Chronicle of the Trinity First Evangelical-Lutheran Church: Pages 35 - 39

A note for accummulated interest
Gas and taxes
Wine and Hosts
Fire Insurance
Receipt books
For Student Bold
Rent for Pastor Hanser's house
Service to the organ bellows
Charcoal, salt, brushes, etc.
Taxes to the Collector
               Total Expenditures
Amount in Accounts
Owed to the building fund

Building Fund Cashier's Report:
Loan from Erie County Savings Bank
Legacy from the late
   Widow Schorr for the school
Interest from bank accounts
Cemetery Fund
Ladies and Girls Association
Contributions for the year
Amount in account on Jan. 1,1888
Carryover amount for 1887
               Total Income

Interest on a legacy
Oven repair
Loan Search Fee
New church roof
Scaffolding and painting of the church
Laying sod

$ 409.00


$  25.00

Building Fund Expenditures:
Church and cemetery funds loaned
Cellar beneath the church
Church window
Organ repair
Sewer and plumbing work
Escutcheon, house numbers, locks,
    offering boxes
Materials and labor for Mr. Blanck
To Mr. Matthaes for window hanging
Partial Payment on heating system

Funds on hand
Loaned out from the fund
Minus money from a legacy
                              Funds on hand

   Fund for the Poor
Cash on hand Jan. 1, 1888
Income on the course of the year
Church owes the fund
Total Income
Total expenditures
                              Cash on hand

   Collections for Specific Purposes:
Sent to the Synod Fund
To the Pilgrim House
For student Gräser in St. Louis
To Addison for new construction
To the widows and orphans
To the Saxony Free Church
To the Mission Fund
To the Orphanage


$  427.16

$   83.19
$ 906.30

$  156.39
$ 669.99

   Cemetery Fund:
Cash on hand from previous year
Borrowed from the building fund                               Total

Street paving on Walden Avenue
Drainage ditches
Labor, gravel, top soil, sideswalks, etc.
Water taxes
Paid to the building fund

Owed to the building fund
Owed for street paving
                              Total Debt

The Accounts of our Mission (Emmaus)
Funds on hand from 1887
Collections from Church services
From the Mission Festival
Gifts of 152 people

Rent to Mr. Friedrich
Real Estate and interest
Transport for Pastor Hanser's
   household goods
For the church (Emmaus) and
   and its establishment

Cash on hand:
Debt to J. Jäckle & Co.
                    Remaining indebtedness

$    53.66

$       .75
$  701.97

$  366.86
$ 672.80

$   15.87

$  61.00

$ 641.85
$ 385.91

Looking back at the internal course of development of the congregation above all else we acknowledge and proclaim that God alone deserves all credit. While reflecting with the power of hindsight we have found in God's work reason to praise Him and to acknowledge our gratitude. He bestowed upon us the greatest good in the fullest measure as had been desired by those who established our congregation in Germany 50 years ago. Indeed God in his mercy has maintained His Grace, His Word and His Sacraments pure and unsullied for us and He did not punish us for our ingratitude, apathy and insatiability but rather heeded us as we begged in our church services:
Lord, give us Your Word! Under these unmistakable characteristics of the true church, whose banner and field marker is the Evangelical-Lutheran Church, He allowed the number of our members to grow and His Word did not come back to us empty, but was fulfilled (Isaiah 55: 10, 11). Through the resonance of His Word, known only to the Lord, the Holy Spirit has sanctified and sustained those of the true faith and many members of the congregation, who for a long time had not heard the voice of the Shepherd Christ with an open heart, were sought out by the Savior with all patience until He found them and brought them home. The multitude, which has long stood far away, has been brought by God's Spirit to the spiritual temple, which was not made by hand but based on the cornerstone of Christianity. Indeed there are many, who during the 50 years, have been brought back home into our midst due to a death and now live in triumph with Jesus. May we thank the Lord for His Grace and for the children, whom He has let be born as a gift in our midst; the congregation stood before the abyss with its faith and its prayer when it should have felt the Lord's wrath for its sins and we would have deserved it if he took back His highly treasured Grace, which he gave to the founders of our congregation despite out our ingratitude and our insatiability. May He be praised, worshipped and thanked.

To Him alone all honor is due that he led us through battle to victory. It was our great weakness which led us to such trepidation, imposed on us from outside, and led to the battles which rose up within the congregation. So often was the congregation deprived of comfort and bereft of courage. At such times it seemed as though everything would go to ruin. The congregation knew no other way to help itself than to call out with devotion and faith along with its preacher: Lord, reside within the domain of your congregation, which You have planted here, and save those whom you have chosen! It was strict adherence to the Word and to the confession of our fathers, not withdrawal, which won for us God's Grace and Power and which gave us victory. How often has the congregation experienced the truth of His Word: Harken unto God, to Him I will give thanks, for He is my succor and my God. Without God's wonderful help nothing is possible. Both congregations fought for more than 25 years and became alienated over doctrine. The hand of peace was extended, based on the Word of God and the unity of faith, and since then it has fought the war of the Lord as one congregation. It is a war against falsehood, a war against the intrusion of the world upon the congregation. In difficult church matters, etc., as a united congregation it follows the call of the Savior and whoever does not agree must say to himself "Even the bad servant stands quietly when he sees the Field Marshall approach." Thus the congregation strengthened and grew under the Leadership of its ultimate Shepherd and the Grace of its God; the Holy Spirit worked through the blessing of this Grace and led his children on the right path. We wish to proclaim this gift and this crown and give praise and thanks to Him especially on this day of our anniversary. May His Grace and Truth remain with our descendants in this place until the time when the church triumphs at the day of reckoning. Then we will praise and worship Him forever and ever. Halleluia! Amen.

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