The Old Lutheran Emigration at the Middle of the 19th Century, pages 266 - 270

half-time farmer Friedrich Groth (28), Mrs. Dorothea Friderike Dobberphul (24) and two children: Ernestine Wilhelmine Friderike (4), Franz Friedrich August (1);

daily wage earner Joh. Christoph Friedrich Schmeling (39), Mrs. Karoline Friderike Wilke (36) and six children: Charlotte Karoline Friderike (16), Dorothea Ernestine (14), Karoline Sophie Friderike (9), Ernestine Dorothea Sophie (7), Joachim Friedrich Wilhelm (4), Ferdinand (1).

Pribbernow: lodger Christof Friedrich Woldt (41) with Mrs. Joh. Henr. Ernestine Kieckhöfer (27), son Joh. Ed. Jul. Ferdinand (1), mother Dorothea Sophie Woldt (62);

farmer Joh. Friedrich Woldt (30) with Mrs. Wilhelm. Friderike Grameke (23) and son Herm. Friedrich August (10 months);

tenant farmer Joh. Martin Georg Ewald Krüger (59) with Mrs. Maria Christiane Baehne (55) and two children: Karoline Friderike Dorothea (14), Karl Friedrich Wilhelm (11), Mrs. Baehne's sister adopted one of her sons and he remained behind.

Crellow: property owner Karl Gottlieg Retzlaff (32) with Mrs. Maria Wilh. Friderike Kiechhöfer (32) and two children: Emilie Wilh. Albertine (11), Bertha Wilhelmine Elvina Josefine (10);

property owner Karl Friedrich Müller (64) with Mrs. Joh. Sophie Klamp (7), son Karl Friedrich (30), stepdaughter Christine Luise Woldt (38);

property owner Joh. David Eggert (44) with Mrs. Christine Luise Klamp (43) and four children: Karl Friedr. (12), Joh. Friedrich (9), Wilh. Friedrich (6), Hanna Wilhelmine (2);

property owner Karl Friedrich Eggert (39) with Mrs. Hanna Luise Wilh. Krause (33) and three children: Karl Friedrich (7), Bertha Marie Elisabeth (3), Martin Gotthilf (1);

weaver Ernst Ludwig Ferdinand Prachnow (25) with Mrs. Ernestine Friderike Luise Barckow (21);

lodger Joh. Gottfried Burmeister (34) with Mrs. Karoline Luise Barchow (33) and two children: Albertine Friderike Wilhelmine (9), Wilhelm Friedrich Ferdinand (1).

Banderow: tenant dairy farmer Mich. Friedrich Hackbarth (40) with Mrs. Eva Luise Winter (40) and four children: Ernst Aug. Heinrich (9), Bertha Charlotte Luise (7), Karl Friedr. Wilhelm (5), Ferdinand Heinrich August (2).

Morgow: blacksmith Joh. Ludwig Hofemeister (32) with Mrs. Joh. Wilhelmine Tews (27) and one son Karl Friedr. Julius (1);

farmer Martin Friedr. Mitzlaff (45) with Mrs. Sophie Luise Friderike Woldt (32) and four children: Joh. Friedr. Ferdinand (10), Karl Friedr. Wilhelm (7), Wilhelmine Henriette Albertine (5), Hermann Friedr. Wilhelm (2);

daily wage earner Joh. Christian Friedrich Winter (48) with Mrs. Maria Elisabeth Wolter (39) and five children: Friderike Ernestine Wilhelmine (18), Karl Friedrich August (15), Ernestine Wilhelmine Henriette (9), Ernst Friedr. Wilhelm (7), Wilh. Friedrich (4);

daily wage earner Martin Friedrich Uttech (41) with Mrs. Marie Karoline Benigna Hofemeister (39) and three children: Joh. Christian Friedrich (10), Augustine Wilhelmine Ernestine (7), Ernst Wilhelm Friedrich (4);

daily wage earner Kaspar Friedrich Uttech (46) with Mrs. Friderike Luise Mitzlaff (51) and six children: Karl Friedr. Anton (20), Karoline Friderike Marie (15), Johanna Sophie (15), August (12), Friderike (8), Herm. Friedr. Wilhelm (5).

Batzlaff: servant Karl Friedr. Krüger (24).

Nitznow: farmer Joh. Gottfried Brendemühl (38) with Mrs. Anna Maria Schuster (41) and seven children: August Friedrich (16), Gotthilf Wilhelm Ferdinand (12), Karl Friedrich Ferdinand (12), Joh. Ferd. Wilhelm (8), Wilhelmine Karoline Friderike (6), Franz Friedr. August (4), Hanna Karoline Friderike (2).

Büssentin: servant Joh. Friedrich Helm (44).

Jassow: quarter-time farmer Martin Krüger (45) with Mrs. Juliane Friderike Schulz (40) and four children: Karl (10), Gottlieb (8), Wilhelmine (4), Bertha Sophie Friderike (¼);

unmarried Karoline Wilhelmine Friderike Hackbarth (25);

servant Ferdinand Joachim Krüger (23)

Reckow: journeyman carpenter Joh. Friedrich Hinz (40) with Mrs. Ernestine Luise Brüggemann (36)

and five children: Ernestine (12), Johanna (9), Luise (7), Auguste (4), Friedrich (2);

schoolteacher Karl Heinrich Hoefs (64) with Mrs. Sophie Buchholz (64) and three children: Sophie Friderike (26), Karoline Albertine Wilhelmine (24), future son-in-law Friedrich Wegner (25);

blacksmith Karl Wilh. Ferdinand Janke (30) with Mrs. Dorothea Ernestine Wille (3), two children: Sophie Friderike (26), Karolina Albertine Wilhelmine (2), father (72), mother (59);

unmarried Anna Luise Christine Regine Karoline Janke (32).

Denthin: lodger Ernst Gottfried Nell (42);

cottager Martin Gottlieb Bruss [Bruß] (36) with Mrs. Charlotte Eleonore Nofke (36) and two children: Wilhelmine (8), Karoline (5).

Grambow: cottager Joh. Friedrich Müller (50) with Mrs. Luise Dobberphul (53) and foster daughter Juliane Wilhelmine Dobberphul (24);

tailor Peter Gottlieb Schulz (48) with Mrs. Sophie Christine Friderike Genz (42) and seven children: Sophie Friderike (13), Karl Wilhelm (11), Karoline Wilhelmine (9), August (7), Karl Friedrich Ferdinand (5), Ernestine Karoline (2), one son not yet baptised (2 months);

farmer Christian Dobberphul (58) with Mrs. Karoline Friderike Klug (45) and son Karl Friedrich (27);

servant Christian Wilhelm Stock (31), he is the fianceé of Janke from Reckow and a brother of the Stocks, who emigrated in 1842;

tailor Karl Heinrich Schultz (44).

Lulsenhof: cattle herder Karl Joachim Friedrich Kuphal (33) with Mrs. Anna Sophie Friderike Schnuckel (37) and three children: Karl Friedrich Wilhelm (11), Ernestine Wilhelmine (8), Johann Friedrich (6);

daily wage earner Johann Erdmann Last (52) with Anna Sophie Pankow (50) and four children: Joh. Justine Charlotte (15), Joh. Friedr. August (13), Joh. Friedr. Wilhelm (11), Marie Friderike Wilhelmine (6);

resident Karl August Stiemke (25), his father, journeyman blacksmith Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Stiemke (59) from Coselitz.

Kopplin: daily wage earner Heinrich Wilhelm Schallock (38) with Mrs. Friderike Luise Meister (33) and four children: Wilh. Charlotte Sophie (11), Joh. Heinrich Friedrich (8), Karl Christ. Friedr. Ludwig (5), Joh. Friedr. Wilhelm (2).

Medewitz: tailor Heinrich Wilhelm Werner (49) with Mrs. Regina Charlotte Karoline Würdig (30) and three children: Heinrich Gottfried Erdmann (4), Wilhelmine Marie Auguste (2), Marie Luise Dorothea (¾);

resident Joachim Heinrich Dietz (45) with Mrs. Anna Karoline Rusch (45) and five children: Joh. Sophie Charlotte Wilhelmine (19), August Ludwig (15), Karoline Albertine (12), Marie Wilhelmine (10), Luise Charlotte Sophie (4).

Revenow: miller Wilh. Bogislav Jäger (52) with Mrs. Friderike Helm (40) and nine children: Karl. Wilh. August (28), Karl Heinirch (20), Joh. Wilhelm (14), Joh. Franz Karl (5), Anna Maria Friderike Wilhelmine (29), Abigail Sophie (17), Joh. Wilhelmine (12), Luise Auguste (10), Friderike Auguste (7).

Klein Justin: cabinetmaker Gottlieb Wilhelm Eichhorst (31) with Mrs. Sophie Charlotte Marten (27) and three children: Friedr. Wilhelm (6), Friedr. August (3), Ferdinand August Wilhelm (1).

Dargsow: farmer Karl Friedr. Wilhelm Barkow (30) with Mrs. Benigna Dorothea Sophie Voetz (3), mother Sophie Luise Ramthun (61), sister Friderike (27), Wilhelmine (24).

Knurrbusch: daily wage earner Martin Kaap (44) with Mrs. Joh. Dorothea Luise Tank and three children: Wilhelm Ferdinand (12), Wilh. Dorothea Friderike (9), Friedrich Wilhelm (7);

tenant dairy farmer Martin Friedr. Krüger (55) with wife Dorothea Maria, neé Burow.

Klemmen: farmer Joh. Bublitz (43) with Mrs. Friderike Luise Klohn (41) and son Karl Friedrich Ernst (19).

Kloetzin: cattle herder Karl Friedrich Kannenberg (46) and seven children: Karl Friedrich Eduard (19), August Friedr. Wilhelm (17). Friedr. Wilhelm Hermann (15), Karoline Wilh. Henriette (13), Herman Friedr. Ludwig (10), Joh. Karl Friedrich (7), Gottfried Karl Wilhelm (4).

Neu Tessin: property owner Joachim Friedr. Groth (39) with Mrs. Dorothea Sophie Karoline Chinow (38) and

three children: Wilhelm Friedrich (7), Wilhelmine Karoline Charlotte (5), Karl August (1 ½).

Brendemühl: daily wage earner Christian David Heuer (42);

daily wage earner Joh. Christlieb Behnke (4) with Mrs. Sophie Luise Lange (46) and four children: Eduard Ferdinand (1), Bertha Emilie (8), Julius Bernhard (5), Theodor Ludwig (2).

Wittstock: daily wage earner Christian Schreiber (52) with Mrs. Friderike Sophie Dreyer (47) and three children: Sophie Karoline Wilhelmine (21), Ferdinand Friedrich Wilhelm (14), Luise Friderike Ernestine (8).

Coeselitz: old estate owner Joh. Friedr. Hackbarth (54) and daughter Dorothea Luise Karoline (28).

Stewen: resident Gottfried Koepke (37) with Mrs. Josefine Wilhelmine Albertine Lange (28) and daughter Karolina Wilhelmine (2).

Granzow: servant Joh. Kaspar Friedrich Müller (25).

Hagen: resident Michael Völz (61) and three daughters: Dorothea Luise Friderike (21), Hanna Karoline (19), Joh. Friderike Auguste (12).

Tonnebuhr: farmer Karl Wilhelm Heidtke (38) with Mrs. Dorothea Marie Charlotte Krüger (29), five daughters: Emilie Karoline Wilhelmine Therese (11), Math. Therese (9), Bertha Luise (6), Luise Wilhelmine (6), Anna Maria (1), the mother, widowed Sophie Christine Krüger (65), his brother, servant Joh. Friedrich Ludwig Heidtke (27);

farmer Martin Friedrich Heidtke (23), father Martin Friedrich Heidtke (65), mother Maria Elisabeth Gerke (66), uncle and old estate owner Johann Heidtke (73), servant Erdmann Friedrich Bartelt (45).

Moratz: estate tenant Ludwig Friedr. Liesner (32), brother Eduard August Wilhelm Liesner (30 ½), mother and widow Friderike Luise, neé Koch (63), sisters Bertha Emile Friderike (24), Wilhelmine Auguste Henriette (22 ½).

Randow District:

For the primary emigration roster for this district see the section on 1843. It totals 183. We can only cite the following names from

Stornow: workman Joh. Friedrich Schulz.

Plöwen: widow Fahrenwald. Of her it is reported that she left while her three children were retained in Havelberg but they later followed after her. (cf. section on "The Havelbergers"!)

resident Karl Moll. He returned in 1845 and took his family back with him in 1846 (see emigration for the year 1846.) We count him in that year's emigration with his family.

Naugard District in or near

colonist Karl Friedrich Braasch (58) with Mrs. Charlotte Maria Crahn (66), four children: Wilhelm Friedrich Ferdinand (29), Karl Ludwig Hermann (25), Friedrich Wilhelm Julius (22), Gottlieb Rudolf (2) and two grandchildren: Karl (8), Friedrich (5) - children of workman Joh. Braasch in Stettin.

Fanger: master cabinetmaker Joh. David Uttech (42), Mrs. Ernestine Karoline Bräuning (28), two children from the first marriage: Karl Friedrich (15), Wilhelmine Friderike (11) and three children from the second marriage: Karoline Ernestine (5), Friederike Johanne (3), Joh. Frid. Hermann (9 months);

property owner Joachim Krüger (52), Mrs. Karoline Schütt (42) and eight children: eldest daughter (?), Wilhelmine Karoline Friderike (18), Friderike Dorothea Charlotte (16), Karl Wilhelm (12), Karoline Friderike Ernestine (9), Joh. Friedrich (6), Karl Friedrich August (3), illegitimate child of the eldest daughter: Luise Auguste Friderike. Of the eldest daughter it is reported that she was going to marry the child's father, the servant Rabenhorst and perhaps this is the Rabenhorst, who is listed below;

property owner Joh. Gustav Bliesner (42) with Mrs. Gottliebe Hoefs (52) and his stepson, the servant Joh. Gottlieb Rabenhorst (18) (see the section on the Rabenhorst family breakup!)

Maskow: shepherd Martin Friedrich Jäger (56) with Mrs. Dorothea Luise Behling (54), two children: Friderike Luise (19), Wilhelm Friedrich (17), servant Friedrich Christian Sell (22) (see family breakup and letter from Sell!)

Joh. Friedr. Ernst Götsch (31) with Mrs. Karoline Sophie Jäger (23), two children: Ernestine Karoline Friderike (3), Joh. Friedrich Wilhelm (9 months) and parents: old estate owner Ernst Heinrich Götsch (66), Christliebe, neé Nass [Naß] (60).

Trechel: master blacksmith Wilh. Schulz (44) with wife Joh. Sophie Karoline (35) and two children: Karl Friedrich (14), Ernestine Wilhelmine (9).

Friedrichsberg: stallkeeper Joh. Timmel (42) with Mrs. Friderike Stüwe (4) and three children: August Friedrich Gotthilf (9), Augustine Luise Friderike (6), Joh. Friedr. Ludwig (3).

Ottendorf: colonist Mich. Friedr. Höpfner (50) with Mrs. Karoline Elis. Radtke (44) and five children: Joh. Karoline (19), Auguste Emile (18), Wilhelmine (16), August Friedrich (12), Albertine Luise (8).

Braschendorf: colonist Joh. Martin Korth (58) with Mrs. Maria Luise Braun (51) and four children: Mich. Friedr. Ferdinand (19), Sophie Wilhelmine Ernestine (14), Regine Friderike (10), Karl Friedrich Rudolf (6).

Klein Leistikow: pawnshop owner Martin Friedr. Marlow (58) with Mrs. Friderike Schütt (48), stepson and journeyman miller Friedrich Wilhelm Schütt (28) and three lawful children: Karl August Ferdinand (20), Eduard Heinrich (11), Wilhelmine (9), one son serves in the military and remains behind (see Family Breakups).

Hakenwalde: resident cooper Joh. David Hoffmeister (37) with Mrs. Anna Regine Radtke (52), stepchildren from the woman's first marriage: Christine Kant (31), Justine Karoline Wilhelmine Johanna (20), Karl Wilhelm Gottfried Kant (14), Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Kant (22) remained behind; lawful children: Hanna Hoffmeister (11), August Rudolf (8), David (6); we have a letter from Hoffmeister;

resident, previously inn inspector Joh. Friedrich Vollrath Braasch (36) with Mrs. Joh. Karoline Mengert (28) and daughter Karoline Friderike Henriette (3 months);

daily wage earner Joachim Christlieb Lemcke (58) with Mrs. Christiane Elis. Wilde (55) and three daughters: Karoline Gottl. Wilhelmine (24), Karoline Sophie Wilhelmine (18), Wilhelmine Friderike Karoline (16), daughter Sophie Friderike was married to workman Kronenfeld in Moratz and remained behind.

Gollnow: journeyman carpenter Joh. Daniel Zühlke (39) with Mrs. Anna Regina Otterstein (35) and seven children: Joh. Friedrich (13), August Friedrich (12), Joh. Karoline Friderike Wilhelmine (10), Wilhelemine Charlotte Regina (8), Anna Regina Wilh. Ernestine (6), Karl Daniel (3), Albertine Auguste Emilie (3 months).

Ibenhorst: former hereditary tenant Karl Friedr. Ludwig Vollbrecht (36) with Mrs. Maria Elis. Wietstock (34) and four children: Maria Luise Emilie (11), Albertine Wilhelmine Friderike (9), Ernestine Friederike Karoline (7), Hanna Christine Bertha (5);

resident Joh. Schley (47) with Mrs. Dorothea Charlotte Machul (41) and six children: Emilie Albertine (18), Joh. Gottlieb (12), Wilh. Friedrich (9), Karl David (7), Heinrich Christlieb (5), Friedr. Michael (2).

Graevenhagen: halftime farmer Gottlieb Gerbitz (56) with Mrs. Sophie Goetsch (39), five children: Wilh. Sophie Christine (2), Karl Friedr. Wilhelm (17), Gottlieb (12), Marie Charlotte Ernestine (9), Ernestine Joh. Marie (7), servant Karl Julius Korth, son of farmer Korth in Grävenhagen.

Fron Greifenhagen District in or near

Nipperwiese: shipbuilder Christ. Friedr. Erdmund Wurl with wife Maria Elis., neé Wurl (30) and four children: Erdmann Friedr. (7), Wilhelm Friedr. (5), August Heinrich (3), Ernst Leberecht (1);

Wurl's parents: shipbuilder Christian Wurl (84) and wife Anna Christiane, neé Kopp (70);

fisherman Gottfried Sattelberg (55) with Mrs. Dorothea Maria Wurl (45) and six children: Dorothea Sophie (25), Gottfried (23) and his wife Henriette Krause (23), Karl August (18), Erdmann Friedrich (9), foster-daughter Emilie (9), daughter of thresher Knorr of Königsberg, Neumark, brother-in-law of Sattelberg, who gave his consent;

workman Christian Sattelberg (50) with Mrs. Sophie Falkenhäuer (41) and three daughters: Dorothea Sophie (21), Christian Friedrich (19), Dorothea Marie (7) and mother-in-law widow Christiane Fettgenhäuer, neé Beeling (7);

workman Karl Friedrich Sahr (29) with Mrs. Friderike Wurl (29) and son Wilhelm Friedrich (2);

workman Gottfried Heinrich Thiele (32) with Mrs. Dorothea Sophie Karge (25) and mother Dorothea Marie, neé Haack (58), whose husband gave his consient;

workman Martin Friedrich Sahr (32) with Mrs. Luise Lück (24), son August Friedrich (2), mother widow Charlotte, neé Lüpke (58);

Karl Gottl. Wurl (33). He is completely blind. His relatives, Erdmann Wurl and Friderike Sahr, neé Wurl will support him. His father, fisherman Friedrich Wurl, is still living and will not go with him but has given his consent;

workman Gottfried Hilger (37) with Mrs. Dorothea Karoline Grunow (39) and daughter Dorothea Sophie (5);

shoemaker Karl Friedrich Prochnow (44) with Mrs. Wilhelmine Sonntag (58) and son Karl Friedrich (17);

shoemaker Karl Friedrich Blank (32), Mrs. Charlotte Wilhelmine Bräunlich (28) and three children: August Wilh. Karl (4), Sophie Bertha (2), Joh. Eduard Karl (4 months);

cabinetmaker Wilh. Prochnow (35), Mrs. Anna Dickhoff (4) and four children: Henriette (12), Wilhelm (11), Karl August (9), Wilhelmine (6);

workman Christian Kopp (44), Mrs. Dorothea Vorpahl (47) and seven children: Dorothea (19), Gottfried (18), Wilhelmine (15), Martin (13), Wilhelm (8), Luise (6), Friderike (4);

workman Gottfried Schmidt (48), Mrs. Anna Sophie Kohn (45) and two children: Wilhelmine (16), Dorothea Sophie (18);

fish dealer Friedrich Füllner (34) with Mrs. Dorothea Sophie Oertwig (26) and daughter Henriette (8);

servant Wilh. Ludwig Wurl (28);

tailor Karl August Sydow (54), Mrs. Rebekka Sattelberg (47) and seven children: journeyman tailor Friedrich August (21), Karl Ferdinand (12), Auguste Amalie (19), Emilie Charlotte (17), Friderike Karoline (15), Ottilie Marie (9), Rebekka (5);

livestock dealer Gottfried Schwarzholz (46), Mrs. Dorothea Thiele (58) and three children: Dorothea Marie (25), Anna Christine (21), Karoline Wilhelmine (18).

Jägersfelde: workman Christian Friedrich Spur (65) with Mrs. Maria Luise Rieck (6).

Wilhelmshöhe: colonist Gottfried Schulz (53) with Mrs. Dorothea Sophie Schröder (54) and two sons: Gottfried (24), Daniel (23);

journeyman mason Joh. Friedrich Zellin (31), Mrs. Regine Schulz (27) son Karl August (1).

Bayershöhe: colonist Blümke (65) and Mrs. Sophie Goviel (44).

Schulzendorf: former colonist Friedrich Fehrmann (33) with Mrs. Friderike Achimann (30) and two children: Karl Friedrich (9), Karoline Wilhelmine (8).

Wildenbruch: workman Mich. Kube (56) with Mrs. Henriette Grünberg (50) and two daughters: Henriette (19), Karoline Friderike (8).

Fiddechow: invalid August Friedrich Höpfner (49), Mrs. Sophie Zobel (48) and seven children: Henriette Friderike (23), Friedrich Wilhelm (16), Karoline Friderike (14), Karoline Albertine (13), Johanna (12), Wilhelmine (8), Karl Friedrich (7);
son August Friedrich Wilhelm (22) had to remain behind because of his active duty military status (see Family Breakups);

wheelwright Daniel Page (35), wife Dorothea Marie, neé Arndt, widowed name Höpfner (45), daughter Wilhelmine (2) and stepchildren, children of the woman: Johanna Friderike Henriette Höpfner (19), Karl August Friedrich Höpfner (16);

dealer Joh. Friedrich Graf (43), wife Joh. Dorothea, neé Müller, once married to Loeperik (38), their children: Hermann Friedrich (19), Friedrich Eduard (16), Friedrich Alexander (14), and three children of the wife from her first marriage: Wilhelmine Luise Loeperik (13), Karl August L. (10), August Hermann L. (8).

From Greifenberg district in or near

Gansken Pribbernow: former cottager Joh. David Kollath (37) with Mrs. Christ. Wilh. Friderike Friede (35) and four children: Hanna Karoline Frid. (11), Joh. Ferd. Hermann (8), Karl Albert Julius (5), Hermann Friedrich (2);

former farmer Joh. Joachim Gaedkte (53), wife, widow Marie Eleonore Friede (62), daughter Henriette Marie Veronike (22), son from the wife's first marriage: Christian Friedrich Wilhelm Friede (40), two stepchildren, probably married, remained behind;

former cottager Joachim Broitzmann (46), Mrs. Charlotte Sophie Wartchow (39) and two children: Karoline Albertine Henriette (19), Wilhelmine Luise Dorothea (12);

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