joh. Christian Knuschke with wife Maria Ros., neé Klant and daughter Anna Elis (8).

Royn: laborer Ernst Jungfer with Mrs. Joh. Eleonore Häusler (30) and two sons: Ernst (5), Johann Gottfried (1).

Klein-Jänowitz: gardener Joh. Christian Kriebel (57) with Mrs. Joh. Elis. Pohl (48) and four children: Gottlieb (26), Wilhelm (19), Joh. Eleonore (17), Ernestine (10).

day worker Heinrich Hampel (34) with Mrs. Anna Ros. Putzker and four children: Karl Heinr. (8), Johanna Christiane (6), Anna Rosina (4), Johanna Ernestine (6 months).

From Lüben district in or near

From page 280

Buchwäldchen: master blacksmith Karl John (35) with Mrs. Dorothea Susanna Obst (35);

journeyman blacksmith Wilhelm John (26);

mover Gottlieb Wogisch (75) and wife Marie Eleonore (36);

tax-exempt property owner Gottlob Lindner (5) with Mrs. Maria Ros. John (40) and four children: Johanna Elis. (19), Friedr. Ernst (17), Johann August and Wilhelm Traugott (twins, 3 years of age); the eldest daughter, Johanna Eleonore (20) remained behind because she was getting married in Silesia;

mover Gottfried Seidel (51) and two daughters: Johanna Christiane (22), Johanna Karoline (14);

divorced Anna Rosina Jungfer, neé Seidel, daughter of Gottfried S.

Koslitz: tax-exempt property owner Gottlieb Scholz (39) with Mrs. Johanna Mummert (31) and seven children: Wilh. Heinrich (17), Joh. Christiane (15), Charlotte Henriette (14), Ernst Hermann (9), Pauline Auguste (8), Joh. Pauline (3), Hermann Eduard (2).

Lüben: Jureck.

Kreise Steinau: two families of unknown number, at least 4.

III. From the province of Posen, Buk District in or near

Sonlop: shoemaker Christian Schupelius (49) with wife Anna Elisabeth and three children: Wilhelm (13), Johann Heinrich (8), Johanna Juliane (6);

property owner Gottlieb Eckert (46) with Mrs. Anna Dorothea Musler (47) and foster-daughter Joh. Wilhelmine Musler (15).

Cichagora: blacksmith Wilh. Bradtke (41), Mrs. Ros. Dorothea Schlipke (44) and five children: Joh. Luise (22), Ernst Heinrich (15), Amalie Ottilie (10), Adolf (4), Wilh. Gustav (3);

property owner Gottfried Fischer (46) with Mrs. Anna Dorothea Deutschmann (29) and son Gottfried (3).

From Kosten district in or near

Rensko: daily wage earner Samuel Pietsch (4) with wife Anna Dorothea (32) and three [sic]

property owner Karl Friedr. Pankow (49), Mrs. Sophie Elis. Beise (61) and three children: Elisabeth (9), Gottfried (6), Anna Rosina (4).

B. Going to America

I. From Brandenburg, Neu-Ruppin District in or near

Gransee: master tailor Karl Friedr. August Landon (36) with Mrs. Karoline Friderike Henriette Achtermann (professed old Lutheranism).

From Angermünde district in or near

Lunow: farmer Wilhelm Herzberg with wife and four children;

master linenweaver Ephraim Flügge with wife and six children.

Lützow: cabinetmaker Fistler with Mrs. Anna Dorothea Damerow (42) and six children: stepdaughter Wilhelmine Schröder (17) from the wife's first marriage and his own children: Karl (14), Hermann (11), Emilie (8), Hanna (7), Rosalie (1), professed old Lutheranism.

Liepe: fisherman August Sack, Mrs. Wilhelmine Goldbeck, two children, his parents and two sisters-in-law aged 19 and 16 years;

stallkeeper Neumann and two children; he is divorced from his wife.

Chorinchen: farmer Grenz with wife and five children.

Schwedt: fisherman's assistant Daniel Friedr. Wolter (24) (brother of Mrs. Schröder, neé Wolter, who emigrated from Fiddichow in the district of Greifenhagen in 1844).

Meichow: tailor Wesenick (32) with wife (39) and his children, whose number is unknown. Stepchildren remained behind;

widow Hoffmeister (58) with two unmarried daughters, aged 23 and 20 years;

journeyman miller Johann Castillon with wife and seven children, ages 13 to 1 year;

From Prenzlau district in or near

Brüssow: shoemaker Christian Friedr. Jageritz (29) with Mrs. Albertine Wilhelmine Gensow (24).

Rossow: saddler Erdmann Friedr. Ellmann (42), Mrs. Marie Luise Werk (38).

Fahrenwalde: weaver Wilhelm Grasmann (27) with Mrs. Helene Zabel (31).

Hammelstall: weaver Joh. Wilh. Lorenz Schröder (45), unmarried.

Eickstedt: sheephand Karl Friedr. Wilh. Fährmann (27), unmarried.

From page 281

Menkin: farmer's son Michael Böning (24), unmarried.

Schenkenberg: brickmaster Karl Friedr. Wilhelm Ike (27) with wife, neé Stüdemann and one son;

master weaver Christian Friedr. Dähn (35) with Mrs. Uecks (41), one son, wife's mother (63) and her four other children;

II. From the province of Pomerania, Naugard District in or near

Trechel: farmer's son Friedr. Wilh. Neitzel (27) with Mrs. Friderike Utech (23); the parents and siblings remained behind, following in 1846;

farmer Karl Maass [Maaß] with Mrs. Wilh. Utech (28) and three children: Ernestine Friderike (5), Henriette (3), August Karl Friedrich (2);

farmer Christian Utech with Mrs. Christine Bublitz (51) and three children: Henriette Luise (2), Christian Friedr. August (16), Joh. Friedr. August Ferdinand (14);

stallkeeper and wheelwright Joh. Friedrich Sülflow with Mrs. Dorothea Christine Viergutz (35), two children: Christian Ferdinand (16), Luise Christ. Wilh. (13);

father Joachim Friedr. Sülflow (75);

The previous 17 people of the district gave matters of faith as the reason for emigration. The following 58 either did not give this reason or it was contested.

journeyman tailor Karl Friedr. Wilhelm Bütow (32) and his mother Luise, neé Wilcke (61);

school posting candidate Joh. Friedr. August Neitzel (21);

journeyman miller Karl Friedr. Gottlieb Neitzel (24), both sons of the apparently deceased teacher Christian Neitzel, whose guardianship was in the hands of farmer Christian Neitzel. He wanted to emigrate but postponed it until 1846.

Maskow: master blacksmith Karl Friedrich Höfs with Mrs. Dorothea Marie Warmbier.

Klein-Sabow: workman Karl Friedr. August Götsch with Mrs. Luise Henr. Braun and three children.

Bernhagen: tailor Friedr. Wilh. Aug. Goetsch with Mrs. Dorothea Marie Charlotte Liermann.

Pflugrade: servant Karl Friedr. Quandt (25), unmarried;

workmann Joh. Friedr. Wilhelm Degener (27) with Mrs. Wilhelmine Schnur (30) and two children;

farmer Christian Friedr. Degener (42) with Mrs. Dorothea Luise Moesch (49) and five children;

property owner Martin Friedr. Zastrow (42) with Mrs. Dorothea Luise Bohlmann (40) and eight children;

property owner Gottlieb Friedr. Zastrow (48) with Mrs. Anna Sophie Zülsdorf (44) and four children;

stallkeeper August Pasewalk (24) with Mrs. Frid. Polzmann (23) and two children;

stallkeeper Wilh. Korth (31) with Mrs. Wilhelmine Zastrow (36), three children and mother-in-law, neé Werner (71);

workmann Friedr. Wilh. Callies (26), Mrs. Joh. Frid. Goetz and two children;

(Callies, Pasewalk, Gottl. Fried. Zastrow, and Quandt possibly emigrated in 1846.)

Gollnow: shoemaker Friedr. Christ. Scherping with wife Charlotte, neé Maass [Maaß] and son Eduard Wilh. Friedr. (1).

From Regenwalde district (from records concerning Conventicle) in or near

Plathe: butcher Joh. Gottfried Emanuel Strey (31), Mrs. Charlotte Sophie Plantz (26) and three children: Marie Karoline Luise (5), Joh. Wilhelmine Sophie (3), Friedr. Wilhelm (in his first year).

From Saatzig district in or near

Lenz: farmer Christlieb Schwantes (51), giving matters of faith as the reason, Mrs. Karoline Sophie Klug (49), five children: Karl Friedr. Wilhelm (22), Marie Karoline Erdmuthe (15), Johanna Christ. Wilhelmine (12), Justine Wilhelmine (8), Daniel Ferdinand (3) and maid Henriette Kollath (24).

Uehtenhagen: workman Christian Brehmer (54), brother-in-law of Christian, who left Damerow in the Saatzig district in 1843, with Mrs. Dorothea Charlotte Nass [Naß] (48);

tailor Gottlieb Brüssow. Mrs. Dorothea Luise Hanke and two children: Ernst Friedr. Wilhelm (6), Ernestine Friderike Luise (3).

From page 282

From Randow district in or near

Plöwen: the daughters of farmer Johann Houdelette: Luise (29), Johanna (18), they were expressly designated old Lutheran.

Kreis Kammin. Although religious reasons were not indicated, we count these people as old Lutherans since the records listing them come under the title, "With Regard to Conventicle Existence and the Subsequent Emigration to America", which covers April 1, 1843 to May 1, 1846. Thus emigrating from the Kammin District in or near

Betzlaff: tenant farmer Wilh. Christian Ehlke (53), Mrs. Sophie Friderike Luise Kannenberg (50) and five children: Hanna Sophie Friderike (24), Joh. Karl Christlieb (22), August Friedrich Wilh. (17), Ferd. Friedrich Wilhelm (14), Hermann Wilhelm Gottfried (8);

farmer Wilh. Friedr. Koepke (41), Mrs. Maria Frid. Wilh. Lange (32), four children: Auguste Wilh. Henr. Albert. (11), Berta Frid. Albert. (9), Auguste Em. Frid. (6), Emilie Albert. (2), mother Anna Regina Krause (74);

daily wage earner Joh. Mich. Radloff (37), Mrs. Frid. Christ. Krüger (35) and two children: Karl Friedr. Ferd. (6), Wilhelmine Albert. Frid. (2);

daily wage earner Joh. Gottlieb Koepke (31), Mrs. Wilhelmine Aug. Frid. Gaulke (23);

half-time farmer Christ. Wilh. Friedr. Krause (48), Mrs. Frid. Dorothea Tugendreich Molz (32), six children: Ferd. Friedr. Wilhelm Eduard (15), Hanna Wilh. Charl. Sophie (12), Berta Sophie Marie Henr. (11), August Friedr. (9), Karl Jul. Eduard (5), stepson Karl Friedr. Herm. Molz (16), mother widow Kath. Luise Krause, neé Hannemann (79);

cottager Karl Sigismund Mögenburg (51), Mrs. Marie Elis. Wendorff (43) and eight children: Joh.. Friedr. Wilh. (18), Karl Wilh. Ludwig (17), Karloine Frid. Luise (15), Ernestine Wilh. Luise (13), Karl Aug. Friedr. Bogislav (10) Friderike Whil. Ernest. (8), Wilhelmine Albert. Henr. (5), Henriette Luise Frid. (3).

Cretlow: property owner Gottlieb Friedr. Krause (45), Mrs. Maria Luise Voigt (41) and son Karl Friedr. Bogislav (15);

property owner Joh. Gottlieb Maas (67), Mrs. Wilh. Sophie Karol. Schmidt (34), four children: Karl Friedr. Wilh. (8), Karol. Henr. Aug. (5), Martin Gottlieb Severus (3), Gotthilf Joh. Wilh. (1) and the wife's sister, unmarried Anna Dorothea Schmidt (31);

property owner Karl Friedr. Bogislav Krause (47), Mrs. Ernest. Luise Gahnz (37), daughter Ernest. Rosalie Wilh. (9);

property owner Karl Friedr. Pankow (49), Mrs. Sophie Elis. Beise (61) and three children: Johann Friedr. (27), Maria Ernest. Frid. (24), Karol. Luise Ernest. (21);

daily wage earner's widow Marie Ernest. Gahnz, neé Trittin (37) and daughter Charl. Karol. Henr. (17).

Dieschenhagen: stallkeeper Joh. Friedr. Kannenberg (43), Mrs. Hanne Charl. Henseling (37) and four children: Hanne Karol. Alwine (9), Johann Friedr. Wilh. (7), Emilie Henriette Frid. (4), August Gotthilf Hermann (1).

Rachitt: resident's widow Karl. Christine Wiskow, neé Ehlke (45) and two children: Marie Luise (12), Johann Karl Friedr. (9).

From Usedom-Wollin district we believe that the following emigrants for the year 1845 may be counted among the old Lutherans.

Rehberg: Otto with Mrs. Kuckahn and five children;

Ehmke with Mrs. Strege and three children;

Gnewuch with Mrs. Kohlmey and five children;

Ott with Mrs. Schütt and three children.

Dannenberg: farmer Budahn with Mrs. Schulz and six children;

Krause with Mrs. Neumann and five children.

Dargebanz: property owner Kuckahn with Mrs. Müsch and four children.

Lebbin: Baass [Baaß] with Mrs. Banke and five children.

Fernowsfelde: Jakob Friedr. Braunschweig with Mrs. Budahn and four children;

Joh. Gottfried Ludwig Braunschweig with Mrs. Wergin and four children;

Joh. Friedr. Wilh. Braunschweig with Mrs. Voeltz and two children;

Borkenhagen with Mrs. Budahn and six children;

Erdmann with wife, neé Erdmann and five children.

Warnow: stallkeeper Joh. Heinrich Ferd. Magnitz and Karl Heinrich Magnitz.

From page 283

Codram: Wendland with Mrs. Berndt and six children.

For the year 1845, going to Australia from the province of Brandenburg  84
the province of Silesia  80
the province of Posen  23
For the year 1845, going to America from the province of Brandenburg  79
the province of Pomerania 284
Total 550


A. Going to America

I. From the province of Pomerania

From Randow district and definitely for religous reasons

Plöwen: farmer's son Ludwig Ferd. Wolff (21);

siblings: farmer's son Christian Görs (23), unmarried Charl. Görs (25), unmarried Karol. Wilh. Görs (20);

journeyman carpenter Gottfried Hasenbank (39) with Mrs. Dorothea Frid. Gerloff (39) and son Wilh. Karl Gottfr. (2);

weaver Michael Jagow (39) with Mrs. Marie Dorothea Rieck (35) and three children: Friedr. Ferd. Ludwig (8), Aug. Friedr. Albert (6), Wilh. Christian Friedr. (1);

daily wage earner David Wilh. Strohfeld (41) with Mrs. Charl. Auguste Kolpin and three children: Friedr. Wilh. Martin Erdmann (11), Johann Friedr. David (8), Karoline Frid. Wilh. (5);

innkeeper Jaques Gombert with Mrs. Karol. Krüger and four children: Friedrich Wilh. (22), Johann (19). August Friedrich (13), Karoline Wilh. (11).

Boock: resident Joh. Rubbert (65) with Mrs. Dorothea Brust;

resident Joachim Ziem (25);

resident Christian Roggow (45) with Mrs. Charl. Bolion and four children: Minna (18), Wilhelm (17), a son age 11, Karl (2);

resident Gottfried Hellert (45) with Mrs. Maria Dorothea Lemke (also Limpke) and two children: Luise (19), Karl (16);

resident Joachim Werth (30) with Mrs. Minna Behm and three children: Henriette (8), Karl (6), Ernestine (4);

resident Christian Stengel with Mrs. Sophie Sperling and two children: Wilhelmine (4), Wilhelm (2);

resident Joachim Bröcker (35) with Mrs. Maria Dorothea Behm and three children: Ernestine (9), Johann (8), Wilhelmine (3);

resident Friedr. Ellmann (35), Mrs. Christine Rubber and two children: Wilhelm (5), Karoline (2);

resident Friedr. Vogel (36) with Mrs. Friderike Werth and daughter Wilhelmine (8).

Mewegen: resident Karl Moll (49) with Mrs. Frid. Ellmann and four children: Philippine (17), Albert (14), Heinrich (10), Karl (6);

resident Martin Werth (70) with Mrs. Marie Lemke;

resident Johann Werth (35) with wife Christiane, neé Werth and five children: Wilhelm (16), Wilhelmine (14), Karoline (11), Karl (1 ½), Johann (6 months);

resident Martin Werth (44) with Mrs. Maria Dorothea Ziem (32) and three children: Friderike (14), Wilhelm (6), Karl (2);

Regine Behm, neé Behm (6);

resident Christian Rohde (44) with wife Regine, neé Werth and six children: Wilhelmine (15), Friderike (13), Philippine (11), Karl (7), Karoline (5), Luise (2);

married Regine Moll, neé Ziehm and two children: Karl (6), August (4). Her husband emigrated in 1843 and called for his family;

resident Christian Wittkopf (45) with Mrs. Maria Rolde and two children: Gustav (10), Wilhelm (4);

resident Johann Werth (30), Mrs. Dorothea Krienke, three children: Wilhelmine (9), August (3), Berta (1), sister-in-law Frid. Krienke (14);

resident Joachim Behm (32), Mrs. Anna Sophie Wittkopf and three children: Karoline (9), Karl (6), Albertine (5);

resident August Müller (25) and Mrs. Friderike Schulz.

Rothen Clempenow: resident Karl Werth (35) with Mrs. Regine Ellmann and three children: Karl (13), Wilhelm (11), August (4).

From page 284

Löcknitz: shoemaker Christian Friedr. Krause (36) with Mrs. Charl. Frid. Merten (39) and two children: Henriette Frid. Charl. (9), Hulda Julie Auguste (13).

Zedlitzfelde: colonist Friedr. Stolzenburg (36) with Mrs. Elis. Becker (37) and three children: Friedr. Wilh. (6), Christian Friedr. (3), Johann August (1).

Salzow: workman Karl Friedr. Wolansky (44) with Mrs. Maria Christine Zühlsdorff and adopted child Karl Ludwig Friedrich August Bretsch (8).

From Kammin district (from 1845 records with the inscription, "With Regard to Conventicle Existence and the Subsequent Emigration to North America".) Of the 113 emigrants we can unfortunately only give 46 names.

Nitzow: old estate owner Joachim Brendemühl with Mrs. Dorothea Marie Mitzlaff and daughter Dorothea Frid. (23);

journeyman blacksmith Aug. Ferdinand Eichhorst;

daily wage earner Karl Gottlieb Friedr. Stechow with Mrs. Luise Charl. Brockhuss [Brockhuß] and daughter Karol. Ernest. Friderike (1).

Batzlaff: stallkeeper Joh. Friedr. Bogislav Koepke (38) with wife Frid. Karol. Ernest. Luise, neé Lange (35) and four children: Hermann Friedr. Wilh. (9), Hanna Wilh. Frid. (6), Karoline Wilh. Ernest. (5), Karl Albert Friedr. (3).

Dünow: daily wage earner Christlieb Krause (44) with Mrs. Karol. Sophie Jäger (43) and four children: Friderike Wilh. Henr. (13), Karl Friedr. Wilh. (8), Friedrich Wilh. (5), August Friedr. Wilh. (2).

Langendorf: widow Pauline Em. Albert. Prochnow, neé Ott (48) and three children: August Karl Friedr. (26), Herm. Friedr. Anton (21), Pauline Em. Albertine (19).

Morgow: daily wage earner Karl Friedr. Gottlieb Hofemeister (27).

Drewitz: Karl Friedr. Wilh. and August Ferd. Leberecht Lemcke.

Jassow: quarter-time farmer Joh. Gottfried Knall with Mrs. Dorothea Sophie Eggert (40) and six children: Wilhelmine Albert. (12), Karol. Marie Luise (8), Berta Marie Elise (6), Emilie Sophie (5), Johann Heinr. Wilh. (2), Rosalie Albert. Henr. (2 months), father-in-law, resident Joh. Eggert (69), mother-in-law Charl. Sophie, neé Tews (78).

Denthin: resident Heinr. Wilh. Knoll (41).

Kohlen: farmer David Wolkmann (56), Mrs. Marie Elis. Koepsell (45) and six children: Wilhelmine Frid. Sophie (19), Karoline Ernest. Tugendreich (17), Johann Friedr. (13), Hanna Marie Elis. (11), Wilhelm Aug. (7), David Ferd. (4) and servant Joachim Gottfried Koepsell (32).

With the last three families it is declared that they were emigrating because of limitations to their religious freedom while with the other families no reason is given. (see section on emigration in 1846).

From Greifenberg district. According to a governmental list from February 7, 1847, in the year 1846 no fewer tham 63 people emigrated who were designated old Lutheran. We know of only nine by name.

Zitzmar: cottages owner Gottlieb Arndt with Mrs. Marie Crantz and three stepchildren: unmarried Wilhelmine Karol. Fick, Konradin Fick (24), Martin Ferd. Fick (16);

widow Müller (emigrated without permit).

Holm: widow of farmer Joh. Kressin [Kreßin], Julie, Neé Seegebarth and son Martin Wilh. Kressin (21);

an unmarried female named Kressin (emigrated without permit).

Naugard District: In our treatise concerning migrations we have to distinguish between two groups of old Lutheran emigrants for Naugard and for other districts. One group specifically gave or had been designated as emigrating for reasons of faith while the other group denied that religion was the motive with a typical "not because of religious convictions" response. However, in spite of this they may be counted among the old Lutheran (see the section on migrations). The first groups is comprised of the following people:

Gollnow: Joachim Georg Braasch (59), his children: Wilhelm Friedr. Aug. (21), Wilhelmine Henr. (17), Wilhelm Friedr. Theobart (15), Helene Auguste Marie (12), his illegitimate daughter with unmarried Sophie Rackow, Dorothea Frid. Tugendreich (32), his brother's daughter, Wilhelmine Braasch (24), his brother's son Karl Friedr. Aug. Braasch (22), another daughter, Amalie Florentine (18) of his brother, the village mayor of Neumassow, Christ. Friedr. Braasch;

From page 285

widow Karoline Math. Fettgenhauer (also Fettchenhauer), neé Braasch (37) - also a daughter to the brother of Joachim Georg Braasch with her four children: Auguste (19), Robert (14), Karl (10), Hulda (70:

small plot farmer and shoemaker Martin Friedr. Hammel (45) with Mrs. Charl. Luise Frid. Goetsch (43) and six children: Herm. Karl Ferd. (20), August Franz Ludwig (17), Luise Marie. Wilh. (12), Elis. Marie (6), Marie Anna Charl. (4), Lydia Wilh. Karol. (2).

The second group of people from Naugard includes the following from:

Gollnow: master cabinetmaker Karl Friedr. Ehlert (36), wife, neé Lawerenz (29) and three children.

Trechel: farmer and church administrator Christian Neitzel (58), Mrs. Sophie Bublitz (58), three sons: Joh. Friedrich (19), Gotthilf Friedr. (17), August Friedr. (15).

Langkofel: lodger Joh. Gottfried Legrand (29), wife neé Mühlenbeck (28) and two children.

Pflugrade: quarter-time farmer Karl Friedr. Zastrow (37), Mrs. Charl. Brummund (34) and five children.

Neufanger: Karl Friedr. Pankow with wife, neé Kammrade and four children.

Wismar: lodger Karl August Wasenberg (31) with wife, neé Viergutz (28).

Gross-Benz: half-time farmer Karl Friedr. Aug. Röhl with wife, neé Wolfram and four children;

fisherman Peter Friedr. Gennrich with wife, neé Liermann and eight children, plus the sheephand Hermann Jennrich (21); the daughter, Luise, remained behind since it was too difficult for her to leave the fatherland;

sheephand Karl Friedr. Aug. Borchhardt.

Wangeritz: shepherd Christof Griesbach with wife, neé Hoefs and five children aged from 11 to 2 years.

Kniephoff: kiln operator Dräger with wife, neé Krüger and one child.

Gross-Sabor: daily wage earner Joh. Christ. Kahn (68) with Mrs. Grausenick (59) and 2 sons.

Falkenberg: Michael Friedr. Backhaus (33);

journeyman mason Joh. Martin Lübke with wife, neé Keibler and nine children.

Prior to this there were 94 emigrants of the Naugard District, who were reported in the governmental summary of February 7, 1847. Possibly a few people came afterwards. who made their arrangements to emigrate but of whom we have no record of receiving exit permits. We will not include them in the emigration total but for the purpose of possible future investigation we will cite them here. From

Grävenhagen: half-time farmer Gottfried Gerbitz with unknown family members, also with the journeyman tailor Heinrich Kempfert of Grävenhagen.

Parlin: the daughter of schoolteacher Haunke, unmarried Karoline Sophie Marie, of whom it is said that she wanted to emigrate with farmer Schwandt's family from the Saatziger District.

Rothenfier: farmer Joh. Joachim Borchhardt (56) with one son of 17 years (see the chapter on Family Breakups.)

From Regenwalde district (records regarding Conventicle Existence) in or near

Neu-Labuhn: colonist Joh. Christian Wachs (54), Mrs. Marie Luise Schmeckel (5), her illegitimate daughter Henr. Ernest. Schmeckel (27), legitimate children: Joh. Emilie (25), Frider. Luise Florentine (23) Johanna Karol. Charl. (17), Luise Heinr. Karol. (15), Karl Gottlieb Hermann (11), Johann Aug. Gotthilf (6), Friedr. Wilh. Leopold (5);

Wach's son, discharged soldier Joh. Ferd. Wachs (21) and Mrs. Charl. Lawerenz;

one daughter, Albertine Karol Sophie - married soldier's wife Plautz had to remain behind (see 1846 Emigration in the chapter on Migration);

colonist Karl Friedr. Gottlieb Spiering, interim schoolteacher (45) with Mrs. Frider. Wilh. Manke (27) and five children: Auguste Ernest. Wilh. (18), Johann Wilh. Heinrich (16), Ernestine Wilh. Frid. (14), Em. Luise Wilh. (3), Karl Gotthilf (1).

Heiglitz: workman Wilhelm Wendorf (27).

Rübenhagen: daily wage earner Johann Gottlieb Schmidt (42). He wanted to join Wachs and Spiering and gave "matters of faith" as the reason for emigrating.

From page 286

II. From the province of Brandenburg (Official Document: Emigration of the Old Lutheran Separatists to America.)

From Prenzlau district in or near

Prenzlau itself: master cabinetmaker Karl Friedr. Schmidt (31) with wife, neé Hanstein, two children and one illegitimate child;

locksmith Aug. Wilh. Ferd. Huck (43), housekeeper Boos and her illegitimate child;

cabinetmaker Rudolf Ferd. Schäker (2() with Mrs. Pflugard and three children;

cabinetmaker Joh. Jak. Friedr. Stechlitz (33) with Mrs. Hartwig;

cooper Karl Hoh (42), Mrs. Thomas and six children;

workman Joachim Suhr, Mrs. Sy and three children.

Bergholz: blacksmith Philipp Milleville (29), Mrs. Schulz and three children;

farmer Joh. Friedr. Aug. Pfuhl (45), Mrs. Suchow, three children;

farmer Philipp William (36), Mrs. Suckow, two children;

daily wage earner Christian Rubbert (36), Mrs. Becker, three children;

daily wage earner Karl Rubbert (26), Mrs. Strassburg [Straßburg], three children;

daily wage earner Karl Friedr. Mietzner (57), Mrs. Behm, one child;

daily wage earner Wilhelm Moll (35), Mrs. Marie Woldt, four children;

old estate owner Christof Lüschow (64), Mrs. Schulz.

Wallmow: workman Mich. Stegemann (34), Mrs. Rick, three children;

sheephand Joh. Wiese (32), Mrs. Bartel, two children, parents-in-law;

weaver Gottlieb Bandelow (32), Mrs. Durow, two children;

Wollin: workman Gottlieb Schulz (47), Mrs. Schröder (43), three children;

workman Johann Beutel (41), Mrs. Bonnin (43), two children;

maid Christine Luise Zühlsdorff (20);

Johann Friedrich Köhn (42), wife and one son;

cabinet maker Wilhelm Meyer (66), Mrs. Caplik and son (25).

Kleinow: workman Michael Wendt (38), Mrs. Küken, two children;

Gottlieb Schulz (24), wife and one child remained behind, however he agreed to this.

Cremzow: hunter Friedr. Judisch (25), Mrs. Weiss [Weiß], two children;

servant Mewes (3), Mrs. Stollhoff (31), father-in-law Stollhoff (77). He had a dispute with his wife's employer, who would not let her leave until her term of service was complete. Eventually the employeer conceded. Number of children unknown but there were children.

Falkenwalde: journeyman blacksmith Karl Friedr. Detloff (28);

shoemaker Karl Ludwig Meyer (33), Mrs. Müller, two children, father-in-law weaver Müller, mother-in-law neé Detloff, sister-in-law Henr. Müller (20).

Brüssow: shoemaker Sy (25);

scribe Friedr. Wilh. Merkel (23).

Fahrenwalde: cottager's son Wilh. Zabel (29);

shoemaker Joh. Friedr. Wilh. Püschelberg (40), Mrs. Schulz, three children;

daily wage earner Joh. Friedr. Märten (45), Mrs. Neumann, five children;

stallkeeper Johann Collier (45), Mrs. Pagel.

Roggow: tradesman Ludwig Ferd. Judisch (48), Mrs. Friedrich, four children.

Zerrenthin: stallkeeper Christ. David Durow (50), wife, five children.

Menkin: servant Wilh. Meyer (27), servant Proefrock (32).

Damme: workman Martin Wendt (48), Mrs. Sprenger, four children.

Strasburg: separated Mrs. Knopf (64) declared she was going to North Carolina in America.

Grimme: farmer Sam. Friedr. Jagow (42), Mrs. Suckow, five children, the father;

farmer Peter Ziemendorf (45), Mrs. Duchow, two children;

tailor Peter Billeau (6), Mrs. Gombert.

Nieden: journeyman saddler Christof Krüger (37).

Fürstenwerder: master tailor Ludwig Schröder (41), Mrs. Petran, five children.

From Neu-Ruppin district (Official Documents concerning the Old Lutheran Emigations to America).

Gühlen: shepherd Christian Friedr. Zantke (45), Mrs. Anna Maria Buth (44), foster-daughter innkeeper Luise Salomon. In a transaction they identified themselves as old Lutheran.

Wulckow: Eugen Stoeckenius (26), son of Major St.

From Angersmünde district (from the same official documents)

Verkehrt Grünow: potter Martin Friedr. Hermann, wife, four children.

Greifenberg: daily wage earner Christof Hagen with wife.

From page 287

Welsow: horse wrangler Mich. Friedr. Wilcke, wife, two children;

shepherd Friedr. Schmidt, wife, seven children;

farmer's widow Marie Elis Walter, neé Grosskopf [Großkopf].

Frauenhagen: farmer Christian Müller, wife, two children;

master blacksmith Ephraim Friedr. Mantke, wife, six children;

sheephand Joh. Friedr. Beitz, wife, three children.

Melchow: resident weaver Joh. Friedr. Boldt, Mrs. Haase, three children from 19 to 15 years of age.

Kolonie Poessen: son of the above, master Karl Friedr. Boldt, Mrs. Wilh. Neumann, one son.

Wedellsberg: shepherd Porth, Mrs. Hase, married son, his wife Henriette Gebauer, two other sons.

From West-Priegnitz district (same official document)

Havelberg: cabinetmaker Schulze (31), Karl Gottlieb with Mrs. Heimgrüber.

Perleberg: silver worker Scheller.

postal assistant Tobias Wagner.

III From Silesia in or near

Kroitsch, Liegnitz District: village tavern operator Philipp Glor with wife and four children.

Also going to America but with the further declaration of Texas (the same official documents)

From Prenzlau district in or near

Fürstenwerder: theological candidate Friedr. Fiebiger (4).

From Westpriegnitz district in or near

Stessow: a man named Mücke.

Perleberg: master blacksmith Palm with wife and six children - a survey dated August 4th;

journeyman carpenter Graf.

Saaslich: saddler Erdmann;

again, master blacksmith Palm - a survey dated Sptember 10th.

Brandenburg: Oswald von Gauvain.

From Nieder-Barnim district in or near

Wensickendorf: Karoline Kühne.


B. Going to Australia

I. From the province of Brandenburg, Sorau District in or near

Fielitz: gardener Gottlob Weidner (43), Mrs. Johanna Christ. Hermann (38) and two daughters: Johanna Auguste (7), Johanna Clementine (4); self-acknowledged old Lutherans.

From Westpriegnitz district (from official documents as available for Neu-Ruppin, Prenzlau)

Wusterhausen: shoemaker Christ. Friedr. Kurth (35) with Mrs. Dorothea Frenz (25) and three children: Karl August (5), Berta Maria (3), Wilhelm Gottlob (1); they subscribed to the Old Lutheran Confession.

II. From the province of Silesia (official records: General Separatist Issues).

Peterwitz, Breslau District: public gardener Gottfried Ossig (58), widower with four children from a second marriage: Gottfried (25), Gottlob (21), Christof (17) Karl (12); the two children from the first marriage did not wish to leave. He professed the Old Lutheran religion and wanted to join his brethren in Lobethal.

Lindau, Freistadt District: journeyman tailor Joh. Aug. Giersch (26) with Mrs. Anna Elis. Selige (30).

III. From the large emigration roster from the province of Posen for 1846 we unfortunately have no names. With reservations we again submit from the district of Kosen in or near

Pruszkowo: agronomist Wilhelm Schulz with wife Juliane (20) and one daughter (1).

Those identified for the total emigration of 1846:

Going to American from Pomerania 293
from Brandenburg 253
from Silesia   6
Going to Australia from Brandenburg   9
from Silesia   7
from Posen   3
Of 789 Lutheran Emigrants, the total identified: 571

From page 288


B. Going to America

I. From Pomerania, Randow District (official documents concerning Conventicle Existence). The local magistrate also reported: For reasons of faith.

Plöwen: half-time farmer Joh. Friedr. Hasenbank (49), Mrs. Wilh. Sénéchal (34) and six children: Christine Wilh. (15), Charlotte Frid. Wilh. (13), Johann Aug. Friedr. Wilhelm (11), Christine Wilh. (8), Charlotte Karol. Aug. (6), Justine Doroth. Wilh. (2).

Neuenhagen: farmstead tenant Joh. Bröcker (28), Mrs. Anna Sophie Wittkopf (23), two children: Alwine Aug. Luise (3), Berta Therese Karol. (1), illegitimate daughter of the woman: Wilh. Ernestine Wittkopf;

maid unmarried Karoline Ziehm (23).

Mewegen: carpenter Joh. Heinr. Ferd. Moll (26), Mrs. Friderike Behm (23) and son Rudolf Albert Julius (1).

Unknown Region: boat pilot Georg Wilh. Fried. Tessendorf, Mrs. Joh. Riebow, three children: Dorothea Frid. Emilie (4), Friedrich Wilh. (2), Rosa Bertha Dorothea Frid. (1), sister-in-law Veronika Henr. Karol. Luise Riebow (14), servant Friedr. Wilh. August Riebow (23), boat pilot Georg Friedr. Tessendorf (68).

II. From Mark Brandenburg, Lebus District (Official Records of the Upper Church College).

Langsow: tailor Martin Rossin [Roßin] (49), Mrs. Anna Sophie Raschke (48) and three children: Gottlieb (16), August (10), Anna Sophie (17).

II. From Silesia in or near

Weissenleipe, Liegnitz District: laborer and blacksmith Kirschke.


B. Going to Australia

I. From Silesia, Lüben District in or near

Gugelwitz: gardener Joh. Gottfried Knauerhase (38), Mrs. Anna Rosina Beyer (34), four children: Johann Karl (8), Johanna Christiane (6), Joh. Ernst (4), Joh. Hermann (1), sister Maria Ros. Knauerhase, out of separatist intentions.

From Sagan district in or near

farmer Samuel Hoffmann (52), wife Dorothea, neé Walter, six children: Johanna Rosina (26), Friedrich Karl (18), Johann Friedr. Wilh. (15), Johann Heinr. (13), Johann Samuel (?), Christian (3); two sons, Joh. Gottlieb and Joh. Gottfried, had to remain behind because of military service but they emigrated in 1849.

Tschirskau: laborer Gottlieb Laube (52), Mrs. Anna Elis. Reimann (48) and three children: Christian (18), Karl Benjamin (11), Gottlob (6).

Cosel: day worker Samuel Fechner (48), shoemaker Gottfried Nippe (36), unmarried son of farmer Nippe, brother of the Nippe, who emigrated in 1844.

Klein-Dobritsch: gardener's son Gottlieb Wunderlich (35 or 33), unmarried.

From Grünberg district in or near

Grünberg itself: wagoner-for-hire Gottlob Schulz with Mrs.Juliane Christ. Peitz;

widower and master tailor Rosenberg and four children: Franz Josef Ehrhard (23), Henriette Elis. (21), Auguste Berta (29), Josef Adolf (17); the eldest daughter, Maria Josefa, married and remained behind.

From Liegnitz district in or near

Prinkendorf: journeyman cabinetmaker Heinr. Hanuschke.

II. From Brandenburg, Sorau District in or near

Sorau: townsman and linen weaver Joh. Traugott Gross [Groß], Mrs. Joh. Christ. Nasch, one son (6).

Rodtstock: servant Johann Gottlieb Russ [Ruß] (26);

both groups identified themselves as being of the old Lutheran faith.

From Züllichau district in or near

Keitschen: farmstead owner Gottfried Dolling (36) with wife, neé Woydt, four children and parents.

Klein-Dammer: cabinetmaker Friedr. Wilh. Heinrich (39) with wife and four children;

gardener Andreas Hirthe with wife and son.

Kranschow: stallkeeper Gottlob Mattner (49) with wife and three children.

Züllichau: shoemaker Georg Thiele (52) with wife and three children;

master tailor Wilh. Gutsche (25) with wife.

Padligar: farmstead owner Gottfried Kroschel (40) with wife Elis., neé Schulz (40) and four children;

From page 289

gardener Gottfried Tschippig (35) with wife Joh. Luise, neé Fechner (31), four children, mother-in-law, neé Kluge and sister-in-law Fechner (35).

Friedrichs-Läsgen: colonist Karl Ernst Vorwerk with wife and seven children.

Möstichen: gardener Joh. Christof Grocke (46) with wife and three children.

III. From Posen. Due to the lack of recorded documents we can give only seven names from the large group of Poseners emigrating in 1847.

Pastor Ph. Oster, wife Sophie Emilie, neé Stamm and one 17-year-old son;

Adolf Strempel, son of river supervisor Strempel in Posen.

Preischwitz, Kosten District: property owner Joh. Gottl. Kalm (brother-in-law of Schulz, who emigrated in 1846) with wife Aug. Wilh. Schulz and daughter Auguste Wilhelm (8 weeks);

mason Wollmann.

The total for emigration in 1847:
going to America  31
going to Australia  99
of approximately 381, number identified by name: 130


A. Going to America

From Pomerania because of the limitation of their faith:

Cardemin: daily wage earner Karl Friedr. Hasemann with daughter Hanna Wilh. Frid.;

daily wage earner Friedr. Gottlob Hasemann, Mrs. Karol. Wilh. Müggenburg;

servant Gottlieb Friedr. Grützmacher.

From Brandenburg in or near

Nieder-Finow: maiden Marie Luise Alberts (19), stepdaughter of colonist Joh. Friedr. Aug. Schulze, who emigrated in 1843 from Kietz. She was born in Wuschewire.

B. Going to Australia

From Silesia, Liegnitz District in or near

Gross-Tinz: resident Joh. Gottfried Hüber with wife, neé Siegert and four children;

mason Karl Gottlob Schaege with wife, neé Vogel and three children.

Alt-Beckern: gardener Joh. Gottlob Blümel with Mrs. Hoffmann and three children;

servant Karl Baumgart and Mrs. Hebel;

widowed mover Anna Ros. Ernst, neé Weinholdt and one daughter.

Berndorf: resident August Glatz, Mrs. Seifert, two children from ages 3 to 1 year;

village green laborer and weaver Karl Gottlieb Müller; left his wife, neé Göbel, behind.

Kummernick: tax-exempt property owner Joh. Gottfried Purrmann (44), Mrs. Göbel and three daughters.

Panten: resident Joh.Gottlieb Hettner (37), unmarried.

Wildschütz: unencumbered farmstead owner Teusner, Mrs. Hoffmann and three children of 15, 9 and 8 years of age;

Kunitz: master tailor Karl Gottlieb Fiedler and three children ages 22, 18 and 8 years;

resident Schneider, Mrs. Hoffmann and four children.

Neudorf: public gardener Gottlieb Hoffmann, Mrs. Bauer and one daughter aged 6 years.

Parchwitz: wheelwright Joh. Gottlieb Joppich with wife and three children of 6 years, 2 years and 10 months. He made it known that he had specific separatist views prompting him to emigrate;

possibly from Parchwitz, foreman carpenter Karl Heinr. Fiebig, Mrs. Steinchen (42), daughter age 6.

Liegnitz: former soap boiler Karl Heinr. Schubert. He was a pamphleteer and agitator for the Silesian "Mission Congregation" emigrating in 1848. According to a letter from Schubert dated March 10, 1848 from Bremen to his wife, it is doubtful that his wife and daughter emigrated with him. It was uncertain whether they would ever see each other again but he did make arrangements for them to join him later.

Scheibau, Freistadt District: journeyman miller Joh. Christian Saelge (see Sellge, 1846).

II. From Posen, Kosen District

Remsko: laborer Joh. Georg Pietsch with Mrs. Maria Redlich and four children: Joh. Gottlob (14), Anna Ros. (11), Joh. Georg (7), Elisabeth (4);

laborer Joh. Christian Redlich.

From page 290

These were designated separtists. The following emigrants were presumed to be the same:

daily wage earner Joh. Georg Wuttke with Mrs. Joh. El. Wittken and three children: Karl (8), Wilhelm (6), Juliane (2);

daily wage earners Gottlieb Dümke and Gottfried Wuttke.

From Jauer district in or near

Merzdorf: tax-exempt property owner Samuel Übergang with wife Ros., neé Langer and four children: Anna Ros., Dorothea, Wilhelm, Karol.

Skohl: day worker Friedr. Wilh. Fritsch.

In total

Going to America  6
Going to Australia 83
Total 89


Going to Australia

There are 87 people from the district of Züllichau whom we do not cite because we are uncertain of their Lutheranism.

From Silesia

Reichenau, Sagan District: Johann Gottlieb Hoffmann (23) and Johann Gottfried Hoffmann.

From Posen in

Bomst District, Lutheran separatists from:

Neu-Tuchorze: Joh. Christian Grunwald (54), his wife Maria Dorothea Schiller (56), two children: Juliane (23), Gottfried (18) and the illegitimate daughter of Juliane, Beate (4);

widow Rosina Dorothea Leske (40) and her three children: Johann Gottfried (22), Johanna Beate (5), Joh. Anna Dorothea (2).

Since an abstract from the Hengstenberg documents cited above states there were more Lutheran families, which emigrated to southern Australia in 1849, we will cite the following from the Bomst records with the proviso that they may or may not have been old Lutherans.

Bomst: Joh. Gottlieb Arndt with wife and one son;

Eduard Wilh. Schröder with wife;

Karl Friedr. Ed. Reimann with wife and one daughter.

Karge: tailor Fietz with wife and three children;

lodger Andreas Bruse.

Unruhstadt: Christian Gregor with wife and one son;

Heinrich Storch; Karl Krüger; Karl Noak.

Wollstein: master miller Franke with wife and three children.

Alt-Kramizig: property owner Wilh. Geier with wife Johanna, neé Eckert (see 1854).

Mesertiz District: perhaps Meseritz itself: wind and water miller Tamm.


A. Going to Australia from the Meseritz District
(They were all designated old Lutherans.)

Tirschtigel: property owner Gottlieb Schulz with wife, neé Penske and two sons, ages 19 and 17 years;

agronomist Ferd. Roy with Mrs. Kahl and one daughter.

Kuschten: property owner Georg Richsteig with wife Luise and four children.

Brausendorf: carpenter Samuel Kurz with his wife, neé Schiller and one son.

Chlastawe: Wilhelm Kurz with wife and one child, 9 months old.

Ziegelscheuner Hauland: property owner Samuel Müller (47) with Mrs. Juliance Eleon. Braunak (29) and four children: Anna Maria Erdmuthe, Karl Heinrich, Karl Samuel, Karl Ed. Andreas.

From Bomst district in or near

Neu-Boriu: Joh. Wilh. Rösler (41) with wife and six children: Wilh. Aug. Dienegott (13), Friedr. Wilh. (11), Joh. Dienegott (9), Wilhelmine (6), Ernst Heinr. (3), Auguste (1), Lutheran.

We do not cite 98 people from Züllichau for the same reason as 1849.

From page 291

B. Going to America
(Records and family books of the old Lutheran congregation of Klehnwerder, Küstrin.)

From Alt-Friedland: baker Karl Friedrich Freund, Mrs. Dorothea Elis. Woicke (44) and two children: apprentice baker Karl Julius (17), Karoline Emilie (15).


A. Going to Australia

From Silesia, Rothenburg District in or near

Weigersdorf: administrator of the old Lutheran congregation, Urban.

City of Posen: river supervisor Strempel with wife, all sons and daughters, except for the son, Adolf, who emigrated with Pastor Oster in 1847, plus at least six people.

From Bomst District (the following people named Lutheran dissidents)

Borul: former innkeeper Wilhelm Häusler (41) with wife (27), daughter of the first marriage, Beate (11), children of the second marriage: Rosina (6), Wilhelm (4), Traugott (1);

Wilhelm Lehmann (36), Mrs. Karol. Hoffmann (31), four children: Johann August (9), Johanna Beate (7), Rosina (4), Johann Wilh. (1);

plus some other families we assume are Lutheran from

Chlastawe: thresher Christian Hämmerling with wife, neé Mattner;

reservationist Georg Hämmerling with wife, neé Mattner;

small plot farmer Joh. Georg Linke with Mrs. Dorothea Elis. Hämmerling and three children.

Gross-Dammer: journeyman carpenter Johann Pilz with wife, neé Masur.

B. Going to America

and to New Bergholz in the State of New York from

Saatzke in Pomerania: a tradesmen family of the Lutheran congregation in Saatke, consisting of father, mother and at least five children, of whom we only know two first names: August, who died on the journey and Wilhelm. The surname is unknown to us. They went to a cousin, named Krüger, in New Bergholz. We have a detailed letter from one of the five children, a daughter, dated 1852 (see section on repatriation!)


Going to America - probably Texas

From Rothenburg district in or near

Tzschellen: military conscript Mathes Urbang. According to the records, all emigrants of this period from Rothenburg were old Lutheran, therefore we must count these first emigrants among the old Lutherans.

B. Going to Australia

According to the Hengstenberg newspaper, there were approximately 70 people emigrating from the Züllichau and Posen region, who were designated either old Lutheran or fanatical. Of this number we can list 15 people from the Züllichau district in or near

Züllichau itself: economist Karl Wilh. Meissner [Meißner] (28);

vine-grower Karl Aug. Stube with wife and one son.

Schmöllen: servant Karl Kuberne (19);

Martin Labsch (47) with wife;

daily wage earner Wilh. Tunack (38) with wife and four children;

daily wage earner Friedrich Böhm (26) with wife.

From Posen we can identify with some certainty as old Lutheran from

Borui: property owner Gottfried Rudolph with wife and three children.


Going to Australia

We cannot list the 137 emigrants of the Züllichau region because, while there were certainly Lutherans among them, we cannot distinguish who they were.

From page 292

We can list with greater certainty individuals from Posen, Bomst District

Borui: property owner Christian Pölchen with wife and four children;

property owner Klitschke with wife and two children.

Karge: daily wage earner Michael Nowak with wife and two sons.

B. Going to America - Buffalo, New York

From Pomerania in or near

Jabel: an old Lutheran tradesman family, names unknown, consisting of a husband, wife, seven children and a maid.

From Brandenburg, Lebus District in or near

Langsow: widow Elis. Heckmann (54), wife of mason Martin Kranz, Eva Maria, neé Lemmermann (42). Members of the old Lutheran congregation.

Going to America, specifically Texas

From Silesia, Rothenberg District and members of the old Lutheran community

Klitten: administrator of the old Lutheran congregation, Thomaschke.

Weigersdorf: half-time farmer Andreas Kiessling [Kießling] with wife, neé Pietsch.

Reichwalde: laborer's son Johann Hottas (25).

Mücka: resident Christof Krause (36), Mrs. Maria Michalk, one son, Johann (9 months), maid Anna Wagner from Weigersdorf.

Kringelsdorf: Johann Schmidt (16) with nephews and nieces of the father Maria Matjetz of Kaschel (insufficient information).

Moholz: windmiller Georg Grusche (63), wife Anna Rosina and four children: Karl August (24), Henriette, Ernestine and Johanna.

Nieder-Horka: cabinetmaker and resident Joh. Traugott Neumann (41), son-in-law of the above Grusche, with wife Joh. Rahel Grusche and son Joh. Wilhelm (10).

From Hoyerswerda district in or near

Amtsanbau: day worker Andreas Wilke with wife;

Mathes Koiner (32) with wife and three children;

brickmaker Gottlieb Sielow (37) with wife and four children.

Colpen: laborer Johann Kaspar with wife and four children;


A. Going to Australia

As was the case for the previous years, we exclude the 70 emigrants of the Züllichau District for 1854 because of the uncertainly of their status as old Lutherans, although there were many among them.

From Posen the following emigrants from the district of Bomst are most likely old Lutherans

Schwenten: Christian Braun with Mrs. Tietz and three children.

Külpin: agronomist Gottlieb Zeppei with wife and two children.

Ruden: laborer Karl Wilh. Fabiunke with wife and three children.

Alt-Kramzig: Josef Eckert. His sister Joh., married name Geier, already emigrated to southern Australia in 1849 and sent her brother 30 pounds sterling to come to her.

From Silesia, Rothenburg District (all Lutherans) in or near

Dauban: tailor Andreas Vogel with Mrs. Anna Christ. Rostock and daughter Maria.

Noes: former village inn and courthouse owner Joh. Gottlob Kootz with wife Christianne Auguste, neé Wolff and five children: Karl Ernst August (1), Ernst Leberecht (8), Karl Hermann (7), Maria Rosalie (4), Karl Bernhard (1).

Horka: laborer Joh. Traugott Teschner with Mrs. Joh. Christiane Röhl and stepdaughter Christane Auguste Röhl.

Spree: Johann Gottlieb Richter (30).

Tormersdorf: cabinetmaker Joh. Karl Gotthilf Werner, unmarried;

Friedrich August Tietze, divorced from his wife.

Nieder-Seiffersdorf: journeyman mason Friedrich Gustav Liede (23). He follows his sister, married name Schaller, who already emigrated to southern Australia and found herself in very fortunate circumstances. We had no previous indication of her emigration. Perhaps 1853?

Niesky: metal turner Matthäus Schorat (26).

From page 293

B. Going to America, specifically Texas (all Lutherans)

From Rothenburg district in or near

Gebelzig: Karl Tuppach with Mrs. Magdalena Stephan and two boys: August )9). Karl (2);

militia man Joh. Greulich (32) with Mrs. Joh. Christ. Bräuer and three children: Johanna, Maria and Johann (1); his mother-in-law, widow Auguste Bräuer, neé Schuster;

gardener Andreas Tupack (31), Mrs. Magdalena Kaiser and two sons: August (4), Johann (5 months);

Andreas Greulich (33), Mrs. Magdalena Müller.

Creba: Johann Gottfried Haulischke (45), Mrs. Joh. Maria Koppatsch and four children: Christiane Luise (14), Henr. Marie (12), Ernestine Emilie (19), Friedrich Ernst (2).

Klein Radisch: laborer Georg Lowke with Mrs. Anna Kiank;

laborer Matthäus Reck (27);

remnant collector Joh. Jenke (46), Mrs. Anna Richter and three children: Matthäus (1), Hanna and Maria Rosina;

resident Christof Schiewarth (26), Mrs. Anna Schuster, daughter Marie;

Andreas Kasper (39), Mrs. Maria Greulick.

Sand Förstigen: miniature gardener Joh. Schmidt (43), Mrs. Joh. Schlenker and two children: Joh. Christine (16), Agnete (13);

laborer Andreas Vogel, Mrs. Agnes Hauske and four children: Johann (14), Ernst (11), August (6), one daughter;

Matthäus Schuster, Mrs. Johanna Eleonore Ebert;

garden nursery owner Joh. Schulze (53) Mrs. Maria Brade and three children: Johann (32), Matthäus (22), Magdalena;

laborer Andreas Zwar with wife, one son (7) and four daughters;

laborer Christof Noack (41), Mrs. Joh. Christane Pursche (31);

shoemaker Georg Hocker (49), Mrs. Magdalena Schulze.

Weigersdorf: resident Johann Kiesling, Mrs. Anna Hanske and three children: Johann (22), Magdalena, Ernst (15);

resident Eduard Neumann (38), Mrs. Maria Urban and four children: Johann (13), August (8), Maria, Maria Magdalena;

laborer Joh. Simmank (58), Mrs. Magdalena Prochno, daughter Anna Marie and three stepchildren: Anna Mickan, Johann Michan (9), Peter Mickan (5);

laborer Georg Miersch;

Pastor Kilian with Mrs. Maria Gröschel, son Gerhard August (2);

half-time farmer Andreas Kiessling [Kieß] with Mrs. Johanna Pietsch, daughter Maria.

Petershain: mason Andreas Barthel (31);

Johann Adolf Barth (29).

Neusärichen: sisters Joh. Luise Kollatsch (25), Ernestine K. (21) with her son Adolf Oskar (1) and Christine Rosamunde K. (18).

Saenitz: Gottlieb Balzer.

Oedernitz: journeyman butcher Ernst Julius Richter (25);

Johann Christian Maidorn (47), Mrs. Christiane Rosina Raupach, son Ernst Wilhelm (9).

Reichwalde: tailor George Nocke;

laborer Matthäus Schmidt, Mrs. Rosina Schneider, son Johann (23), two daughters, Maria and Johanna;

gardener Andreas Sowke, Mrs. Anna Krautschick and five children: Christof (14), Johann (5), Matthäus (1), daughters Maria and Johanna;

gardener Georg Anders, Mrs. Joh. Maltick, stepdaughter Henriette Frider., three sons: Christof (5), Ernst (4), Karl August (1);

laborer Christof Koebel, Mrs. Maria Schneider, daughter Christiane;

laborer Gotthelf Anton, whose wife wished to be allowed to come later;

laborer Georg Lorentich (38), Mrs. Elis. Kasper and five children: Johann (16), Mathes (15), Andreas (10), Magdalena (6), Johanna (1);

unmarried Magdalena Jurack (17), her sister (?) joined her;

From page 294

piece worker Mathias Peter (65), Mrs. Rosina Luschütz (62);

laborer Ernst Rippach, Mrs. Joh. Kopack and four children: Ernst (7), Johann (6), August (4), Helene, mother Elis. Rippach;

laborer Johann Nowke (56), Mrs. Johann Matuck (49), son Johann (20), daughter Johanna, married to Luschütz, her son Andreas (5); Johanna's husband was a dissolute man, having lived for years separated from his wife. He remained behind but had no objection to his wife's emigration;

unmarried Johanna Hottas (21) with her fianceé August Richter of Kachel;

unmarried Johanna Lorentzsch with a 17-year-old daughter; two sons, ages 30 and 24 years, remained behind.

Dauban: mill owner Karl Lehmann (40), Mrs. Magdalena Basche;

half-time farmer Joh. Handrick (37), Mrs. Maria Schäfer and six children: Johann (13), Joh. August (11), Joh. Karl (8), Andreas (4), Anna and Magdalena;

garden nursery owner Joh. Körk (55), Mrs. Mros and four childen: Johann (21), Anna, Magdalena, Agnes;

laborer and shoemaker Christof Schkade (61), Mrs Anges Heinick, daughter Marie;

garden nursery owner Joh. Vogel (46), Mrs. Anna Schleze (29), two daughters: Marie (5), Anna (2);

resident Joh. Gottlieb Scharrat (49), Mrs. Joh. Domann and three children: Wilhelmine Otile (9), Ferd. Paul (6), Em. Auguste (1);

journeyman miller Joh. Traugott Lehmann (35), brother of the above Lehmann;

laborer Georg Büttner (48), Mrs. Maria Schleze and five children: Andreas (16), August (10), Anna, Maria, Magdalena;

laborer Joh. Kieschnik (58), wife Agnes and five children: Andreas (25), Magdalena (20), Johann (20), Maria, Agnes;

widow Maria Mörbe, neé Hetschik with daughter Anna (22); son Johann (24) appears to have remained behind;

laborer's son Franz Albert Kulling (16);

resident Christof Vogel.

Leippa: sheephand Gottlieb Rothe (32).

Spree: militia man Karl Heinrich Richter (25).

Kliffen: laborer Joh. Schatte (29), Mrs. Rosina Kiesetz, three children: Matthäus (8), Johann (6), Anna;

homeowner Maria Bartsch and four children: Hanna, Maria, Rosina, Johann (born in 1854); the last three children out of wedlock;

shop clerk Ernst Miesner (21);

resident Georg Iselt (39), Mrs. Rosina Ramsch (43), daughter Hanna (7), son Johann (2);

laborer Jakob Paulick (54) with wife;

unmarried Christiane Karoline Donath (22);

Johanna Schubert (48), Mrs. Magdalena Petrick and six children: Hanna, Rosina, Mathäus (13), August (12), Agnes, Johann (2), mother Anna, neé Krautschick.

Thomaswaldau: laborer Joh. Merting, called Barthel (30), with Mrs. Hanna Hohle, two children: Johann (4), Mathes (1), brother Georg Merting (24), parents Joh. Mertin (69), wife Anna, neé Schatte.

Dürrbach: day worker Mathes Martschink (30);

thrid-time farmer Christof Schubert (37), wife Dorothea, two daughters, Maria and Hanna;

laborer Joh. Tzschormakk (39), Mrs. Hanna Herenz and five children: Maria, Johann (10), Hanna, Rosina, Agnes;

half-time farmer Mathes Schölling (39), Mrs. Anna Matz and three children: Johann (16), Mathes (6), Maria; plus mover Joh. Schölling (61) and wife Anna, neé Bridde; brother, servant Joh. Sch. (34), sister Maria Sch. and maid Rosina Swoibe (23);

From page 295

laborer Mathes Mrosk (40), Mrs. Hanna Schölling and five children: Maria, Johann (14), Rosina, Agnes, Magdalena; farmer Joh Kubitz (42), wife Hanna (43), four children: Johann (20), Mathes (17), Christof (8), Maria (15), father-in-law Johann Tzschieder (77).

Jahmen: gardener Joh. Hohle, called Krupper (29), Mrs. Rosina Kockul (24), son Johann (1), mother, widow Anna Hohle (57);

gardener Georg Becker (31), Mrs. Rosina Drosche (27), son Johann (1), father-in-law Mathes Drosche (68);

laborer Johann Hottas, called Kasper (62), Mrs. Maria Bridde, son Johann (16);

laborer Matheus Schatte, called Mroske (52), Mrs. Rosina Schautschick and two children: Hanna and Johann;

servant Mathes Krupper, called Hohle; Christof Krupper (20), children, plus like the above Merting, neé Hohle of Thomaswaldau, the widow Anna Hohle, whose widowed name was Krupper, neé Schautschick;

widow Rosina Iselt, neé Schuster (46) and four sons: August (18), Johann (16), Andreas (12), Mathes (7).

Kaschel: journeyman brewer August Richter (21), his sister Luise Richter;

laborer Karl Ernst Müller (41), Mrs. Maria Wellmann (44), two children: Wilhelmine (11), Friedrich (8);

laborer Joh. Janetz, called Pech (42) with Mrs. Rosina Koatny and four children: Johann (17), Mathes (14), Hanna, Maria;

gardener Mathes Domaschka (36), Mrs. Hanna Jurz, two daughters: Rosina and Maria, mother-in-law Hanna Jurz, neé Büttner;

Georg Socke (42), Mrs. Anna Schiewarth, daughter Maria;

lodger, unmarried Anna Sonsel (Husband already in America?), daughter Anna;

brewmaster Joh. Gottfried Richter (52), Mrs. Charlotte Michler and five children: Christiane, Amalie, Selma, Ernst Moritz (8), Friedrich Adolf (6);

gardener Joh. Schubert (29), Mrs. Hanna Mitschke, stepdaughter Rosina (7), his own daughter Hanna (1), mother-in-law Marie Mitschke.

Cannersdorf: gardener Joh. Gottfried Becker (43), Mrs. Maria Rosina Schwarz and three children: Maria Aug. Ernestine, Joh. Karl August (6), Joh. Karl Ernst (1), accompanied by the baker Joh. Karl Tschoppe.

Ölsa: maid Hanna Mickalk (29).

Wunscha: gardener Mattheus Schulz (47), Mrs. Joh. Juritz and five children: Rosina, Maria, Johann (14), Matheus (11), Christof (7).

Neuhof: shoemaker August Robert Behlow (41), Mrs. Ernestine Luise Beier and three children: Gustav (5), Pauline and Auguste.

Gross-Saubernitz: laborer Andreas Lehmann, Mrs. Anna Mehle and six children: Joh. August (17), Andreas Eduard (13), Karl August (11), Karl Ernst (9), Karl (6) and Maria;

mill owner Johann Zieschanz (44), Mrs. Anna Hommel;

journeyman miller Karl Ernst Noack (21);

carpenter and laborer Andreas Stephan, Mrs. Anna Kaiser (59) and two children: Anna (25), Karl (19).

Mühlrose: day worker Matheus Iselt, Mrs. Joh. Zelt.

Viereichen: master wheelwright Christof Richter (56), Mrs. Maria Schuster (56), four children: Joh. Karl Ernst (23), Johanna Karoline, Henriette, Joh. Karl August (15).

Tschellen: laborer Christof Jannack and four sons: Georg (25), Christian (22), Johann (20), Michael (16).

Kringelsdorf: brewmaster Joh. Schulze, unmarried.

Mückenheim: August Sucker, unmarried.

Thiemendorf: laborer Traugott Tschoppe, wife Anna Rosina and four children: Karl Traugott (16), Friedr. August (14), Aug. Heinrich (3), Johanna Ernestine (8).

Quitzdorf: gardener Joh. Gottfried Hömpel (29), Mrs. Joh. Luise Grossmann [Großmann] and two children: Karl August (3), Karl Wilhelm (11 months);

Karl August Friedrich (14) went with him.

Niesky: journeyman locksmith Theodor Waldemar Wille (18).

Neusorge: Karl Wilbrich (22).

From page 296

Nieder-Seifersdorf: former laborer Joh. Karl Leischer, Mrs. Joh. Christ. Rahel Bergel.

From unknown districts: gardener Georg Schubert (36), Mrs. Rosina Born and three sons: Mathes (15), Andreas (10), Johann (7);

countrymen Karl August Wilbrick (22) and Heinrich Wilbrich (18).

From Hoyerswerda district.

These emigrants gave America as their destination but since they intended to establish a community with the emigrants from Rothenburg, they might have gone to Texas. The local magistrate reported that they were mostly old Lutherans and that they emigrated because of their religious profession.

Amtsanbau: journeyman weaver August Häntsch.

linen weaver August Häntsch.

Buchwalde: foreman carpenter Mathes Wuckasch with wife and four children;

laborer Joh. Knipper with wife, three children and mother-in-law.

Spreewitz: congregational land half-time farmer Christian Zoch with wife and three children;

servant Johann Schneider with fianceé.

half-time farmer Christian Kolba with wife, two children, father and mother-in-law;

laborer Christian Casper with wife and one son.

Colpen: day worker Patschke with wife and one daughter;

laborer Georg Casper with wife and three children.

laborer Christof Patschke with wife.

Zerre: journeyman cabinetmaker Casparick with wife and five childen;

servant Mathes Lienack.

Seidewinkel: journeyman carpenter Mathes Pauls with wife and two children;

laborer and master tailor Hans Wierick with wife and two children.

Weiss-Colim: laborer Heinrich Kletzke with wife and two children.

Geisslitz: laborer Mathes Prellop with wife and son.

Ruhland: fish merchant Joh. Traugott Lieschke with wife and two children.

Driewitz: gardener's son Joh. Matusch.

Number of Lutheran Emigrants in 1854 going to Australia  33
going to America 477
Total 510
Over the course of the years, of the 7134 emigrants 6154 have been identified, equalling 86.3%

Susan Kriegbaum-Hanks