The Third Synodal Letter - Pages 103 - 107

Since he called upon his wife to offer testimony, it was pointed out to him how apparent it was that she had been covering for him for the past 9 years; for example, there was the Lemke love affair with his eldest daughter. The Senior Minister told him that he was again taking his previous stance in not wanting to discuss matters or answer any more questions and not submitting to an investigation. He had once again raised the suspicions of the Martinsville congregation as a person only capable of producing accusations and slanders. They were willing to receive him with open arms if he either justifies himself or repents. The congregation was not a gang, which only wanted to persecute, harangue and drive him from office. It was a congregation of Christians, which wanted to raise and hold him on the proper path of reconcilation. It was not its intention to reconcile with him today and split with him tomorrow, as the mutineers in Wisconsin had done. Furthermore he was told that if he continually wanted to abandon his congregation because his sin had become public knowledge, then he was a hired hand and God would demand that he leave. When he still maintained that he did not intend to be greedy but rather that he wanted to be true to his faithful members, he was told that the good intention raises the number of sins on account along with all its ancillary sins. — In the same manner as described above, he stated he would say no more. Pastor von Rohr responded to him, "You don't want to say any more. Everything is sorted out and glossed over. You are an obstinate and malevolent creature." With many protests, von Rohr attempted to move him to repent. However after a while he stood up and wanted to leave. We warned him again to repent and begged him for a (better) explanation. Response: If there were anything else to relate, he would have told us. He left and the Senior Minister commended to him the grace of God.

8. Final Declaration of Pastor Krause on the evening of September 25, 1850

Written in a letter:
a) The warning of the Martinsville congregation was a "verdict." He had read and consider it. He was slandered and falsely accused by it.
b) The church ministry had suspended him until he either vindicated himself or offered repentance and reconcilation. Therefore the church ministry was hierarchical.
c) From his experience of September 23rd and 24th, when we issued the final warning, he was led to see the similarity between a) and b) and to reach the conclusion that it was necessary for him to resign from his office in Martinsville and the church ministry of our synod because he thought we were hierarchical.
d) He would conduct his ministry wherever God opened a door for him. (Persumably in Hamburg on the Elbe, from which he had received an invitation 5 weeks ago issued by a church administrator named Stamman!)

Thus we resolved on September 25th:
a) that the entire matter concerning Pastor Krause's viewpoint relating to our church administrators, our congregations and the church ministry must be communicated to all our members.
b) that this communication must be accompanied by a verdict from the Senior Minister to the assembled church ministry,

to which the assessors can request that the ministry approve the verdict and thus empower it.
c) Pastor Krause's opinion is this, that he charges both the congregation in Martinsville and the church ministry, as indicated in his malevolent letters of September 6th and 9th, and that he once again states, as he had previously, that he will not accept church discipline for resigning from his ministerial post, and he denies that this stance is sinful.


                              Buffalo, October 1, 1850
In nomine Jesus

When St. Peter did not intend the divine but rather the human and when he did not want to serve and follow the Lord Jesus with his heart and his love, the Lord called him a Satan and ordered him to withdraw until he became repentant through the sermons of repentance and the warning, which Christ issued - Matthew 16. Anyone, who wishes to imitate me, denies himself and takes up his cross and follows me. Thus anyone, who wishes to preserve his life, will lose it. He who loses his life for my sake shall find it. What does it help a man that he wins the entire world and assumes shame upon his soul? Or what can a man give so that he may again redeem his soul?

With such sermons Peter was converted and the Lord Jesus took him back after 6 days along with Jacob and John to the mountain for his transfiguration. We have issued much heartfelt preaching and warning upon our all too human and worldly ministerial brother, Krause, for 4 months now but it has been for nought. With a deeply troubled heart I must confess before our church ministry and our synodal band:
I.) that Pastor Krause is of a human and worldly mind and that the power of the Holy Spirit in accordance with God's holy plan has been weakened by him.
II.) He had urgent reasons for justifying himself in the face of the complaints raised against him concerning his teaching and conduct. The honor of God, his own good name, the welfare of his congregation and our peace with him demanded this, but he refused.
III.) Unfortunately he not only refused to give justification but also called the complaints of the congregation false accusations. He said evil things without providing proof about the congregation, which only intended what was best and what is Christian.
IV.) He resigned in an inappropriate manner from all communion with his ministerial brothers and his church ministry, because, according to his opinion, they are hierarchical since they consider him sinful, reprove him and warn him to repent.
V.) Up until now he has shown himself to be unrepentant, desiring amnesty and intentional ignorance of events. He has indicated no path of reconcilation leading to true repentance.
VI.) He quits his ministerial post and leaves, quite evidently, for the purpose of avoiding Christian church discipline.
VII.) He sees himself as a hired hand, who will continue to conduct his holy office and God will open a door for him!

What greater proof of his delusion is there than that he, like a trades journeyman, can find a new work situation!

Because Pastor Krause did not seek what is divine but rather what is human, it is my opinion that it is in accordance with the will of our Lord Jesus Christ that this unrepentant man be declared a worldly, disloyal and irreconcilable preacher, who has once again been warned by his brothers in the church ministry by a brief reprimand for his sins, and since he has not accepted this warning, he is excommunicated from the Christian Lutheran church and thus divested of his office.
1.) For his worldly, hired hand attitude.
2.) For not reconciling with his Christian congregation since he would not have a proper investigation of his teaching and conduct.
3.) Especially for the improper resignation from his ministerial post with the Martinsville congregation.
4.) For his lack of repentance over his open greed, feigned poverty, deceitfulness and other gross sins; for example, mercilessness towards the sick.
5.) For his improper resignation from his ministerial brothers, the church ministry and the synod, which he called hierarchical for no reason.

May the Lord, Our God give all my dear ministerial brothers in Christ His blessing and mighty counsel and the Holy Spirit, in this difficult situation; may He give me righteous Christian judgment to take a true stance on the matter so that the true church of Jesus, which rejoices in true love of truth and rejects injustice, will be found here on earth in all its righteousness. I ask my brothers in office to render their decision, to report what has happened; despite all this turmoil I remain sincerely united with them and with all our beloved congregations in Jesus Christ.

                        Joh. Andr. A. Grabau, Senior Minister

Submit to: His Eminence, Pastor von Rohr; His Eminence, Pastor Lange; His Eminence, Pastor Müller in Milwaukee and Freystadt; His Eminence, Pastor Kindermann in Kirchhayn; His Eminence, Pastor Winkler in Detroit.
Respond quickly to me in Buffalo.
                        J. Andr. A. Grabau

I agree that it is in complete accordance with the word of God and I completely agree with the written verdict by the Senior Minister concerning Pastor Krause's sins and unrepentant obstinacy. It is also in accordance with Matthew 18 that a final written warning has been issued by the Senior Minister to this ministerial brother, who remains deeply fallen, unrepentant and stubborn despite all Christian and loving warnings from the members of the ministry and his own congregation. Should this warning be useless, he must be excommunicated from the holy, Christian church in accordance with God's command by the Senior Minister and thus removed from his office. May the merciful God lend his true blessing to this final warning of the Christian church,

may He impart to him the need for true repentance in order to assure his own sanctity, that he may be useful and edifying to his poor and oppressed church.

                                    E. A. H. Lange.

Since, in my opinion, the verdict of the Senior Minister is entirely in accordance with the word of God, I consider it a good thing that, as spoken by our Lord, Jesus Christ in Matthew 18, further church discipline was administered to Pastor Krause by our Christian church ministry and has now been brought to an end; that the Senior Minister advised Pastor Krause in writing to repent, in the name and representing the assessors, for sins and turmoil summarized in five points and warned him to reconcile with his congregation and the entire scandalized church. In the event that this final warning remain unheeded, God forbid, let him be excommunicated from the church of Jesus as a blatant and unrepentant sinner in the name of our Christian ministry. May the merciful God and Father of our Lord, Jesus Christ, permit this true exercise of church discipline to become a healing agent to the soul of our fallen ministerial brother; may it be well advised and ordained for the benefit and fortification of His church.

Buffalo, October 5, 1850
                       Heinrich Carl Georg von Rohr, Pastor

It is entirely appropriate that our ministerial brother, Pastor Krause, should submit to church discipline when he, like any other member of the church, commits sins. Through his unrepentance he shows that he does not want to respect the honorable church court. He should be reminded of the many times he pressed upon his earlier opponents the fact that the verdict of the ministry, which spoke for him, was to be respected. It is my heartfelt wish that the beloved brother will give glory to God and seek a firm reconcilation with the church, which will not longer exclude him once he renders true repentance. May God grant His grace and blessing.

                       Kindermann, Pastor to Kirchhayn

Since Pastor Krause ignores these most urgent matters and will not justify himself against the complaints concerning his teaching and conduct, since he does not consider his reputation, take to heart the welfare of his congregation, or even ponder how he has vexed the souls of those who love him; since he is not mindful that the enemies are swarming about and those who hate the Lord are paying attention; since he does not cherish the office God entrusted to him, heed his properly ordained church court, indeed not even consider the glory of God, can one reach any other conclusion than that he has fallen deeply into the net of Satan, who holds him as a bound prisoner? Therefore I concur with the verdict of the Senior Minister and I am entirely in agreement with the other brothers in office. From the bottom of my heart I hope

that the eyes of Pastor Krause may be opened, that he may turn from the darkness to the light and from the power of Satan to that of God, that he may seek forgiveness for his sins and garner the inheritance, which sanctifies through faith in Christ.

Freistadt, October 15, 1850
                                   F. J. Müller, Pastor

My decision is as follows:
That the Senior Minister extends to Pastor Krause a true and heartfelt warning to repent and convert in the name of the church ministry and if, God forbid, this warning is ignored he must be excommunicated from the Christian church in the name of the church ministry through the Senior Minister as a blatant and unrepentant sinner. The Lord allows all things to happen for his honor, for the sanctity of his church and for the betterment of souls!

Detroit, November 8, 1850
                                   J. Fried. Winkler, Pastor

Received November 12, 1850 and acted upon accordingly.
                 Johann Andr. A. Grabau, Senior Minister.


Supplement 8

Refutation of Krause's First Libelous Writing

Although the little book, which is currently being published here in Buffalo by Pastor G. F. E. Krause, deserves no consideration since his foolishness and deceitfulness are already sufficiently known, we, the undersigned, see that it is necessary to bring such gross lies to light for the congregations, so that everyone, even those who are not deemed Christians, may recognize how Pastor Krause's heart is filled with cunning and villainy and how, in his witless reasoning, he parades his own shame through his little circulating book and accustoms himself to living in broad daylight without the fear of God. — Above all else we are duty bound for the honor of our Lord, Jesus Christ, and our own consciences to present a brief summary of the course of events. Krause's libelous little book begins:

I. "Reasons and cause why Pastor Grabau publically insulted Pastor Krause from the pulpit on September 29th, October 6th and 13th, 1850.

"Pastor Grabau altered the synodal church document of 1848, printed 1850, by adding complicated supplements; he did this on his own authority without the knowledge of the synod and in its name; as a member of the synod and the ministry I protested against this and warned him to recant for this blatant violation of the truth so that all vexation would be avoided."

This is a slanderous lie, and having issued from the ignoble heart of Mr. Krause's fiction it is a shameful piece of libel,

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