The Third Synodal Letter - Pages 143 - 144

1852December 6P. Türk$ 0.50
1853January 8P. Maschop$ 1.00
Title II Total:$24.57½

Title III: Income from Collections
1852February 7 Cash on Account from the previous year$  49.78½
April 25 Collections in Buffalo$  19.77
April 26 Donations in New Bergholz$   4.98
April 26 Donations in New Walmore$    2.12
March 24 Repaid by G. Schmidt to the church account$    2.03
June 2 Collections in Kirchhayn$    2.97½
From Wehe in Milwaukee$   1.00
Collections from Kirchhayn$    7.50
June 3 Donations from Martinsville$    3.23
June 16 Donations from New Bergholz$    4.91
June 17 Donations from Humberstone$    2.00
June 28 Donations from New Wallmore$    2.94
July 2 Repaid by Pastor Winkler$    5.00
July 9 Collections from Cedarsburg$    2.75
August 12 From Christian Succow$    0.12½
From Friedrich Klee$    0.13
From De Jardin$    0.25
November 1 Borrowed$  50.00
December 1 Collections from Freystatt$    4.18
December 5 Collections in Buffalo$  21.40
1853January 9 Collections in Buffalo$  20.67
January 10 Donations from Humberstone$    2.39
Donations from New Walmore$    2.78
Donations from New Bergholz$    6.82
January 31 Collections from Freystatt, Wisconsin$    3.05
$    _____
Title III Total:$ 230.28½

Title IV: Income for the Synodal Letters and Confirmation Certificates, 1852
1852March 30 22 Confirmation Certificates$ 0.33
May 1 For Missouri Synodal Reports, which were sold$ 0.30
June 2 For 5 Synodal Letters$ 0.50
Title IV Total:$ 1.13

Recap of Income:
Title I$ 349.36
Title II$  24.57½
Title III$ 230.28½
Title IV$   1.13
Total Income$ 605.35


Title I: Payments on the piece of property for the Martin Luther College
1852December 17 Paid out$ 300.00

Title II: Towards the publishing of the Kirchliches Informatorium

1852September 10 Paid to Mr. C. Bär $  19.82

Title III: For postage, writing materials, ministerial conference expenses
except for expenditure to Mr. C. Bär for the Kirchliches Informatorium,
travel funds, bookbinding costs and other small expenditures

$ 195.91½
Total for Titles I, II and III$ 515.73½
Total Income$ 605.35
Total Expenditures$ 515.73½
Remaining in Account$  89.61½

Printing Errors are as follows:

Page 13, line 19 from the top reads "three times" instead of "this time."

Page 13, line 6 from the bottom strike out the word "he" before "intends."

Page 33, the title of the paragraph section reads "mutinous preachers" (genitive) rather than "mutinous preachers" (dative).

Page 39, line 27 from the bottom reads "they would have" rather than "he, she or it would have."

Page 45, line 25 from the bottom reads "factual schism" rather than "sectarian schism."

Page 46, line 2 from the bottom reads "more verifiable" rather than "verified."

Page 52, line 8 from the top reads "apostolic" rather than "apolian."

Page 55, line 3 from the top reads "in their private letters" rather than "with their private letters."

Page 15, line 19 from the bottom reads "after which" rather than "thus."

Page 61, line 18 from the top reads "thoroughly invisible" rather than "through us."

Page 114, line 3 from the bottom reads "those excommunicated" rather than "excommunicants."

Page 124, lines 8 and 9 from the top read "its actual" rather than "their actual mutineer preacher."

Readers may correct other unsignificant typographical errors themselves.

This is the end of The Third Synodal Letter

Copy of text provided by the A. R. Wentz Library, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg, PA

Imaging and Translation by Susan Kriegbaum-Hanks