Index of Addresses from
The History of the Germans in Buffalo and Erie County, Part II

Numbered Streets
15th St. - later residence of Matthew Chemnitz

Amherst and Dearborn - Paper & Writing Supplies Business of Philip Gerst
231 Amherst St. - Residence of Christian Kusterer
235 Amherst St. - Residence of Johannes Riexinger

Batavia (now Broadway) and Pratt - Childhood Home of Jacob Schenkelberger
Bean Alley - Later location of the Bean Private School
208 Broadway - Insurance and Real Estate Office of Frank J. Bissing

Southwest corner of Carlton and Ellicott St. - Residence of Jacob Beier
72 Carlton St. - Residence of Fred Dorn
Cedar and Eagle - Specialty Business of Friedrich Persch
Cedar and Pine - Specialty Business of Friedrich Persch
Chippewa at Ellicott St. - Restaurant of Christian Gottlieb Theurer
Clinton near Michigan - Residence of H.G. Steele
101 Clinton St. - Horse Shoe Business of Herman Storck
103 Clinton - Residence of Herman Storck
384 Clinton St. - Residence of Frank J. Bissing
224 Connecticut St. - Residence of Francis and Josephine Fischer
Court at the corner of Franklin St. - Household Goods Store and Residence of John Kuecherer

771 Delavan Ave. - Residence of Franz Unbehaun
438 Delaware Ave. - Residence of George Bleistein
471 Delaware Ave. - Residence of Dr. Ernst Wende
533 Delaware Ave. - Residence of Philip Becker
534 Delaware Ave. - Home of Sarah Becker, nee Goetz
Depot & William St. - Slaughterhouse of Christian Klinck
19 Dodge St. - Residence of Regina Geiger
31 Dodge St. - Residence of Wilhelm Lautz

322 Eagle St. - Residence of Mathias Strauss
31 East Huron - F.J. Kraft & Son, Undertakers
41 East Tupper - Residence of Conrad Baer
31 East Utica - Residence of Otto Kiekebusch
301-305 Elk St. - Household and Grocery Store of Charles Lamy
305 Elk St. - Residence of Charles Lamy
Ellicott at Tupper - Pastor Vogt's Protestant Church
245 Ellicott St. - Residence of Dr. Samuel Dellenbaugh
353-355 Ellicott St. (corner Huron) - Residence of Franz Anton and Mary Kuhn, Heinrich Kuhn, Wilhelm Kuhn, Josephine Kuhn
393 Ellicott St. - Saddlery Business of Carl Andreas Peters
582 Ellicott St. - Residence of Frank Kuhn
583 Ellicott St. - Residence of Heinrich Breitwieser
596 Ellicott St. - Residence of Jacob and Caroline Beyer
601 Ellicott St.(corner of Goodell) - Residence of Wilhelm Hellriegel
694 Ellicott St. - Residence of Heinrich Ernst Beyer
704 Ellicott St. - Residence of Joseph Kam
721 Ellicott St. - Residence of Christian Trapp
735 Ellicott St. - Residence of John and Mary Walkam, Charles J. Walkam
766 Ellicott St. - Residence of Johann Irlbacker
1037 Ellicott St. - Residence and Doctor's Office of Dr. Felix Hintz
367 Elm St - Residence of Christian Pinkel
127-161 Emslie St. - The William Simon Brewery
420 Emslie St. - Coal and Wood Business of Martin Lauser

Genesee at Jefferson - Grocery store of John Welker
Genesee near Chippewa - Fischer Brothers
Genesee at Oak - First Ornamental Workshop of August Feine
Genesee at Oak - 1855 Blacksmith shop of August Holzhausen
Genesee at Oak - Tavern of August Holzhausen
Genesee at Scajaquada Creek - Gardens of Jacob Reichert
Genesee at Hickory - St. Peter's School
Genesee near Hickory - Bakery of Heinrich Ernst Beyer
87 E. Genesee St. - Jewelry Business of Fred Dorn
275 Genesee St. - Residence of Friedrich Wedell
379 Genesee St. - Residence of John Kam, John Kam, Jr.
382 Genesee St. - Dry Goods Business of Ernst Wilhelm Peseler
404 E. Genesee St. - Tailoring Shop of Fran Unbehaun
445 Genesee St. - Residence of William Schneider
108 Goodell St. - Residence of Bernhard Dufner
163-165 Goodell St. - Bakery of Emil Behnke
29 Goodrich St. - Residence of Johann Georg Nachtrieb, Sr., Maria Nachtrieb, and Caroline Nachtrieb
73 Goodrich St. - Residence of Johann Georg Nachtrieb, Jr.

Hanover St. - Site of the Lautz Soap Co.
97 High Street - Residence of Mrs. Philip Houck
133 High St. - Residence of Felix Ritter
38 Hodge St. - Residence of the Brunck Family
33 Holland Pl. - Residence of Louis F. Jansen
Huron at Ellicott St. - The Apollo Hall
69 East Huron - Residence of Elisabeth Koons-Schweikhart
71 East Huron - Residence of Louise J. Koons-Liebetrut
73 East Huron - Residence of the Koons Family

365 Johnson St. - Residence of August Feine

46 Kingsley St. - Residence of Johann Gottlieb Nachtrieb
50 Kingsley St. - Residence of Wilhelm Nachtrieb

338 Lafayette Ave. - Residence of August and Louise Raeker
14 Lemon St. - Residence of Julius Fiscus
53 Lexington Avenue - Residence of Frank A. Kraft
42 Linwood Avenue - Residence of Adam Cornelius
191 Linwood Ave. - Home of Edward L. Koons
384 Linwood Ave. - Residence of Charles Lautz
20 Lock Street - Ornamental Workshop of August Feine

Main across from St. Louis Church - Sister's of Charity Hospital
Main at Genesee St. - Merchandiser's Institute of H. Colton
Main and W. Genesee - Apothecary Shop of John & Jacob Diehl
Main at Allen - Apothecary Shop of Christoph Rodenbach
Main at Erie - Tailoring Shop of William Nicklis, Sr.
Main at Genesee - Colton's Dry Goods Store
Main at Goodell - Dry Goods store of Conrad Hellriegel
Main at Paul Place - Buffalo's First Brewery established by Theodor Kleinschmit
Main (East Side) between Genesee and Mohawk -Dry Goods Business of Stephan Bettinger
Main near Court - Philip Becker & Co.
Main near Genesee - Specialty Store of Henry Jacob Koons
Main near Mohawk - 1840 - 1844 Furniture business of Francis J. Kraft
27 - 29 Main St. - Nicklis & Company
80 Main St. - First Coffee and Spice Warehouse of Charles F. Bishop
153 Main St. - Textile and Dry Goods Business of Joseph Lambert Haberstro
165 Main St. - Tailoring shop of Friedrich C. Pries
193 Main St. - Residence and Gunsmith Shop of Joseph Haberstro
267 Main St. - Tailoring and Fashion Shop of Isaac Geiershofer
448 Main St. - Real Estate Business of Henry Koons
454 Main St. - Cigar business of Heinrich Breitwieser
456 Main St. - Simson and Beach Photographers
468-470 Main St. - Fashion shop of Isaac Geiershofer
474 Main St. - Real Estate Business of Henry Koons
499 Main St. - Cigar factory of Otto Kiekebusch
520 Main St. - Dry Goods Firm of Georger & Beyer
523 Main St. - Residence and Textile Business of Joseph Haberstro
527 Main St. - Insurance and Travel Bureau of Conrad Baer
529-533 Main St. - Brass & Plumbing Business of Johann Irlbacker
635 Main St. - Residence of Jakob Roskopf
854 Main St. - Photo Studio of Louis F. Jansen
904 Main St. - Residence of Karl Georger
1081 Main St. - Butcher Shop and Residence of Nicklaus Bald
1550 Main St. - Later Butcher Shop of Johann Soegel and Jacob Soergel
1560 Main St. - First Butcher Shop of Johann Georg Soergel
3322 Main St. - Restaurant of Joseph Clody
190 Masten Ave. - Residence of Louis Nachtrieb
12 Military Rd.(corner of Kail) - Residence of Adam Riexinger

319 Niagara St. - Residence of Dr. Francis Chas. Brunck
1823 Niagara St. - Residence of Philip Gerst
North Division and Washington St. - Gold and Silverwares Factory of Eduard Eisele
5 North Pearl St. - Residence of Andrew Simson
114 North Pearl St. - Residence of Eduard J. Eisele
39 W. North St - Residence of Isaac Geiershofer
616 Northampton St. - Residence of August Holzhausen


Oak and Genesee St. - Residence and Mills of George Urban
263-269 Oak St. - Bakery of Friedrich Brunner
271 Oak St. - Residence of Friedrich Brunner
391 Oak St. - Residence of Henry Diehl
437 Oak St - Residence of Henry Werich
509 Oak (near Goodell) - Residence of Henry Werich's Parents
547 Oak St. - Residence of John and Christina Reinhart, Ernestina Margaret Reinhart Hoffmann
605 Oak St. - Residence of Ernst Wilhelm Peseler
616 Oak St. - Residence of Anthony Neupert
626 Oak St. - Residence of Louis Hoehn and Amelia Reinhart Hoehn
179 Orange St. - Cigar Factory of Johann Friedrich Barth
26 Otis Place - Residence of Jacob Schenkelberger
13 Oxford St. - Residence of Johann Georg Soergel

Pearl Place and Mohawk - Earlier location of the Bean Private School
361 Pearl St. - Residence of Jacob Diehl
388 Pearl St. - Residence of John P. Diehl
137 Peckham St. - Residence and Grocery Store of Martin Lauser
149 Peckham St. - Residence of C. Louis Fritz
83 Pine St. - Residence of Friedrich Persch
Pratt at Genesee - John Kam Malting Company
183 Pratt St. - Residence of Theodor Kleinschmit
418 Pratt St. -Residence of Henry Kam
71 Prospect Ave. - Residence of Joseph Anton Kuhn
159 Prospect Ave. - Residnece of Frank Georger
R 423 Richmond Avenue - Residence of Christoph Rodenbach

Seneca at Washington - Post Office Building & Broezel's second Restaurant
Seneca St. - Broezel Restuarant
93 Seneca St. - Second Coffee and Spice Warehouse of Charles F. Bishop
128 Seneca St. - Dry Cleaning and Dyer Business of Christian Pinkel
142 Seneca St. - Bakery of Jakob Roskopf
199 Sherman St. - Residence of Henry J. Kreinheder & Family
233 Spring St. - first residence of Matthew Chemnitz
269 Spring St. - Residence of Mrs. Maria Rosina Erb
220 Summer St. - Residence of Charles F. Bishop
144 Swan St. - Residence of Christian Klinck
550 Swan St. - Residence of Dr. August F.D. Jansen

70 Triangle St. (near Pries Avenue) - Residence of Friedrich Pries


498 West Utica - Residence of Gustav Glawatz

100 Walnut St. - Residence of Henry Zipp
Washington St. at Virginia & Burton - Brewery of Albert Ziegele, Sr.
504-508 Washington St. - Brass and Plumbing Business of Johann Irlbacker
678 Washington St. - Residence of Carl Andreas Peters
958 Washington St. - Residence of Joseph Lambert Haberstro
White's Corner, Hamburg - Farm of Adam Cornelius' Parents
William at Depot - Slaughterhouse of Christian Klinck
William and Fillmore - Tannery of Mathias Strauss

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