The Third Synodal Letter - Pages 133 - 137

"of the congregation, that I do not have enough room in the new house even for a maid to set her suitcase." Pastor Grabau believes he committed an error in registering this complaint on December 8th because several true church children explained to him that he expressed himself in such a way that they had no sympathy since, as circumstances indicate, this censure should have been directed against those, who out of greed were not inclined to help after the congregation had decided to do so. — Therefore the portion of the congregation, which had decided to help out with this problem, could not have been referred to and should not have found itself referred to in this censure; indeed it did help with the completion of the construction despite the resistance of the stingy members.

7.) He lies on page 29, stating that Pastor Grabau deceived both him and the congregation in Freistadt and Pastor Kindermann and the congregation in Kirchhayn, plus he had dealt justice to a portion of the congregation and injustice to those, who were absent.

To the contrary, Pastor Grabau punished both portions as it was recognized in the congregational assembly in Buffalo as the proper path to Christian reconcilation. Thus mutual understanding and reconcilation came to pass since both sides acknowledged and confessed where they had failed. Pastor Kindermann testifies before the synod that this would not have occurred given the behavior Krause fictitiously described; to the contrary great bitterness would have developed.

8.) Just as blatantly he lies that Pastor Grabau had allowed certain individuals to go to communion who had been denied the sacrament by Krause. Instead Pastor Grabau had made it their duty to fully come to terms among themselves.

9.) Furthermore it is a lie that Pastor Grabau had promised them Krause's removal since Pastor Grabau had assured those who were discontent that it was not in the power of the ministry to do so; it could only happen through the peaceful application of church orders.

He tells a blatant lie in saying the malcontents had made certain promises based on their trust in Pastor Grabau's declaration and for this reason he called them miserable rebels: Pastor Grabau's villainy has now come to light.

Response: The villainous rogue knows that they were placed under church discipline for their implacability and their mutinous seceding and that after several warnings from the ministry to reconcile themselves with the church, cease in their mutinous church service and dismiss their preacher, they were placed under the ban because they persisted in their sins. He knows how truly and lovingly Pastor Grabau concentrated all his efforts to bring about a true reconcilation and to show how the malice of certain bitter enemies of Krause destroyed this again. After this Krause wrote intentional and ridiculous lies out of devilish evil and ingratitude,


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which must have shamed even members of his own mutinous group if they still have any honor left in them.

11.) On page 24 another miserable lie - Pastor von Rohr had raised $50 for the Whig Party and had torn apart the political union of his congregation, which consisted of Democrats, and had turned the congregation in Bergholz into a laughing stock. The truth is that the status of the parties remains unchanged without the slightest sense of disunity, although the Governor, Washington Hunt, now adds to the list of his many good deeds towards the poor and the Bergholz congregation a donation of $50, which was given in the absence of the pastor of the congregation, half of which was for the building of the church and the other half for the poor. This created no dissension among the congregation's many Democrats, who out of respect and love had voted for Governor Hunt. When poor, miserable Krause, who complains of great physical poverty while he has a few hundred dollars in the bank and permits his wife and child to complain out of filthy greed, openly accuses Pastor von Rohr of taking the money for his own personal uses, this is the consequence of his own baser instincts.

12.) It's just as blatant a lie that there was a plan to control the congregation through political schism since each congregation member knows how, with God's help, the true spiritual care of its pastor protected it against this.

It is another lie against his conscience that it was for this reason that a portion of the congregation split and had been placed under the ban.

He knows full well why certain people were placed under the ban while under his care as assessor of the ministy and he also knows through true, ministerial communiqués that no individual was excommunicated under such circumstances and that the entire gang in Bergholz had split from the congregation because of the pietist error of the Missourians.

13.) On page 26 he presents an libelous article from the Buffalo Democrat, which the rebelling Lörsch had submitted, stating that 4 years ago Pastor von Rohr had preached, "We must enter into the repentance of the Lord Jesus." Like Lörsche he reaches the same insane conclusion by which the godhead of our Lord, Jesus Christ, is denied because it is stated that as a man He needed to repent.

Thus evil can confuse the reasoning of a human being for a man like Krause, who obtained a theological education through the grace of God, to repeat and put down in writing the words of an ignorant man. The truth is that currently only one member of the Buffalo congregation is aware of which words would have been heard four years ago — Pastor von Rohr knows nothing about it and Pastor Grabau has openedly and justifiably declared that these words, if they were not intentionally misinterpreted, contain the pure teaching of righteousness since our Lord Jesus Christ, as true God and man, has dutifully suffered and offered atonement for us and in faith we understand that his suffering and atonement in body and soul were done in our place and dedicated for us or must be negotiated for us.

It is not our but His atonement and reconcilation which make us righteous and holy when we comprehend it in the ordering of true atonement through faith. What use would it be for a mere man to dedicate his repentance?

14.) Contrary to greater reason he lies on page 26 that during a Christmas sermon Pastor von Rohr wanted to prove the birth of Christ from a report in the newspaper and he had talked about the people of legend, like the pope, rather than the word of God.

The truth is that in an advent sermon Pastor von Rohr mentioned signs of the approach of Judgment Day, which were reported in the newspaper; somewhere in the North American free states oil was flowing from a cliff and this might well be a sign of the approach of Judgment Day and the second coming of our Lord just as a river of oil had flown during his first physical advent in Rome.

Where else are we supposed to find the signs of the approach of Judgment Day, as we have been commanded to find, than from public reports of earthquakes, war, rumors of war, uprisings and similar events.

Just how shameless this lie is comes from the fact that Pastor von Rohr and Teacher Hoge in Bergholz were questioned by him on 2 separate occasions and had given him this information and he had said he was completely in agreement.

15.) Finally, it is not enough for the miserable man to invade the country congregation of Pastor Winkler in Macomb County as a wolf and killer of souls and a mutineeer preacher and then to rob his former ministerial brother of his church and the greater portion of his country congregation, which he then supported and fortified as its mutineer preacher; now in his lie-filled libelous writings he presents him as the most vexatious of heretics, who has spread false teaching concerning
1. the Trinity
2. the person of christ
3. predestination.

It stands to reason that this is a miserable falsehood from this liar since during an eight-day public investigation into all the charges brought against Pastor Winkler by his accusers and enemies not a shred of evidence was produced concerning false teaching of the Trinity. Only one charge was at hand, concerning inappropriate teaching on the person of Christ, which investigation and reading of a sermon showed as improper. The church court, comprised of the three pastors, Grabau, Kindermann and von Rohr, found only a deficient statement, which might be deemed misleading, however a written copy allowed for proper understanding, as the accuser himself admitted in his written deposition.

Pastor Winkler had said, "The divine omniscience of the 12-year-old child Jesus in the Temple at Jerusalem has brought to light how our soul pervades an idea," not as

it was misunderstood, that it was perhaps only a suspicion, however the men were illuminated as with an inkling of His omniscience.

The charge of false teaching concerning predestination was discovered to be completely unfounded and it was a laughable matter for his assembled congregation.

The charge of false teaching concerning the Trinity is Krause's invention or it was something reported to him by rebels from the Buffalo congregation.

16.) The lies, that Pastor Winkler was despised by the Martinsville congregation, have been refuted in Issue 2 of our Kirchliches Informatorium. (Page 30)

17.) The miserable joke that it is Krause's hobby to watch Pastor Grabau fret away about Pastor Winkler's supposed troubles while Pastor Winkler sits happily in Detroit, amusing himself to his heart's content about the merciless and obstinate evil of Krause.

It is indeed possible for him to be peaceful and happy and to consider Pastor Winkler thusly although Schaller, as a rogue preacher in Detroit, and Krause in Macomb County act as bloodthirsty wolves, who murder the souls of his church children.

There are nightmares and jokes and there is Krause's hobby and these things distress proper pastors and Christians. To the 2nd warning delivered by the 3 pastors and synodal deputies he responded with the following words when Pastor von Rohr reproached him for the misery and confusion he incited within the church:
What am I doing? I sit quietly in my sickroom!

18.) In conclusion, this liar and slanderer swears that God is offended by the priestly domination and spiritual slavery, as Krause has represented it and thus two true students in Buffalo were snatched away by holy death; for this reason with fawning flattery he seeks the favor of the Missouri Synod!

By order of the Senior Minister, more of Krause's concealed secret of evil will be brought to light.

New Bergholz, August 28, 1850
                              Heinrich von Rohr, Pastor


Supplement 10

                              Martinsville, August 5, 1852
In nomine Jesus

After the assembled congregation was read the article in Volume I, Issue 2 of the Lutheran by its pastor, Mr. W. Wier, our article in Volume I, Issue 2 of the Informatorium was also read. Then Krause's article in the Lutheran, titled A Friendly Reply to Martinsville was read again,

examining each point for the Christian congregation and statements were recorded.

1.) To Krause's declaration that our article in the Informatorium was written by Pastor Grabau and did not reflect our opinions we reply:

After the libelous work, Priestly Dominance and Spiritual Slavery was published, we commissioned our church fathers to expose and refute the lies in this book and we were going to have this response printed at our own expense.

This authorized, 5-page article was read before the synod in Buffalo in 1851 and was supposed to be printed in the Synodal Letter. Then the congregation decided that to spare itself the cost it would prepare it for publication in the Informatorium as a summary of our declarations. (See Supplement 8)

The assembled congregation herein declared that it acknowledged the article in the Informatorium as the truth and its own conviction, which had not been drawn up by Pastor Grabau.

2.) His hypocrisy and greed may be substantiated by the following facts - that he and his wife have slandered the Christian congregation by saying that it left them to suffer in need and that he complained of oppressive poverty verbally and in writing while he had several hundred dollars in the bank, which he did not want to touch.

3.) We have provided proof in our letter to the synod concerning his tyrannical harshness towards adults, children and the sick. For example, he said from the pulpit that he was no bedside preacher, that he was afraid of sick people who wanted communion, that he used insulting words when giving adults warnings before the church administrators and that the children were publically prostituted in the church during catechism exams. We have assembled other such facts against him in our 26 points.

4.) Willful neglect of office has been proven since he would not preach because of the delicate skin on his finger or fear of becoming sick again. More often than not he seemed to be quite well.

5.) The mutinous split from ministry and abandonment of his congregation are proven facts because he resigned from the ministry and synod out of hatred for pastors Grabau and von Rohr; he resigned in writing from the congregation after refusing any attempt at investigation.

6.) They are and remain blatant lies that Pastors Grabau and von Rohr made us suspect him and that they preached against him before his evil was publically announced.

7.) On page 14 of the first libelous work he boasts that since 1848 he had Missouri sentiments even though he did not attribute them to Missouri. This was while we justifiably maintained that he had testified against them.

8.) It is proven that he openly intruded upon the rights of the congregation in that, for example, he determined the place where the pulpit would be placed in the church without and contrary to the decision of the congregation and its administration. There was also his laziness in that he did not want to assist the congregation at its assemblies

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