The History of the Germans in Buffalo and Erie County, N.Y., Pages 337 and 338


offering reduced rates upon their various roads at this time. This condition of affairs, which not only caused the Exposition injury financially had to a large extent proven itself a great hindrance to the Saengerfest and thus prevented many from participating in the same.

Shortly after the Saengerfest had been secured for Buffalo, preliminary steps were taken to make necessary preparation for it. A committee had been formed and the entire matter taken hold of energetically. The question in regard to obtaining a suitable hall, which is always an important one for these occasions was promptly and satisfactorily settled through the efforts of influential German residents of our city in securing the large new 74th Regiment Arsenal for the purpose of giving the concerts therein. Owing to its large size and unfortunate acustics [sic] this hall proved to be far from an ideal place to be used as a concert hall.

About forty Societies with about two thousand voices had applied to unite in this great event. Mr. John Lund of Buffalo was chosen first director and Mr. Henry Jacobsen also of Buffalo, second director. The soloists for the occasion were: Mrs. Schumann-Heinck, Mrs. Lilian Blauvelt, Mrs. Laura D, Minehan. Mr. Evan Williams and Mr. D. Ffrangçon Davis [1] and in connection thereto a very good instructed children-choir participated in the concerts all of which can well be considered a musical success. A reception concert was given on the first evening at the 65th regiment armory. Mr. J. Hanno Deiler was President of the executive committee of the Saengerbund. The members of the executive committee for the city of Buffalo were: President, F.C.M. Lautz; 1st vice-president, Wm. Miller; 2nd vice-president, Jacob Rosche; 3rd vice-president, Theodore Steeg; Treasurer, Henry W. Brendel; secretary Adolf Finck. The chairmen of the following committees were as follows: Finance, Paul Werner; Music, Robert H. Heussler; Hall, N.J. Miller; Lodging, Phil. Hoenig; Railroad, Louis J. Heintz; Entertainment, Herman Bernhardt; Printing, Julius W. Georger; Press, Chas. A. Wenborne; Reception, Wm. Lautz.

The William Hengerer Company

As the successors of Barnes, Hengerer & Company, this concern has, since January 1, 1896, conducted the extensive wholesale and retail dry goods business inaugurated nearly half a century ago, and which has always been one of the most important trade enterprises of Buffalo and Western New York. The business was established in 1850 by Mr. Barnes, who was prominently connected with the house until his death. Soon after the business was inaugurated Mr. Barnes formed a copartnership with Mr. Sherman and until 1867 the trade of the

[1]The German text spells the name "Davies." Return to text


house was carried on under the firm name of Sherman, Barnes & Company. Towards the close of that year Messrs. Sherman & Barnes dissolved partnership, and until 1874 the business was conducted by the firm name of Barnes & Bancroft. In 1874 the firm of Barnes, Bancroft & Company was organized as successors of Barnes & Bancroft, Mr. William Hengerer who had been employed in the business since March 1861 being the company. Under this style the business was conducted until January 1, 1885 when the firm of Barnes, Hengerer & Company succeeded to the large trade developed, and in a scale of most important proportions the business was carried on until January 1, 1986, the name of the firm being familiar as a household word in Buffalo and adjoining sections of the State. From its inception the business has kept pace with the progress of the age; anticipating the wants of the trade; the enterprise of the management created astonishment among the more conservative business men of the city, and many were the predictions that the firm was growing too fast for the town. Despite all, however, success great and continued attended the efforts of the proprietors, as is attested by the magnificent establishment, a model concern in every particular of completeness and management. Under the present regime, the old-time prestige and reputation of this great concern is admirably sustained, and the trade is rapidly increasing and extending. The Company as now organized is composed of William Hengerer, president; C.O. Howard, treasurer; and E.D. Robbins, secretary. It is incorporated under the laws of the State of New York with abundant capital; and the many new improvements, which have been added from year to year have kept Buffalo's leading department store fully abreast of the times. An idea of the growth of the business can be had when it is considered that in 1865 a business aggregating three hundred thousand dollars per annum was regarded most encouraging, while now the annual sales of the company amount to between four and five million dollars.

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