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Obituary for Charles Lautz:
Buffalo Evening News
June 22, 1901:
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Buffalo Evening News
June 28, 1901
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Buffalo Volksfreund: June 24, 1901

The Worker's Choral Society
Folk Festival of the United Singing Societies in Teutonia Park

The weatherman, who predicted yesterday that the Alliance of Singing Societies of the middle Northern States would find itself under water, was more optimistic today. A refreshing shower yielded to sunshine and a cool Zephyr breeze. Amid such salubrious conditions, how could the festival held in Teutonia Park be anything less than an unbridled success.

The Allied Singers, with the exception of the group from Detroit who arrived later, marched behind a band playing a peppy tune from their headquarters on Genesee St. to the festival grounds, already teaming with activity. Each group had its own spot on the field where it planted its banner. Old acquaintanceships were renewed and new ones formed as is usually the case with potable-porting Germans.
An old friend greeted this reporter - D. Graus, the industrious Tyrolean. His better half was out hawking edelweiss bouquets at the Pabst Midway Concession. Mr. Graus himself conducted business yesterday and his lovely wares found many takers. If you'd like a sprig of edelweiss, call at 325 Howard St.
Even many members of the Bavarian Musical Chorus from "Alt-Nürnberg" frolicked about the grounds.
As the hour grew late, people returned home cheered by the thought that this had been a great day.
Tonight the concert of the Worker's Choral Society will be held at Teck Theater.

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Buffalo Evening News
Saturday,June 29th
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Buffalo Evening News
Thursday, June 27th
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