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Biographies for Jacob F. Schoellkopf, Sr., Louis Schoellkopf, Arthur Schoellkopf, Jacob Schoellkopf, Alfred Schoellkopf, C.P. Hugo Schoellkopf, and Henry Juengling


Top: Heinrich, Helene Schoellkopf Schmidt, Louis
Center: Christine Schoellkopf, Jacob F. Schoellkopf
Bottom: Arthur, Hugo, Alfred, Jacob Friedrich, Jr.

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Jacob F. Schoellkopf, Sr.

This man's name, respected and esteemed in private life as well as in business and industrial circles in this county, has become a benchmark, which every reader of this book must certainly recognize. For years the bearer of this name has meant much to this country's German community. His business and industry endeavors have helped thousands reach a state of well being. He was born on November 15, 1819 in Kirchheim below the Teck. He came to the United States in 1841 after receiving a good education in Germany and thoroughly learning the family trade carried on by his father and grandfather, the tanning business. When he landed in New York his knowledge and ability allowed him to find a position whereby he saved his money in order to be self-supporting when he came to Western New York. He settled in Buffalo in 1844 and established a leather business on Mohawk Street with money he saved and some lent to him by his father. His business was exceedingly prosperous,and the young, ambitious, and hard working man reached the point where he could buy a small tannery in White's Corner near Buffalo. After only a couple of years he was able to enlarge the business and acquire a sheepskin tannery in Buffalo. He established a tannery in Milwaukee in 1848 and another in Chicago in 1850. The later two are still operating today, although Mr. Schöllkopf retired from the businesses a few years after their establishment. In 1853 he established a tannery in Fort Wayne, Indiana and another in North Evans, New York in 1854, which he headed for 20 years with great success. He also saw a good opportunity in Pennsylvania. He bought a piece of land in an untamed area for his new endeavor.
For a long time he was the senior partner in the largest tannery in the United States, which as located here in Buffalo. Later he became involved in other ventures. Along with those he established the North Buffalo Flouring Mills. His foresight and business sense enabled him to become successful, and in 1870 he bought the Frontier Mills of Buffalo. He then took part in the building of magnificent mills in Niagara Falls. Mr. Schöllkopf's enterprising spirit and substantial degree of merchantile talent, not forgeting his wonderful knack for organization, caught the eye of many other capitalists, who wanted to involve him in their ventures whenever the opportunity arose. He was Vice-President of the Buffalo, New York and Philadelphia Railroad before it transferred to the hands of the Western New York and Pennsylvania Company. He was President of the Third National Bank and a director of various banks in Niagara Falls. Further he was director of the Buffalo Citizen's Gas Co. and trustee of the General Hospital of this city. He took particular interest in the development of water power in Niagara Falls - He bought the Hydralic Canal and organized the great and famous endeavor, known as the Niagara Falls Hydraulic Power and Manufacturing Company. In the later portion of his life Mr. Schöllkopf retired from business due to his advanced age and placed his many business interests into younger hand, those of his sons. On March 12, 1848 he married Miss Christine Sophie Dürr of Kirchheim below the Teck. In 1898 the happy couple celebrated their golden wedding anniversary still in the best of health and the liveliest of spirits. The couple has 6 sons - Heinrich, Louis, Arthur, Jacob, Alfred, and Hugo - and one daughter, Mrs. Helene Schmidt. The oldest son, Heinrich, departed the mortal plain in 1880. Mr. Jacob F. Schöllkopf died on September 15, 1899. His death was mourned by all who knew him.

Louis Schoellkopf

is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob F. Schöllkopf. He was born on March 25, 1855 in Buffalo. He received an excellent education, first in the Buffalo schools and then in various institutions of higher learning. He further broadened himself through schooling in Germany. Since his father was involved with many industrial ventures, the young man's career path was paved. After learning the tannery trade completely in the years 1873 through 1877, he thought it would be wise to become self supporting. With his brother Heinrich he established his own tannery under the business name J.F. Schöllkopf's Sons. The brothers had great success until Heinrich's death. The business continued to operate under the same name with Louis in partnership with Alfred P. Schöllkopf and John Russ. The success continued. Mr. Louis Schöllkopf was involved in other business endeavors as well. He was in partnership with his father and brother in Niagara Falls in the Power City Bank, the International Hotel, the Cliff Paper Company, and the Niagara Falls Hydraulic Power and Manufacturing Co.
Om May 18, 1881 he married Myra Lee Horton of Sheffield, Tennessee. She gave him several children. Mr. Louis Schöllkopf was a member of the Buffalo Orpheus, the Ellicott Club, the Merchants Exchange, and other social and business associations. Mr. Louis Schöllkopf died on July 21, 1901.

Arthur Schoellkopf

The merchantile talent, foresight, and enterprising spirit of his father, Mr. Jacob F. Schöllkopf, are not lacking in Mr. Arthur Schöllkopf. He was born in Buffalo on January 13, 1856. He attended a private school and was sent to Germany when he was 9 years of age. He studied for 4 years at the Academy of Kirchheim in his father's birth district in Württemberg. In 1869 he returned to Buffalo, attended St. Joseph's Academy, and later attended the well-known Bryant and Stratton Business School. He joined the working world in 1873 and acquired a knowledge of milling at the Frontier Mills in North Buffalo. When his father went into partnership with A.M. Chesbrough in 1877 for the purchase of the Hydraulic Canal in Niagara Falls, he became involved as the local business representative during the building of the Niagara Flouring Mills. He was in charge of overseeing its completion. Later in 1878 the Niagara Falls Hydraulic Power and Manufacturing Company was organized with the father as president, and Mr. Albert Schöllkopf taking over as secretary, treasurer and general administrator. He still occupies those offices. His keen business sense and love of enterprise make it only natural that he is involved in other business endeavors. He was president of the Park Theatre Company, secretary and treasurer of the International Hotel Company and the Niagara Falls Brewing Company. He was director of the New York Mutual Savings and Loan Association and president of the local affiliate. He was president of the Power City Bank of Niagara Falls and a trustee of the Niagara County Savings Bank.


He built the first trolley in Niagara Falls and after holding several honorary public offices he was elected mayor of Niagara Falls in 1896. On October 13, 1890 he married Miss Jessie Gluck of Niagara Falls. Mr. Schöllkopf belongs to the Frontier Lodge No. 12, F.& A.M.. He's a Knight Templar, Noble of the Mystic Shrine, and Exalted Ruler of Lodge No. 346 B.P.O.E. In Buffalo he belongs to the Ellicott Club.

Jacob F. Schoellkopf,

third oldest son of Mr. Jacob F. Schöllkopf, was born on February 27, 1858 in Buffalo. He received a fine education from a private teacher and attended St. Joseph's Academy until he was 15 years of age.. In 1873 his father sent him to Germany, where he studied chemistry at the universities in Munich and Stuttgart until 1879. He completed his final examinations with distinction. Upon his return to America he established here in Buffalo a chemical factory for the manufacture of aniline dyes. After a short time the factory developed such a good reputation that in order to fulfill the demand it was necessary to build several branch operations. The first was built in New York in the 1880s. The second was built in Philadelphia in 1893. On January 1, 1900 the branches were united under the firm name of Schöllkopf, Hartford & Hanna Co. with capital in excess of 3 million dollars. Mr. Schöllkopf was elected president. In 1900 the American Magnesia Co., located near Philadelphia, elected Mr. J.F. Schöllkopf president.
Mr. Schöllkopf takes part in other ventures. He is one of the directors of the Merchants Bank and the Security Deposit Co., a trustee of the General Hospital, director of the Niagara Falls Hydraulic Power & Manufacturing Co. and the International Hotel Co. In 1882 he married Miss Wilma Spring of Stuttgart. From this happy marriage there are 3 children - one son, Jacob Friedrich who currently studies at Cornell University, and 2 daughters. Mr. Schöllkopf is also a member of the Buffalo Orpheus, the Merchants Exchange, and the Buffalo Club.

Alfred Schoellkopf,

also a son of Mr. Jacob F. Schöllkopf, was born on June 1, 1860 in Buffalo. He received his education in the Buffalo schools. When he came of age he entered as a partner in the firm J.F. Schöllkopf's Sons. Shortly afterwards he went into partnership with his father and H.M. Lymburner in the firm Schöllkopf & Co. After his father's death Alfred Schöllkopf became a senior partner in the firm and remained there until his death on October 12, 1901. Mr. Schöllkopf was a member of the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce, president of the Rochester Fertilizer Works and director of the Old Nuremberg Company during the Pan-American Exposition.
During the last years of his life he was profitably involved with several of his father's business transactions. He personally oversaw the renovation of the old music hall, which later became the Teck Theater. He was also involved in various business endeavors in Niagara Falls. In April 1894 he married Miss Emily R. Gräbe of Niagara Falls. Three children came from this marriage.

C.P. Hugo Schoellkopf,

fifth son of Mr. Jacob F. Schöllkopf, was born on July 6, 1862 in Buffalo. He received his education from a private teacher and broadened his education at the Engelmann School in Milwaukee and St. Joseph's Academy. In 1877 he attended the business school in Stuttgart, Germany. He graduated in 1880 with honors. Later he took up chemistry like his brother J.F.. After returning in 1885 he became a partner in his brother's chemical factory. When the firm Schöllkopf, Hartford & Hanna Co. was established, he was elected treasurer. Additionally Mr. Schöllkopf, like his brother J.F., is involved in several business endeavors. One can not deny his enterprising spirit and clear business insight. He is an active member of the Free Mason's Lodge and the Elks, the Buffalo Orpheus and other social and business associations. In 1890 he married Miss Emily F. Annette of Fort Lee, New Jersey. One son, Alfred Hugo, has come from the marriage.

Henry Juengling

was born in Verden on the Aller in the province of Hannover in 1852. He came directly to Buffalo when he was 15 years old. He apprenticed under a jeweler. Mr Juengling was involved in the goldwares business for 14 years but could no longer remain in this occupation due to a problem with his eyes. He invested in a paper box factory and is employed currently in this field.

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