The History of the Germans in Buffalo and Erie County, N.Y.


History of the Germans is Buffalo and Erie County, N.Y. with biographies and illustrations of the aforementioned German-Americans who have influenced the development of the City of Buffalo
Published and printed by Reinecke & Zesch. Buffalo, N.Y., U.S.A. 1898

Translator's note: Pages 5 through 338, which comprise the Part 1 history section of this book, may be accessed through the index available at GdD History Indexes.

Preface to the Biographies

In the second part of this book we will bring out a series of biographies of certain Germans from Erie County who have distinguished themselves in one way or another - they could be creators of commercial enterprise, or humanitarian workers such as doctors, teachers, academicians and journalists, or representatives of the arts, or the children of Lady Music.

Naturally these small sketches are by no means all encompassing. There wouldn't be enough room for that. It may also be that we've not thought of some of our old German settlers. We trust we will be amicably forgiven. In the course of constructing a work of this proportion there's been an incredible amount of material on virtuous and industrious Germans in our county. One may say from the moment of its inception, the city has been affected by all in its development and prosperity.

The main focus of this brief glance into the lives and deeds of each of these individuals stems from the desire to create a permanent testimonial to their accomplishments and their efforts. We will do our best to build a fitting memorial.

We hope that we will successfully fulfill our goals.

The biographies listed below comprise Part 2 of the book and have their own page numbering.

List of Biographies from Index

Baecher, Celestin
Baer, Conrad
Baethig, Heinrich
Bald, Nicolaus
Barth, Johann Friedrich
Becker, Philip
Becker, Philip
Becker, Sarah

Behnke, Emil
Behnke, Wilhelmine
Bender, Philip Heinrich
Berge, Georg Vom
Beier, Jacob
Beier, Katharine

Bettinger, Stephan
Beyer, Jacob
Beyer, Caroline
Beyer, Heinrich Ernst
Bishop, Charles F.
Bissing, Frank J.
Bleistein, George
Brendel, Henry W.
Breitwieser, Heinrich
Broezel, John
Brunck, Dr. Francis Charles
Brunner, Friedrich
Brunner, Marie
Brunner, Johann
Brunner, Catherine E.
Brunner, Anna

Carl, Andreas
Chemitz, Mathew J.
Chemitz, Emilie

Cornelius, Adam

Dellenbaugh, Friedrich
Dellenbaugh Samuel
Diehl, Conrad, Dr.
Diehl, Henry
Diehl, Jacob W.
Diehl, John P.
Dorn, Fred F.
Dorsheimer, Philip
Dorsheimer, William
Dufner, Bernhard

Einsfeld, John Phillipp
Eisele, Edward J.
Eisele, Margarethe
Erb, Titus
Erb, Maria Rosina

Federlein, Friederich
Feine, August
Feine, Barbara
Fischer, Francis Charles
Fischer, Josephine
Fiscus, Julius
Fritz, C. Louis
Fuchs, Augustus
Fuhrmann, Gustav E.

Gelb, Friedrich
Gelb, Elizabeth
Geiershofer, Isaac
Geiger, Friedrich
Geiger, Regina
Gelbke, Johannes
Gelbke, Mathilde Margarethe
Gentsch, Bernhard F.
Georger, F. Augustus
Georger, Frank
Georger, Johann Martin
Georger, Karl
Georger, Marianna
Gerst, Philip
Glawatz, Gustav

Haberstro, Joseph
Haberstro, Joseph Lambert
Hauenstein, Dr. John
Haupt, Dr. Friedrich A.
Held, Friedrich
Hellriegel, Wilhelm
Hengerer, William
Hintz, Carl
Hintz, Auguste
Hintz, Felix
Hintz, Catharina
Hintz, Arthur Paul
Hintz, Florence Auguste

Hoddick, Frederick, Sr.
Hoffmann, Hermann, A.O.
Hoffmann, Julius
Houck, Philip
Holzhauser, August

Irlbacker, Johann
Irlbacker, Katharine
Irlbacker, Mary
Irlbacker, Louise
Irlbacker, John
Irlbacker, George
Irlbacker, Anthony
Irlbacker, Katie
Irlbacker, Carrie
Irlbacker, Jacob C.
Irlbacker, Edward F.

Jansen, Aug. F.D., M.D.
Jansen, Louis F.
Juengling, Henry

Kam, John
Kam, Henry L.
Kam, Joseph
Kam, John, Jr.
Kiekebusch, Otto
Kleinschmit, Theodor
Klinck, Christian
Koons, Jacob Henry
Koons, Elizabeth
Koons, Henry
Koons, Elizabeth A.
Koons, Amelia S.
Koons, Louise J.
Koons, Mary A.
Koons, Edward L.

Kraft, Francis J.
Kraft, Frank A.
Kuecherer, John
Kuhn, Franz Anton
Kuhn, Maria Katherina
Kuhn, Joseph Anton
Kuhn, Frank
Kuhn, Karl
Kuhn, Heinrich
Kuhn, Josephine
Kuhn, Wilhelm
Kreinheder, Henry J
Kusterer, Christian

Lamy, Charles
Lauser, Martin, Jr.
Lautz, Wilhelm, Sr.
Lautz, Wilhelm Jr.
Lautz, J. Adam
Lautz, Charles
Lautz, Suzanna, nee Bensler
Lautz, Friedrich Christopher Martin

Lund, John

Nachtrieb, Johann Georg
Nachtrieb, Anna Maria
Nachtrieb, Johann Friedrich
Nachtrieb, Johann Karl
Nachtrieb, Maria
Nachtrieb, Caroline E.
Nachtrieb, Louise
Nachtrieb, Johann Gottlieb
Nachtrieb, Emma
Nachtrieb, Wilhelm
Nachtrieb, Sarah

Neupert, Anthony
Nicklis, William Jr.

Persch, Friedrich
Peseler, Ernst Wilhelm
Peseler, Margarethe Sophin

Peters, Carl Andreas
Pinkel, Christian
Pinkel, Johanette
Pries, Friedrich C.

Raeker, August
Raeker, Louisa

Ramsperger, Samuel J.
Reichert, Jacob
Reinhart, John R.
Reinhart, Christina
Reinhart, Charles Frederick
Reinhart, Katharine Charlotte
Reinhart, William Peter
Reinhart, Amelia Marie
Reinhart, Ernestine Margaret

Reinecke, Friedrich
Reinecke, Ottomar
Reinecke, Ottomar, Mrs.
Reinecke, Rosa
Reinecke, Ottomor
Reinecke, Edward
Reinecke, Albert
Reinecke, Eugene
Reinecke, Walter
Reinecke, Else

Ritter, Felix
Riexinger, Johannes
Riexinger, Adam
Rohr, Mathius
Rohr, Mathias, Mrs.

Rodenbach, Christoph
Roskopf, Jacob

Schaefer, Aegidius
Schaefer, G.H.A.
Schaff, Joseph
Schenkelberger, Jacob
Schirmer, Heinrich Sr.
Schneider, William
Schneider, Katherine
Schöllkopf, Jacob F., Sr.
Schöllkopf, Louis
Schöllkopf, Arthur
Schöllkopf, Jacob F.
Schöllkopf, Alfred
Schöllkopf, C.P. Hugo

Seibert, Simon
Seilheimer, Phillip Jacob
Seilheimer, Anna Maria
Simon, William, Sr.
Simon, Theresa
Simon, Julia
Simon, Louise
Simon, William, Jr.
Simon, Marie
Simon, Anna
Simon, Gerhard

Simson, Andrew
Soergel, Johann Georg
Soergel, Mrs. Selma
Soergel, Jacob Gustav
Soergel, August Theodor
Storck, Hermann
Storck, Dr. Edward
Strauss, Mathias

Theurer, Christian Gottlieb
Theurer, Magdelene

Trapp, Christian

Unbehaun, Franz, Fr.
Unbehaun, Emilie E. Friedericke
Urban, George, Sr.
Urban, George, Jr.
Urban, William Charles

Walkam, John
Walkam, Mary
Walkam, Florence
Walkam, Charles J.
Weber, Nicholas
Weber, Rebecca
Wedell, Friedrich
Welker, John
Welker, Barbara
Wende, Dr. Ernst
Wende, Otto
Werich, Henry

Zesch, Frank H.
Zesch, Frank, Mrs.
Zesch, Clara
Zesch, Ida
Zesch, Edward
Zesch, Emma
Zesch, Frank
Zesch, Arthur
Zesch, Cecilie
Zesch, Bertha

Ziegele, Albert, Sr.
Zipp, Henry
Zipp, Peter

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