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Biographies for Christian Gottlieb Theurer, Mrs. Magdalene Theurer, Carl Hintz, Auguste Hintz, Dr. Felix Hintz, Mrs. Catharina Hintz, Arthur Paul Hintz, Florence Auguste Hintz, Friedrich Reinecke, Ottomar Reinecke, Mrs. Ottomar Reinecke, Rosa Reinecke, Ottomar Reinecke, Edward Reinecke, Albert Reinecke, Eugene Reinecke, Walter Reinecke, and Else Reinecke.


Christian Gottlieb Theurer,

one of the most highly respected and hard-working Germans in our city, was born in Altenstrich, upper district of Napold in Württemberg. He came to Buffalo in 1852 after working as a cook on the lake steamships for some time. In 1858 he established his own business on River Street, where he operated a restaurant, hotel, and boarding house. In 1869 he opened a winehouse and restaurant in the house he built himself at the corner of Chippewa and Ellicott Street. It had enormous popularity. He managed the place wisely and capably until his death on April 15, 1876.
In 1859 he married Miss Regina Magdalena Kull. Nine children came from the marriage. Six are still living. Mr. Theurer's death was quite sudden. He was deeply mourned by an unusually large circle of friends, who had found him to be an honorable, decent and thoroughly good man.

Mrs. Magdalena Theurer,

the wife of the renowned late restauranteur Christian Gottlieb Theurer, was born on June 13, 1837 in Hernald, in the upper district of the Kingdom of Württemberg. Her father's last name was Kull. She married Mr. Christian Theuer in 1859. She gave him 9 children. She died on March 3, 1879.


Top: Arthur Paul, Florence Auguste
Center: Carl hints, Auguste Hinzt, nee Gatzweiler
Bottom: Mrs. Catharina Hintz, nee Theurer, Dr. Felix Hintz

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The Hintz Family

Carl Hintz, who was born in 1823 in Braunsberg, Prussia, came to Buffalo from the old fatherland in 1863. He was a cabinetmaker. He was a hard working and capable man who understood how to gain the trust of his fellow citizens. He was married to Auguste Gatzweiler, who gave him a son. That son is Dr. Felix Hintz, who lives at 1037 Ellicott Street. Mr. Carl Hintz died on April 14, 1874 in the prime of manhood, properly mourned by his remaining family and friends.

Auguste Hintz is one of German-Buffalo's best known beldames. Few among us are unaware of her amicability, her lively wit, and her good heart. She is treasured. Mrs. Hintz, or as she was known as a girl, Auguste Gatzweiler, was born on February 12, 1825 in Braunsberg, Prussia. She attended the village school and married cabinetmaker Carl Hintz on July 12, 1852. After his emigration to America, she patiently waited 2 long years until her husband was able to secure them a future. She then followed him to Buffalo. The hale and hearty old lady, whose husband never made it to old age, cannot be without activity so she operates a small store at the Chippewa Market. She sells tin and other types of kitchen and household goods and thanks to her friendliness and lively sense of humor she has a hefty clientele.

Dr. Felix Hintz, only son of Mr. Carl and Mrs. Auguste Hintz, first saw the light of the world on January 6, 1856 in Breslau, Silesia. He attended the business school there and after he left his German home with his mother in 1863 and emigrated to America, he attended the public schools in Buffalo, where his father had settled. He later went to the University of Buffalo to study medicine. He graduated from there in 1891.
Dr. Hintz has his office and private residence at 1037 Ellicott Street. It's easy to see how his professional dedication as well as his jovial and lively wit have helped him to establish a good practice. On June 29, 1884 he married Miss Catharina Theurer, who gave him 2 children, a boy and a girl. Dr. Hintz is a member of the Concordia Lodge No. 143, F. & A.M. For 25 years he's also been one of the most active members of the Buffalo Sängerbund.

Mrs. Catharina Hintz is a native-born Buffalonian. Her maided name was Catharina Theurer. She first saw the light of the world on August 24, 1862. She attended the public schools and married Dr. Felix Hintz on June 29, 1884, with whom she lived in wedded bliss.

Arthur Paul Hintz, son of Dr. Felix Hintz and Mrs. Catharina Hintz, was born on April 27, 1885 in Buffalo.

Florence Auguste Hintz, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Felix Hintz, was born in Buffalo on October 18, 1889.


Friedrich Reinecke,

who was born on March 18, 1817 in Nordhausen, Germany, came with his family to Buffalo in 1852. He found employment as a capable and knowledgeable typesetter. The urge to be self-supporting led him to establish his own business. With only $80 in capital he decided to establish a weekly newspaper, which he printed from a wooden press he made himself. Through effort mixed with a high capacity for work and the ability to lead, he managed to supercede unfavorable circumstances. He succeeded and enjoyed the fruits of his labor. On May 29, 1866 death ripped him away from his activity. He could rest peacefully in the knowledge that his son Ottomar, who had learned the business from his father, would bring the business to a flourishing status.

Ottomar Reinecke,

son of the aforementioned excellent German, who had always conveyed the interests of the German community extremely energetically, was born on November 26, 1840 in the romantic locale of Sondershausen, in the Principality of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen. He attended school in his home district until age 12, when he accompanied his parents on their trip to America. The family settled in Buffalo and the father of Mr. Reinecke established a German weekly newspaper shortly after his arrival. Young Ottomar, during school days an active and eager student in the public school of his district, helped his father daily at the press until closing time. Becoming ever more familiar with the business as he grew, he decided to spend all his time there and he became a capable and strong support for his father. Just at the point where the newspaper was gaining momentum the young man's father died suddenly. It was up to him to take over the newspaper and keep is self-sustaining. That was 1866. In order to put the paper on a stronger footing, he brought in his old and true friend, Mr. Franz H. Zesch, as partner. Hand in hand they led the business to its current prosperous standing. A short time later, after Mr. Zesch joined the partnership, a third partner, Mr. Georg Baltz, joined in 1872. After Baltz's coming the weekly newspaper became the daily newspaper The Free Press, a strident arm of the Republican Party. Two years later Mr. Baltz withdrew from the partnership. The firm of Reinecke and Zesch, which enjoys a fine repuation throughout the county, was thereby established.

Besides being co-owner of the Free Press and occupied by ancillary printing company business, Mr. Reineck is involved with other business undertakings with the self-same energy and business ability. For many years he has been a director of the Erie Fire Insurance Company and the Citizen's Gas Company. He's also involved in other land and business transactions. In 1896 he was appointed to the Parks Commission by Mayor Jewett. He's been a very capable and active member. From the time of his childhood, Mr. Reinecke was a nature lover, thus he's actively involved in the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences. He's one of the society's oldest members and for a time he was its Vice-President. His egg, butterfly and beetle collections are counted among the most comprehensive, massive and most valuable private collections in the country.

On September 25, 1866 he married Miss Eva Engel. After 25 years of marriage the happy couple celebrated their silver anniversary in the Gymnastics Hall (Turnhalle) in the circle of their children, other relatives and countless friends. Mr. Reinecke is a respected member of the Buffalo Typothetae and the Young Men's Association. He's one of the oldest and most active members of the Buffalo Sängerbund. He was its President. He's a member of the Turnverein, and he's one of the directors of the German Hospital.

Mrs. Ottomar Reinecke,

nee Eva Engel, first saw the light of the world on October 12, 1845 in Oberhofen, Alsatia. She came to America in 1853 and married Mr. Ottomar Reinecke, co-owner of the Free Press, on September 25, 1866. On September 25, 1891 the couple celebrated their silver wedding anniversary. Mrs. Reinecke has been a member of the Ladies Section of the Buffalo Sängerbund and the Turnverein. She has availed herself of the opportunity to serve both groups to the utmost and she is treasured by both organizations. More recently she has been actively pursuing the interests of the German Hospital. The happy marriage of the couple has produced 7 children.

Rosa Reinecke, born October 26, 1867. As a child she showed an unusual talent and love of music. Her parents did not fail in making sure she had a thorough and complete musical education. They take pleasure in the amateur opera recitals and concerts, in which their daughter takes part. On June 28, 1892 she married Dan. W. Schwartz in Niagara Falls. The young couple have 2 children.

Ottomar Reinecke was born on June 28, 1869. He apprenticed in his father's printing press business. On May 28, 1895 he married Miss Rosa Lüdecke. A son and 2 daughters are the fruit of their union.

Edward Reinecke was born on September 26, 1872. After graduating from the public and private schools he became an engineer.

Albert Reinecke was born on October 22, 1875 and currently works as an accountant.

Eugene Reinecke saw the light of the world on April 20, 1878 and at this time is in the insurance business.

Walter Reinecke was born on June 30, 1880 but died after ten months.

Else Reinecke was born on July 13, 1886. She's a talented young lady with much promise.


Top: Eugene, Albert, Edward, Ottomar Jr.
Center: Ottomar Reinecke, Sr., Friedrich Reinecke, Mrs. Ottomar Reinecke
Bottom: Else, Rosa

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