The Third Synodal Letter - Pages 118 - 122

The congregation sought his salvation and for this reason it sent two deputies in the company of Pastor Grabau to him on September 18th, warning him to turn back. To all appearances he seemed meek in his promise. Indeed, they told him that if he turned back thay would accept him again with open arms. So where is the death blow? Where is the intention to dismiss him? In good conscience the pastors and the congregations could report that they had been fair with him. God knows they had the best of intentions. May He seek out all lies and blasphemes so that, if it is possible, his poor soul may be saved from eternal damnation.

19. "During the last negotiations with Pastor Grabau on September 23rd and 24th, etc." (ibid, page 10)

It is true that Krause resigned from our synod, but not for the reason he wrote - that the web of evil was apparent to him. Instead it was in the persistence of his own evil nature that he rejected all warning and lived as a mutineer, rebel, fanatic, false teacher and godless man. He also forgot to mention that previous to his resignation around September 6th he send his congregation a libellous letter of resignation, which he withdrew after receiving a previous warning.

"As I have stood by the resignation so have Pastors Grabau and von Rohr, etc." (page 10)

Any righteous Christian, especially one acquainted with Krause's life and conduct, can easily recognize from the report that he truly is a heretic, mutineer and godless man and our pastors would not have acted improperly if they called him those names. However the only thing they did was to issue a brief summary of his entire life and the dealing they had with him since he wanted to extricate himself from church discipline by resigning. We are happy to believe that he, as he says, will not be frightened off because any man, who covers himself in sin and evil the way he does and who lies so boldly in the face of truth, is not easily frightened even when the wrath of God and hellfire stand before him.

20. "Since, as announced, I was prepared to resign from them, etc." (page 11)

No Christian wonders about the conduct of our pastors against Krause. He thinks that when a man such as he removes himself from the church in order to escape church discipline then the church no longer has the right to warn and excommunicate him. Every righteous faith Lutheran knows that this free spiritedness and licentiousness is evidence of ignorance and arrogance. If he wishes to call such behavior of the church unwholesome teaching and soul corrupting tyranny, then he, and others with him, do so at their own peril. — However when he asserts that this behavior will be recognized by the "discerning members" of their congregations,

and they would gladly be rid of it, then he offers evidence on himself that snooping, goading and a readiness to slander are the bases for his dishonorable writings, which lack any evidence in fact.

"It goes on just this way in the church administrations. The discerning portion, etc." (pages 11 and 12)

Concerning this statement, what we said earlier may lend insight since it provides a context. Only it is a wonder to us how Mr. Krause knows that the administrators of the congregation in Buffalo writes to Dr. Siehler against the congregation's wishes. We are not enslaved and we have no wish to enslave others. We believe that they will provide more reliable testimony that puts down these lies. *

21. "Grant it, it might seem highly contradictory, etc." (page 12)

In no respect are we aware that Pastors Grabau and von Rohr praise us, the congregation in Martinsville while they degrade, oppress and dominate their own congregations. They had to leave the honor to us and they were glad to do so; we took the proper, Christian church path (not, as Krause writes, that they turned us against him to bring about his downfall) in order to win him back through his repentant return or to divest ourselves from him as an evil man. As stated, it is not true that Pastors Grabau and von Rohr lorded over their congregations when it came to extraneous aspects of the church, such as construction, money matters, et. al. and that he, Krause, wanted to leave the congregation to its rights. We have already testified concerning the construction of the pulpit and the sacristy, and we might add, the construction of the choir loft. With justification we declare that he was an idler, contrary to God's word; he attended no congregational meetings in which extraneous aspects of the church were discussed. He did not heed the words of St. Paul, "Let us not neglect our assembly, etc." He called members of the church administration, who reminded him of this, people who would not be enlightened. He fussed and cried, I will not come to your assemblies, I don't have to, even though we begged him to come. He later acknowledged his behavior as sin and begged forgiveness (which people now unfortunately preceive as feigned.) Now he again wants to masterfully cover up such miserable chaos and recast it as though, in his laziness, he had provided great service to his poor congregation in Martinsville!

"We preachers, they told me, must also in all things, etc." (page 13)

Albeit that this statement is quite the reverse of facts and our pastors are far from desirous of dominating their congregations in sundry matters, we profess that a Christian congregation must not make any important decisions concerning extraneous matters without the knowledge of their spiritual caregiver. God the Lord has established preachers as guardians and as such they have to see that nothing is undertaken, which is contrary to the word of God and detrimental to Christian existence. However if Krause wishes to do away with this Christian guardianship, then he most assuredly is setting himself up as a worldly church democrat.


* Our church administrators were questioned about this and they all declare that Krause spoke untruthfully about them. Gr. Return to text

"Since they have secretly been coaching my congregation in Martinsville, etc." (page 13)

We are getting quite tired of answering such miserable, evil and lie-filled writings, which are basically all the same and all coming from the same evil source. How does this poor, blind man know that Pastors Grabau and von Rohr have been coaching us that the passage in Hebrews 13, 17 should not only be applied to spiritual caregivers as well as other (indeed foreign and worldly) things? They have never undertaken to persuade either the entire congregation or individual members of such nonsense. We, on the other hand, intend to provide adequate proof that his opinions concerning the holy ministerial office and the endangerment of souls are not only fanatical but also reckless, obstinate, prideful and hierarchical.

22. "This is the brief explanation of hierarchy, etc." (ibid, page 14)

We deem it unnecessary to waste much time and space on this statement. Indeed we must say that by it Mr. Krause has revealed himself to be a hypocrite. Since 1848 he writes that if he had been as blind (as Pastors Grabau and von Rohr) then they would have been content with him. In the year 1848 Krause was appointed by us, the congregation, to be our spiritual caregiver. He accepted the vocation and conducted his introductory sermon on the 14th Sunday after Trinity. He stood among us in this capacity for two years. Since he himself often stated that he was of one mind and sentiment with the other pastors of the synod, since he extolled and praised them as true ministerial brothers in Christ with whom he shared the same doctrine, and especially since he expressed that he lived in unity of spirit with them, then what he has said now is, for the past two years I have administered the office in Martinsville as a godless hypocrite, I am the Judas among the apostles of the Lord, and like him I have contemplated how I may betray Christ and help to lead him to the cross. I said, oh friend, oh brother. Indeed there was nothing other than bitterness in his heart and he considered it proper to betray and mock the church of Christ and lead himself to perdition. But according to him all this is nothing and the congregation has been hunting him down for no reason whereas we are of the opinion that each Christian clearly sees the villainy.

Whenever Mr. Krause finally wants to cite something about the pastoral ministry of Pastors Grabau and von Rohr, he first declares that the ministry is conducted by Pastor Grabau in such a manner that one recognizes he is not behaving like a father. In his warnings he uses the hardest of invectives against both young and old. Indeed, things go so far that they've become violent and he adds, "People out on the streets could hear it until late in the night." Although he intends to fill his book with such things, one does not find a single fact in this book, which corroborates his claim. There isn't one shred of truth, which is usually the case with lies. However we do readily admit that

Pastor Grabau has often dealt with obstinate sinners late into the night and it is often possible that he has had to speak so loudly that people out on the street could hear things. However if Krause were being circumspect with his libelous writings, he would have completely omitted this statement since in making it he gives us the opportunity to compare his ministerial comportment with that of Pastor Grabau.

Whenever, as Krause says, Pastor Grabau administers his warnings and even punishment late in the night, and he has to be loud, he demonstrates that he is not an idler, who seeks only ease and comfort in the church and the holy preaching office and who wants the money of poor people. Rather it shows that he seeks the salvation of souls, heedless of the fact that with the setting of the sun all visitations should be completed and physical comfort should be attained. For the honor of the Lord Jesus, for the sake of his church children with erring and sinful souls, he gives up much sleeping, thus in him we find a true holder of ministerial office. However when the discussion is about harsh invectives and violent actions, we know of nothing of the sort and Krause also knows nothing. This lie is once again the product of his miserable spying, all of which results from gossiping and the readiness to commit slander. But if we would take a look at how he exercised his own ministerial office, we find just the opposite case. In truth he was no father, rather he was a harsh taskmaster, who not only imparted his warnings with invectives but also, most of the time, erupted into immoral coarseness with words such as, "You are a dumb man," "— Give us an answer," "— Yes or no!" "—We will no longer plague ourselves with you," "— Just go," "— I will, no doubt, call upon you again," "— You were supposed to come sooner," "— You godless rogue you," "— We will not allow you to consider us fools," and so on.

Furthermore, when there were people who had been summoned for a warning, then the church administration was assembled along with him to stay until late in the night. He sought to dispatch such persons hastily with vile words, like those cited above, in order to be rid of them; he then used the remaining time to tell wanton, dirty little stories about old school masters, strong and tall people, old and clever rascals, the doctor and the crafty lady thief, et. al. People often heard him speak loudly and laugh, he was sick or healthy, that he might not preach on a day even if, as he himself often said, he was feeling well, much less on an evening of a warning.

He declared: During his negotiations Pastor Grabau wrote many things down contrary to the truth in the absence of the interested parties and for him this was sufficient proof. Thus we reasonably ask, coming from whom? From himself? It's worthless of an example is lacking when one should be cited. We might well declare that he committed a similar indisgression in that he failed to mention the above cited invectives during the transcription of his negotiations.

Incidentally, couldn't this again be considered proof of eavesdropping, tale telling and readiness to commit slander.

23. "The school has been turned into a regular penal facility by Pastor Grabau, etc."

This declaration is unfounded; and it is the result of his eavesdropping, tale telling and readiness to commit slander. It also proves that Pastors Grabau is a diligent school superintendent and he takes the trouble to see what's happening in his school. Krause, on the other hand, was not such a man. He was quite indifferent to the school. During his first year in ministerial office he only inspected the school 3 or 4 times and he was satisfied that the students were able to solidly pass their catechism exams.

"He concealed the sins of his male and female informants, etc."

If Mr. Krause was a houseguest of Pastor Grabau's and had heard of such things through this means, then he should have kept quiet because this information could only have been ascertained through eavesdropping, tale telling and readiness to commit slander. The report that Pastor Winkler in Detroit teached falsely about the Holy Trinity is only the rumor of an enemy, who lives there, and Krause repeats the rumor but he can not prove it. It is just as untrue that our pastors have supported him in this false teaching. During an investigation into the matter they found that this was merely a malicious accusation. Finally it pleases us that he equivocates our pastors. The methods of Pastor von Rohr are quite the same as those of Pastor Grabau; they impart the same teaching in accordance with the word of God, they both exercise the same Christian and proper spiritual care and they live in the unity of the spirit.

Pastor Lange does not reverse his contention that Krause despises Pastor Grabau. He follows his teacher in a true and childlike manner but not in blind obedience because he sees that the teaching is proper and in accordance with the word of God and that such teaching will be adorned with Christian behavior. He follows the warning of St. Paul, look to your teachers, who have imparted to you the word of God — and follow their faith.

Whether Mr. Krause will recover once he lets go of his lie-filled and libelous writing and whether he will give up his mutinous existence, only time will tell. Eternal glory to God, for through his own writings and his sinful persistence he has revealed himself to be a godless man and by the grace of God we have been delivered from him.

The liar is more wicked than the thief and in the end both go to the gallows.

He, who tells lies, is of the devil, for he is a liar and the father of the same.

God have mercy on him and save his soul. Amen

The above was read to the Christian congregation in Martinsville at the congregational meeting of November 17, 1850 and it was acknowledged to be the opinion and testimony of all those present, so we affirm.

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Copy of text provided by the A. R. Wentz Library, Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg, PA

Imaging and Translation by Susan Kriegbaum-Hanks