The Old Lutheran Emigration at the Middle of the 19th Century, pages 281 - 285

Menkin: farmer's son Michael Böning (24), unmarried.

Schenkenberg: brickmaster Karl Friedr. Wilhelm Ike (27) with wife, neé Stüdemann and one son;

master weaver Christian Friedr. Dähn (35) with Mrs. Uecks (41), one son, wife's mother (63) and her four other children;

II. From the province of Pomerania, Naugard District in or near

Trechel: farmer's son Friedr. Wilh. Neitzel (27) with Mrs. Friderike Utech (23); the parents and siblings remained behind, following in 1846;

farmer Karl Maass [Maaß] with Mrs. Wilh. Utech (28) and three children: Ernestine Friderike (5), Henriette (3), August Karl Friedrich (2);

farmer Christian Utech with Mrs. Christine Bublitz (51) and three children: Henriette Luise (2), Christian Friedr. August (16), Joh. Friedr. August Ferdinand (14);

stallkeeper and wheelwright Joh. Friedrich Sülflow with Mrs. Dorothea Christine Viergutz (35), two children: Christian Ferdinand (16), Luise Christ. Wilh. (13);

father Joachim Friedr. Sülflow (75);

The previous 17 people of the district gave matters of faith as the reason for emigration. The following 58 either did not give this reason or it was contested.

journeyman tailor Karl Friedr. Wilhelm Bütow (32) and his mother Luise, neé Wilcke (61);

school posting candidate Joh. Friedr. August Neitzel (21);

journeyman miller Karl Friedr. Gottlieb Neitzel (24), both sons of the apparently deceased teacher Christian Neitzel, whose guardianship was in the hands of farmer Christian Neitzel. He wanted to emigrate but postponed it until 1846.

Maskow: master blacksmith Karl Friedrich Höfs with Mrs. Dorothea Marie Warmbier.

Klein-Sabow: workman Karl Friedr. August Götsch with Mrs. Luise Henr. Braun and three children.

Bernhagen: tailor Friedr. Wilh. Aug. Goetsch with Mrs. Dorothea Marie Charlotte Liermann.

Pflugrade: servant Karl Friedr. Quandt (25), unmarried;

workmann Joh. Friedr. Wilhelm Degener (27) with Mrs. Wilhelmine Schnur (30) and two children;

farmer Christian Friedr. Degener (42) with Mrs. Dorothea Luise Moesch (49) and five children;

property owner Martin Friedr. Zastrow (42) with Mrs. Dorothea Luise Bohlmann (40) and eight children;

property owner Gottlieb Friedr. Zastrow (48) with Mrs. Anna Sophie Zülsdorf (44) and four children;

stallkeeper August Pasewalk (24) with Mrs. Frid. Polzmann (23) and two children;

stallkeeper Wilh. Korth (31) with Mrs. Wilhelmine Zastrow (36), three children and mother-in-law, neé Werner (71);

workmann Friedr. Wilh. Callies (26), Mrs. Joh. Frid. Goetz and two children;

(Callies, Pasewalk, Gottl. Fried. Zastrow, and Quandt possibly emigrated in 1846.)

Gollnow: shoemaker Friedr. Christ. Scherping with wife Charlotte, neé Maass [Maaß] and son Eduard Wilh. Friedr. (1).

From Regenwalde district (from records concerning Conventicle) in or near

Plathe: butcher Joh. Gottfried Emanuel Strey (31), Mrs. Charlotte Sophie Plantz (26) and three children: Marie Karoline Luise (5), Joh. Wilhelmine Sophie (3), Friedr. Wilhelm (in his first year).

From Saatzig district in or near

Lenz: farmer Christlieb Schwantes (51), giving matters of faith as the reason, Mrs. Karoline Sophie Klug (49), five children: Karl Friedr. Wilhelm (22), Marie Karoline Erdmuthe (15), Johanna Christ. Wilhelmine (12), Justine Wilhelmine (8), Daniel Ferdinand (3) and maid Henriette Kollath (24).

Uehtenhagen: workman Christian Brehmer (54), brother-in-law of Christian, who left Damerow in the Saatzig district in 1843, with Mrs. Dorothea Charlotte Nass [Naß] (48);

tailor Gottlieb Brüssow. Mrs. Dorothea Luise Hanke and two children: Ernst Friedr. Wilhelm (6), Ernestine Friderike Luise (3).

From Randow district in or near

Plöwen: the daughters of farmer Johann Houdelette: Luise (29), Johanna (18), they were expressly designated old Lutheran.

Kreis Kammin. Although religious reasons were not indicated, we count these people as old Lutherans since the records listing them come under the title, "With Regard to Conventicle Existence and the Subsequent Emigration to America", which covers April 1, 1843 to May 1, 1846. Thus emigrating from the Kammin District in or near

Betzlaff: tenant farmer Wilh. Christian Ehlke (53), Mrs. Sophie Friderike Luise Kannenberg (50) and five children: Hanna Sophie Friderike (24), Joh. Karl Christlieb (22), August Friedrich Wilh. (17), Ferd. Friedrich Wilhelm (14), Hermann Wilhelm Gottfried (8);

farmer Wilh. Friedr. Koepke (41), Mrs. Maria Frid. Wilh. Lange (32), four children: Auguste Wilh. Henr. Albert. (11), Berta Frid. Albert. (9), Auguste Em. Frid. (6), Emilie Albert. (2), mother Anna Regina Krause (74);

daily wage earner Joh. Mich. Radloff (37), Mrs. Frid. Christ. Krüger (35) and two children: Karl Friedr. Ferd. (6), Wilhelmine Albert. Frid. (2);

daily wage earner Joh. Gottlieb Koepke (31), Mrs. Wilhelmine Aug. Frid. Gaulke (23);

half-time farmer Christ. Wilh. Friedr. Krause (48), Mrs. Frid. Dorothea Tugendreich Molz (32), six children: Ferd. Friedr. Wilhelm Eduard (15), Hanna Wilh. Charl. Sophie (12), Berta Sophie Marie Henr. (11), August Friedr. (9), Karl Jul. Eduard (5), stepson Karl Friedr. Herm. Molz (16), mother widow Kath. Luise Krause, neé Hannemann (79);

cottager Karl Sigismund Mögenburg (51), Mrs. Marie Elis. Wendorff (43) and eight children: Joh.. Friedr. Wilh. (18), Karl Wilh. Ludwig (17), Karloine Frid. Luise (15), Ernestine Wilh. Luise (13), Karl Aug. Friedr. Bogislav (10) Friderike Whil. Ernest. (8), Wilhelmine Albert. Henr. (5), Henriette Luise Frid. (3).

Cretlow: property owner Gottlieb Friedr. Krause (45), Mrs. Maria Luise Voigt (41) and son Karl Friedr. Bogislav (15);

property owner Joh. Gottlieb Maas (67), Mrs. Wilh. Sophie Karol. Schmidt (34), four children: Karl Friedr. Wilh. (8), Karol. Henr. Aug. (5), Martin Gottlieb Severus (3), Gotthilf Joh. Wilh. (1) and the wife's sister, unmarried Anna Dorothea Schmidt (31);

property owner Karl Friedr. Bogislav Krause (47), Mrs. Ernest. Luise Gahnz (37), daughter Ernest. Rosalie Wilh. (9);

property owner Karl Friedr. Pankow (49), Mrs. Sophie Elis. Beise (61) and three children: Johann Friedr. (27), Maria Ernest. Frid. (24), Karol. Luise Ernest. (21);

daily wage earner's widow Marie Ernest. Gahnz, neé Trittin (37) and daughter Charl. Karol. Henr. (17).

Dieschenhagen: stallkeeper Joh. Friedr. Kannenberg (43), Mrs. Hanne Charl. Henseling (37) and four children: Hanne Karol. Alwine (9), Johann Friedr. Wilh. (7), Emilie Henriette Frid. (4), August Gotthilf Hermann (1).

Rachitt: resident's widow Karl. Christine Wiskow, neé Ehlke (45) and two children: Marie Luise (12), Johann Karl Friedr. (9).

From Usedom-Wollin district we believe that the following emigrants for the year 1845 may be counted among the old Lutherans.

Rehberg: Otto with Mrs. Kuckahn and five children;

Ehmke with Mrs. Strege and three children;

Gnewuch with Mrs. Kohlmey and five children;

Ott with Mrs. Schütt and three children.

Dannenberg: farmer Budahn with Mrs. Schulz and six children;

Krause with Mrs. Neumann and five children.

Dargebanz: property owner Kuckahn with Mrs. Müsch and four children.

Lebbin: Baass [Baaß] with Mrs. Banke and five children.

Fernowsfelde: Jakob Friedr. Braunschweig with Mrs. Budahn and four children;

Joh. Gottfried Ludwig Braunschweig with Mrs. Wergin and four children;

Joh. Friedr. Wilh. Braunschweig with Mrs. Voeltz and two children;

Borkenhagen with Mrs. Budahn and six children;

Erdmann with wife, neé Erdmann and five children.

Warnow: stallkeeper Joh. Heinrich Ferd. Magnitz and Karl Heinrich Magnitz.

Codram: Wendland with Mrs. Berndt and six children.

For the year 1845, going to Australia from:
the province of Brandenburg 84
the province of Silesia  80
the province of Posen  23

For the year 1845, going to America from:
the province of Brandenburg  79
the province of Pomerania 284
Total 550


A. Going to America

I. From the province of Pomerania

From Randow district and definitely for religous reasons

Plöwen: farmer's son Ludwig Ferd. Wolff (21);

siblings: farmer's son Christian Görs (23), unmarried Charl. Görs (25), unmarried Karol. Wilh. Görs (20);

journeyman carpenter Gottfried Hasenbank (39) with Mrs. Dorothea Frid. Gerloff (39) and son Wilh. Karl Gottfr. (2);

weaver Michael Jagow (39) with Mrs. Marie Dorothea Rieck (35) and three children: Friedr. Ferd. Ludwig (8), Aug. Friedr. Albert (6), Wilh. Christian Friedr. (1);

daily wage earner David Wilh. Strohfeld (41) with Mrs. Charl. Auguste Kolpin and three children: Friedr. Wilh. Martin Erdmann (11), Johann Friedr. David (8), Karoline Frid. Wilh. (5);

innkeeper Jaques Gombert with Mrs. Karol. Krüger and four children: Friedrich Wilh. (22), Johann (19). August Friedrich (13), Karoline Wilh. (11).

Boock: resident Joh. Rubbert (65) with Mrs. Dorothea Brust;

resident Joachim Ziem (25);

resident Christian Roggow (45) with Mrs. Charl. Bolion and four children: Minna (18), Wilhelm (17), a son age 11, Karl (2);

resident Gottfried Hellert (45) with Mrs. Maria Dorothea Lemke (also Limpke) and two children: Luise (19), Karl (16);

resident Joachim Werth (30) with Mrs. Minna Behm and three children: Henriette (8), Karl (6), Ernestine (4);

resident Christian Stengel with Mrs. Sophie Sperling and two children: Wilhelmine (4), Wilhelm (2);

resident Joachim Bröcker (35) with Mrs. Maria Dorothea Behm and three children: Ernestine (9), Johann (8), Wilhelmine (3);

resident Friedr. Ellmann (35), Mrs. Christine Rubber and two children: Wilhelm (5), Karoline (2);

resident Friedr. Vogel (36) with Mrs. Friderike Werth and daughter Wilhelmine (8).

Mewegen: resident Karl Moll (49) with Mrs. Frid. Ellmann and four children: Philippine (17), Albert (14), Heinrich (10), Karl (6);

resident Martin Werth (70) with Mrs. Marie Lemke;

resident Johann Werth (35) with wife Christiane, neé Werth and five children: Wilhelm (16), Wilhelmine (14), Karoline (11), Karl (1 ½), Johann (6 months);

resident Martin Werth (44) with Mrs. Maria Dorothea Ziem (32) and three children: Friderike (14), Wilhelm (6), Karl (2);

Regine Behm, neé Behm (6);

resident Christian Rohde (44) with wife Regine, neé Werth and six children: Wilhelmine (15), Friderike (13), Philippine (11), Karl (7), Karoline (5), Luise (2);

married Regine Moll, neé Ziehm and two children: Karl (6), August (4). Her husband emigrated in 1843 and called for his family;

resident Christian Wittkopf (45) with Mrs. Maria Rolde and two children: Gustav (10), Wilhelm (4);

resident Johann Werth (30), Mrs. Dorothea Krienke, three children: Wilhelmine (9), August (3), Berta (1), sister-in-law Frid. Krienke (14);

resident Joachim Behm (32), Mrs. Anna Sophie Wittkopf and three children: Karoline (9), Karl (6), Albertine (5);

resident August Müller (25) and Mrs. Friderike Schulz.

Rothen Clempenow: resident Karl Werth (35) with Mrs. Regine Ellmann and three children: Karl (13), Wilhelm (11), August (4).

Löcknitz: shoemaker Christian Friedr. Krause (36) with Mrs. Charl. Frid. Merten (39) and two children: Henriette Frid. Charl. (9), Hulda Julie Auguste (13).

Zedlitzfelde: colonist Friedr. Stolzenburg (36) with Mrs. Elis. Becker (37) and three children: Friedr. Wilh. (6), Christian Friedr. (3), Johann August (1).

Salzow: workman Karl Friedr. Wolansky (44) with Mrs. Maria Christine Zühlsdorff and adopted child Karl Ludwig Friedrich August Bretsch (8).

From Kammin district (from 1845 records with the inscription, "With Regard to Conventicle Existence and the Subsequent Emigration to North America".) Of the 113 emigrants we can unfortunately only give 46 names.

Nitzow: old estate owner Joachim Brendemühl with Mrs. Dorothea Marie Mitzlaff and daughter Dorothea Frid. (23);

journeyman blacksmith Aug. Ferdinand Eichhorst;

daily wage earner Karl Gottlieb Friedr. Stechow with Mrs. Luise Charl. Brockhuss [Brockhuß] and daughter Karol. Ernest. Friderike (1).

Batzlaff: stallkeeper Joh. Friedr. Bogislav Koepke (38) with wife Frid. Karol. Ernest. Luise, neé Lange (35) and four children: Hermann Friedr. Wilh. (9), Hanna Wilh. Frid. (6), Karoline Wilh. Ernest. (5), Karl Albert Friedr. (3).

Dünow: daily wage earner Christlieb Krause (44) with Mrs. Karol. Sophie Jäger (43) and four children: Friderike Wilh. Henr. (13), Karl Friedr. Wilh. (8), Friedrich Wilh. (5), August Friedr. Wilh. (2).

Langendorf: widow Pauline Em. Albert. Prochnow, neé Ott (48) and three children: August Karl Friedr. (26), Herm. Friedr. Anton (21), Pauline Em. Albertine (19).

Morgow: daily wage earner Karl Friedr. Gottlieb Hofemeister (27).

Drewitz: Karl Friedr. Wilh. and August Ferd. Leberecht Lemcke.

Jassow: quarter-time farmer Joh. Gottfried Knall with Mrs. Dorothea Sophie Eggert (40) and six children: Wilhelmine Albert. (12), Karol. Marie Luise (8), Berta Marie Elise (6), Emilie Sophie (5), Johann Heinr. Wilh. (2), Rosalie Albert. Henr. (2 months), father-in-law, resident Joh. Eggert (69), mother-in-law Charl. Sophie, neé Tews (78).

Denthin: resident Heinr. Wilh. Knoll (41).

Kohlen: farmer David Wolkmann (56), Mrs. Marie Elis. Koepsell (45) and six children: Wilhelmine Frid. Sophie (19), Karoline Ernest. Tugendreich (17), Johann Friedr. (13), Hanna Marie Elis. (11), Wilhelm Aug. (7), David Ferd. (4) and servant Joachim Gottfried Koepsell (32).

With the last three families it is declared that they were emigrating because of limitations to their religious freedom while with the other families no reason is given. (see section on emigration in 1846).

From Greifenberg district. According to a governmental list from February 7, 1847, in the year 1846 no fewer tham 63 people emigrated who were designated old Lutheran. We know of only nine by name.

Zitzmar: cottages owner Gottlieb Arndt with Mrs. Marie Crantz and three stepchildren: unmarried Wilhelmine Karol. Fick, Konradin Fick (24), Martin Ferd. Fick (16);

widow Müller (emigrated without permit).

Holm: widow of farmer Joh. Kressin [Kreßin], Julie, Neé Seegebarth and son Martin Wilh. Kressin (21);

an unmarried female named Kressin (emigrated without permit).

Naugard District: In our treatise concerning migrations we have to distinguish between two groups of old Lutheran emigrants for Naugard and for other districts. One group specifically gave or had been designated as emigrating for reasons of faith while the other group denied that religion was the motive with a typical "not because of religious convictions" response. However, in spite of this they may be counted among the old Lutheran (see the section on migrations). The first groups is comprised of the following people:

Gollnow: Joachim Georg Braasch (59), his children: Wilhelm Friedr. Aug. (21), Wilhelmine Henr. (17), Wilhelm Friedr. Theobart (15), Helene Auguste Marie (12), his illegitimate daughter with unmarried Sophie Rackow, Dorothea Frid. Tugendreich (32), his brother's daughter, Wilhelmine Braasch (24), his brother's son Karl Friedr. Aug. Braasch (22), another daughter, Amalie Florentine (18) of his brother, the village mayor of Neumassow, Christ. Friedr. Braasch;

widow Karoline Math. Fettgenhauer (also Fettchenhauer), neé Braasch (37) - also a daughter to the brother of Joachim Georg Braasch with her four children: Auguste (19), Robert (14), Karl (10), Hulda (70:

small plot farmer and shoemaker Martin Friedr. Hammel (45) with Mrs. Charl. Luise Frid. Goetsch (43) and six children: Herm. Karl Ferd. (20), August Franz Ludwig (17), Luise Marie. Wilh. (12), Elis. Marie (6), Marie Anna Charl. (4), Lydia Wilh. Karol. (2).

The second group of people from Naugard includes the following from:

Gollnow: master cabinetmaker Karl Friedr. Ehlert (36), wife, neé Lawerenz (29) and three children.

Trechel: farmer and church administrator Christian Neitzel (58), Mrs. Sophie Bublitz (58), three sons: Joh. Friedrich (19), Gotthilf Friedr. (17), August Friedr. (15).

Langkofel: lodger Joh. Gottfried Legrand (29), wife neé Mühlenbeck (28) and two children.

Pflugrade: quarter-time farmer Karl Friedr. Zastrow (37), Mrs. Charl. Brummund (34) and five children.

Neufanger: Karl Friedr. Pankow with wife, neé Kammrade and four children.

Wismar: lodger Karl August Wasenberg (31) with wife, neé Viergutz (28).

Gross-Benz: half-time farmer Karl Friedr. Aug. Röhl with wife, neé Wolfram and four children;

fisherman Peter Friedr. Gennrich with wife, neé Liermann and eight children, plus the sheephand Hermann Jennrich (21); the daughter, Luise, remained behind since it was too difficult for her to leave the fatherland;

sheephand Karl Friedr. Aug. Borchhardt.

Wangeritz: shepherd Christof Griesbach with wife, neé Hoefs and five children aged from 11 to 2 years.

Kniephoff: kiln operator Dräger with wife, neé Krüger and one child.

Gross-Sabor: daily wage earner Joh. Christ. Kahn (68) with Mrs. Grausenick (59) and 2 sons.

Falkenberg: Michael Friedr. Backhaus (33);

journeyman mason Joh. Martin Lübke with wife, neé Keibler and nine children.

Prior to this there were 94 emigrants of the Naugard District, who were reported in the governmental summary of February 7, 1847. Possibly a few people came afterwards. who made their arrangements to emigrate but of whom we have no record of receiving exit permits. We will not include them in the emigration total but for the purpose of possible future investigation we will cite them here. From

Grävenhagen: half-time farmer Gottfried Gerbitz with unknown family members, also with the journeyman tailor Heinrich Kempfert of Grävenhagen.

Parlin: the daughter of schoolteacher Haunke, unmarried Karoline Sophie Marie, of whom it is said that she wanted to emigrate with farmer Schwandt's family from the Saatziger District.

Rothenfier: farmer Joh. Joachim Borchhardt (56) with one son of 17 years (see the chapter on Family Breakups.)

From Regenwalde district (records regarding Conventicle Existence) in or near

Neu-Labuhn: colonist Joh. Christian Wachs (54), Mrs. Marie Luise Schmeckel (5), her illegitimate daughter Henr. Ernest. Schmeckel (27), legitimate children: Joh. Emilie (25), Frider. Luise Florentine (23) Johanna Karol. Charl. (17), Luise Heinr. Karol. (15), Karl Gottlieb Hermann (11), Johann Aug. Gotthilf (6), Friedr. Wilh. Leopold (5);

Wach's son, discharged soldier Joh. Ferd. Wachs (21) and Mrs. Charl. Lawerenz;

one daughter, Albertine Karol Sophie - married soldier's wife Plautz had to remain behind (see 1846 Emigration in the chapter on Migration);

colonist Karl Friedr. Gottlieb Spiering, interim schoolteacher (45) with Mrs. Frider. Wilh. Manke (27) and five children: Auguste Ernest. Wilh. (18), Johann Wilh. Heinrich (16), Ernestine Wilh. Frid. (14), Em. Luise Wilh. (3), Karl Gotthilf (1).

Heiglitz: workman Wilhelm Wendorf (27).

Rübenhagen: daily wage earner Johann Gottlieb Schmidt (42). He wanted to join Wachs and Spiering and gave "matters of faith" as the reason for emigrating.

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