The Third Synodal Letter - Pages 123 - 127

Furthermore, the Christian congregation in Martinsville requests that Pastor Grabau prepare this, its testimony of the truth, for the press as soon as possible.

The Church Administrators:
   F. Füllner,
   C. Kopp,
   F. Groskopf.

The Church Fathers:
   Gottfried Rehwald,
   Wilhelm Louis Wurl,
   Johann F. Kruse,
   Gottlob Schulz.

This affidavit from the congregation in Martinsville was taken down by a member of the church in my presence.
                     H. von Rohr, Pastor.

Read before the church ministry of Buffalo on December 5, 1850 and added with very few abridgements to the Third Synodal Letter as a supplement.

   Buffalo, November 11, 1852.
                  J. A. A. Grabau, Senior Minister.


Supplement 9

Disclosure of the Evil Secret of L. F. E. Krause


How L. F. E. Krause concealed the secret of his own evil in that he told futile lies and libelled the pure teaching of our church in his second work, Priestly Dominance and Spiritual Slavery, as well as his first libelous work.

1) In order to justify himself Krause felt compelled to write these two libelous works because no other means of publicly defending himself remained open in the face of our announcement of his resignation from his congregation and the ministry. He calls this abuse from the pulpit.

Response: The proper means of defense through open church investigation was open to him and he was summoned by his congregation and the ministry to attend such an investigation, but he evaded the summons. — His evil sentiment showed itself in his first letter of resignation to the congregation in Martinsville on September 6, 1850.

After he was summoned by his brothers in office to justify himself against certain charges concerning his vexing conduct and that of his family, he wrote to the congregation:

"Because they assail him with false charges and slanders and describe him as through he had irritated the congregation with his sinful conduct and that of his family and since he seems to have become irritated with them, he wishes them good luck and every blessing in finding another preacher and he considers it pointless and unnecessary to refute their charges, because the congregation had granted him leave by such treatment."

2) He writes on page 7 that he was forced to resort to this libelous writing

because Pastor Grabau had sent to the Lutheran congregation in Town Erin, Macomb County, Michigan a threatening quasi-papal bull filled with gross insults on November 14, 1850. This Christian congregation had never been under the jurisdiction of these men's priestly court. (See Supplement 6.)

Response: This daughter congregation of Pastor Winkler had joined itself with our court in a letter of declaration dated June 6, 1850. The Senior Minister had the duty to warn the rebellious members of this congregation, which Krause, as their current mutineer preacher, had reinforced. It was our duty to offer protection against him and to bring the various charges of the members against their pastor before their proper church comittee, our ministry. — Therefore this deceitful assertion is not justified in his libelous writings.

3) On pages 4 and 5 he wants to prove his innocence by stating that on September 22, 1850, when Krause desired an expression of gratitude, Pastor Grabau called him a servant of Christ. Until the time of his resignation he had the assurance that he conducted himself in accordance with pure teaching and that Pastor Grabau esteemed him highly, and then, 7 days later, he called him a heretic and mutineer. Why had Pastor Grabau respected him until September 22nd and then openly discredited him, since he had not taught or preached anything false in those 7 days?

Response: Along with these deceitful excuses people can read the following contradictory lies. On page 14 of the libelous work, Priestly Dominance, he states:

Since 1848 he has seen and testified to our ungodly existence and after he had done this we had begun to treat him as a disrupter of the church regime.

On page 9 of the same work he states: For a year and a day Pastors Grabau and von Rohr had been working in secret among his congregation and had encouraged them to tell tales.

In his letter of July 9th he stated to Pastors Grabau, von Rohr and Lange: Your assumed hierarchical attitude, in which I previously took shelter, is now clear to me, Reverend Brothers in Office.

Response: Krause was revered among us as a true teacher until July 8, 1850 and wherever complaints came to us concerning his conduct and teaching, we always came to him openly, both in written and oral communications in a proper church and ministerial manner. — As his confessor, Pastor von Rohr counseled him more often concerning the complaints brought against him and urged that he reconcile himself with certain individuals among his church children; on one occasion he had lent a helping hand with the entire church administration so that discontented members would be reconciled and patience and proper church order would preside. On the other hand, Krause never issued any verbal or written warnings or statements to us, as he untruthfully states on page 14. Rather, he professed his unity with us against the Missourians' encroachment in his sermons and his letters. *


* Extracts from Krause's letters:
In my infirmity I do not know if I will be able to attend the conference next Monday, for indeed I
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At the end of May and in June he was warned several times by us because of his hypochondria, his abandonment of his congregation and his approval of his wife's slanderous remarks concerning the Martinsville congregation's allowing them to suffer in poverty. His wife and daughter were also warned for spreading lies in the Buffalo congregations. He came to our ministerial session on July 8, 1850 and initiated a quarrel over the note on page 49 of the Synodal Letter using Erdm. Neumeister's verdict concerning Arnd's True Christianity. He intended to preach against us openly if this note was not publicly retracted.

To our charges that the work was pietistical and mutinous, he wrote on July 9th the previously mentioned letter, in which, for the first time, he called us hierarchical and thus sided with the Missourians. To our written and verbal warning we received no reply. Pastors Grabau and von Rohr travelled to Detroit to investigate the charges leveled against Pastor Winkler.

Upon the return of these pastors from Detroit, Pastor von Rohr, who had taken over the spiritual care and ministry for Krause's congregation, received word from the two families of C. Sack and Grosskopf that Pastor Krause's wife and eldest daughter had spread the news in Martinsville that Pastor Krause


Remainder of Footnote: would be happy to again be in your company! O, I am such a poor exile!

February 18, 1850: If you are still well, my beloved brother, would you take over the trip to Humberstone in my place, as we had previously discussed? O, how often I have benefitted from your charity, of which I am not worthy and for which I can never reciprocate. Our merciful God will remember you and send you his comfort. He will certainly repay you for your brotherly love and make me grateful to Him for giving me such a true confessor and friend and brother, in whom I am able to confide. — and make me grateful to you so if the true God ordains it, I may show my gratitude through prayer and even - O, I would be so pleased - through deeds for you and yours.

July 26, 1849: Rewald Jr. tells me that a man from Bergholz expressed his confusion to him and said, "He would not want to come before the ministry and he could not condemn the Missouri pastors, etc." Rewald refuted this. I want to look into this further to see if the man will turn out to be an intriguer and mutineer. If so, then I will openly warn him.

May 8, 1850: My beloved and true confessor! When can you visit your poor child, who suffers day and night in grievous torment to confess his sins and to be healed by holy absolution and the body and blood of our true lord, Jesus Christ? O, pray for me, such a miserable worm.

August 29, 1849: I have become of one mind with Brother von Rohr concerning this incident, which the ministerial conference must again postpone due to a heavy load of ministerial office business as a result of the great mortality rate within the congregation. C. Schulz also cannot be invited to attend the conference, although he recruits among the congregation for Missouri's church disrupting society. He has not yet been excommunicated, nor has he been declared a heathen and tax collector, who should be shunned. Since the extended postponement of his excommunication is dangerous for the congregation, both ministerial brother von Rohr and I think it is a good idea that, if our beloved Senior Minister agrees, C. Schulz should be invited before Pastors von Rohr and Krause, in the name of the ministry, be issued a warning in the presence of the Bergholz church administrators and trustees, and if he does not accept the warning, that he be excommunicated.
                              L. F. E. Krause, Pastor
                              H. von Rohr, Pastor

was not in accord with his ministerial brothers due to the note on page 49 of the Synodal Letter.

On this occasion they gave notice of many other vexations for which Krause, his wife and daughter would have to be brought to task. Many outrages had taken place in the Martinsville congregation, which people had endured in patience, but now they desired that Pastor Krause be warned about them.

In the investigation carried out by Pastor von Rohr concerning the lies spread by Krause's eldest daughter in Buffalo, that they had been robbed at the time of the wedding in Buffalo and consequently they had no food to serve, from testimony and reports it was discovered how Krause and his wife feigned poverty and slandered the Martinsville congregation. They had often conplained that the congregation allowed their pastor to suffer in need, that they had to eat dry bread and had nothing to offer visitors coming from afar. At the same time it was discovered that while making this complaint Krause had somewhere between 3 and 4 hundred dollars in a chest.

These reports prompted Pastor Grabau to issue more warnings to Krause with a request for information and justification along with a declaration concerning our letter of warning from July 9th. Since over the course of the month of August he did not offer an adequate explanation, he received a 2nd degree warning on September 2nd from the Senior Minister and Pastor von Rohr, accompanied by a letter of concurrence from Pastor Kindermann:

1) To reconcile himself with his brothers in office after the issuing of the false charge, to turn himself over to the ministry and the synod pursuant to his complaints concerning the note on Arnd's True Christianity in the Synodal Letter, and
2) to justify himself by submitting to proper investigation of the complaints leveled against him by his congregation or by repentantly seeking reconcilation.

His response was:
Since we had inspected, warned and suspected too much and already accepted such accusations against him, he had to resign his office in Martinsville.
He did not accept our warning, not to flee like a hired hand but to submit himself to a proper investigation and to consider the statement "the godless flee and no one hunts him down."

After this he sent his letter of resignation to the congregation in Martinsville because of the charges they had leveled against him. In the letter he explained that he considered it superfluous and unnecessary to justify himself against such false charges.

Pastor von Rohr, to whom Fr. Grosskopf turned over this letter, informed the church administration in Martinsville about the conduct of Pastor Krause for the first time. Pastors Grabau and von Rohr considered it advisable that 3 pastors and synodal deputies should initiate the 3rd degree of warning together. Until now we had not communicated to the congregation anything about the letter or any other incident

in the hope that he would repentantly accept our communal warning and rescind his resignation. This third warning was issued September 9, 1850 by Senior Minister and Pastor Grabau, Pastors von Rohr and Lange and the synodal deputies Drews of Buffalo, Aug. Grobengiesser of Bergholz, Fr. Grosskopf of Martinsville, Chr. Wendt of Walmore and C. Sack of Martinsville as witness. *

After Krause persisted in unrepentance after this 3rd warning the assembly recognized that in the course of the last two months the Christian congregation had been unsettled by the many rumors, which Krause and his family had spread. An announcement was expected of us, all the more so because the silence we had observed until this time had given rise to suspicion within the weaker members in Martinsville that we wished to suppress the complaints issued against their pastor. Things had taken on this appearance in their eyes because previously we had settled all complaints brought before us individually, in accordance with proper procedure, through discussion and reconciliation between the accusers and their pastor and through admonitions for patience concerning his hypochondria and the resultant neglect of his ministerial office. In reference to his letter of resignation dated September 6th to the congregation and the second piece of libel he sent to the ministry, which was filled with the lowest of deceitful accusations and expanded upon what he wrote in the first libelous work, the assembly came together to issue the following verdict:

                                    Buffalo, September 9, 1850

I) We deem it good and have decided that it is no longer unavoidable for us to give our congregations the necessary information concerning the state of affairs with Pastor Krause. Full disclosure will be communicated to the Martinsville congregation. We are resolved that this must come about with all Christian propriety in charity and truth without any personal degradation and linked solely to these purposes:

1) that all church members may have grounds, reasoning and opportunity to warn Pastor Krause.
2) so that all church members may be advised that the church ministry has rendered a verdict in this matter, even if Pastor Krause has declared this verdict invalid.
3) so that the Martinsville congregation has grounding and just cause to demand that Pastor Krause return to the dictates of church orders if he wishes to be its teacher and spiritual caregiver.

II) We, the members of the church ministry and especially the Senior Minister, in accordance with his office and vocation, do not consider it permissable for Pastor Krause to conduct the ministerial office in Martinsville as long as he remains outside of all church ordering. (Specificially due to his resignation from the ministry.)


* At the time of this warning he still showed himself to be far from uniting with the mutineers or with the Missouri preachers. But, as Pastor von Rohr put it to him, he was well on his way towards it according to the contents of his letter of resignation. Return to text

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