The Third Synodal Letter - Pages 88 - 92

you misconstued our warning and now you call us power hungry.


Of all the things you listed, such as "hierarchy, inquisition, divulging of private confessions, suspected marriage prohibitions, suppression of the rights of God's congregations and Christian freedom, infringement upon the rights of housefathers, perplexing souls by casting suspicion on the writings of the true witnesses of God, seduction through hypocrisy and intimidation, martyrdom of the soul by using sin as a tool for blackmail, plus godless, papist and despotic bans by preachers on suspected sinners, intrusion into family secrets in the Jesuit manner, pumping people for information, arbitrary acceptance or rejection of people to receive the eucharist, etc., you provide nothing by way of proof. It is idle and malicious accusation and a hateful outpouring of your own guilt-ridden heart. It is a dark construct of you own vengeful nature brought about because we have punished you and your evil wife for your sins. Once again we beg you to turn from your deceitful ways before God unleashes His wrath upon you. It is an intentional sin against conscience that, in order to establish your unproven accusations, you have one again withdrawn from the church ministry and the synod. With your apparent deceitful tendencies you can only exist as a blemish on the Lutheran church. You had said that you would not preach to gangs; you had called those, who delivered themselves into the hands of mutineers, Philistines, who bore witness to Israel's scorn. On October 6th and November 8th you delivered yourself over to the gangs in order to help them persecute the church of Jesus and His properly ordained servants just as you had done in 1839 and 1840 in Germany! Finally the devil had also won you over when you published your shame in the libelous little book of lies, you allowed to have printed. You proved nothing with your trumped up, deceitful statements and you appear to be a common hypocrite, who will disguise himself by throwing the mud of his own sins on his advisors and judges, while deeming said advisors and judges to be hierarchical.


We especially warn you to acknowledge these public lies and repentantly withdraw them — you represented yourself so hypocritically in your slanderous writings against us, as though you had conducted yourself properly in your ministry in Martinsville, as though you had advised us of one thing and another and that you had vindicated yourself — and for these reasons we had persecuted you and had attempted to repel you! Oh, what horrid deceitfulness! May God have mercy on you, you poor man!


Since June of this year you have revealed yourself to us as an evil servant; you had revealed yourself earlier to the Martinsville congregation.

You sought the all too human rather than the divine as a comfort seeking, ministerially foul and disloyal preacher; as a mercenary, who flees to where no one will hunt him down. You are unreconciled to your Christian congregation since you have not allowed a public investigation into your teachings and your conduct under the deceitful pretext that we had already judged you. You resigned from your holy appointment in Martinsville for unjust reasons. You offer no repentance for your obvious greed, feigned poverty, deceitfulness and your other gross sins, which are unfortunately all too visible; for example, your lack of mercy for the sick. You have withdrawn youself from your ministerial brothers, your church court and your synod for improper and slanderous reasons and you have called it hierarchical without providing grounding or proof for the accusation. You have become an offense in the eyes of the Lord Jesus; you have become His enemy, having delivered yourself over to the gangs and the false apostles. You publically slandered your brother in office, Pastor Winkler, with no proof concerning supposed teachings on the holy Trinity. There is satanic insanity working within you now as there was 11 years ago in Germany. Back then, you finally came to regret it. May you again come to your senses so the angels in heaven may rejoice. We expect an answer from you within 30 days. If you do not heed this last warning from us and persist in your sins, then in the exercise of our office we will have to use the Christian church ban against you. Oh, you can still repentantly accept God's proffered mercy and our warning!

Buffalo, November 26, 1850
               Joh. A. A. Grabau, Senior Minister

Since Krause did not accept this last warning and set the letter back unanswered, we had to use the office commanded to us by God against this sinful, consistently untrue preacher and mercenary. In accordance with the verdict of the church ministry, delivered by the Senior Minister, he was placed under the ban in a church assembly of his former congregation, whose admonition he had also spurned, on the morning of the third Sunday afer Epiphany, January 26th of this year after the sermon in St. Martin's Church in Martinsville. The following grounds were given:

I. For his obvious and all too human mercenary mentality, in which he unrepentantly persisted.

II. For failing to reconcile with his Christian congregation since he would not allow a proper investigation into his teachings and his conduct.

III. For his unjustified resignation from the ministering of the Lutheran congregation in Martinsville.

IV. For his unwillingness to repent for his obvious greed, feigned poverty, deceitfulness, lack of mercy for the sick, etc.

V. For his unjustified resignation from his brothers in office,

his church ministry, and his synod, which he falsely called hierarchical, and the many libelous items in a particular book of lies.

May the God of all mercies have mercy on this deeply fallen sinner, this Satan, who sought not what is divine but rather what is human. Matthew 16, 23. We understand that he has delivered himself over to the lost Missouri Synod, where he's currently paying court, submitting copies of his letters, disguising himself before the gangs in Milwaukee and Freystadt and asking for forgiveness. Currently he is preaching in a foreign church and he belongs to the class of people referred to in 1 Peter 4, 15. It is our heartfelt wish that he may still accept God's mercy during his respite.

Buffalo, January 27, 1851 on the Feast of Chrysostomi.
               Joh. A. A. Grabau, Senior Minister


Supplement 6


From the Senior Minister in his name and in the names of the Ministerial Assessors - Pastors Kindermann, von Rohr, F. J. Müller and H. Lange.

To Geo. Nummer, B. Chr. Schröder and their companions in the St. Peter's Congregation, Town of Erin, Macomb County, Michigan

It is with great sadness that we learn that Geo. Nummer and B. Chr. Schröers and many other members of the aforementioned congregation of Pastor Winkler

1) had made an entirely unnecessary and very unchristian uproar in the church at the close of church service a few weeks ago.

2) had held a meeting in the house of H. Görlach afterwards, where they discussed and committed themselves to the removal of their pastor.

3) had allowed the suspended pastor, F. E. L. Krause, who abandoned his own congregation, to preach to them as a corner pulpit preacher and inciter of mutiny.

4) had come together on November 8th at a beerfest and signed a letter of resignation filled with insults against their pastor.

Thus we warn Geo. Nummer and B. Chr. Schröder, etc. in the name of Our Lord, Jesus Christ:

1) It is a gross sin against the 3rd Commandment and you must repent for having created a totally unnecessary and very unchristian tumult in the church a few weeks ago at the close of church service after the celebration of the holy eucharist.

2) It is a gross sin against the 3rd Commandment and you must repent for having allowed Pastor Krause, an inciter of mutiny suspended for abandoning his own congregation, to preach among you.

3) It is a gross sin against the 3rd Commandment and you must repent for having held an unchristian assembly under C.F. Stange and Chr. Görlach's direction, the later never having been a member of the congregation. There was also a beer fest at which you agreed upon and called for the removal of your pastor.

4) It is a gross sin against the 3rd Commandment and you must repent for signing a libelous letter declaring your withdrawal on November 8th of this year; along with your signatures were those of men, who for a long time have been enemies of the pastor and are not even members of the congregation.

We especially warn Geo. Nummer and B. Chr. Schröder to acknowledge:

a) that in the letter of withdrawal there are untrue charges of false teaching against Pastor Winkler, presented without one shred of proof and we request that Geo. Nummer and B. Chr. Schröder, etc., send this proof in writing within three weeks, indicating the nature of Pastor Winkler's false teaching and the available proof for the accusation. After his deep fall, deceitful Krause stated in his libelous little book that Pastor Winkler was a preacher, who had taught false doctrine concerning the holy Trinity. However not the slighest piece of evidence was produced showing that he taught false doctrine, plus he produced even less proof that there was any false teachings at hand!

b) We warn you to acknowledge that the charge of "dreadful misuse of the Christian church ban" is a false charge with no proof.

If Nummer and Schröder should happen to have proof we ask them to submit it within three weeks to the church ministry of our synod, acting as the properly appointed church court for Pastor Winkler.

c) We ask you to provide evidence to the charge of supposed "soul-corrupting priestly domination," under which Pastor Winkler has stood accused for quite some time. Please submit evidence of the charge's point of origin and the points of evidence for the charge within three weeks, unless you wish to be considered public slanderers and held accountable.

d) We ask you to indicate who among you had issued the warning to Pastor Winkler, what the nature of the warning was, along with whatever proof there was supporting the warning, which was rejected by Pastor Winkler.

e) We request that you provide proof, such as Hebrews, Chapter 13 and 1 Peter, 5, that Pastor Winkler is not a Lutheran pastor and de facto, that is, why without being removed by his church court, he was abandoned and dismissed by you and your group. This goes against Christ's word in Matthew 18, "Tell it to the church." Our Lord Jesus requires

an ordained church court and in 1 Timothy 5, 19 St. Paul requires an ordained church court where he says, "Make no accusation against an elder or a pastor unless there are two or three witnesses." The accusers should not be witnesses nor should they be the judges, such as you unfortunately made yourselves according to the contents of your letter of withdrawal.

We expect to receive an orderly Christian response from Geo. Nummer and B.Chr. Schröder within the next three weeks and we warn them to return to the Christian order they abandoned, to make no hateful and fictitious accusations against their pastor, and to no longer allow themselves to be misled by the mercenary and inciter of mutiny, Krause and other gang preachers in and around the Detroit area. If they have any substantiated complaints to make against their pastor and they have Christian witnesses, who are not accusers or enemies of the pastor, they can bring them before the church ministry of our synod, where they will be properly investigated and a verdict will be reached in accordance with God's word. It is our heartfelt wish that their souls may be aided by grace, for God wills that there be help for all men. — Should they however abandon the path ordained by God and indicated in Matthew 18, "Tell it to the church," and if they follow evil and misleading intellects, then the slanderous letter of withdrawal will do them no good, for as they stand before the court of God they will surely be cast into the pit of His righteous fire, which will consume their wickedness.

May God the Holy Spirit impart much grace and help to all misled souls that they may once more be pleasing to God. Hebrews 13, 17: "Obey your teachers *, for they watch over your souls and they shall have to give account, that they do it with joy rather than sighs, which do you no good." It is our comfort that we have a clear conscience and we discipline ourselves to lead good lives among all.

Buffalo, November 19, 1850
               Joh. Andr. A. Grabau


Supplement 7

I. N. J. [In nomine Jesu]
                     Buffalo, September 29, 1850

The undersigned Senior Minister gives the assembled assessors of our most reverend church ministry the following summary of the negotiations with Pastor Krause of Martinsville, currently residing in Buffalo.

Unfortunately it can no longer be kept secret what a sad and unchristian attitude Pastor Krause has taken for a long time, and continues to take, against his congregation in Martinsville and against the church ministry of our synod. In accordance with the decision of the members of this most reverend church ministry,


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